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HST, Truth, and the Rising Cost of Lies

What Will the Next
Pro-HST Propaganda Cost?
-$100,000 for an extended televised commercial featuring Gordon Campbell
- $22,000 for leaflets to low-income households to sell them the HST

-$780,000 for pulped leaflets that never saw the light of day

More and more taxpayer money is being spent to try and convince you to support the HST. That spending will continue to ramp up the closer we get to the referendum.

Those receiving the latest leaflet are the 700,000 lowest income folks in the province.  These are people who certainly don't need to hear more from their government about how the HST is good for them. 

Instead, we need a referendum right now so we can vote the HST out.

Colin Hansen was quoted as saying: "We want to make sure that British Columbians know how the HST system works and we clearly didn't do a good job of that over the last 12 months."
But, just like their previous attempts to communicate, this latest tax payer funded advertising avoids answering the easiest of questions about the HST.
This leaflet comes emblazoned with misleading headlines like:
"More money in the pockets of BC Families" and "Will it cost my family more?"
And the content is worse.  Pretending that the HST will save low-income families money is downright misleading.  Even if you are eligible for these cheques - $60 a quarter certainly won't cover the hole in your family's budget caused by the HST.
We can only imagine what Gordon Campbell's televised address will contain.  What we do know is that he won't fess up to  that the HST is the largest transfer of taxes from corporations to individuals in the history of the province.
To make up the revenue lost from that massive corporate tax break, the BC Liberals simply increased taxes on items that used to be exempt from the PST, like bicycles, new homes, solar panels and other critically important consumer goods.  Now they are continuing to use that revenue to try and buy your support.
We hope you share our outrage.  
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