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Oct 01, 2014 Ray Grigg
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Feb 25, 2007 Gary Leupp
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May 13, 2008 Media Lens
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Soldier's Tunnel "Kidnapping" and Other Israel-Friendly Media Distortions

Eyeless in Gaza: Israeli deceptions revealed in story of ‘kidnapped’ soldier
by Jonathan Cook in Nazareth
A single incident at the weekend – the reported capture by Hamas on Friday of an Israeli soldier through a tunnel – illustrated in stark fashion the layers of deception Israel has successfully cast over its attack on Gaza.
On Sunday, as the army indicated it would start limited withdrawals, Israel claimed Hadar Goldin was dead, possibly buried in a collapsed tunnel as Israel bombarded the area in which he was seized. His family said he was being left behind.
Israeli officials or media did not view Hamas’ operation dispassionately. Goldin was not “captured” but “kidnapped” – as though he was an innocent seized by opportunistic criminals.
As occurs so often, many western journalists followed Israel’s lead. The London Times’ front page blared:
“Kidnapped in Gaza”, while the Boston Globe called him the “abducted Israeli soldier”.

Tunnel: The Real Underground Resistance

by David Rovics - Songwriter's Notebook
Another day of wanton destruction. Over a hundred Palestinian civilians killed in the past 24 hours. Stories of revenge attacks are coming to light, of Israeli snipers killing civilians as they were searching for buried or dead family members.

Their commanders told the snipers that killing the civilians searching for their dead was a form of therapy, to help them recover from the loss of their IDF comrades.

The loss of their comrades. Over 1,100 Palestinians killed, overwhelmingly women, children and the elderly. Several dozen Israelis killed, almost all of them soldiers. Killed by people coming out of tunnels. Tunnels that the soldiers are bombing and blowing up.

Back in Eretz Israel a small antiwar protest is physically attacked by a much larger, violent mob of rightwing extremists.
We can't call them fascists, they're Jews. Jews can't be fascists, can they? Even when they chant, “kill the Arabs” and “gas the Arabs,” as they're beating up leftists, pacifists and random Palestinian passersby? They're not actually gassing the Arabs. They're just talking about it. Well, aside from using deadly chemical weapons like white phosphorus on civilians hiding in UN compounds.

In my mind I keep coming back to the tunnels.

Diego Garcia: America's Black Hole, Britain's Black Mark

Britain's Latest Counterterrorism Disasters: The truth about renditions and detentions at the island of Diego Garcia has to be revealed
by Andy Worthington - Al Jazeera English
The last few weeks have been challenging for the British government and its counterterrorism policies - and for a good reason. Ever since the war on terror began, in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the UK has happily embraced the lawless novelties conceived by the Bush administration - including extraordinary rendition and indefinite detention without charge or trial.
One aspect of Britain's complicity in extraordinary rendition involves the island of Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, a British Overseas Territory that has been leased to the US since the 1970s. In December 2002, it was first reported, in the Washington Post, that Diego Garcia was "one of a number of secret detention centers overseas" where the CIA was holding and interrogating prisoners of the "war on terror".

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Fossil Fooling: LNG's Energy Bridge to Nowhere

Wishful Thinking About Natural Gas: Why Fossil Fuels Can’t Solve the Problems Created by Fossil Fuels
by Naomi Oreskes  - TomDispatch
collapse oreskesAlbert Einstein is rumored to have said that one cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that led to it. Yet this is precisely what we are now trying to do with climate change policy.

 The Obama administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, many environmental groups, and the oil and gas industryall tell us that the way to solve the problem created by fossil fuels is with more fossils fuels. 
We can do this, they claim, by using more natural gas, which is touted as a “clean” fuel -- even a “greenfuel.

Like most misleading arguments, this one starts from a kernel of truth.

Understanding the "New Realities" on the World Stage

It is Time to Know a Little More About Realities
by Fidel Castro - Granma
In our era, problems are increasingly more complex and news is produced at the speed of light, as many know. Nothing happens today in our world which does not teach something to those of us who wish, and are still able, to understand new realities.

The human being is a strange mixture of blind instinct, on one hand, and conscience, on the other.

We are political animals, as, not without reason, affirmed Aristotle, who perhaps influenced humanity’s thinking more than any other ancient philosopher through his almost 200 treatises, according to reports, of which only 31 have been preserved. His teacher was Plato, who left for posterity his famous utopia about the ideal state, which in Syracuse, where he tried to apply it, almost cost him his life.
His Political Theory has endured as a designation used to describe ideas as good or bad. Reactionaries often describe both Marx and Lenin as theorists, without taking into consideration that their utopias inspired Russia and China, the two countries called upon to lead a new world which will allow for human survival, if imperialism does not first unleash a criminal, exterminating war.

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Ukraine "Reportage:" Deliberate Lies of the New York Times

Blaming Russia as ‘Flat Fact’
by Robert Parry - Consortium News
putin-crowdAs nuclear-armed America hurtles into a completely avoidable crash with nuclear-armed Russia over Ukraine, you can now see the dangers of “information warfare” when facts give way to propaganda and the press fails to act as an impartial arbiter. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses a crowd on May 9, 2014, celebrating the 69th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Crimean port city of Sevastopol from the Nazis. (Russian government photo) 

In this sorry affair, one of the worst offenders of journalistic principles has been the New York Times, generally regarded as America’s premier newspaper.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Andrew Gavin Marshall, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Janine Bandcroft Jul 29, 2014

 This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook -
This week; befitting finale, an examination of the fast coming end to the current world order. 
Andrew Gavin Marshall is a Montreal-based researcher, writer, and co-editor of the book, 'The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century' He is also project manager for The People's Book Project, serves as chair of the Geopolitics division of The Hampton Institute, and is Research Director for's Global Power Project and the World of Resistance Report.
WoR is a fascinating chronicle of the architecture underlying the system running the world, and the people pulling the levers of power. It is too a kind of prescience compass, marking the direction globalized civilization is headed. Marshall also hosts a weekly podcast show featured at renown whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds'

Andrew Gavin Marshall in the first half.

