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Unite to Topple Fed Dictator Ben Bernanke

Apr 28, 2011 David DeGraw
If We Can't Unite to Topple Fed…

Getting to Yoo By and By

Feb 21, 2010 David Swanson
Yoo, Bybee, and Disinformation by David…

Bush "Blood Money" Tour Hits Snag

Feb 06, 2011 Gordon Duff
Bush “Blood Money” Tour Cancelled:…


Shrooming Vancouver Island’s Stumpfields

Shrooming in Vancouver Island’s Stumpfields
by Ingmar Lee
Every autumn I head out towards Jordan River to pick wild mushrooms. Years ago, having comprehended the scale of the industrial decimation of fish worldwide, I quit one of my favourite pastimes and channelled my predatory proclivities into the hunt for mushrooms instead.
The delight of discovering a luscious patch of mushrooms easily compares with the thrill of catching fish. But these days it’s getting more and more difficult to find a forest where wild mushrooms grow.

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Citigroup: Not Too Big to Fall

Too Big To Fail?
by William Greider
The fall of Citigroup is a resonant political event -- akin to the Republican Party's failure to win reform of Social Security -- only this time the bell tolls for the Democratic Party.
The creation of Citigroup as an all-purpose financial supermarket and too-big-to-fail banking marvel was very much the accomplishment of Clinton Democrats.
They enacted the law in the late 1990s that authorized this megabank monstrosity, with coaching from Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, and of course Sanford Weill, the creative genius who built Citi.

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Silencers are for People Too

Silencers are for Guns not People      
by Jayne Lyn Stahl
Earlier this month, I wrote a piece called "Another Poster Child for the NRA" in response to a horrific and disturbing account of a young police officer, in a small town in Wisconsin, who apparently went insane, out of jealousy, and killed his girlfriend, and several friends. As one who has the utmost respect for law enforcement, what I found so shocking was that it was a member of the force who committed this crime.
Nelson "Family" of Silencers
It was never my intention to rant against the National Rifle Association, or law enforcement, but instead call for a closer look at a national ethos which enables, and legitimizes, the use of weapons, and deadly force in lieu of dedicated problem solving.

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Kite Runner

Paramount and “The Kite Runner”– One Manifestation of Goodness in the Spirit(s) of Our Times      
by Andrew Bard Schmookler
Starting in late September, I began writing about “The Spirit(s) of Our Times.” In each instance, the emphasis was on the dark side of that spiritual picture. And it is indeed important –especially in times like ours– to become aware of how evil and destructive spirits operate in the world and how they manifest themselves in our cultural system.

It is also important, however, to understand the workings of the forces of goodness. America has darkened, but the spirits of our times include good ones as well, shaping the course of events in constructive ways.

Here’s one small piece of the American picture where, as I see it, one can discern some of those benign workings.

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Alabama Court Bows to ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil’s Alabama Paydirt
by Scott Horton
Back in 1904, Ida Tarbell published what ultimately was to be seen as the seminal work of the muckrakers, The History of Standard Oil.
It appeared first in nineteen installments in McClure’s Magazine, a rather less successful competitor of Harper’s, and shortly after the last installment appeared, Tarbell published the work in book form as well.
In her work, Tarbell exposed the dark underside of corporate deal-making, the series of interlocking directorates and manipulations which had allowed John D. Rockefeller to build the oil leviathan and dominate the American market.
Tarbell demonstrated that Rockefeller’s success came not so much from business acumen (though she never contested that he had plenty of that) as through a thorough understanding of how to game the system.
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Slaves to Fashion: GAP's New Frontiers in Child Abuse

The Gap: New Frontiers in Child Abuse
by Barbara Ehrenreich
It was enough to make you vomit all over your new denim jacket. The Gap has been caught using child labor in an Indian sweatshop, and not just child labor -- child slaves.
As extensively reported on the news, the children, some as young as ten, were worked sixteen-hour days, fed bowls of mosquito-covered rice, and forced to sleep on a roof and use over-flowing latrines. Those who slowed down were beaten with rubber pipes and the ones who cried had oily cloths stuffed in their mouths.
But let's try to look at this dispassionately -- not as a human rights issue but as a PR disaster, ranking right up there with the 1982 discovery of cyanide in Tylenol capsules. Think of this as a case study in a corporate Crisis Communication course: How is The Gap handling the problem, and could it do better?
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Frankie Moore Lappe: Courage for a Small Planet

Courage for a Small Planet
by John Nichols
Frances Moore Lappé has, for the better part of four decades, done her very best to guide the United States toward a more rational relationship with the planet and its inhabitants.
It has not been easy work, and the current circumstance would suggest that it has not been nearly so successful as Lappé or the readers of her groundbreaking books would have hoped.

But the truth is that Lappé has succeeded, masterfully.

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Meeting the Resistance

They Met the Resistance
by Mike Ferner
On one of those beautiful, fall Sunday mornings that can make you feel all is right with the world, filmmakers Molly Bingham and Steve Connors discussed their new documentary about Iraqis fighting the U.S. occupation, “Meeting Resistance,” 84 minutes of unflinching wallop destined to unhinge the way millions of Americans see their country’s role in the world.

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A Galloway Coup at RESPECT?

A Coup D’etat in Respect?  
by William Bowles 
Got this in the mail this am. The more things change the more they stay the same eh, Respect by any other name.


  • Respect has been locked out of its head office. Overnight the locks were changed on the Respect national office. This action excludes most National Officers, the national office staff and the majority of Respect members who support them from their own organisation's headquarters.In recent days Respect branches all around the country have overwhelmingly voted in favour of the Respect conference going ahead as planned in defiance of an attempt to call the conference off by George Galloway and his supporters. These resolutions can be seen at [].

  • This coup is meant to prevent democratic debate continuing in Respect and to rob the membership of their own organisation.The immediate effect of this action is to prevent Respect from intervening effectively in today's NHS demonstration.The Respect coalition nationally pays over half the rent, rates and bills of the office which is shared with the constituency party."We call on all Respect members to demand Linda Smith, the chair of Respect, and George Galloway reverse this disastrous course of action" said John Rees, Respect's National Secretary.

It follows hot on the heels of the other press release I got back on the 28 November (see below) on the sorry events taking place with respect to the Respect councillors in Tower Hamlets.

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Jean Charles De Menezes: Killing Lies

De Menezes and Lies
by Craig Murray
Of course Sir Ian Blair should resign. Hopefully he might finally do the decent thing once the inquest jury brings in a verdict of unlawful killing.

The main reason he should go is the telling of lies about the incident.
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Bush's Towering Babble

Bush’s Tower of Babble  
by William Bowles 
Talk about using loaded words! Israel is both literally and figuratively, loaded. The other of course is nuclear. Note however that in this instance, Bush talks not about Iran actually building nuclear weapons, now he’s talking about Iran gaining the knowledge to build one.
‘Iran’, ‘Israel’, ‘Destroy’, “Nuclear Weapon’, ‘WWIII’, ‘Knowledge’, ‘Prevention’  - Bush

The change may appear to be slight but it makes perfect sense given the trajectory of the propaganda war and its outcome, namely the failure by the US to utilise the UN in its nefarious plans and that the central plank of the Bush/Gordon assault, that somehow Iran is hiding its atomic ambitions, has failed notably to impress. Thus the retreat into ‘thought crimes’. However, ‘thought crimes’ are notoriously difficult to refute, who knows what anybody is thinking?

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