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To Serve and Protect: Paving the Way to Destruction

Police Pave Way for Developers
by Richard Boyce
Wednesday morning [February 13, 2008] 70 police officers arrested 3 people dedicated to protecting the Langford Cave and Garry Oak ecosystem near Goldstream park. 2 tree-sitters and 1 other were arrested at gunpoint.
The Garry Oak

Last week I was giving a tour of the area to a TV crew from France when 2 RCMP officers approached me for my name. I reminded them of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that entitles every citizen in Canada to privacy, association, and freedom of the press.

I began to talk with one officer about the Gary Oak Ecosystem that was going to be destroyed by the planned highway interchange. He didn't think it was a problem and then related his personal story.
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States of Denial: Back to Manhattan

The US State of Denial 
by William Bowles
Manhattan, 13 February, 2008 — For the first time, almost exactly thirty years ago, I sat where I’m sitting now, writing this, in the Broome Street Bar, corner of Broome and West Broadway. I was building the Cayman Gallery a couple of hundred yards away further up West Broadway for my good friend Jack Agueros, who later was to hire me as the designer/constructor of El Museo del Barrio in East Harlem.

In those days, SOHO (South of Houston Street) was full of empty sweat shops and industrial buildings that the owners were only too happy to rent out for whatever they could get. A couple of thousand square feet could be had for as little as $800 a month and on a ten-year lease.

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Return of the Empire Burlesque

Ain't Gonna Let No Cyber-Thugs Turn Me Around: Empire Burlesque Returns       
by Chris Floyd    
It will not have escaped your notice that we have had some technical difficulties here of late. The site was hijacked by a vicious group of hackers twice this week and was knocked out of action for several days.
Once again, heroic efforts by webmaster Rich Kastelein have rescued the site from the clutches of these nasty little techno-twerps, and we are taking measures to bolster security, although it may take some time before they are all in place.

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Cost Of Defeat In Forgettistan

Swan Song for NATO: The Real Cost Of Defeat In Forgettistan
by Mike Whitney
It was supposed to be "the good war"; a war against terror; a war of liberation. It was intended to fix the eyes of the world on America's state of the art weaponry, its crack troops and its overwhelming firepower.
It was supposed to demonstrate—once and for all-- that the world's only superpower could no longer be beaten or resisted; that Washington could deploy its troops anywhere in the world and crush its adversaries at will.

Then everything went sideways. The war veered from the Pentagon's script. The Taliban retreated, waited, regrouped and retaliated. They enlisted support from the Pashtuns and the tribal leaders who could see that America would never honor its commitments; that order would never be restored. Operation Enduring Freedom has brought neither peace nor prosperity to Afghanistan; just occupation.
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From: Zoe Blunt <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: Feb 15, 2008 8:50 PM
Subject: Logging has stopped - Rally in Langford noon Saturday
To: Bear Mtn Tree Sit <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Good news: All the police and construction crews have left the Bear Mountain interchange area, and the heavy equipment is gone. But so is a big section of forest, both around the cave and on the other side of the highway. The cave has a welded cap on one entrance and a grate with a lock box on the other. The fallen trees are still on the site which makes it hard to hike on what's left of the trail. 

We are meeting at the Shell station at Spencer Road and Highway 1 on Saturday at noon. Some of the neighbours are also planning a memorial service tomorrow evening and asking folks to 
bring stuffed animals, photos, candles, pictures, signs, banners, or anything else that is meaningful to create a roadside memorial for all the living things that were lost.

Please join us in Langford on Saturday. For those with a mind to visit Langford City Council to discuss this week's events and other issues, the meeting is this Monday at 7 pm, at City Hall, 855 Goldstream Ave.  

Map and directions are online: Phone for more info if needed: 885-8219.

Bear Witness ~ Oppose Bear Mountain's Interchange

Meet at Trans-Canada Highway and Spencer Road
(Shell Station at the last lights before Goldstream

Join this community march to witness the effects of Bear Mountain's violent attack on the land and peoples' rights.
Bring friend, family, banners, noise-makers, rain gear, and snacks.

This week, the RCMP launched a para-military operation in the woods near Goldstream. They enforced the arrival of bulldozers, "feller-bunchers," and other logging equipment to begin clearing for Bear Mountain's Interchange, barring access to 20 acres of Crown land along the highway. Archeological and Environment Assessments have been ignored and financing is not yet in place. An estimated rotation of 300 RCMP -- brought in from Nanaimo, Vancouver and other detachments -- used assault rifles and police dogs to remove 3 tree sitters and restrict the movement of law-abiding Langford and CRD citizens. Silence is no longer an option.