And; Mazine Qumsiyeh is a Palestinian biologist and human rights activist. He appeared here at UVic last year to provide some context for the Palestinian struggle for dignity and independence.
Mazine Qumsiyeh in the second half.

And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us up to speed with some of what's good going on on the streets of our city, and beyond there too, in the coming week.

But first, Andrew Gavin Marshall and a World of Resistance reporting.

Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Monday, 5-6pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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The Children's Crossing: Exodus from Central America Crisis Meets at Sacred Hearts

Sacred Hearts, Sacred Lives: Children Crossing the Border
by Buddy Bell - Voices for Creative Non-Violence
From July 13 to July 20, I drove a small truck from Minneapolis, Minnesota down to McAllen, Texas.
The truck went to Mexico and is now one of four vehicles on a ship destined for Cuba, a donation made possible through the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization/Pastors for Peace.
The day after I arrived in McAllen, some local residents took a group of IFCO activists to Sacred Heart church in downtown McAllen.

As the closest substantial U.S. city connected by land to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and Mexico’s internal eastern coast, McAllen is the most convenient of any crossing point for immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. It is the place where Border Patrol detains the highest number of unaccompanied minors who are fleeing violence caused by U.S. foreign policy in Central America.
Less noted in the media are the mothers and fathers traveling with their young children, but they are coming to McAllen as well, and they are usually the ones who can sometimes find temporary relief at Sacred Heart church.

Sacrifice the Pawn: Flight MH 17 and the Grand Chess Board

MH17 – Sacrificed Airliner
by Andre Vltchek - CounterPunch
MH17 murdochThe special train carrying refrigerated corpses from the MH17 catastrophe has left the station of Torez, just a few miles from the crash site. People, who died a terrible death onboard the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, will soon be reunited with their grieving families. They will receive a proper funeral, and will be laid to rest in the Netherlands, Malaysia and several other countries. They are on their way home, at last.

The Ukrainian rebels handed over the black boxes to international authorities. The investigation can begin. It hopefully will begin, unobstructed by political maneuvering.

Will the Empire allow the investigation to follow its course? The Western propaganda machine is in full gear. The twisting of facts, obscuring of evidence, and maneuvering public opinion all over the world: all this is being done with determination and routinely applied precision.
So much is at stake! Increasing cooperation between Russia, Latin America and China could mean the end of Western neo-colonial control of the world.

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Obama Straight Up Lies About Gaza

Blockading the Truth: Obama's Big Lie About Gaza
by Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque
It is simply a lie that Israel's slaughter in Gaza is a response to an "unprovoked attack" by Hamas. Not only is it a lie, it is a transparent, brazen lie, whose falsehood is glaringly apparent to anyone who had given even a cursory look at coverage of the Israeli government's response to the murder of three Israeli teenagers in June.
At that time, we were told in many news reports about an Israeli "crackdown" in Gaza, including mass arrests, military operations and, finally, the killing of six Hamas members. It was after these operations and these killings -- which were clear breaches of a ceasefire which Hamas had been honoring for 19 months -- that Hamas began its retaliation against Israel's unprovoked attacks.
(And no, the murder of the teenagers was not a "provocation" by Hamas, which disclaimed all connection to the crime. It was almost certainly carried out a rogue clan which has often -- conveniently -- staged provocations whenever it seems that some small movement toward peace might be made, and has been a thorn in Hamas' side for a long time.
What's more, as Max Blumenthal reported, the Israeli government knew the teenagers had been murdered almost immediately, and who the likely culprits were; but the Netanyahu regime chose to wage a worldwide campaign of mendacity -- and torment the boys' parents -- by claiming they might still be alive, and launching "search" missions for them.)

Palestinians Die as America and Europe Stand By: Gaza as Genocidal Proving Ground

American choice: genocide or justice?
by Finian Cunningham - PressTV
US top diplomat John Kerry says a ceasefire deal in Gaza is close but there is still a way to go for one to be implemented.
What's the hold-up? Men, women and children are being slaughtered in their hundreds. Hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, the wounded are being attacked against all norms of international law and morality.
The main Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, says that any truce must be the basis for further talks on the underlying issues of Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip and by extension on other parts of Palestinian territory in the West Bank. That is inarguably reasonable and common sense.
But the Israeli regime doesn't want to engage in discussions about the bigger issues. It says that a ceasefire should be negotiated first and then, at some unspecified later time, talks about underlying issues can be held. Of course, this seemingly two-part deal from the Israeli side is but a cruel, cynical joke. It will never talk to Hamas. Indeed, the Israeli regime will never seriously talk to any Palestinian faction about the wider issues. A ceasefire for them is just a punctuation mark in a long story of ongoing dispossession of Palestinians from their historic homeland.
This is where the American government and the European allies are exposed as being on the side of the Israeli aggressor and genocidal regime. Apparent expressions of concern and huffing and puffing about "trying to pursue a ceasefire" are contemptible in the present abominable context.