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Has Regime Change Boomeranged?

Jan 01, 2007 Shahid Alam
by M. Shahid Alam In the early 1990s,…

CETA Means: Canada-EU Deep Integration

Jan 13, 2011 Dana Gabriel
From NAFTA to CETA: Canada-EU Deep…

Roadblock!: Barricades Along the Secwepemc

Apr 01, 2009 Press Release
CP Rail and Trans Canada Highway…


Hunting Haji: Baghdad Bwanas Go On Safari

(Un)Fair Game
Targeting Iraqis as "Big Game"
by Nick Turse
Earlier this month, news of the military's use of Human Terrain Teams -- U.S. combat units operating in Afghanistan and Iraq that contain anthropologists and other social scientists who have traded in their academic robes for body armor -- hit the front-page of the New York Times.
While the incorporation of academic experts into combat units has raised ire in some scholarly circles, their use as "cultural advisers" to aid the war effort has been greeted by the military as "a crucial new weapon in counterinsurgency operations" and in the media as an example of increased cultural sensitivity as well as evidence of a new Pentagon willingness to think outside the box.  
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Rendition Less Extraordinary

Further British Involvement in US Rendition Programme Comes to Light      
by Craig Murray
CBS reported last week on allegations that U.S. authorities held terrorist suspects on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia as part of a secret prisons network.
Diego Garcia, an island of great apparent beauty, is part of the British Indian Ocean Territory. What goes on there is the business of Westminster.

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Home of the Braves

Home of the Brave?
by Dave Lindorff
Several years ago, I warned that as the Bush/Cheney administration sought to reduce politically problematic casualty rates in Iraq and Afghanistan, it would resort to increased use of air attacks to combat the growing insurgency in Iraq and the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan.

I also predicted that the result of this switch in tactics would lead to higher civilian casualties in those two countries.

We're now seeing those results.

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George Does San Diego: Flaming Bush Retardant

The ‘Boo ain’t no N.O.
Plus: George Bush, Flame Retard
By Greg Palast
What color is your disaster? It makes a difference. A life and death difference.


Population of San Diego fire evacuation zone: 500,000
Population of the New Orleans flood evacuation zone: 500,000

White folk as a % of evacuees, San Diego: 66%
Black folk as % of evacuees, New Orleans: 67%

Size counts, too. Size of your wallet, that is:

Evacuees in San Diego, in poverty: 9%
Evacuees in New Orleans, in poverty: 27%

The numbers would be even uglier, though more revealing, if I included evacuees of the celebrity fire in Malibu.

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Walter Lippmann

Walter Lippmann, Remembered
by Scott Horton
When I began to form my political consciousness in the early seventies, Walter Lippmann was still with us, a great venerated presence who had retreated from the nation’s main political battlefields.
But traces of Lippmann could be found everywhere, his influence seemed to hang like the clouds that divided Olympus from humanity.
It really seemed impossible to think of Lippmann as a “journalist.” Somehow that was too petty. He was a moral philosopher, a man whose thinking always transcended the mundane and partisan world that rose from the asphalt and sewers of Washington.
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Campus Witchhunt: Distorting the Facts on the Ground

The New McCarthyism
by Larry Cohler-Esses
Meet Professor Nadia Abu El-Haj, a notorious Barnard College professor now up for tenure who:

§ claims the ancient Israelite kingdoms are a "pure political fabrication,"

§ denies the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE and instead blames its destruction on the Jews,

§ does not speak or read Hebrew yet had the temerity to publish a book on Israeli archaeology that demanded such expertise,

§ is so ignorant of her topic that she quotes one archaeologist on how a dig might have damaged the ancient palaces of Solomon--oblivious to the fact that those palaces, if they existed, were far from the site in question.

None of these charges are true. You could look it up. I did, in El-Haj's book Facts on the Ground, about which these charges are made. The statements for which a network of right-wing critics assail her book are not there.

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National Sacrifice Zones

National Sacrifice Zones
by C. L. Cook
The American public has been berated since the beginnings of the George W. Bush, (or Iraq) phase of the War With No End, for their lack of self-sacrifice.
Amongst the American "left," it was not uncommon, before the depth of the total and entirely abysmal disaster unleashed upon the Middle East was made too obvious to ignore, "liberal" commentators chided fellow citizens who would support a war policy, but not bite the bullet at home as crass hypocrites. This despite the Commander in Chief's stated belief that Americans continuing their lives as usual, and even going to Disneyland, was the best way to show the Terrorists they couldn't win.
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Global Warming and Civil Disobedience: Does Gore Have the Guts?

If Gore Were Arrested...
by Mark Hertsgaard
Fresh from winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his climate change evangelism, Al Gore is apparently considering an invitation from a prominent environmental group to engage in civil disobedience against the construction of new coal-fired power plants.

Rainforest Action Network issued the invitation to the former Vice President, according to RAN executive director Michael Brune. The San Francisco-based group has a twenty-year history of protesting against destructive logging practices and other causes of climate change; it specializes in targeting corporations as much as governments.

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Sovereignty Showdown in Iraq

Endgame for Iraqi Oil?
The Sovereignty Showdown in Iraq
by Jack Miles
The oil game in Iraq may be almost up. On September 29th, like a landlord serving notice, the government of Iraq announced that the next annual renewal of the United Nations Security Council mandate for a multinational force in Iraq -- the only legal basis for a continuation of the American occupation -- will be the last.
That was, it seems, the first shoe to fall. The second may be an announcement terminating the little-noticed, but crucial companion Security Council mandate governing the disposition of Iraq's oil revenues.

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Shock Doctrine: The Police State Here and Now

The end of America: The police state is right here, right now        
by Carolyn Baker     
In April 2007, I was pleasantly surprised to find Naomi Wolf's article, "Fascist America, In 10 Easy Steps," posted in several places online.
I have been a fan of Wolf for many years, greatly appreciating her works and especially her 1991 book, The Beauty Myth.

I had been looking for a list -- or more specifically, an encyclopedia of the losses of civil liberties in the United States that might clarify for my history students the extent to which America has become a fascist empire. Wolf's "10 Easy Steps" was perfect, but her just-published book, The End of America: A Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot, from which the 10 easy steps was compiled, offers an even fuller picture -- a succinct and engaging explanation of how our civil liberties have been hijacked in the past decade.
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A Letter to the News

by janine bandcroft
i don't often watch the corporate sponsored news, but tonight i
happened to be tuned in.  i saw the horrible effects of the california fires, witnessed the peoples' faces who've lost everything and are now among the homeless, and then i listened to julie nolan tell ed bain there's a big huge thank you card for him for bringing us this beautiful weather.

i just have a few comments, and i hope you have time to read them. first of all, ed bain's a cool dude, but he's not capable of manifesting weather.  secondly, i can't decide whether julie's comment was motivated by insensitivity or arrogance or ignorance - we had just finished watching a story about wildfires that have displaced a quarter of a million people, burned over a thousand homes, and are directly connected to unusual heat and dry weather conditions in california.  when julie insinuated that ed bain is responsible for an unusually hot day in victoria, and thanked him for it, i changed the channel.

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