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The Nth Degree of the Military/Entertainment Complex

The Golden Age of the Military-Entertainment Complex:
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Pentagon-Style
by Nick Turse
In the late 1990s, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon -- a game in which the goal was to connect the actor Kevin Bacon to any other actor, living or dead, through films or television shows in no more than six steps -- became something of a phenomenon. Spread via the Internet (before becoming a board game and a book), Six Degrees has taken its place in America's pop culture pantheon among favorite late-night drunken pursuits.

Here is a new variant of the game: The goal is to connect Kevin Bacon to the Pentagon. A commonsense approach would be to consider Bacon's military roles -- the ROTC cadet in his first feature film, the 1978 comedy classic Animal House, for example, or the Marine Corps prosecutor, Captain Jack Ross, in the 1992 film A Few Good Men.

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Canada's Manley Mission in Afghanistan

CANADA: Pro-U.S. Panel Was Key in Extending Afghan Mission
by Jon Elmer
Buoyed by the recommendations of a government-appointed blue-ribbon panel, Canada's parliament last week approved a motion to extend its combat mission in Afghanistan until the end of 2011.

The outcome of the motion was effectively predetermined, as the two largest parties in the House of Commons -- the Liberals and the governing Conservatives -- agreed on the wording of the resolution in the weeks leading up to the vote. 
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The Bear Mountain Goon Serenade

A song written by Bobby Arbess about the recent 100-man Scanza-paid vigilante goon-squad attack of citizens protesting the massive sprawling Jack Nicklausian "Bear Mountain" development currently metastasizing on the outskirts of Victoria BC. This is the second attack orchestrated by Bear Mountain Number 2, Langford BC developer, Les Bjola
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In commemoration of the 60th year of the Palestinian Nakbah,

Saturday, March 29th, 7pm
Lecture & Book-Signing
Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch, Alice Mackay room, lower level 350 W. Georgia St. (at Homer)
~ Admission by donation ~

Vancouver co-sponsors: CanPalNet, Jews for a Just Peace and Canadian Friends of Sabeel
Info: 604-765-7074 ·
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. · This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Sub-Prime Shock as Rich Lose Asset Value

by Danny Schechter - News Dissector
Bloomberg News reports Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's Capitol Hill home is slipping in value and may soon be worth less than he paid for it. An economist quoted by Bloomberg estimates Bernanke's house has lost $260,000 in value.

Famous Predictions; Jim Cramer on subprime loans 2007: "No Impact..meaningless."


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Anniversary: Another Infamous Date

Tombstones Mark Anniversary of Another Infamous Date
by Mike Ferner
March 19, 2003: a date that will live in infamy. Perhaps not in the minds of many of our fellow citizens, but surely to most people around the world. On that date, U.S. military forces invaded Iraq.
image: Arlington Midwest

Almost a year later I was in a small farming village some miles north of Baghdad, accompanying members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams. They were recording the stories of the common people of Iraq who had no access to news media or decision-makers in the Green Zone.
One of those stories was from a village sheikh who recounted his weeks of horror as a detainee under the control of the U.S. Army.

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Iraq: Operation Unending Chaos

Rumours of War  
by William Bowles
It seems to be a common—but in my view, mistaken—assumption by the army of analysts and commentators on both the left and the right, that the invasion and occupation of Iraq has been an unmitigated disaster for the US (never mind what it’s done to Iraq and its people).
They point to the chaos that followed the ‘liberation’ and the apparent unpreparedness of the occupation forces to establish a civilian authority for the country and the anarchy that followed the disbandment of the military, political, legal and civil arms of the (former) Iraqi state (with the exception of the Ministry of Oil), an act that literally overnight let loose hundreds of thousands of former military employees, civil servants and managers into a country already pulverised by a dozen years of unrelenting bombing and of course the embargo imposed on the country.
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War Against The War Against Truth

Annus Horribilis        
by Paul William Roberts
To those few generous souls who have noticed my silence and absence from any medium over the past year, I have for some time now felt I owed an explanation.
The reason I am thus dictating the following one is that, since last November, I have lost the sight in both my eyes.

I am blind.

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River Running Backward: Looking Back on Afghanistan

Afghanistan: A River Running Backward
by Conn Hallinan
When historians look back on the war in Afghanistan, they may well point to last December's battle for Musa Qala, a scruffy town in the country's northern Helmand Province, as a turning point. In a war of shadows, remote ambushes, and anonymous roadside bombs, Musa Qala was an exception: a standup fight.

On one side was the Afghan National Army, the U.S. 82nd Airborne, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). On the other the Taliban.
When the fight was over, the U.S.-led coalition had "won." What they had "won" was a town shattered by B-1 and B-52s bombers, A-10 attack planes, Apache helicopters, AC-130 gunships, and artillery barrages.

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Omar Khadr: At Long Last a Day in Court

Omar Khadr: At Long Last a Day in Court
by C. L. Cook
Today, (Wed. Mar.  19, 2008) Canada's Supreme Court ruled a motion filed by lawyers for "Canadian Taliban" Omar Khadr, currently imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, can proceed for the court's consideration.
They will hear arguments and rule on whether the treatment meted out to Khadr violates his rights under international law and whether his incarceration is contrary to the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war.
They will also hear arguments questioning the ability of American Justice to meet internationally required benchmarks for fairness in the case. 

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Clinton’s Blind Rush to Defeat

The Monkey Trap, and Hillary Clinton’s Blind Rush to Defeat
by Ernest Partridge
Some African tribes have devised an ingenious method of capturing monkeys. They cut a small hole in a coconut, large enough for a monkey’s hand but too small for a monkey’s fist. They then put a few peanuts inside the coconut. When the monkey reaches inside and grabs the peanuts, it is unable to extract its hand.

The monkey is then faced with two choices: let go of the bait and go free or hold on to the bait and be captured. Escaping with the bait is not an option. African monkeys, determined and single-minded critters that they are, usually hold-on until captured.

Hillary Clinton, it seems, is consumed with a monkey-like determination to become the 44th President of the United States, and with that consuming objective in mind, she fails to perceive the context and the likely consequences of her behavior.

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