Knowing Your Inside Passage Oil Tankers


by Sierra Club of BC

Did you know dangerous shipments of oil and volatile chemicals are putting BC’s entire coastline at risk right now?

Articulated Tug Barges (ATBs) operate in the shadows without notifying the public of what they are shipping – which could be anything from heavy crude oil to volatile cancer-causing chemicals like benzene.

Our federal government gives them a free pass to travel through BC’s Inside Passage close to sensitive ecosystems and coastal communities who have not been consulted.

ATB tankers are not designed to withstand our coastal weather and ocean conditions. The Nathan E. Stewart diesel spill disaster and the near-catastrophe of the Jake Shearer in the Haiłzaqv (Heiltsuk) Nation’s waters were both ATBs.

It’s time to stop letting these shady shipments slip through regulatory loopholes and put communities in danger.
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Empire Files Falls Victim to US Venezuela Sanctions Regime

US Sanctions Shut Down ‘The Empire Files’ with Abby Martin

via Media Roots

August 22, 2018  

The Empire Files is temporarily appealing for donations on a one-time and monthly basis to continue production in the midst of US attacks on the TeleSUR Network.

As a result of US sanctions against Venezuela, The Empire Files has been forced to completely shut down operations.

The Empire Files, which airs on TeleSUR throughout Latin America and on Free Speech TV and The Real News Network in the United States, has been funded through a contract with the TeleSUR network. As Abby Martin’s primary broadcast, it has released over 100 documentaries, interviews and on-the-ground exposés from battlefields in Palestine, Venezuela and beyond.

As a result of financial attacks by the US government on the primary source of TeleSUR’s funding, production was halted before the completion of Empire Files Season Two.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Gregg McElroy, Stephanie von Dehn, Janine Bandcroft

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook -


August 23, 2018


For weeks this summer, the whole World watched the heartbreaking daily drama of a mother Orca bearing her dead calf on her nose.

Few though realize, that calf represents more than merely a mother's profound grief for the life of a child lost, but also serves as bellwether for a population on the brink of collapse.

The Southern Resident Orca of the Salish Sea are in desperate straits. Squeezed between the pressures of multiple industry needs and the undersea cacophony of the increasingly hectic human presence on the surface, the whales are starving before our eyes. The Canadian Orca Rescue Society is determined to forestall that eventuality, but they can't do it alone.

So, they've launched an Orca Food Drive to fund the Four Mile Creek Hatchery in Port Renfrew.


Listen. Hear.


Since its inception, the hatchery has, with help from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, released more than 40 million Chinook Salmon, the Orca's primary food, into the San Juan River; but the DFO has now cut them loose.

Gregg McElroy is with the Canadian Orca Rescue Society. The long-time environmental frontline activist says something must be done, and done now to save the Southern Resident Orca and their habitat.

 Gregg McElroy in the first half.

 And; summer forest fires may be usual here, but for those who've lived in British Columbia any length of time, these last few years are certainly not normal. Smoke, following the pipeline route from "Pacific tide-water" all the way back across the Rockies to Tar Sands HQ in Calgary is the hallmark of this year's season, and may be the name of every one from now on. The more mystic of us may interpret the choking haze as an ominous sign; a warning we incessant burners of oil, gas, coal, and wood ignore to our peril.

Dr. Stephanie von Dehn is with the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. CAPE has been at the fore of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain debate, its members putting themselves on the line at the frontlines of blockades meant to stop the pipeline expansion.

Stephanie was herself arrested last May, the very day our federal government announced it would buy out Kinder Morgan and promised completion of the contentious project. Today, as the cities and towns across the western reaches of the continent lay under a smoky pall, the climate change connections have surely become too apparent to deny; or have they?

 Dr. Stephanie von Dehn and dark days come to B.C. in the second half.

 And; Victoria-based activist and CFUV Radio broadcaster at-large, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour with the Left Coast Events Bulletin of some of the good things to get up to in and around our town for the coming week. But first, Gregg McElroy and whales for the feeding.


Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Thursday between 11-Noon Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:



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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Anthony Fenton, Kim Ives, Janine Bandcroft August 16, 2018

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook -

August 16, 2018



The current imbroglio between allies Canada and Saudi Arabia obscures somewhat the role our peace-loving nation has played in the ongoing Saudi-led war against Yemen. Essentially, we have busily beavered away, allowing “defense” contracts precipitating the outrages visited on the people there. 

In 2016, I spoke with Canadian academic, Anthony Fenton about Canada's deals with the Saudi's. Anthony is an independent researcher, former journalist, author, and PhD candidate studying the political economy of Canada-Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC relations.

Listen. Hear.

His many articles have been featured by the Asia Times Online, The Dominion, Foreign Policy in Focus, Inter Press Service News, Mother Jones, and Upside Down World, and he co-authored, with Yves Engler, ‘Canada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority’.

Anthony Fenton in the first half.

