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Jun 29, 2014 Dahr Jamail
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Seeds of Hatred Past Sprout in Iraq

Jun 27, 2014 Danny Schechter
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Sep 16, 2008 Tom Engelhardt
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A Nation Divided: Ecology and the Pathology of Capitalism

Jan 21, 2012 Charles Sullivan
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Dissecting Siamese Twin Politics

Dissecting the Two-Party System      
by Shamus Cooke
It often takes direct experience to better understand one’s surroundings; whether it be a toddler’s mastering of cause and effect, or for our purposes, realizing the Democratic Party’s true nature.
This latest life lesson has been taught to us by the Democrats themselves, who, public opinion cast aside, have continued to support the Iraq War, not to mention other collusions with the Republicans on many matters that represent “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

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Get Lost Tribe: Israel's Palestinians

Israel's Palestinians and the 'Jewish State'
by Nadim Rouhana
The Annapolis peace talks regard me as an interloper in my own land. Israel's deputy prime minister, Avigdor Lieberman, argues that I should "take [my] bundles and get lost."
Henry Kissinger thinks I ought to be summarily swapped from inside Israel to the would-be Palestinian state.

I am a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship -- one of 1.4 million. I am also a social psychologist trained and working in the United States.
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U.S.A.: Corporate Media Consolidates its Power Further

FCC Hands Power to Media Monopolies,
Portends Congressional Battle"
by John Nichols
The Federal Communications Commission has, as expected, voted along party lines to approve the demand of Rupert Murdoch and other communications-industry moguls for a loosening of limits on media monopolies in American cities.
FCC chair Kevin Martin

Now, the real fight begins.
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"We must Sterilize Everyone in the World:" Texas Names Mad Scientist of the Year

Culling The Herd
by Sheila Samples
In 1974, a year after orchestrating a mass terror bombing of Cambodia -- after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize -- Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his National Security Council completed “National Security Study Memo 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.”
This document, whose sharp edges are dulled by page after leaden page of how to reduce over-population in the Third World through birth control and "other" population-reduction programs, was classified until 1989, but was almost immediately accepted as US policy, and remains the US blueprint for ethnic cleansing today.

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I Legend: Redemption

No Redemption
by Mickey Z.
I went to see I Am Legend yesterday and truly enjoyed it. The ending was both too “action movie” and way too “spiritual” for me but overall, it was well-made...for a Hollywood film. (Plus, Alice Braga is stunning.)
I especially appreciated the Bob Marley angle. The main character talks of when Marley was shot before a major concert in 1976 but still performed. Asked why, the singer replied (and I paraphrase): “The bad people trying to make the world worse never take a day off so why should I?”

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America's Silent Chernobyl

Pacifying the Public
by Charmaine White Face
The USDA Forest Service from Custer National Forest out of Billings, MT, is responsible for a large area in the Northwestern corner of South Dakota. The Cave Hills and Slim Buttes area exhibits some of the most unique and beautiful landscapes in the state. This area also was used extensively in the 1960s for uranium mining, …open-pit uranium mining.
Unfortunately, at that time, there were no laws for reclamation, so 89 mines and prospects were left abandoned, according to information from the US Forest Service.

On Nov. 13, 2007, in the nearest community to the Cave Hills area, a blink of an eye place known as Ludlow, the Forest Service held an open house “to update the public on the activities happening at the site.” It was advertised in the regions’ daily newspaper a few times, and flyers were sent to interested individuals.

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John Graham Extradited to Face Trumped Charges

John Graham Secretly Deported to United States
by John Graham Defense Committee 
Following the illegal deportation of Leonard Peltier to the U.S., Canadian Native John Graham has also been deported in a similar fashion.  He was taken away in the early morning of December 6 and flown out of Abbotsford airport to Rapid City without his lawyer or his family allowed to see him.
His family immediately began trying to find out what had happened to him and were given the run around for a number of days.  They phoned Rapid City saying their father had been sent there.  The response was "we don't know where Canada is".

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Bali: Sinking or Swimming on Climate Change?

Trying to Square the Climate Circle
by William Bowles
Sink or Swim - The ‘choice’ apparently, is yours according to Hilary Benn, but only if you can breath under water and swim

Here, in the UK we have a minister for the environment, Hilary Benn is his name, son of doyen of the ‘left’ of the Labour Party, Anthony Wedgwood-Benn, whose swings from right to left are by now legendary (he’s currently stuck somewhere on what passes for the left).

Wedgie as he is known, renounced his aristocratic ‘pedigree’ to become plain ol’ Wedgie Benn. In any case Hilary (who seems to have dropped even more bits of his aristocratic legacy) is currently hanging out in Bali where the Climate Change conference has just come to a cliff-hanging conclusion, was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 on 14/12/07.

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The Democrat's Progress: No Progress

Democratic Process: Another Day, Another Capitulation        
by Chris Floyd     
Industry Flexes Muscle, Weaker Energy Bill Passes (NYT)
The Democratic "opposition" in Congress – you know, the party that represents the common people, good working folk and the most vulnerable in our society: the sick, the old, the poor, the children – have just effected yet another capitulation to Money Power, gutting an energy bill that would have required Big Oil – now reaping the most gargantuan profit margins in the entire history of human enterprise – to pay a pittance in new taxes.
Majority Leader Harry "Shaky Knees" Reid
The original bill would have also required utility companies to eventually produce a whopping 15 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources. These measures – displeasing to the boardroom lords and their viceroy in the White House – were dutifully stripped out by Senate Majority Leader Harry "Shaky Knees" Reid. So what happens now?

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Torture's Democrat Protectors

Surprise! Mukasey Covers Up Torture
by Robert Parry
Last month, Democratic Sens. Charles Schumer of New York and Dianne Feinstein of California joined Republicans to ensure Michael Mukasey’s confirmation as Attorney General, even though he refused to acknowledge that the simulated drowning of waterboarding was torture.

Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada helped the Bush administration, too, by rushing a floor vote on Mukasey before rank-and-file Democrats could get organized and push for a filibuster.

To show thanks, Mukasey now is slapping the Democratic-controlled Congress in the face by demanding it back off any oversight investigations into how and why the CIA in late 2005 destroyed videotapes of the waterboarding of al-Qaeda suspects.

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The Doomsday Vault: Preparing for the End of Humanity

"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic
Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO
giants know something we don’t
by F. William Engdahl
The seed bank is being built inside a mountain on Spitsbergen Island near the small village of Longyearbyen. It’s almost ready for ‘business’ according to their releases.
The bank will have dual blast-proof doors with motion sensors, two airlocks, and walls of steel-reinforced concrete one meter thick. It will contain up to three million different varieties of seeds from the entire world, ‘so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future,’ according to the Norwegian government. Seeds will be specially wrapped to exclude moisture. There will be no full-time staff, but the vault's relative inaccessibility will facilitate monitoring any possible human activity.

Did we miss something here? Their press release stated, ‘so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future.’ What future do the seed bank’s sponsors foresee, that would threaten the global availability of current seeds, almost all of which are already well protected in designated seed banks around the world?

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