Pacific Wild Exposes British Columbia's Wild Life

by Pacific
A short documentary explaining our non-invasive remote camera system and its promise for understanding the secret lives of the rainforest inhabitants.
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North Korea and Gates' Kabuki Climbdown

OK Mr. Gates. What Now?
by Eric Margolis
One of the first things you learn in diplomacy 101 is not to make threats you can’t back up. But that is just what US Defense Secretary Robert Gates did last week by thundering the US "would not accept," and "would not stand idly by" while North Korea continued to develop nuclear weapons.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons threaten the entire globe, warned Gates, whose own Pentagon has some 10,000 nuclear warheads deployed at home and abroad, 28,500 troops permanently based in South Korea, and large contingents in Japan, Okinawa and Guam.

Not to be out-threatened, North Korea warned back that if attacked, it would turn South Korea’s capitol, Seoul, into "a sea of fire" and bombard Japan.

Dire threats and angry hot air always characterize poisonous relations between isolated, Stalinist North Korea and the US, Japan and South Korea. Their recriminations have become a form of ritualized kabuki theater in which snarls and grimaces replace actual violence.
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Bond Market Mauled

Bond Market Blowout
by Mike Whitney
Last week's ructions in the bond market, leave little doubt that the financial crisis has entered a new and more lethal phase. Of particular concern is the spike in long-term Treasuries which are used to set interest rates on mortgages and other loans. On Thursday, the average rate for a 30-year fixed loan jumped from 5.03% to 5.44% in just two days.
The sudden move put the mortgage market in a panic and stopped the refinancing of billions of dollars in loans.
The yields on Treasuries are going up because investors see hopeful signs of recovery in the economy and are moving into riskier investments. More money is moving into equities which is why the stock markets have been surging lately. (The Federal Reserve's multi-trillion dollar monetary stimulus has played a large part, as well.)
The bottom line is that investors are looking for better returns than the paltry yields on government debt. That will make it harder for the Fed to sell up to $3 trillion in Treasuries in the next year to finance Obama's proposed economic recovery plan. For now, foreign central banks are still buying enough short-term Treasuries to cover the current account deficit, but that could change in a flash, especially given Fed chief Bernanke's propensity to print more money at the drop of a hat. That's making foreign holders of dollar-based assets more jittery than ever.
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Gaza Comes to Canada: Blockading Akwesasne

by MNN
As long as we stand up for peace, democracy, human rights and sovereignty, we will win.  We can't be enslaved, even if the colonist war lords put guns to our heads.  Historically, millions of us were killed for resisting subjugation.  We will not let them put guns in the middle of Akwesasne. 
Gaza towers and walls the future for Akwesasne?
Because we are standing up to tyranny our community is being held hostage.  It's still closed down.  We still can't get on or off unless we walk.  A few cars are let through the police blockades.  

War lords think all they have to do is hire heavily armed guards and police to beat us into submission.  It's not working on us or anyone else.  Everyone is starting to stop bending to these monsters.  The colonists have seen their bosses give themselves million dollar bonuses and raises.  The whole capitalist machine is coming to a grinding halt.    

We Indigenous have to be treated respectfully.  If not, we will fold our arms, cross our legs, sit down, do nothing and say, "I'm not going to be moved".  For hundreds of years our colonial visitors have been watching us resist abuse.  At first they were scared and resented us.  They couldn't stand to see us running around free and suffering the consequences. They wanted us to be in the cage with them.  They learned we can't compromise our will.  Even they are starting to take on this spirit. 
"Treat me right or else".
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Now Showing: The EDL Security Show

Now Showing: The EDL Security Show
by Christopher Parsons
We’re paying for a high-tech Broadway show that’s themed around ’security’, but we’re actually watching the equivalent of a catastrophic performance in a low budget community theatre. The price of admission? Only millions dollars and your privacy.

As of June 1, 2009, Canadians and Americans alike require an Enhanced Drivers License (EDL), a NEXUS card, a FAST card, a passport, or a Secure Certificate of Indian Status to cross a Canadian-American land border. In Canada, only Ontario, Quebec, B.C. and Manitoba have moved ahead to develop provincial EDLs; the Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island governments have all decided not to provide these high tech, low privacy, cards to the constitutencies (Source).
To apply for an EDL in a participating province, all you need to do is undergo an intensive and extensive 30 minute face-to-face interview at your provincial equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your reward for being verbally probed? A license that includes a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag and a biometric photograph. The RFID tag includes a unique number, like your Social Insurance Number (SIN), that is transmitted to anyone with an RFID reader.
These readers can be purchased off the shelf by regular consumers, and number your EDL emits is not encrypted and does not require an authentication code to be displayed on a reader. Effectively, RFID tag numbers are easier to capture than your webmail password.
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Obama's Cybersecurity Plan

Obama's Cybersecurity Plan: Bring in the Contractors!
by Tom Burghardt
With billions of dollars in federal funds hanging in the balance, President Barack Obama unveiled the Cyberspace Policy Review May 29 at the White House. During his presentation in the East Room Obama said that "America's economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cybersecurity" and that efforts to "deter, prevent, detect and defend" against malicious cyberattacks would be run from the White House.

