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Random Articles

Mauling the Bear

Jan 19, 2011 Linn Washington Jr.
Momma Grizzly Mauls Smokey the Bear by…

NDAA Watch: Indefinite Injustice Threatens Wikilieaks' Assange

Jan 19, 2012 Democracy Now!
Expansion of Indefinite Detention under…

Terrorism: Retail and Wholesale

Mar 13, 2008 Ed Kinane
On Terrorism: Retail and Wholesale by…


Passing: Studs Terkel

Passing: Radio Pioneer, Moral Colossus, American, Studs Terkel 
by C. L. Cook
We lost another one yesterday. Studs Terkel, the conscience of the American airwaves for more than half a century died Friday (Oct. 31) at age 96. Difficult to call the end of a man of Studs' advanced years a tragedy, but the leave-taking of one of those too rare commodities in America, an unapologetic populist, (dare we say "socialist") and successful member of the media is a tragedy for those of us who remain to struggle with neither Terkel's talent, nor courage. 
I never knew Studs personally, though I attempted fruitlessly to interview him for my own modest radio program. I was frustrated in my attempts to gain contact due to Terkel's disdain of e:mail, and the other accoutrements of modern communications, but I felt I knew him.
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Philadelphia: This is What Anti-Democracy Looks Like

Chaos Looms Over Pennsylvania Vote
by Brave New Films/ANP
Philadelphia is shaping up to be a key city in a key battleground state in this election.

Please see the video evidence below the break.
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A Third Intifada in the Making?

A Third Palestinian Intifada in the Making
by Ramzy Baroud
At a recent conference I was repeatedly asked about the prospects for a third Palestinian uprising, or Intifada. The question, although seemingly uncomplicated, is both loaded and important, and cannot be answered in a mere two minutes or less.

A 'third Intifada' would imply that the second has already ended. But has it? Or did it simply lose momentum, sense of focus and direction, or were its energies squandered - as a popular uprising - on factional disputes and internal division?
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A Message to Enbridge from B.C.

Open Letter to Enbridge: Northern Gateway Pipeline Project
by Glenda Ferris
In 2005, we attended an Open House for this Enbridge Pipeline Project. There had been insufficient public notification for this Open House and we attended purely ‘by accident’, since we were already in town for the day. I phoned one neighbor who then also attended the Open House session.

The maps provided by the company and their consultants did NOT contain the private property holdings along the Buck Flats Road, including our property, Lot 6420. There were no Topographic Maps so that we could ascertain the location of the pipeline corridor footprint. We discussed these failings and other issues with company representatives.

We wrote down on the one page survey sheet provided by the company, all of the shortcomings and incorrect information that had been a part of this Open House.
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DOJ Rebuffs Bush, Won't Probe Ohio Voter Dispute

DOJ Rebuffs Bush, Agency Won't Probe Ohio Voter Dispute
by Jason Leopold
The Department of Justice won’t intervene in a voter dispute in Ohio that could have resulted in at least 200,000 voters being purged from registration rolls, a spokesman for the DOJ's Civil Rights division said Thursday.

Jamie Hais said the DOJ has been "in discussion" with Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and is satisfied she has taken steps to ensure voter eligibility and that the state is in compliance with federal laws.

  • “The Civil Rights Division is pleased with Secretary Brunner's cooperation, and will continue to monitor the situation in Ohio and take whatever action is deemed appropriate to ensure that there is compliance with the provisions of the Help America Vote Act,” Hais said.
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Suppressing the Vote

Republicans Suppressing the Vote
by James Clay Fuller
With just a few days to go to the 2008 election, it looks like Democrat Barack Obama will get more votes than will John McCain, the floundering, panic-stricken Republican candidate for president.

At least more Americans will try to vote for Obama than will vote for McCain.

