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Shoah: A Promise of Holocaust Delivered in Gaza

Shoah: A Promise of Holocaust Delivered in Gaza
by C. L. Cook
Friday, Israel's deputy defense minister, Matan Vilnai promised Gaza would experience a "Shoah," and today the Israeli Defense Forces made good the minister's promise, raining tank shells, rockets, bullets, and bombs into the walled enclave, home to as many as 1.5 million Palestinians.
Clashes between Palestinians and IDF infantry are reported in the north of Gaza, while the Israeli Air Force fired rockets and missiles into Gaza City.
"Shoah is the Hebrew word for Holocaust, adapted from its biblical definition, "calamity." Literally, as Wikipedia defines it, the term is derived from the Greek word holokauston, meaning completely burnt, as a sacrificial offering to God. But which god would demand the broken and charred bodies that lay dead beneath the rubble of Gaza today?
UPDATE: The U.N. convenes emergency session on Israel's attack against Gaza.

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Will the Celestial Choir Sing for Hillary?

Hillary Clinton's 'Celestial Choir'
by Robert Parry
When the history of Campaign 2008 is written, a memorable image will be Hillary Clinton’s poor imitation of Barack Obama as she strode across a stage in Rhode Island mocking the idea that change will come when the sky opens for a “celestial choir.”

Though Sen. Clinton’s performance left many political observers wondering if the long campaign had finally gotten to her, Sen. Obama brushed off the affront with a smile and a generous critique.

“Well, I thought Sen. Clinton showed some good humor there,” he said in a Feb. 26 debate. “I would give her points for delivery.”

But the larger question underscored by the “celestial choir” argument is who has the better chance to achieve real political change in Washington, Clinton or Obama? Indeed, that dispute could be the last major question the Democrats must answer before the primary battles come to an end.

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Valdez Redux: Exxonn Suxx

Exxon Suxx. McCain Duxx
by Greg Palast
Nineteen goddamn years is enough. I’m sorry if you don’t like my language, but when I think about what they did to Paul Kompkoff, I’m in no mood to nicey-nice words.

Next month marks 19 years since the Exxon Valdez dumped its load of crude oil across the Prince William Sound, Alaska. A big gooey load of this crude spilled over the lands of the Chenega Natives.
Paul Kompkoff was a seal-hunter for the village. That is, until Exxon’s ship killed the seal and poisoned the rest of Chenega’s food supply.

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Auto-Dialling the End of the World

Obama, McCain, March 19…yawn
by Mickey Z.
The state of global affairs has long passed the proverbial tipping point and is more likely flirting with the dreaded point of no return.
Yet most folks, it seems, have confused the occasional weekend parade, I mean, protest with a full-blown movement.

News Flash #1: Anti-Bush bumper stickers and a heartfelt commitment to recycled toilet paper don’t constitute a movement. Neither do candlelight vigils, vegan diets, petitions, voting drives, letters to Congress, monthly donations to Greenpeace, yellow ribbons, red ribbons, pink ribbons, or becoming the change you wish to see in the world. All you need is love? Yeah…that and a million dollars a minute (what America spends on war).

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To the Editors of the Victoria Times-Colonist

To the Editors of the Victoria Times-Colonist
by Ben Isitt
Re: Quigg v LGB9
I hope your newspaper's favourable editorial policy toward the Bear Mountain development does not inhibit the fair and accurate reporting of Robert Quigg's lawsuit against Len Barrie and his companies.
Boosterist stories such as the Florida Panther's article in today's newspaper, like yesterday's coverage of boulevard improvement programmes in Langford and similar documented coverage over the past 12 months, demonstrate a clear pattern of pursuing an editorial agenda under the auspices of news reporting.

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Obama and the Delicate Balance of Reality

Disabuse Your Illusion: Weighing Obama in the Balance of Reality
by Chris Floyd
Hope, said Emily Dickinson, is the thing with feathers, a tough little bird that sounds sweetest in the midst of a storm. It's a commonplace by now, but no less true, that Barack Obama's winged words of hope have borne him up to the high place where he stands now, on the threshold of the White House.
And these words shine all the more brightly against the torrent of filth that the Bush Regime has rained down upon the American people for years. Thus it's no surprise that millions of people have been inspired by Obama – including a million who have put their money where their hope is, in the most remarkable grass-roots funding campaign in U.S. political history.