All Out!
Saturday 12 Noon!


Transportation: Take BC Transit #50 to Spencer Middle School (then walk 5 minutes).
If the highway is jammed, there is alternate access via Goldstream Ave or Treanor (off Millstream).
Extra parking availabe at Spencer Middle School.

Next Organizing Meeting: Sunday 6:00pm
@ Camas Books (2590 Quadra at Kings)
PS - Please vote in the CFAX news poll:

Coalition to Protect Goldstream Watershed
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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Auction for Action? Liberal Fundraising Tactic Called

Federal Liberals' Fundraising Auction of Cash for Access
by Democracy Watch 
Today, Democracy Watch called on the federal Commissioner of Canada Elections and Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner to order the Liberal Party of Canada (and/or its MPs or riding associations) to return any money received from any corporation or other organization as a result of the Party's auction February 13th of golfing with MP Paul Martin, attending a hockey game with MP Ken Dryden, and playing tennis with Liberal by-election candidate Bob Rae and his brother, Power Corporation Vice-President John Rae.
The Commissioners should also penalize the Party and MPs for the scheme.

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Lights Out in Diyala

The Lights Have Gone Out, Who Cares
by Ahmed Ali and Dahr Jamail
Lack of electricity in Baquba has shattered businesses, and the lives of families. Months of power failures has darkened morale everywhere.

In Diyala province, just north of Baghdad, a generation has grown up in dark. The province, and its capital Baquba 40 km north of Baghdad has lived with intermittent electricity supply since the times of the sanctions under Saddam Hussein in the 1990s.
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The Iraq Factor

US Elections: The Iraq Factor  
by Ramzy Baroud
As the race for the United States presidential nominations progresses, the stances of and attitudes towards both Republican and Democratic candidates continue to bring up causes for concern, in terms of their past behaviour, current appeal and general trustworthiness.

Republican Mitt Romney's exit has practically assured Senator John McCain's victory in his party. While we might expect McCain's narrow-mindedness and pro-war rhetoric to make him an uncontested darling of conservatives, the doubts that remain about his credibility -- and the seemingly absurd accusations by some that he is more liberal than Democratic liberals -- highlight two disturbing trends.

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Rethinking Rebellion: Another Anniversary

Rethinking Rebellion as March 19 Nears
“You can never be too radical”
Mickey Z.
Q. How many liberals does it take to ward off a potential attacker in a dark alley?
A. Ten

One to blame Fox News; one to chant or meditate; one to blame the anarchists; one to build a website; one to blame patriarchy; one to recognize the attacker is a human and tell him that we all love him; one to blame Ralph Nader; one to remember that excellent saying about non-violence we got from our Pilates teacher; one to blame the Republicans; and finally: One to draw his attention downward and promptly whip out a finger jab to his eyes.
When he brings his hands up (too late) to protect himself, kick him in his balls, doubling him over.
Then follow-up by grabbing him by the hair and bringing his face down into a powerful knee blow before getting the fuck out of there as fast as you can.

Moral: We don’t need more conferences, sub- committees, elections, etc. We need bold steps and drastic measures.

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Back to the Balkans: Kosovo Crisis II

Kosovo Independence: Is this the Right Time?
by Danny Schechter
The UN Security Council met today on Kosovo. BBC reported: “Serbia’s foreign minister has urged the United Nations Security Council to oppose the province of Kosovo’s expected declaration of independence.
Vuk Jeremic said Serbia would not use force to stop the secession but warned that allowing it would "give a green light to other separatist movements.”
Supporters of Kosovo independence say genocidal ethnic cleansing by Serbia trumps claims of sovereignty and justifies demands for independence.
I wrote about this in some detail, posting it Thursday. For those who missed it, here’s my take.
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Let’s Stifle the Happy Talk
by Ernest Partridge
Happy days are here again!

The GOP is in disarray. The factions of this improbable alliance of religious fundamentalists, neo-con war hawks, and market absolutists have discovered, with the emergence of their presumptive nominee, John McCain, that they have little in common. James Dobson, leader of the fundamentalist “Focus on the Family,” has announced that rather than vote for McCain, he will not vote at all.
Ann Coulter says that she might even support Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, the Democratic base remains solid as party loyalists tell pollsters that they would be quite happy with either Clinton or Obama. And in the primaries so far, seventy percent more Democrats have voted than Republicans. Moreover, the Democratic party is enjoying a substantial funding advantage over the Republicans. Among liberal pundits and talk show hosts, there is a sense of inevitable Democratic triumph in the coming election.

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