The chances of Obama being sworn in as president of the United States may be substantially less than 50-50, however. The Obama vote will have to be overwhelming, a landslide -- no, a tidal wave -- to get the man into the Oval Office as anything but a visitor. If the polls are anywhere near right, that isn't going to happen.
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October Surprises in a Culture of Death: Chicago as the Next 9/11? Part Two

October Surprises in a Culture of Death: Chicago as the Next 9/11? Part Two
by Judith H. Young, Ph.D.
In Part One of this essay I added my voice to widespread speculation following a spate of warnings by U.S. public figures of crises on the near horizon, both prior to the election and soon after the new President takes office. I joined the camp of those predicting a major staged terrorist attack going into the final weekend of the current campaign, to be blamed on al-Qaeda. And I stated my intention to provide a part two explaining my choice of Chicago as a likely location for this "October surprise."
In Part One I noted that the two scenarios, a staged event before the voting and another manufactured crisis following inauguration, are not mutually exclusive. I argued for both occurring, as part of a multi-phased shock and awe campaign designed to move us into full scale martial law with the help of Barak Obama as our new savior in a time of peril.

I contended that an October surprise in the final days before the election in Obama's home state is an hypothesis worth heeding in that such an attack would focus attention on Obama as the President of choice of the global elite. In a crisis such as urban "terrorism," the propaganda machine could spring into action to spin Obama's popular appeal in a time of crisis as well as his argument that the Republicans have been grossly negligent in not apprehending Osama bin Laden seven years after 9/11. 
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U.S:Foxes guarding the Electoral Henhouse?

US elections- Is the fox guarding the henhouse?
Spencer Overton: Claims about fraud will block thousands of innocent voters.

US elections-Is the fox guarding the henhouse Pt.2
Spencer Overton : We need more transparency so that we truly have government of, by, and for the people.
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Two Troubling Arguments

Two Troubling Election Arguments
by Robert Parry
Eight years ago in the Bush-Gore race, there were two election arguments that I heard often that now have resurfaced in the Obama-McCain contest as reasons to vote for third-party candidates.

One argument held that in states expected to be carried by, say, Al Gore, a voter should feel comfortable voting for, say, Ralph Nader. The second argument was that since the popular vote doesn’t matter in deciding U.S. elections, a vote could be cast for a third party in “safe” states with no harm done.

During this year’s campaign, I’ve heard similar arguments put forth mostly from voters on the Left though the logic would apply equally to voters on the Right.
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Blockhouse Diplomacy: A Prison Arrives in Tyendinaga

by MNN
Who brought in the Aboriginal goons to do Canada's dirty work in Tyendinaga? Does the fact that they're "aboriginal" from Walpole Island and Moraviantown make them legitimate?  No.  Some of the goons on the "aboriginal" police force are non-native!  Who are they?  JTF2 and RCMP in disguise?

The pre-fab, state-of-the-art, high tech prison has arrived.  Canada wants to plant it in the middle of our community.  The Mohawks are at the site to stop the multi-million dollar prison from going up.  The people were asked if they wanted it.  The majority said "no".  But here it is anyway.  Going against the wishes of the people violates both democratic and Indigenous principles.  It is not legal. 
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Incentivizing Murder: Plan Colombia and the Bitter Fruits of Empire

Incentivizing Murder: Plan Colombia and the Bitter Fruits of Empire
by Chris Floyd
The War on Drugs meets the War on Terror, and the result, inevitably, is stone-cold murder: Colombia Killings Cast Doubt on War Against Insurgents (NYT):

Colombia’s government, the Bush administration’s top ally in Latin America, has been buffeted by the disappearance of ...dozens of young, impoverished men and women whose cases have come to light in recent weeks. Some were vagrants, others street vendors and manual laborers. But their fates were often the same: being catalogued as insurgents or criminal gang members and killed by the armed forces.

Prosecutors and human rights researchers are investigating hundreds of such deaths and disappearances, contending that Colombia’s security forces are increasingly murdering civilians and making it look as if they were killed in combat, often by planting weapons by the bodies or dressing the corpses in guerrilla fatigues.

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