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Pakistan: Street Level

Pakistan: Street Level
by C. L. Cook with files from "S."
In the course of editing PFP, I'm occasionally contacted by people I don't know personally, responding to stories published here. They often claim to know the story behind the story, or  claim to be at the centre of the action.
Such is the case here.  I've corresponded  with "S." a couple of times. I believe he is what and who he says he is. Included with his comments, photos taken in Pakistan over the course of President-General Musharraf's declaration of "Emergency Powers."
[also; Kalid Hasan, writing for the Pakistan's Daily Times says the American Enterprise Institute, core home of the Neo-con movement, and the Brookings Institute Sunday urged the United States launch "pre-emptive" attacks against Pakistan in an editorial printed in the New York Times.]
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words!
I am attaching two pictures here for you to see the kind of behavior police is showing towards the people who protest, for restoring democracy and their civil rights.  The police is doing this to prevent "terrorism" in Pakistan.
I received these in email. I have two more that I shall be sending to you. I feel that the media has a tremendous responsibility, towards the people of the world. When there is oppression, we need to voice and show the concerns of those who are subjected to violence, and also the acts of those who mete out the violence.
I leave it to your discretion!
I just want to help take the case of the poor, hardworking respectible working class of Pakistan to the world. This is the least that I can do.
If they are doing this on the streets for every one to see, wonder what they might be doing behind bars with political prisoners!
And where is Imran Khan? His sister Aleena was asking the other day?
Is the US of A paying the military in Pakistan for the right reasons? And is it being used for the right purpose?
Who is going to ask these questions?
The disempowered people of Pakistan can certainly not ask? Their throats are throttled as you can see from the picture I sent you earlier.
So when is humanity going to stand up to be counted?
Chris I am counting on you and your conscience to do something to save the children of the so-called missing persons, who are trying to find out where are their family members.
If a person like Imran Khan can go missing and his eighty years plus aunt who comes out to find out where he is, is man-handled and threatened, then who else can hope to get justice.
Please see the program (online) of CNBC Pakistan (I hope it is accessible) that was faclitated by Mr Barelvi last week. I shall try and find the facts for you.

Who is going to stop the Myanmar oppression against the peaceful monks? Who is going to stop the same in Pakistan? If all protestors are branded terrorists, how are we actually going to stop oppression?
I would like to say Cheers too! But right now, I am saying peace to you.

Take care.  Regards.
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