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Victoria Rally for Healthcare

Rally for Healthcare
by Victoria Harm Reduction
Hello Friends of Social Justice; the following comes from the folks over at Victoria Harm Reduction:
Simmering below our well-planted feet, the Provincial Premiers are hotly debating the future of Health care in Canada, as the Federal Government demands deeper and deeper cuts to social spending. 
The future of publicly funded, not-for-profit health care is at stake in this new round of negotiations set to conclude in 2014.  According to the demands of Jim Flaherty, the Conservative Finance Minster, B.C. alone would see a reduction of just over $250 million in our healthcare payments, seeing yet another era of cuts, deepening desperation, and poverty for the majority. 
Nowhere in these new demands is there talk of progressive taxation, the obscene disparity of wealth in this country between the haves and have-nots, and honouring the expectation of nearly all those who inhabit this land that healthcare will be free, accessible, and just.
This gaggle of corporate wind-bags will meet at the Laurel Point Inn, on both the 16th and 17th of January. Yes, that is this Monday and Tuesday!
Rally: Tuesday January 17th, Noon, Inn at Laurel Point
Hello Friends and Ne'er do wells everywhere!

*No to private, for-profit healthcare!
*Yes to Supervised Consumption Sites across Canada!
*Yes to making the connection between poverty and health!
We will be gather to speak our minds and challenge these talks this Tuesday January the 17th at Noon, on the harbour side of the Laurel Point Inn (where the long stairs are).  There will be speakers, radicals, and reformers of all stripes, so please make the time to gather with your community, and send a message to the Premiers, and to those across Canada who need to be watching and challenging these talks.  Keep your grubby, greedy hands off health care!
Your friends in revolt,
Allies of Drug War Survivors, and
Harm Reduction Victoria
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