And; Monday the National Police of Haiti announced the launch of the operation 'Boukle Lari a', whose stated mission is "to ensure the safety of the population and tourists...". The PNH promise it's temporary, designed just to extend through the "last two weeks of the summer season", but recent political unrest in the city may be more behind the action, which includes nighttime curfews, than protecting visitors to the Caribbean island nation.

A cynic might even surmise, it all has more to do with the increasingly popular disenchantment with President Jovenel Moïse and his young administration's rule.

Kim Ives is the founding editor of Haiti Liberté, a weekly newspaper published in French, Kreyol, and English. He also hosts, with Marquez Osson, the WBAI Radio broad/webcast Haitian news program, Lanbi, named for the conch shell used to rally freedom-fighting enslaved Africans in Haiti.

Kim Ives and a volcanic explosion of anger and violence building in Haiti in the second half.

And; Victoria-based activist and CFUV Radio broadcaster at-large, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour with the Left Coast Events Bulletin and some of the good things to be gotten up to in and around our town in the coming week. But first, Anthony Fenton and Canada's enabling of Saudi Arabia's Long War in Yemen.  


Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Thursday between 11-Noon Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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Saudi Initiates Price War for Asian Market Share

Saudi Arabia And Iran Reignite The Oil Price War 

by Tsvetana Paraskova -

August 14, 2018

The rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran is becoming increasingly evident in the oil pricing policies of the two large Middle Eastern producers. The two countries are currently reigniting the market share and pricing war ahead of the returning U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil.

Saudi Arabia, OPEC's largest producer, has been boosting oil production to offset supply disruptions elsewhere, including the anticipated loss of Iranian oil supply after U.S. sanctions on Tehran return in early November.

The Saudis are also cutting their prices to the prized Asian market to lure more customers as they increase supply. Iran, OPEC's third-largest producer, is trying to convince its oil customers to continue buying Iranian oil despite stringent U.S. efforts to curb Iranian production.

Iran has slashed its official selling prices (OSPs) for all grades to all markets for September, looking to monetize what could be its last oil sales to some markets in Asia before the U.S. sanctions kick in. Tehran cut the prices for its flagship oil grades to more than a decade low compared to similar varieties of the Saudi crude grades, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.


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Tug Capsizes in Fraser, Spills Fuel into River

Tug Capsizes Overnight, Spills Fuel into the Fraser River 

by C. L. Cook - Pacific Free Press

August 14, 2018

More than eight hours after it happened, there are still few details as to why the George H. Ledcor capsized, or just how much of the tug's estimated 22,000 litre capacity fuel tanks spilled into the Fraser River.

BC Spill Response says the incident occurred off Deering Island, on the North Arm of the Fraser, the province's largest single salmon-bearing river.

In a tweet released this morning, the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) reported it had responded, deploying a team to the site.

WCMRC says,

"We have deployed and recovered sorbent pads and are now standing by on scene."

The City of Vancouver’s environmental team and BC Ministry of Environment are now too at the scene.

The George H. Ledcor is one of a fleet of nine tugs operated by the Ledcor Group.


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Inviting the Devil: Canada Shelters Terror Front Group, White Helmets

Canada Imports the White Helmets from Syria: A Dangerous, Criminal Decision 

by Eva Bartlett - RT

August 10, 2018


Did Canadians get to vote on whether or not to bring potential terrorists or supporters of terrorists to Canada? No.

Will Canadians get a say in where these potentially dangerous men will be settled? Highly unlikely.

Ninety-eight members of the White Helmets, and a few hundred of their families, were evacuated by Israel and allies to Jordan late in evening of July 21.

They will seemingly be shipped off to a few Western nations for resettlement: Canada, the UK, and Germany.

So far, Canada has pledged to take 50 White Helmets and around 200 family members.



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Mexico's Great Hope: La Audacia de la Esperanza

Best National Government in North America: Mexico 

by David Swanson - Let's Try Democracy

August 8, 2018

At least that’s the hope of those who elected Andrés Manuel López Obrador, aka AMLO, aka Peje, on a platform of sweeping out the corruption — a platform promoted in Obrador’s book, A New Hope for Mexico.

That Barack Obama did not permanently decommission the word “hope” for credible electoral campaigns on this continent may be the least of the book’s surprises.

Thus far 14,000 people in the United States have signed a letter that has made news in Mexico congratulating Obrador on his victory. Donald Trump is not one of them.

Obrador campaigned against the Trumpian menace, denouncing his statements and policies toward Mexicans as akin to Hitler’s statements and policies toward Jews.

While campaigns against foreign targets typically move a nation to the right, this one moved Mexico to the left. But, then, Obrador’s platform — unlike, say, that of the Democratic Party in the United States — is not simply anti-Trump. There’s a lot more to it.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Will Tuttle, Kevin Zeese, Janine Bandcroft August 9, 2018

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook -

August 9, 2018

War, war, and rumours of more wars; God knows it's long past time for peace. But Peace, as the great Gil Scott Herron reminds, is not merely the absence of War. "It is the time when we will all bring ourselves closer to each other; closer to building a structure that is unique within ourselves, because we have finally come to Peace within ourselves."

