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Canada Ducks UN Vote on Water as Human Right

Countries Vote at the United Nations that Clean Water
and Proper Sanitation be Recognized as a Human Right
At the United Nations today one hundred and twenty four countries stood up and courageously supported the resolution declaring that access to clean water and proper sanitation be recognized as a Human Right. 
 Notable among the forty-one abstentions was the USA and, to our shame, Canada. This is not surprising as, last time around, in March 2008, both the USA and Canada voted against the resolution.
Over a billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and over two billion have no sanitation… in 2010.
The name Pablo Salon is probably not a household name where you live, that may not last long.

Pablo is the Bolivian UN Rep on Climate Change, and today he addressed a hushed UN auditorium:
"Every three seconds, a child dies from drinking water--1,2,3,--now I am on to the 4th..."

And, our country, Canada, was unmoved.

Who exactly does our government think it represents?


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