Heiltsuk Vickers Family Stand for Ingram-Mooto Watershed

Heiltsuk Vickers Family Takes Stand for Threatened Ingram-Mooto Watershed
by Mary Vickers
The Vickers family traveled to the threatened Ingram-Mooto watershed in Heiltsuk traditional territory on Friday, July 25, 2008. 
During this time, they erected signs in the Ingram-Mooto that demand the halt of any road building and logging plans.
"The lack of consultation has left us no choice now as a family to make a move, "- Heiltsuk Vickers family statement.  "It's a tough call, we as a community should be benefiting from this operation."

Bella Bella, B.C. - Located just 52km north of Bella Bella, Ingram-Mooto is in Spiller Inlet, known to the Heiltsuk as 'Glditas Daqvu'. We respectfully ask that our community be consulted on the economic benefit to our Nation.
Will there be a long-term benefit to the Heiltsuk, or just a few short-term jobs?
We would also like assurances that the logging and road building will not damage other local resources.
  • "The short-term benefits vs. long-term damage to the land. The fact that First Nations have to follow EBM guidelines and Industry carries on business as usual. The high-grading of Cedar is devastating to us as Heiltsuk."- Don Vickers, elder/fisherman.
  • "As a Heiltsuk family, we are tired of not being told what is happening in our traditional territories! There are many of us. We deserve an opportunity to have a say on the impacts on behalf of future generations. I cannot again stress the importance of Cedar and Wild salmon to our survival, as a Nation."- Mary Vickers 
For immediate Release: August 13, 2008
Contact: Mary Vickers 250-475-1024
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