Fortunes Spilling Over: Enbridge's Oil Spill

Dear Enbridge PR spokespeople
by Ingmar Lee
Thanks so much for reporting about your massive spill, which we hear is about half as large as the largest recorded spill on Alaska's North Slope. I'm glad that Enbridge has been so conscientious and vigilant about getting the oil-flow re-routed and cleaning up the nasty little spill. I'm very glad to hear that the 3000 barrel spill was entirely contained on the Enbridge right of way, and that "no water or wildlife have been affected."

But it is a bit far-fetched to believe that your little accident had no ecological consequences whatsoever. Would it be possible for us to get a bit more than your enthusiastic corporate assurances that everything's A-OK down there, ~such as some independent, non-company perspective, and some photographs which detail the accident?

Many of us here in the BC environmental community are, to put it mildly, freaked right out about the massive new "Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline" that your corporation is proposing to build across our province, to deliver more than 500,000 barrels per day of Alberta Tar Sands oil to an enormous supertanker port on our pristine wild coast.

Whenever Enbridge pipelines do fail, ~and they do often fail~ we would like to see some honesty from your corporation as to the real ecological result of your accidents. The "all's clear" press release you've issued below does nothing whatsoever to alleviate our legitimate fears, scepticism, and suspicions about your business.

Ingmar Lee

CC'd to the BCenvirowatch and Landwatch listservs,
where the BC environmental community communicates.  
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