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Killer Kids: The Army Experience

Oct 17, 2009 David Swanson
The Army Experience Center’s Bad…

Bab el-Mandeb: Understanding the Strategically Critical Horn of Africa

Nov 17, 2011 Thomas C. Mountain
Choke Point Bab el-Mandeb:…

Upending Einstein: Spectacular Aspects of Neutrinos below, at, or above Speed of Light

Sep 26, 2011 Henryk Frystacki
Upending Physics? Spectacular Aspects…


Retaking Veteran's Day

Stealing Veteran's Day from the Militarists
by Mickey Z. 
In a society where "support the troops" is little more than a euphemism for "support the policy," the concept of setting aside a day to celebrate military veterans has always been touchy for the Left. But here's an idea: what if we instead honored veterans of the anti-war movement?
I mean those-- from Eugene Debs and Helen Keller to the Berrigans, right up to Cindy Sheehan--who put their ass on the line to stop war...not wage it. To add a twist, how about military veterans who have since become veterans of the anti-war movement, e.g. Howard Zinn, Stan Goff, Ward Churchill, and Rosemarie Jackowski?
Even better, if you truly want to acknowledge bravery in the line of fire, why not find more heroes like Hugh Clowers Thompson, Jr.?

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Patient Zero and Other AIDS Myths

‘The Geography of Blame’ — Haiti, AIDS and Racism in the Mainstream Media  
by William Bowles
Nobody bothers much about what’s happening in Haiti these days until that is, a spurious piece of work appears which asserts that AIDs made its way to the US from Haiti via a single individual, then and only then does Haiti make the headlines.

Now where and how AIDS first appeared is the subject of some debate but it would seem that the mostly likely source are the kidneys of chimpanzees infected with a simian variant of the HIV retrovirus used in the making and testing of an oral Polio vaccine in the Congo and elsewhere in West-Central Africa in the late 1950s,

“…as a result of American and European medical interventions in Africa during the 1950’s—and specifically the administration of more than one million doses of an experimental oral polio vaccine, some batches of which may have been manufactured from chimp kidneys.”[1]

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Peace and Democracy Must Go

Peace and Democracy Must Go Hand in Hand
by Ramzy Baroud
After years of marked absence, the Bush administration has finally decided to upgrade its involvement in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
The announcement of a Middle East peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland has raised red flags for anyone who has learned from past experience how unbalanced and insincere peace efforts actually can lead to further violence.
And it requires little cynicism to ponder how genuine these current efforts are.

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We Are Greater

by Charles Sullivan
We are living in extraordinarily dangerous times, when evil, rather than justice, prevails. The schoolyard is terrorized by thugs and punks with names like Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh, Robertson, Clinton, Rockefeller, Rice, Rumsfeld, Perle, Kristol and Giuliani—pedigreed people all.

In an inconspicuous corner of the schoolyard, the good people—and they are legion—keep to themselves, afraid. No one wants to be hurt; and the thugs and punks are dangerous, even criminally insane people.
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The Politics of Servility

Congress and the Israel Lobby: The Politics of Servility
by William Cook
Shakespeare's Caesar caustically commented, "Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once."
Curious how our lawmakers huddle behind their sophistries, their voice votes, their parliamentary play acting to avoid the daring feat that would force them to confront the moral consequences of their obsequious pandering to the lobbyists who pad their pin striped suits with the means to stay in office, all the while selling their souls to their executioners. 
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Pakistan: Democracy or Talibanization

The Choice in Pakistan is Democracy or Talibanization
Guest Op-ed by Shahin M. Cole
I am one of those Pakistan-trained lawyers you have been hearing about. I have spent the last few days watching on television how my colleagues have been dragged, kicked, and beaten by hired hands, just because of their political views.
My former law school professors, some of whom are now judges or justices, are under house arrest. There is a real sense in which I left my country of birth precisely because of obstacles to the free expression of political and religious views.

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Hillary Shuffles the Deck

They Always Play the Gender Card
But Hillary Shuffles the Deck
by Susan Faludi
No sooner had Hillary Clinton proceeded from the Democratic presidential debate to a speech at Wellesley College last week than the wailing began.
Barack Obama hit the "Today" show accusing her of playing the "don't pick on me" woman and a chorus line of media pundits denounced her for having hurt the cause of feminism by acting like the injured girl and dealing the "gender card."

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Leaning Towers

It's Time for the Banks to Face the Hangman      
by Mike Whitney
Officials in the Treasury Dept — working with their colleagues at Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Bank of America — have concocted a scheme to rescue the banks from their massive losses in mortgage-backed securities.
The group is planning to set up a $100 billion emergency fund which will purchase non-performing assets for short term debt. In truth, the fund is a bailout which provides the financial giants with an excuse for not reporting their enormous losses from bad bets.

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Who Lit California?

San Diego Builds a Statue to an Arsonist: Developers with Matches
By Mike Davis
This August, just as the first Santa Ana winds bent the boughs of the eucalyptus trees in Balboa Park, 500 wealthy business people and Republican Party donors raised their champagne glasses to salute "Mr. San Diego," Pete Wilson, as he unveiled a bronze statue of himself in downtown's Horton Plaza.
Wilson, of course, was the controversial, immigrant-baiting governor of California during the nineties; but the statue specifically apotheosizes his role as the political catalyst for San Diego's "downtown renaissance" during his earlier three terms as mayor of the city (1971-1983).

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Mukasey Waits Final Senate Approval

Michael B. Mukasey Must Be Rejected
by John Nichols
George Bush's nominee to replace disgraced former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, retired Federal Judge Michael B. Mukasey, must be rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee for the same reason that Gonzales should have been rejected in 2005.

Like Gonzales, Mukasey refuses to accept that the president of the United States must abide by the laws of the land, beginning with the Constitution. In fact, this nominee to replace Gonzales -- the worst Attorney General since Calvin Coolidge forced Harry Micajah Daugherty to quit rather than face impeachment -- actually holds a more extreme position in defense of George Bush's imperial presidency than did Gonzales.

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Remaking Reality the Neocon Way

Remaking the World the Neocon Way
by Jack Random
As Pakistan joins the list of American allies on the verge of implosion, let us remember and pay homage to the Neocon dream – the dream of Wolfowitz, Perle, Cheney, Frum and Rumsfeld. 
Let us remember when the dream was painted in the glowing colors of freedom and democracy.  

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