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Into the Afghan Abyss with Obama

War Without End, Amen: Into the Afghan Abyss with Obama        
by Chris Floyd     
I have disagreed vehemently with Patrick Buchanan on almost every issue over the years, but he is right on the money when he says that Barack Obama's Afghanistan strategy is an eerie replication of Lyndon Johnson's Vietnam strategy, and will almost certainly have the same result: years and years of death and ruin, ending in defeat. Buchanan charts it out:

...[W]ithout any visible strategy for victory, Barack is recommending the same course LBJ took after the death of JFK. Johnson bombed North Vietnam in 1964, landed Marines in 1965 and built U.S. forces from 16,000 advisers on Nov. 22, 1963, to 525,000 troops in January of 1969. Gradual escalation, which is exactly what Barack is recommending....
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Rove Cited for Contempt of Congress

Rove Cited for Contempt of Congress
by C. L. Cook
The Associated Press (AP) is reporting contempt charges against Karl Rove, the man former known as "Bush's Brain" officially filed by the House Judiciary Committee.
The vote was split along party lines, with the Democratic party majority moving the motion forward by a 20-14 margin.  The  committee says Rove broke the law by failing to appear before the committee on a subpoena issued for July 10.
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Palestine from the Ground

Palestine: The Facts on the Ground
by The Real News
Very few people know the facts on the ground in Palestine as well as Mustafa Barghouti. Barghouti, born in Jerusalem and a resident of Ramallah, is a member of Parliament and the leader of the Palestinian National Initiative, a democratic, reformist alternative to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.
The Real News spoke to Mustafa Barghouti in Washington about the facts on the ground in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Roadblocks to Peace: Canadians Kill Kids in Kandahar

Roadblocks to Peace: Canadians Kill Kids in Kandaharby C. L. CookCanadians are largely aware of the number of "their" troops killed during the nation's near seven-year entanglement in Afghanistan, but finding out how many Afghans have perished at the hands of those troops is impossible; because like Colin Powell, the Canadian Forces "don't do body counts."
Writing for Canwest, Graham Thomson today counted two as yet unnamed Afghans killed at a checkpoint: siblings four and two years old. 
UPDATE: Graham Thomson follows up his story of the children's death Sunday in an interview with the grieving father. Thomson quotes Rozi Muhammed;
  • "I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up, the Canadians came and gave us some treatment. After that, I collected some of the pieces of the children. My wife was crying, she was in a very bad way."

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Sami Al-Arian Subjected to Worst Prison Conditions since Florida

Sami Al-Arian Subjected to Worst Prison Conditions since Florida
by Tampa Bay Coalition for Justice and Peace
Despite grant of bail, government continues to hold him.

Make a Difference! Call Today!

Last April, your calls to the Hampton Roads Regional Jail pressured prison officials to stop their abuse of Dr. Al-Arian after only a few days. Friends, we are asking you to make a difference again by calling.

Pamunkey Regional Jail: (804) 365-6400 (press 4 then 3001 to speak to the administration, then ask to leave a message for the superintendent; after working hours, press 0).
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Torturing Each Other

Torturing Each Other: The Widespread Practices of Arbitrary Detention and Torture in the Palestinian Prisons
by Al Haq
This report documents and analyses arbitrary arrests, acts of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment against individuals in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by various Palestinian security or military agencies and personnel.
These illegal practices have had a horrific physical and psychological effect on hundreds of Palestinian citizens and the society at large.

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Last Hurrah for the Banking System

Thar She Blows: The Last Hurrah for the Banking System
by Mike Whitney
The Bush administration will be mailing out another batch of "stimulus" checks in the very near future. There's no way around it. The Fed is in a pickle and can't lower interest rates for fear that food and energy prices will shoot to stratosphere. At the same time, the economy is shrinking faster than anyone thought possible with no sign of a rebound.
That leaves stimulus checks as the only way to "prime the pump" and keep consumer spending chugging along. Otherwise business activity will slow to a crawl and the economy will tank. There's no other choice.

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An American Hero: Louis T. McFadden (1876-1936)

Louis T. McFadden (1876-1936): An American Hero
by Richard C. Cook
Dr. Ron Paul, the Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential nomination, is not the first U.S. politician to point to the abuses of the Federal Reserve System and call for its abolishment. Similar pleas to get rid of the Fed were made by Reps. Wright Patman (1893-1976) and Henry Gonzales (1916-2000), both Democratic congressmen from Texas and chairmen of the House Banking Committee.

Few recall, however, how controversial the Fed was when it was first proposed and then maneuvered through a recessing Congress just before Christmas 1913. Rep. Charles Lindbergh, Sr., R-MN and father of the future aviator, called the Federal Reserve Act “the worst legislative crime of the ages.”

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What Does it Take to Get a Guy Outta Here?!

Kucinich: 'How Many More Hearings to Prove Pres. Bush Violated Constitution?'
by Jason Leopold
The Ohio congressman and former 2008 Democratic presidential candidate is frustrated that his colleagues continue to hold hearings and investigate the Bush administration's alleged constitutional violations, but refuse to hold President George W. Bush accountable for what Kucinich believes are High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

“How many more hearings do we need to have to prove this administration has violated the constitution, taken the law into its own hands, and condoned torture.”?” Kucinich said in an interview. “There is a point at which you reduce congress to a debating society which diminishes Congress’s role.”

Kucinich has spent the past year making a case for impeaching President Bush. Last year, he introduced a resolution to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. But that effort failed. In fact, it barely received any media coverage.

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Iran, U.S Spotted Talking: Will the Leopard Leap or Lay?

Does a leopard change its spots?
by William Bowles
The US government is talking with Iran, so what’s the catch? The simple answer is the November election. The move is clearly aimed at associating McCain/Republican Party with a new, kinder, softer Bush cabal although the Washington Post sees it somewhat differently. In an unabashed paean to Obama it says,

“But his [Obama’s] troubles are minimal compared with those of John McCain, who looks like the odd man out in the ongoing foreign policy debate. Having given steadfast support to the policies of both Maliki and George Bush, he has a legitimate complaint: They owed him more consideration in the way they announced their shifts. As it is, McCain appears isolated from trends in both Baghdad and Washington.” — ‘Obama’s Tour de Force’, 24 July, 2008.

In turn this reflects the immaculate illusion created by Barack Obama’s handlers, which when set against McCain, makes him look and sound decidedly of the species dinosaur.

Add a comment Add a comment Read more: Iran, U.S Spotted Talking: Will the Leopard Leap or Lay?

Controlling Iraq

by The Real News
In an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel published on the weekend, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said about moving US troops from Iraq, "Barack Obama talks about sixteen months ... that, we think, would be the right timeframe for a withdrawal with the possibility of slight changes."


He added, "Those who operate on the premise of short time periods in Iraq today are being more realistic . . .. Artificially prolonging the tenure of US troops in Iraq would cause problems." (July 20, 2008) This reiterated calls for a definite timetable for withdrawal made two weeks ago by al-Maliki and the Iraqi National Security Advisor Mowaffak al-Rubaie. Iraq's top Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, has also called for a pullout and opposes a long-term security pact with the United States. Add a comment Add a comment Read more: Controlling Iraq

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