Two Canadians Killed in Afghanistan

Two Canadians Killed in Afghanistan
by C. L. Cook
Two more Canadian lost their lives in Afghanistan over the holiday weekend. Sapper Mathieu Allard, 21 and Corporal Christian Bobbitt, 23 of the 5th Combat Engineer Regiment were killed in a roadside bomb blast just outside Kandahar.
Sapper Matthieu Allard, 21, was killed Saturday by a roadside bomb
in the Zhari district, west of Kandahar city. (Department of National Defence)
The deaths bring to 127 the number of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan since 2002. All but four of those deaths have come since Canadian Forces redeployed to the south of the country in 2006.
The four soldiers killed prior were due to a 'friendly fire' incident involving American Reservist pilots, later found to be under the influence of amphetamines.  
According to State broadcaster, the C.B.C., Thérèse Allard, the soldier's aunt, said the family was proud of him and supported his decision to join the army and go to Afghanistan.

"He's a boy who was very polite, very kind," the aunt said in a phone interview from Val-d'Or, Que., where Allard was born and raised.

Prime minister, Stephen Harper said of the dead:
"Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of these soldiers during this difficult period [...] The men and women of our Canadian Forces tirelessly strive to make a positive difference in this world. Their selfless actions protect Canadians, our interests and our values."
Cpl. Christian Bobbitt, 23, was killed Saturday by a roadside bomb
in the Zhari district, west of Kandahar city. (DND)
The bodies were repatriated to CFB Trenton Tuesday, August 4th.
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