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Random Articles

Crime and Punishers: Anaheim's Real Public Outrage

Jul 27, 2012 Gary Leupp
The Real Crime in Anaheim by GARY LEUPP…

Fukushima Debris Shores Up in North America

Dec 30, 2011 Creative Commons
Debris Field Size of California from…

Where Do the American Dead Come From?

Jan 26, 2007 Tom Engelhardt
by Tom Engelhardt When we hear about…


Green Mayor Pitches for Green Run

Will Victoria Support a Green Run for Mayor?
by Steve Filipovic
Running for public office is very difficult and requires support from the community. I ran provincially in 2005 getting 12% of Victoria-Hillside. I spent $3000 and had 4 volunteers.
A remarkable accomplishment when you consider the minimal support. With some actual commitment, we have a real chance to get a Green elected as Mayor in Victoria. 
Are you behind this idea? Yes, it is last minute; Elizabeth May has inspired me, has she inspired you?
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MAWO-UVic Mobilization Against War & Occupation

Mobilization Against War & Occupation
by MAWO-UVic
On October 14th, the result of Canada's Federal Election was the re-election of a Conservative minority government, establishing yet another War Government. This is not a government who will represent the 56% of people in Canada who disapprove of the unjust war in Afghanistan. Nor will this outcome end the brutal occupation imposed on the people of Afghanistan.

The result of this election will continue the occupation of Afghanistan on the destructive path which 7 years of war has waged.
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Twelve Reasons to Reject Obama

Twelve Reasons to Reject Obama and Support Nader/McKinney
by James Petras
The presidential elections in the US, once again, provide an acid test of the integrity and consequential conduct of US intellectuals. If it is the duty and responsibility of the public intellectual to speak truth to power, the recent statements of most of our well-known and prestigious public pundits have failed miserably. 
Instead of highlighting, exposing and denouncing the reactionary foreign and domestic policies of Democratic Party candidate Senator Barack Obama, they have chosen to support him, ‘critically, offering as excuses that even ‘limited differences’ can result in positive outcomes,and that ‘Obama is the lesser evil’ and ‘creates an opportunity for a possibility of change.’
What makes these arguments untenable is the fact that Obama’s public pronouncements, his top policy advisers, and the likely policymakers in his government have openly defined a most bellicose foreign policy and a profoundly reactionary domestic economic policy totally in line with Paulson-Bush-Wall Street.  On the major issues of war, peace, the economic crisis and the savaging of the US wage and salaried class, Obama promises to extend and deepen the policies which the majority of Americans reject and repudiate.

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Don't Tell My Mother I Work in the White House

by William Blum
The Republican presidential campaign has tried to make a big issue of Barack Obama at one time associating with Bill Ayers, a member of the 1960s Weathermen who engaged in political bombings. Governor Palin has accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists”, although Ayers' association with the Weathermen during their period of carrying out anti-Vietnam War bombings in the United States took place when Obama was around 8-years-old.
Contrast this with who President Ronald Reagan, so beloved by the Republican candidates, associated with. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was an Afghan warlord whose followers first gained attention by throwing acid in the faces of women who refused to wear the veil. This is how they spent their time when they were not screaming "Death to America".
CIA and State Department officials called Hekmatyar "scary," "vicious," "a fascist," "definite dictatorship material".1 None of this prevented the Reagan administration from inviting the man to the White House to meet with Reagan, and showering him with large amounts of aid to fight against the Soviet-supported government of Afghanistan. 

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Berlusconi Taken to School

Mass Protests in Italy to Stop Cuts
by Chris Bambery
Cries of “Berlusconi, now you know what people think of you!” rang through the streets of Rome last Friday as half a million people demonstrated against the right wing government. Milan and Turin each saw marches of 50,000 too.

Half of the country’s schools closed down, with students and teachers walking out over government plans to sack 87,000 teachers.
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Let Us Speculate

Let Us Speculate
by William Bowles
There’s an awful lot of speculation going on right now, from both the left and right about where the latest crisis of capital is headed; chief amongst them is the notion that this signals the end of the US Empire, that the so-called uni-polar world is over, that a new multi-polar world, headed by China, Russia, India and Brazil is emerging.

The theory is based upon the fact that the US is no longer the world’s Numero Uno economic power and it’s true that even an overwhelming military force is dependent on the economics that fuel it. But how true is this idea and even if it is true, over what timescale are we talking about here?

Moreover, it’s only one of a number of possible outcomes, much depends on how the leading capitalist countries deal with the crisis. One thing strikes me most forcefully and that is with all the talk of trillions being needed to save capitalism from itself, the ease with which these vast sums have been conjured up, reveals a striking fact about the role of money namely that the value being assigned to it is totally fictitious.
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October Surprises in a Culture of Death

October Surprises in a Culture of Death: Chicago as the Next 9/11?
by Judith H. Young, Ph.D.
At a news conference on October 22, 2008, U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama was asked about a comment by his Vice Presidential running mate Joe Biden that Obama could expect to be tested within six months of the new presidential term by a "generated" international crisis that will force  him to make unpopular decisions. Obama said the Delaware senator has occasionally engaged in "rhetorical flourishes," but the essential point was that the new President could expect to be challenged no matter who wins.

Obama held the news conference following a meeting with his national security advisers, who include long standing globalist asset Zbignew Brezezinski.  He denied the meeting with his advisors had been called because of political damage stemming from Biden's remarks, in my view a classic ploy for calling more attention to it.
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Police Chief Threatens New Station Opponents with Violence

Tyendinaga Mohawks Brace for Arrival of Police Station: Police Chief Prepared to Use Force
by Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
Tensions are running high today on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory today as residents anticipate the arrival of a highly controversial second police station. 
Some reports suggest the building could arrive as early as this afternoon.  Police Chief Ron Maracle has warned that he is prepared to use force to bring the building into the community.

Residents have expressed concern over Council's apparent prioritizing of a second police station for the small community over issues such as unsafe drinking water throughout community homes and at the reserve school, where the water was declared unfit for human consumption some 19 months ago.
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McCain Lying Like a Bush

John McCain's ads are LIES. Here's the video proof.
by Brave New Films
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The Engineer: Financial Trainwreck Finds a Face

Public Enemy Number One
by Stephen Lendman
A note before beginning. This article focuses on today's financial and economic crisis. Not affairs of state, war and peace or geopolitics. No guessing who's number one under those headings. That said:

With so many good choices, it's hard just picking one. But given the gravity of today's financial crisis, one name stands out above others. The "maestro," as Bob Woodward called him in his book by that title. The "Temple of Boom" chairman, according to a New York Times book review. Standing "bestride the Fed like a colossus." Now defrocked as the "maestro" of misery. Alan Greenspan. From August 11, 1987 to January 31, 2006, as head of the private banking cartel euphemistically called the Federal Reserve. That Ron Paul explains isn't Federal and has no reserves.
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The Cost of Slumber

The Cost of Slumber 
by Dahr Jamail
Less than a month from the American presidential election of 2008, the day after the so-called final debate, I sat writing some of this article in Oakland airport, awaiting a flight to Portland, as part of a team of journalists, authors, activists and military veterans from the occupation of Iraq.
The team is embarking on a countrywide tour to talk about the occupation of Iraq and the American Empire, in the hope that the American public might consider resisting both.
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