How this debate is being framed however, has a familiar ring to it. Rather than actually educating the public about steps to prevent victimization, state prescriptions always seem to draw from the same tired playbook.

First, issue dire warnings of an imminent national catastrophe; second, manufacture a panic with lurid tales of a "digital Pearl Harbor;" third, gin-up expensive "solutions" that benefit armies of (well-paid) experts drawn from officialdom and the private sector (who generally are as interchangeable as light bulbs however dim).

As Wired magazine's†"Threat Level" editor Kevin Poulsen said during a panel at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference in Washington June 3, "the threat of cyber-terrorism is 'preposterous'," arguing that "long-standing warnings" that hackers will attack the nation's power grid is so much hot-air. Poulsen contends "that calling such intrusions national security threats means information about attacks gets classified unneccessarily."
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Dying Throes of the Republic

Death of the Republic, Part CLXVIII
by Chris Floyd   
Glenn Greenwald, among others, is enraged at Barack Obama's eager embrace of the latest disgorgement of third-rate juntaism to belch forth from the hallowed halls of the U.S. Congress: the "Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act of 2009," sponsored by those ever-stalwart champions of liberty, Senators Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman. As Greenwald describes it:

[The bill] literally has no purpose other than to allow the government to suppress any "photograph taken between September 11, 2001 and January 22, 2009 relating to the treatment of individuals engaged, captured, or detained after September 11, 2001, by the Armed Forces of the United States in operations outside of the United States."  As long as the Defense Secretary certifies -- with no review possible -- that disclosure would "endanger" American citizens or our troops, then the photographs can be suppressed even if [the Freedom of Information Act] requires disclosure...What kind of a country passes a law that has no purpose other than to empower its leader to suppress evidence of the torture it inflicted on people?  Read the language of the bill; it doesn't even hide the fact that its only objective is to empower the President to conceal evidence of war crimes.

What kind of country passes such a law? Why, a cheap, corrupt, third-rate junta state, which has elevated war and militarism into its supreme value, its "ultimate concern," its divinity -- that's what kind of country. What other kind of country did you think was skulking there between Mexico and Canada these days?

But the perniciousness of the act doesn't lie merely in its immediate goal -- suppressing war crimes evidence to protect the Terror War machinery that Obama has inherited and is expanding. After all, Obama has been working overtime from the beginning to suppress war crimes evidence against his predecessor, whom he treats more and more as a revered elder, not the despised leader of a discredited faction. No, it is, as they say, the principle of the thing: the enshrinement in law of the notion that anything that could be construed as "harmful" to American troops and operatives abroad -- or even the sad sacks back home -- can be suppressed by the government.
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Pere Jean-Juste, Presente!

Revolutionary Haitian Priest Gerard Jean-Juste, Presente!
by Bill Quigley | t r u t h o u t
Though Haitian priest Gerard Jean-Juste died May 27, 2009, at age 62, in Miami from a stroke and breathing problems, he remains present to millions. Justice-loving people worldwide mourn his death and celebrate his life. Pere Jean-Juste worked uncompromisingly for justice for Haitians and the poor, both in Haiti and in the US.

Jean-Juste was a Jesus-like revolutionary. In jail and out, he preached liberation of the poor, release of prisoners, human rights for all, and a fair distribution of wealth. A big, muscular man with a booming voice and a frequent deep laugh, he wore a brightly colored plastic rosary around his neck and carried another in his pocket. When he was jailed for nearly a year in Haiti by the US-supported coup government that was trying to silence him, Amnesty International called him a Prisoner of Conscience.

Jean-Juste was a scourge to the unelected coup governments of Haiti that served at the pleasure, and usually the direction, of the US government. He constantly challenged both the powers of Haiti and of the US to stop killing and starving and imprisoning the poor. In the US, he fought against government actions which deported black Haitians while welcoming Cubans, Nicaraguans and others. In Haiti, he called for democracy, respect and human rights for the poor.
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9/11 Truthers Do the Clinton-Bush Event

9/11 Truthers Do the Clinton-Bush Event in Toronto,
by Anthony J. Hall
The Bush-Clinton event in Toronto provided a good platform for those who put a priority on the quest for 9/11 Truth as a key to removing the blockages on the road to a more just, peaceful and equitable world. Wayne Prante of Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth and the one-and-only Splitting The Sky flew in late Tuesday night for the proceedings. On Wednesday night a small group of truthers, including Barrie Zwicker, Mark Savoury, Rick Tufts, Robert Trow, Tasha Lawrick and a first responder named Niki, gathered in a downtown location.
Wayne gave a brief presentation shedding light on the sometimes difficult relationship between the peace movement and those focusing on the lies and crimes 9/11. I read the text of my new paper, George Bush and Bill Clinton Do Toronto: Pepsi versus Coke meets Republican versus Democrat. I see this contribution as a follow up to Bush League Justice, the essay I prepared in the days leading up to the former president’s initial speaking foray outside the United States.

