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Saving the Puma

Can We Save the Puma?
by Mickey Z.
The puma is also called cougar, mountain lion, panther, and sadly, endangered. The only more widely distributed land mammal in the Western Hemisphere is the human... and therein lies the problem.
When it comes to habitat, the rest of the planet has learned the hard way that there's no competing with those of the Homo sapiens variety. It's a familiar pattern and true to form, when a major predator like the puma declines, "populations of prey animals (such as deer) get too big for the land to accommodate.
As prey numbers increase, vegetation is soon overgrazed. As adequate food supplies diminish, deer and other prey animals starve at massive levels. At the human level, animals that were once eaten by pumas and other predators destroy crops."
Once again, the man-made triple threat of habitat loss, hunting, and farmers protecting livestock is creating an unfortunate global impact.
We don't want future generations to believe that pumas are just sneakers.

How We Can Save the Pumas:

This big cat needs our help, but how? A short term approach is the creation of sanctuaries or learning to navigate the legislative route. Yet, as is the case with similar endangered species, we need a larger vision.
It may sound hackneyed but our problems cannot be solved by using the same thinking that created them in the first place. Perhaps, if more people transitioned into a vegan lifestyle, the perceived need to consume habitats, raise and slaughter livestock, and kill the pumas who might sometimes eat that livestock slowly becomes a a distant memory.
It all starts with having what Marcel Proust called "new eyes".  
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