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The Face of Canadian Justice

The Face of Canadian Justice
by C. L. Cook
As they did when the masters of the universe convened in Quebec City, Canadian law enforcement again reacted with a heavy hand towards the thousands of peaceful protesters, this time attempting entry into the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) debate.
Sunday, August 19th, the day before the SPP meeting set between the titular heads of the Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. governments para-police opened fire with rubber coated steel bullets, tear gas, and "pepper spray."

[UPDATE:  In what looks to be a growing scandal for Stephen Harper's government, Quebec's provincial police, the Surete, have admitted it was they who planted the agents provocateur in the crowd; though they deny the men caught on tape, one with a large stone is his hand, were there to incite a police riot against peaceful demonstrators - as had happened the day before. The Toronto Star has more here. - lex]
There were four arrests, and a telling confrontation between apparent "Black Bloc" activists wielding rocks and bottles, and mainstream opponents of the SPP. All protesters agree the deal is a danger to national sovereignty and further hampers functional democracy, but opinions differ on how to fashion an effective approach to power.

In a video shot at the scene, The "Black Bloc" were identified as agents provocateur. There has often been charges by activists of this kind false flag operations, hoping to provoke violence the heavily armed and anxious para-police can use as an excuse to attack protests at various anti-globalisation venues, but this is the first time to my knowledge those provocateurs have been captured on tape.
Click here to see the video of the unmasking. And, links to IMC coverage.

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