On Thursday night Splitting The Sky proudly wore his Mohawk Warrior crests as he addressed a primarily First Nations audience of about 100 people at the Native Canadian Centre in downtown Toronto. STS spoke of a looming attack on the Great Law of the Longhouse League resulting from the kind of ruthless vandalism directed at the rule of law especially during the recent presidency of George W. Bush. He explained the principles that caused him to intervene in attempting a citizens’ arrest of the former president at the Calgary event on March 17.
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A Killing Victory

The American Taliban Claim Another Victim
by Dave Lindorff
Sunday’s cowardly assassination of abortion doctor George Tiller demonstrates once again that the US is not all that different from Pakistan. One thing that these two violent societies share is having a group of rabid religious fundamentalists who are each on a jihad against those in their nation with whom they disagree, and who are ready to kill and maim their enemies without mercy or hesitation. The other thing—perhaps the more dangerous thing—that they share is a government apparatus in which certain elements are overtly or surreptitiously supportive of the jihadists, hoping to use them for their own political advantage, and in which other elements are cowed into silence and inaction.

In Pakistan it is the Taliban and related organizations and groups, which have the tacit support of some elements within Pakistan’s military, police and intelligence services and political parties. These elements encourage, assist and protect Taliban terrorists in their attacks on the larger society.

In the US, it is groups like Operation Rescue and other militant anti-abortion groups and the violent American “jihadists” who are attracted to them, that have terrorized women seeking abortions or abortion counseling, and that have terrorized the doctors and nurses who have bravely tried to provide women with the health care they want and need, including the constitutionally-protected right to an abortion.
(Dr. Tiller stood out among this bold group, keeping his clinic open for business despite fire-bombings, and despite an earlier attack in which he was shot in both arms. He regularly wore a button that read simply: "Trust Women.")
And it is political officials like Phillip Kline, who was attorney general in Kansas from 2000 to 2006, and who during that time repeatedly harassed and initiated criminal investigations against Tiller and his women’s health clinic in Wichita, who incite these groups to violence.
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Penetrating Sotomayor’s Judicial Philosophy

The Glass Wall: The People vs. Obama’s Supreme Court nomination
by Diane Walsh
Penetrating Sotomayor’s judicial philosophy is proving no easy task. Will we get the information we need to properly evaluate the merits of the US President’s ambiguous choice for the high court – before it’s too late? The media is in a frenzied state over this nominee – Judge Sonia Sotomayor.  One would expect this, given the stakes that her nomination holds for the fate of abortion rights – which are currently hanging in the balance.

What is Sotomayor’s view about a woman’s right to make childbearing decisions? Oddly, there is nothing concrete that we know about her actual judicial philosophy. No one seems to know exactly – because there is no clear answer being laid bare. 

This is creating much unease on both sides of the political spectrum.  There is a fundamental lack of information flowing.  This is unacceptable. I decided to seek out Gloria Feldt, former president of US Planned Parenthood, to get her take on the Sotomayor nomination.  She’s the quintessential trailblazer of the pro-choice lobby. 
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W. Promises: "If Elected, I'm Going to Invade Iraq"

by Sherwood Ross
Two years before the 9/11 attacks on America, George W. Bush told a Houston journalist if elected president, “I’m going to
invade Iraq.” Bush made the comments about starting an aggressive war to veteran Houston Chronicle reporter Mickey Herskowitz, then working with Bush on his book “A Charge To Keep,” later brought out by publisher William Morrow.

This disclosure was uncovered by Russ Baker, an award-winning investigative reporter when he interviewed Herskowitz for his own book, “Family of Secrets” (Bloomsbury Press) about the Bush dynasty. However, Baker says, when he approached The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times with the potentially devastating story to President Bush prior to the 2004 presidential election, they declined to publish it.

In a new book, “Media In Crisis”(Doukathsan), Baker quotes Herskowitz as telling him: “He (Bush) said he wanted to do it (invade Iraq), and the reason he wanted to do it is he had been led to understand that you could not really have a successful presidency unless you were seen as commander-in-chief, unless you were seen as waging a war.”
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