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Our Sacred Rivers: British Columbians Fight to Save Our Rivers

Save British Columbia's Rivers
by Save Our Rivers
Save Our Rivers Society is pleased to present a new three-minute video by filmmaker Damien Gillis, Watershed Election - click here to view video  narrated by Official Spokesperson Rafe Mair, which summarizes for all British Columbians the critical battle now raging over our rivers and historic public power system.
The video, entitled "BC's Watershed Election," is designed to introduce to a broader audience, across BC's multi-cultural communities, the until-recently secretive push to hand over BC's most valuable assets - our rivers and energy security - to some of the world's biggest corporations.  The video will soon be available with subtitles in multiple languages on 
It features high-definition footage shot all around the province over the past year by filmmaker Gillis - to show fellow British Columbians our spectacular wild places at risk from this program, and those already being decimated by the construction of large, environmentally destructive private river power projects.
Save Our Rivers Society Declares May 12, 2009 "BC's Watershed Election" - Watch Video Below!
 Rafe Mair in Campbell RiverSave Our Rivers Society views the battle to protect our rivers and public power system from the Gordon Campbell private energy plan as the most important challenge the people of British Columbia have faced.  A small organization funded entirely by the generosity of British Columbia citizens, Save Our Rivers Society was founded out of the battle to protect the Ashlu River near Squamish, BC - a river that was initially saved by the people through the local government zoning process...until the Campbell Government took away the rights of citizens there and all around BC to have a say in these private river power projects (the undemocratic Bill 30).  With a government intent on giving away our most precious natural resources absent the knowledge or consent of the people, there is only one genuine "consultation" available on this program: Election Day - May 12, 2009. 


We at Save Our Rivers Society believe this issue is simply too important - the consequences too great for our environment, economy and society, even more so for future generations - to give the Campbell Government another mandate. In a time of climate change and shrinking natural resources, our future depends on the prudent conservation of our power and of our ecosystems - and to ensure that, our watersheds and energy security must remain in the hands of the people.Vancouver Save Our Rivers rally  The Campbell Government disagrees, in spite of a rising tide of British Columbians awakening to the outrage of his private energy plan.  We believe that if the government won't change, we'll have to change the government. 

Join us in the battle to take back our rivers and take back our power - spread this video far and wide!
Watch video - high resolution
Having trouble streaming the high-res version? Watch video - medium resolution
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