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The New Nonviolence Rocks the World

Feb 21, 2011 David Swanson
Nonviolent Action is a Force that Gives…

The Fat and the Fallow: Stopping Fish Farms in BC

Mar 28, 2012 Betty Krawczyk
Fat, Fallow, and Sex Changed Fish by…

What Profits It a Man? Israeli Companies Sued by Holocaust Survivor's Relatives

Jun 27, 2009 Jonathan Cook
Israeli Firms Accused of Profiting Off…


Canadians Supporting U.S. War Resisters

War Resisters - your chance to help the campaign
by War Resisters Support Campaign
Dear friends; the two things that we need help with most right now in Vancouver are housing for war resisters and your participation in our outreach and lobbying in Conservative ridings and keeping up the media visibility.

Below is a housing appeal, please pass it on freely.

Also in Vancouver we will be doing another visit to a Conservative riding, probably either Emerson's in Vancouver or Nina Grewal in Fleetwood-Port Kells. That is tentatively planned for Saturday June 28.
As well, we would like to get to some Canada Day events with our petitions and leaflets - there will be a National Day of Action to call Immigration Minister Diane Finley on Wednesday July 2 - and July 1 would be a great day to get the word out. Please try to join us at some of these activities!
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Another Blank-Check For Iraq

Democrats Give White House Another Blank-Check For Iraq
by Jason Leopold
A Democratic engineered emergency supplemental bill to continue funding the occupation of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan to the tune of $162 billion is expected to win bipartisan support, aides to leaders in the House said late Wednesday.

The bill, as currently drafted, does not contain any conditions for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq nor does it restrict how President Bush can conduct military operations. The legislation ensures both wars are funded well into 2009 and comes nearly two years after Democrats won majorities in Congress and the Senate largely on promises to resist handing the Bush administration "blank-checks" for Iraq and a pledge to immediately bring U.S. troops home.

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John Yoo, Totalitarian

John Yoo, Totalitarian
by Paul Craig Roberts
John Yoo stands outside the Anglo-American legal tradition. His views lead to self-incrimination wrung out of a victim by torture. He believes a president of the US can initiate war, even on false pretenses, and then use the war he starts as cover for depriving US citizens of habeas corpus protection. A US attorney general informed by Yoo’s memos even went so far as to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Constitution does not provide habeas corpus protection to US citizens.

Yoo’s animosity to US civil liberties made him a logical choice for appointment to the Bush Regime’s Department of Justice (sic), but his appointment as a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, shatters that university’s liberal image.

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Israel Confirms Cease-fire with Hamas

Israel Confirms Cease-fire with Hamas 
by The Real News 
Israel officially confirmed on Wednesday that the Egyptian-brokered cease-fire deal between the Israeli government and the Hamas would go into effect at 6 a.m. on Thursday. The period of calm is supposed to last six months. Officials on both sides were wary of the proposed deal but agreed to abide by it.
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Afghanistan Offensive: Kandahar Hots Up

Kandahar Braces for Taliban Offensive 
by The Real News 
In anticipation of a Taliban offensive, the Afghan army flew four plane-loads of soldiers to Kandahar from the capital Kabul. The deployment comes a day after Taliban forces were seen mobilizing in the Arghandab district just north west of Kandahar.

Taliban forces destroyed bridges and planted land mines in preparation for battle. Anand Gopal of Inter Press Service says "there has been a general shift in the balance of power in the last few months." Jointly produced by The Real News Network and Inter Press Service.
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Spinning 'til the Bitter End

Spinning 'til the Bitter End 
by Shelley Bluejay Pierce
Good morning my friends; I have stopped doing my current research and writing on various topics today to address the recent speech given by President Bush just moments ago.
I simply had to speak out and point out some key "media-spinning" that is going WAY over the top and many people may not realize that we are in a critical point here in the USA.
As we all face the growing costs of food and gasoline, health care and other expenses needed to survive in this day and age, there are people in leadership who are "playing" with us at such a level that it disgusts me beyond words.

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Deer Hunting With Jesus: Why the Left Doesn’t Get It

Why the Left Doesn’t Get It
by William Bowles
Book Review: ‘Deer Hunting With Jesus - Dispatches from America’s Class War’ By Joe Bageant
This is the hardest review I have ever had to write. Who am I writing it for seems to be at the heart of my dilemma. But let me say first that this book is a witty, insightful and sympathetic portrait of a world most of us are only aware of through cliché or stereotype.
Who are we talking about? The so-called American Redneck.

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Across the Pashtun: GWOT and the Pakistani Rubicon

A Line Not To Be Crossed
by Eric Margolis
The killing of 11 Pakistani soldiers by U.S. air and artillery strikes last week shows just how quickly the American-led war in Afghanistan is spreading into neighbouring Pakistan.

Pakistan's military branded the air attack "unprovoked and cowardly." There was outrage across Pakistan. However, the unstable government in Islamabad, which depends on large infusions of U.S. aid, later softened its protests.

The U.S., which used a B-1 heavy bomber and F-15 strike aircraft in the attacks, called its action, "self-defence."

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Why North Korea Was a Global Crisis Canary

Mother Earth's Triple Whammy: Why North Korea Was a Global Crisis Canary
by John Feffer
Gas prices are above $4 a gallon; global food prices surged 39% last year; and an environmental disaster looms as carbon emissions continue to spiral upward.
The global economy appears on the verge of a TKO, a triple whammy from energy, agriculture, and climate-change trends.
Right now you may be grumbling about the extra bucks you're shelling out at the pump and the grocery store; but, unless policymakers begin to address all three of these trends as one major crisis, it could get a whole lot worse.
Just ask the North Koreans.

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Czech Anti-Radar Protest Gains Ground

Defense vs. Democracy: Czech Anti-Radar Protest Gains Ground
by Laray Polk
Following a year of protests and coalition building at home and abroad in opposition to the proposed U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic, activists Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar launched a hunger strike.
The hunger strike that began in Prague on May 13 and ended three weeks later, has touched off series of actions that are gaining national and worldwide support.
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Plame Probe: Congress to Look Into Bush/Cheney Role

Congress to Probe Bush, Cheney's Role in Plame-Gate
by Jason Leopold
Five years ago this month, an extraordinary battle was taking shape in the shadows of official Washington: a former U.S. ambassador was preparing to go public to challenge a central deception used by the White House to justify invading Iraq – and the Bush administration was readying a fierce counterattack against him.

Now, after many nasty clashes – which led to the exposure of a covert CIA officer, a criminal White House cover-up, a special prosecutor investigation, the conviction of a senior aide to Vice President Dick Cheney and a subsequent presidential commutation – one key administration insider finally has agreed to testify before Congress.

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