Palestinian Christians Blocked in Holy Land

Happy Easter to all our Christian Brothers
and Sisters (Especially Palestinian Christians)
by Voice of Palestine
Palestinian Christians (as other Palestinians) are suffering from either brutal Israeli occupation or a denial of their right to return to their ancestral homeland by racist Israeli laws.
Jerusalem's Holy Sepulcher
In solidarity with them we started a campaign to endorse the call of their leaders for free access to Jerusalem see:
We also sent our request for endorsers to most of the mainstream churches in Canada, none of whom answered us directly. We are aware, however, that the President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops did send a letter to PM Stephen Harper on March 29, 2010, highlighting some of the problems faced by Palestinian Christians that limit their basic freedoms*.
The endorsers names are posted on our website, just go to under Support for Easter in the Holy Land
without Apartheid Passes and see Complete list of endorsers click here!! or access the following link  

Thanks again for your support and

Next Year in a Free Jerusalem and a Free Palestine


* Letter from CCCB President Bishop Pierre Morissette to
Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding the situation in the Holy Land,eng/

Also see:

Holy Week message from retired parish priest in Gaza Fr.
Manuel Musallam
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