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Of Torture, Transfers, and Travesties of Justice

Of  Torture, Transfers, and Travesties of Justice
by C. L. Cook
Looking at the Leap Year news today, all I can say is: "Thank Christ it only happens once every four years!" (insert rimshot here).

But seriously, folks. Tomorrow and tomorrow, and tomorrow will be more of the same I fear, because February 29th is everyday lately. An even more demented Hell than made famous in Bill Murray's Groundhog's Day, we witness the same glaring injustice and astonishing immorality, replaying as if on a loop. Round and round we go, each revolution a tightening spiral into an abyss of utter barbarity.

What can we make of it? If the philosopher is right, and each day is emblematic of everyday, thus signifying the potentiality of the entirety; what does today tell us of where we human Earthlings are, and where we're likely to shore up, given the prevailing current?  For Canadians, three stories of torture, transfers, and a travesty of justice serve grim instruction.

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The Siegelman Saga: Alabama G.O.P. Wrestles with Retraction

Siegelman Updates
by Scott Horton
One of the most interesting sideshows coming out of the transmission of the 60 Minutes segment dealing with former Alabama Governor Don E. Siegelman has been the conduct of the Alabama G.O.P.
The CBS piece features direct charges leveled at Karl Rove and at Bush Administration prosecutors. But to listen to Michael Hubbard, the chair of the Alabama Republicans, you’d think it was a grudge match between 60 Minutes and his party.
There must be some reason for Hubbard to adopt this posture, and for it instantly to be shared by his captive press. But maybe it’s something on the order of that line from Hamlet: The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

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Britain Gags Witness to SAS Rendition Assistance

Ben Griffin: Former SAS, Banned Speech to Anti-War Rally
by Ben Griffin
Ben Griffin speaks to World Against War rally before being gagged by UK Government

"As of 1940 hrs 29/02/08 I have been placed under an injunction preventing me from speaking publicly and publishing material gained as a result of my service in UKSF (SAS).

I will be continuing to collect evidence and opinion on British Involvement in extraordinary rendition, torture, secret detentions, extra judicial detention, use of evidence gained through torture, breaches of the Geneva Conventions, breaches of International Law and failure to abide by our obligations as per UN Convention Against Torture. I am carrying on regardless "

Ben Griffin, the ex-SAS trooper who this week revealed the extensive British collaboration with US rendition and torture, was served with an injunction immediately after speaking at the London World Against War rally last night. The government is trying to gag Ben to prevent any more revelations about British involvement in the US policy of kidnapping people and sending them to secret centres for interrogation and torture. 
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Goons Attack Bear Mountain Pacifist Protest

Goons Attack Bear Mountain Pacifist Protest
by Zoe Blunt
Over two hundred men, most apparently construction contractors, attacked a small rally in Langford this morning in an ugly show of aggression and violence.

Shortly after 7 am, the mob that included Bear Mountain project manager Les Bjola stormed a smaller rally against the interchange.  The mob shoved and kicked several people, tore up all the group's banners and signs, and threw hot coffee and debris at the demonstrators while shouting obscenities and abuse for almost an hour.
A handful of RCMP officers arrived on the scene after thirty minutes and intervened between the two groups. The protestors refused to beprovoked by fist-waving and taunts, and responded by singing "We Shall Not Be Moved," "We Shall Overcome" and "My Roots Go Down."

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Canadian Taliban: Harper's Department of Propaganda

Canadian Taliban: Harper's Department of Propaganda
by C. L. Cook
For those believing Stephen Harper's emphasis on "family values" was just another of the many Republican inspired marching mantras adopted by his "Tory" party and not indicative of a slide down the extremist form of social control familiar to the unfortunates of pre-liberated Afghanistan, or current day China, some unsettling news regarding how the arts will, or will not be funded, with or without the New Government of Canada's help broke from Hollywood today.

Canadian media being what it is, The Hollywood Reporter reports; the Conservatives propose amending the Tax Act to make tax credits for film and television productions depend on whether a panel of government approved apparatchiks consider the project worthy, or "offensive."
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