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Not Standing for Scans: Not Suffering Indignities at Airports

Body-Scan Alert: Not Suffering
Indignities at Airports
by Zahir Ebrahim
Dear American traveler friends; please pay URGENT attention to this: "TSA agents gone wild: fondling little children, planting cocaine in passenger bags and more.”
“Get the facts about Advanced Imaging Technology”

Please click on the images below to download the Know Your Rights at Airports Brochure from If you don't like these images, you should be aware that according to the brochure, you have been generously afforded the right to say NO to body-scan with the supposed I Opt-out” utterance.

Should you sensibly choose to exercise that right, then you have to deal with the possible trauma described in the first link above which states: 'TSA agents stand accused today of fondling the genitals of women and little children as part of their "enhanced pat-down" procedures being rolled out at airport security checkpoints.'
Updated with several Postscripts and Conclusion:

Also at:
The brochure imaged below further carries the following warning:

'Pat downs are no longer the simple search like those in the past. In some instances, as part of an “enhanced patdown,” the TSA screener may use the front of their hands to touch your genitals. Should you feel that you or your child were inappropriately touched, call for a law enforcement officer.

If presented with the option to leave the checkpoint for a private screening, consider politely declining with a “No, thank you,” as you will likely be asked to remove your clothing. Pat downs can be performed in public view.'

Please study this carefully. This is unbelievable!

If you are like me, then my attitude is that before submitting to pat-down and after having uttered the formulaic “I opt-out”, coldly warn that nice-looking TSA agent getting ready to frisk you that he better not touch your and your family members' private parts and if he intends to, that you want to immediately see the manager/supervisor in-charge before subjecting yourself to pat-down physical search.

And, if you are still more like me, you will likely boldly add within earshot of others waiting in line to experience the same traumas, that you will NOT subject yourself to humiliation by either undergoing strip-search which is what the body-scan reduces to, or gross physical pat-down of your anatomy and the violation of your personal rights guaranteed you by the Constitution. And that while you know the TSA is merely doing its job to earn its paycheck just like the 'Good Germans' once did in the Third Reich, you are concerned for your own rights and privacy and you wish to take preventive action now rather than lament later!

I would personally make a calculated, un-emotional, carefully chosen, perhaps pre-rehearsed, loud statement of rights and dignity before I am humiliated, rather than doing it afterwards emotionally, when crying and talking to CAIR/ACLU/clergy and filing meaningless complaints serves little to mitigate the traumas – for indeed, it is only the un-courageous silent acquiescence to tyranny which creates all this erosion of rights and liberties in the first place. I did that once before, entirely un-rehearsed, and this is what I have advised my own family to remember – teaching by example rather than academic punditry – their old man's stance at the front door on those two occasions in April 2003 when the nice boys from the FBI had come calling looking for “terrorists” in our home in California: They dared to Knock on my door!

And I am still here. And so long as I have the choice, I refuse to suffer indignities, either in Pakistan my home country where it is far more common to be feeled up at every damn checkpoint and roadblock, or in the United States where I live. When I won't have the choice, I don't know what I will do – perhaps nothing different form the vast 'untermenschen' now bearing the brunt of “imperial mobilization” from Pakistan to Palestine. Every day I and my loved ones escape that fate, I offer a prayer of thanks!

If you are really like me, then you too will be boldly civic minded before you lose that choice. You too will daringly protect your own inalienable rights and your own dignity – no one else will do it for you.

Before the day comes when everyone is asked at gun-point every few hundred yards, “your papers, your papers please, show me your papers”, and one's refusal then is rewarded with a bullet lodged into one's brain, it is surely a tad easier to stand-up now with the little show of courage that it takes, before the indignities of these government mandated TSA searches.

Remember, TSA is authorized by the Homeland Security, which in turn is authorized by the US Government, to subject its denizens to this – TSA is not doing it on their own. It draws its rights from the Government, which at least in the lofty American Republican theory, draws its rights from the people. It isn't clear to me whether deliberately hiring sexual perverts into TSA and calculatingly seeding the traumas noted in the first link above, is part of the unwritten coercion policy of the Government to get objecting peoples to accept the body-scan! It just seems extraordinary to me that without some tacit support from higher-ups, that anyone in their right mind would do such molestation in such a public place with everyone watching.

This is a commonsense public service message from Zahir Ebrahim, Project

Please circulate it, specially to your young family members and womenfolk who travel. It does not matter that they might be travelling in the company of their adult male family members – perverts and absurdities do not discriminate between sexes and ages, nor does tyranny.

Just imagine the entire body-scan scam failing before it gets off the ground due to every civic-minded law-abiding courageous American declining all indignities in the name of enhanced security – their own, from big brother!

The UK and EU Airports shall not escape such draconian procedures either unless good peoples silently complying with state-tyrannies in Europe also stop doing so in significantly large numbers. Despite the real fear of being labeled as suffering from an “oppositional defiant disorder” as per the newly revised DSM IV psychiatric manual, and the concomitant threat of being legally confined to 'state-hospitality' centers for rehabilitation, or worse, being labeled “domestic terrorist” as per big-brother's newly enacted police-state laws to maintain domestic tranquility in the face of rising public discontent, the price to be paid now to challenge the grotesquely Orwellian Western society while it is still in its infancy, is minuscule compared to what our progeny will face! A new generation born into a mature system of big brother in the West won't know the difference – unless their parents' generation takes a cross-Atlantic stand now while the Orwellian world is still only being birth-panged into existence under the pretext of fighting the War on Terror: What is War on Terror?

While it may be only a small step to defeat body-scan intrusion into what used to be universally held sacred as intimate physical privacy both legally and morally only as recently as in yesteryear, its import in firing up the imagination of the public if the draconian measure is successfully thwarted, can be immense. The Western states being ubiquitously governed by brilliantly psychopathic minds, also realizing that such small defeats can quickly snowball into larger defeats with the possibility of widespread domestic revolts, will surely try to make an example of those resisting the body-scan! In the United States it is already frowned upon in some places to quote its Constitution chapter and verse: Postscript ‘War on Terror’ is not about ‘Islamofascism’ – Please get with the real agenda you people!

Therefore, also be forewarned that if you sensibly choose to act in your and your progeny's own best interests, it may not be a free ride.

Thank you

Zahir Ebrahim | Project



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