Dr. Will Tuttle is a visionary speaker, educator, musician, editor of Circles of Compassion, and author of the books, 'Your Inner Islands' and 'The World Peace Diet', which the former Zen monk and long-time vegan says provides an approach to life that, "blends mindfulness with kindness and respect for each other and all expressions of life."


Listen. Hear.


Dr. Tuttle will be in Victoria for a number of events beginning August 20th, including presenting workshops based on his book that address and, "make explicit the hidden connections between our culture, our food, and the source of our broad range of problems..."

Will Tuttle in the first half.

And; the peace enjoyed by the people of Nicaragua since the overthrow of dictator and tyrant Anastasio "Tachito" Somoza was hard-won, and not without reversals. In the last months, an attempt to unseat the elected government of leftist, Daniel Ortega however has seen what many fear could be the beginning of the end of that peace, and revival of the dark forces of fascism once buried, perhaps too shallowly, there.

Kevin Zeese is an American lawyer, political activist, essayist, and author. He's also co-founder of the Drug Policy Foundation and current co-director of Popular, from where his and colleague, Dr. Margaret Flowers' weekly podcast, Clearing The Fog emanates.

His frequent essays and articles on social justice issues in America and abroad appear at Popular Resistance, CounterPunch, and Gorilla Radio Blog among other places, and his book titles include: 'Drug Law: Strategies and Tactics', 'Drug Prohibition an the Conscience of Nations', and 'The Great Issues of Drug Policy'.

Kevin Zeese and the Lessons Learned from the Failed Violent Coup in Nicaragua in the second half.

And; Victoria activist and CFUV Radio broadcaster at-large, Janine Bandcroft will be here with the Left Coast Events Bulletin of some of the good things to get up to in and around our town in the coming week. But first, Will Tuttle and a World of Peace on your plate.


Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Thursday between 11-Noon Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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New Plan for Ukraine, More War with Russia

Secret Meeting in Warsaw Between Yulia Tymoshenko and Igor Kolomoisky - New Plan for Ukraine, More War with Russia

by John Helmer - Dances with Bears

July 29, 2018

Moscow  - In the Polish capital of Warsaw a fortnight ago, Igor Kolomoisky met secretly with Yulia Tymoshenko. The reason for the secrecy is the terms of exchange which they discussed.

These include Tymoshenko’s agreement that if she is elected president in Kiev in eight months’ time with Kolomoisky’s support, he will get relief from Ukrainian state pursuit of billions of his dollars currently frozen on British court orders. Kolomoisky wants relief from prosecution by the Ukrainian courts and the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) for theft, fraud and unjust enrichment of $1,911,877,385 from Privatbank, which Kolomoisky lost control of in a state takeover in December 2016.

For the story of the looting of Privatbank, and the diversion of the International Monetary Fund’s Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ElA) loans to the NBU, and from there to Privatbank, read this archive.



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Deforming the "Left": A Forever Boot on the Neck of Humanity

The West has Performed ‘Philosophical Coup’ Against the Left 

by Andre Vltchek - NEO

August 2, 2018


People all over the world have had enough. Even certain groups inside the imperialist countries, have had enough.


It has been happening for quite some time, but no one has been paying much attention: Western academia, mainstream media, and the most visible propagandists, were trying to convince the world that:

1) ideology has died, or at least became irrelevant

2) in case it did not die, the Left is actually… hold your breath… right-wing!

Especially the Left that is holding power, particularly in Asia and in Latin America, is being ‘re-defined’ in London, Paris and Washington.

The Western propaganda gurus are apparently rejuvenated, lately, as there are great budgets available to them, in the United States, United Kingdom, and elsewhere. They are openly told to go after certain countries, particularly Russia, China and Iran.

This is an extremely complex but important development. You see, the West has been losing, and so has capitalism and especially imperialism, which is synonymous with neo-colonialism.


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A Whale for the Mourning: Orca Bear Their Dead Young for All to Watch

Starving Orcas, Grieving Mother Draw Global Attention to Trudeau’s Pipeline Buyout

by Coast Protectors

August 5, 2018


The image of a grieving mother orca cradling her dead calf off Canada’s west coast is hitting media around the world, drawing critical attention to the Trudeau government’s decision to buy a pipeline that will drive up tanker traffic through the region. 


Coast Protectors is urging supporters to tweet Trudeau immediately, after his own government acknowledged the risks the orcas face due to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

“The Canadian government has admitted the Southern Resident Killer Whales face extirpation (local extinction) due to the increase of oil tankers through the Salish Sea,” the organization states.

“In 2016, Canada’s National Energy Board stated in a report that Trans Mountain ‘is likely to result in significant adverse effects to the southern resident killer whale.’”

Photo: Centre for Whale Research/Facebook

And now, “off the coast of British Columbia Canada, 75 Southern Resident Whales are slowly dying from a lack of Chinook salmon, their main food source since time immemorial,” Coast Protectors adds. “Salmon dams, shipping noise, and pollution are killing the whales—and the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project will be the final nail in their coffin.”


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