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The C.B.C. Strikes Again: Fox in the Mother Corps' Henhouse

The C.B.C. Strikes Again:
Fox in the Mother Corps' Henhouse
by C. L. Cook
Following a pattern State news organ, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation has doggedly maintained for the last too many years, Carole MacNeil of the program, News Now conducted a ten minute inquisitor's interview with former U.S. Ambassador, Ed Peck.
Peck was freshly released from his kidnap and internment at the hands of the Israeli Defense Force as a member of the 700 strong Free Gaza Flotilla.
A link to the interview appears here, but suffice to say; what Carole MacNeil engaged in tonight was not only an abrogation of any journalistic integrity that may have survived her careerist path to the front desk of CBC News, it was also a flagrant insult to the family and friends of the nine confirmed dead, and dozens of wounded and traumatized survivors of yet another display of Israel's contempt for international law and human rights. 
Sadly, Israel's latest outrage is small potatoes in the context of its ongoing murderous containment of the people of Gaza and the West Bank. Emboldened by years of impunity, the world's Number One scofflaw has progressively upped its roguish behaviour, culminating in the 2008-09 bombing of Gaza in its entirety, and the subsequent ratcheting up of the already two year old "diet" imposed by sanctions and enforced by military blockade.
None of this bore any mention by Ms. MacNeil. Instead, the good lady quoted Israeli propaganda seven times, citing its chief propagandist, Mark Regev and prime minister Netanyahu. She made no attempt to balance her report, rather attacking her guest, Ambassador Peck, ignoring the truth, and twisting facts.
MacNeil even had the bald-faced temerity to offer this as preamble to another of her litany of leading questions regarding the bloody attack against the largest of the flotilla's ships, the Mavi Marmara;
"No one has established who started this..." 
All in all, an absolutely disgusting display of Murdoch-esque news spinning that would make Herr Goebbels chuckle with delight. A must-mention- too, the added touch of a 5 second loop of IDF video, repeated throughout the interview, depicting violence directed towards the commandos landing on the deck of the Marmara by passengers using whatever bits of the ship they could lay hands to to defend themselves.
The key point Israel would like to have conveyed by Carole and her colleagues is Israel's blamelessness. Again we see; it is not Israel the aggressor, but the hapless defender, reacting to unreasonable violence and hatred directed towards it. This despite the pure absurdity of such a claim.
Over the next few days the stories of the survivors will come out, (though not likely on the CBC) and those stories will doubtless put to the lie much of the misinformation being conveyed by the CBC and the corporate/state press in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K., but what you certainly won't be seeing are corrections made and apologies offered to the audience for the blatant misrepresentation of the facts of this case, let alone a modicum of sympathy for the peace activists gunned down in the middle of the sea in the middle of the night by the completely recalcitrant and unrepentant Israel. 

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