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Spying on the Future

Spying on the Future: The U.S. Intelligence Community as Seers Without Sizzle
by Tom Engelhardt
The year is 2010 and, yes, Saddam Hussein is gone and there are no American troops in Iraq, but, as the report suggests, "the challenge will be to see whether a modern, secular successor government emerges that does not threaten its neighbors" -- especially since those dogged Iraqis are back at work on their nuclear weapons program.
Meanwhile, the national security agenda of American policymakers, who face no conventional military challenges, is dominated by five questions: "whether to intervene, when, with whom, with what tools, and to what end?"
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Feeling Fear from an Old Tax Musket: An Open Letter to the US Congress

An Assassination Bailout Plan for the United States?       
by Christopher Ketcham    
Dear Sirs/Madams: You in the corporate execugarchy in this country have forgotten the shape and name of fear – and yes I mean you, dear congressmen, whose work has gone hand in hand with big money for too long, running amok in the sea lanes of American society, piratical, parasitic, treasure-troved, flying the black flag and raiding what the rest of us offer up in the tax season or are imbecilic enough to invest on Wall Street.
So let us, as citizens intelligent and discerning, now be raised in answer to this latest monumental predation – the treasonous Bailout of ‘08 – visited from you, the criminals in the nice suits.
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Janine Bandcroft, Ingmar Lee, John McNamer Monday Oct. 6, 2008

This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook
This week: As the strike of UVic's dismally paid SUB staff drags into its fifth week, a look at a rally held last week outside the now near moribund Student Union Building; Ingmar Lee on the second battle for Cathedral Grove; former soldier John McNamer trying to include Canada's cavalier handing over of Afghani prisoners to known torture states America and Afghanistan in an upcoming Military Police Complaints Commission probe.
Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Monday, 5-6pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, 104.3 cable, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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Expanding Canada's Detainee Probe

Request for Expansion of Detainee Probe
by John McNamer
The Military Police Complaints Commission has been asked to expand its upcoming probe into the transfer of detainees by Canadian Forces to Afghan authorities despite evidence the detainees might be tortured.
Decorated military veteran John McNamer of Kamloops has formally requested that the public hearing, which was recently set for later this fall, include the transfer of detainees by Canadian Forces to U.S. authorities as well.
His letter provided 'substantial' evidence to demonstrate that prisoners in U.S. custody have been and continue to be subjected to the possibility of torture and death.
[John McNamer on Gorilla Radio Monday, Oct. 6 .
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Brute Force, The Power to Hurt, and Psychological Control

Deconstructing the Power of the Global Elite: Brute Force, The Power to Hurt, and Psychological Control
by Judith H. Young, Ph.D.
In the aftermath of Congressional approval of bailout legislation granting sweeping powers to the  financial elite, the body politic appears to be helplessly mired in the relentless unfolding of classical fascism before its very eyes. 
Coming to terms with this terrifying predicament can benefit from a primer that renders naked the forms of raw power used by the global elite in advancing its agenda for full spectrum dominance. This will enable us to determine if we are in fact helpless and to use care and deliberation in finding the means to take our power back.
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Bailout Bill's Bluff, Bluster and B.S.

Why Bluff Martial Law?
by Zahir Ebrahim
The fear-mongering that many Congressmen in their House Floor-Speeches had alluded to, including the explicit threat of Martial Law in America noted by Representative Brad Sherman, D-CA, and Martial Law already instituted in Congress to squelch debate and due process as alluded to by Representative Michael Burgess, R-Texas, really cemented the signing of this Bill today.

Under these circumstances, Grand Theft America has been initiated. Project Humanbeingsfirst wrote a letter to the United States Congress yesterday, on October 02, 2008, suggesting to open a second more powerful front to disarm them.
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Presidential Candidate McKinney Charges 5,000 "Prisoners" Executed in Wake of Katrina

Presidential Candidate McKinney Charges 5,000 "Prisoners" Executed in Wake of Katrina
by C. L. Cook
Former Democratic party House representative, and current Green Party candidate for president, Cynthia McKinney at a recent press conference charged mass executions of "prisoners" occurred in Louisiana in the wake of hurricane Katrina in 2005. 
The source of McKinney's allegation was purportedly a woman whose son was assigned the grim task of disposing of the bodies of thousands of men who all received a single gunshot to the head. Both the man involved and his mother wish to remain anonymous, the man saying he was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement.
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Military "Bailout" Business as Usual

Massive US Military Budget Passed
Chalmers Johnson: US wrong to believe it can maintain both a military and civilian economy.

While debate over the Paulson bailout package dominated the headlines, the US Congress quietly passed a landmark $615 Billion defense spending bill. One of the few people to comment on the measure was Chalmers Johnson, in his article "We have the money".
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Exorcising the American Dream

Chasing the American Dream Won't Keep You in Shape
by Mickey Z.
The American Dream is a fable of individualized success. If you outwork and out-think and out-hustle the competition, this is truly the land of opportunity. Anything is possible…and if you succeed, it’s because you worked harder and better and deserved it more.
This myth is conveniently helpful for praising success, but mighty damaging in explaining failure. If you don’t attain your goals (or at least the goals foisted upon you), the blame is on you and you alone. It’s your fault that you’re not living up to the standards set by billboards, magazine ads and television.

Part babysitter, part opinion-giver and part hypnotist, the TV has come to dominate American life like no other invention. We learn what to eat, how to dress, what to say and how to think all from that glowing box in our bedroom and living room…and kitchen and gym and bank and airport (there seems to be a TV everywhere).
The payoff for all this spectatorship is a lifestyle based on imitation, competition, materialism and self-delusion.
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Vandals in the Cathedral: Island Timberlands Log Vancouver Island Eco Treasure

Today Island Timberlands Cut Down Trees in Cathedral Grove
by Friends of Cathedral Grove
While the logging company claims that there is a buffer of 300 metres between the falling area and the internationally renowned park, the reality is that the buffer is actually the Cameron River which meanders along the bottom of the Valley at that point just before flowing into Cameron Lake. 
This water then flows into the Little Qualicum River which is the source of drinking water for thousands of residents of Whiskey Creek and the Town of Qualicum Beach.
We seek your support by attending these events.  Please bring friends and help show the media that people still care about Cathedral Grove.

Visitor Parking Area
Cathedral Grove Provincial Park
11 am Sunday, October 5, 2008
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Saws Back to Cathedral Grove

Saws Back to Cathedral Grove
by C.L. Cook
Despite years of tree-sit protests, and promises made by the Liberal government of British Columbia, the chain saws are once again warming up to cut down swaths of this already diminished natural wonder.
And ask the British Columbia government! 
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