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The Obama Surge Foreseen

Tomorrow Never Knows -- But We Do: The Obama Surge Foreseen
by Chris Floyd   
Run, don't walk, to Arthur Silber's latest, and get tomorrow's news today. That's right, Silber has pierced the veil of time and brings back news of Barack Obama's big announcement, scheduled for Tuesday night, when -- to the vast surprise of absolutely no one on earth (except, of course, our serious media analysts, who have been puzzling and puzzling till their puzzlers are sore about the "debate" on escalating the war in Afghanistan) -- Obama will announce that he is, er, escalating the war in Afghanistan.

What's more, Silber has done us all the yeoman service of pre-wading through "the reactions to Obama's speech dribbling from the slack mouths operated by unfocused minds," who will take up the "debate" on the efficacy of Obama's oh-so-deeply contemplated "new" strategy for securing the empire's Central Asian frontier.
But as usual, Silber goes far beyond PR trappings of the day's news (or even tomorrow's news) to outline the real reasons and rationales behind Obama's "new" policy, which is, of course, only the same old geopolitical dominance game tricked out in 21st century drag.

No excerpts this time; I am too weary, too travel-bleary, to do justice to the piece with representative cuts -- just go read the whole thing and, as Silber says, save yourself the trouble of slogging through the "stinking load of unmitigated shit" that will be dumped on our heads by the chattering classes -- and their masters, the killing classes of the imperial court -- following the announcement.

And while you're there, if you have any spare change at all, drop some in Silber's hat. As we never tire of saying here, his is a unique, and uniquely valuable, voice in these ever-more troubled days. And it is a voice that must fight its way through horrendous health problems and crushing poverty to be heard. While fools and poltroons, left and right, gorge themselves on corporate largess, pandering to prejudices, and insider savvy, Silber must depend solely on his readers to survive. So give if you got it.  
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