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A German Call for Help: Save Canada's World Forests!

A call for help – the Ecosystem-Based Management – until now only a fairy tale?
by Klaus Pommerenke and Ingrid Bantel
It’s almost the first anniversary of the implementation of Ecosystem-Based Management for coastal BC (March 31, 2009). One of the EBM implementation highlights should be new low-impact logging regulations that set aside 50% of the natural range of old growth forest. On March 31, 2009 Sierra Club titled: “Great Bear Rainforest Success!” and Greenpeace Canada wrote: “Celebration! Great Bear Rainforest protected”.
The three groups Sierra Club BC, Greenpeace Canada and ForestEthics already celebrated that they achieved key milestones, for example “lighter touch logging implemented”. But now that all the fanfare from a year ago has dissipated we had to learn that nothing has changed in the Great Bear Rainforest. There is logging as usual.

In January we asked Interfor and Western Forest Products to assist us in finding logging sites where logging took place after March 31, 2009 and where the new EBM-logging rules were applied. They couldn’t or wouldn’t tell us a single site and maybe it’s not only because they have scaled back their operations.

When a Canadian friend of us who lives in the Great Bear Rainforest asked Jens Wieting from Sierra Club where he can find this promised lighter touch logging he heard that EBM still hasn’t kicked in yet, in spite of all the hoopla that it was supposed to start in March 2009, because the companies are still logging out their previously submitted management plans.
Even though the EBM standards went into effect nearly a year ago, they still aren’t being implemented on the ground. According to Sierra Club the companies are still working under five-year-plans approved prior to the official commencement of EBM – isn’t that scandalous? In the media those three groups told the world their “success” and “victory”-stories and now it seems to be a fairy tale. The public was deceived and those three groups still prefer to remain silent.

Please help us now to break the silence. Please help us to make further inquiries because we in Germany are too far away to get all the information we need. Please let the public in BC and Canada know that there is still logging as usual in the Great Bear Rainforest.

We are a couple from Germany engaged in the protection of the Great Bear Rainforest and we wrote a German book “The Rainforest of the White Bears. An Endangered Habitat on the Pacific Coast”, Klaus Pommerenke, 2009. Haupt Verlag, Berne (unfortunately not yet published in English). We have our own website ( HYPERLINK "" and try to inform people in Germany, Switzerland and Austria about the Great Bear Rainforest.

It would be great if you could assist us in informing the media, writing articles and with further inquiries.
The Great Bear Rainforest is far away from Germany but it’s in your own backyard.

Please let the first anniversary of the “implementation” of EBM be a very special day!

Klaus Pommerenke and Ingrid Bantel
Richard-Dilger-Str. 19
78476 Allensbach, Germany  
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