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Hirelings Rush to Resolution

AIPAC’s Hirelings Rush to Resolution
by William A. Cook
Perception is often the stepchild of ignorance, especially when controlled by those with the most to gain. It is especially difficult for our Congress to perceive clearly when it grovels at the feet of its master, AIPAC.
America’s Knesset, servile hirelings of Israel’s lobby, rush to pass yet another resolution conceived by AIPAC and authored and co-signed by its most slavish puppets, Ackerman and Ros-Lehtinen in the House and Lieberman and Bayh in the Senate, Resolutions H. Con. 362 and S. 580, the “Iran War Resolution.”
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Death from Above: The Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Crashers: A Short Till-Death-Do-Us-Part History of Bush's Wars
by Tom Engelhardt
It was a tribal affair. Against a picture-perfect sunset, before a beige-colored cross and an altar made of the very Texas limestone that was also used to build her family's "ranch," veil-less in an Oscar de la Renta gown, the 26 year-old bride said her vows.
More than 200 members of her extended family and friends were on hand, as well as the 14 women in her "house party," who were dressed "in seven different styles of knee-length dresses in seven different colors that match[ed] the palette of… wildflowers -- blues, greens, lavenders and pinky reds." Afterwards, in a white tent set in a grove of trees and illuminated by strings of lights, the father of the bride, George W. Bush, danced with his daughter to the strains of "You Are So Beautiful." The media was kept at arm's length and the vows were private, but undoubtedly they included the phrase "till death do us part."

That was early May of this year. Less than two months later, halfway across the world, another tribal affair was underway. The age of the bride involved is unknown to us, as is her name. No reporters were clamoring to get to her section of the mountainous backcountry of Afghanistan near the Pakistani border. We know almost nothing about her circumstances, except that she was on her way to a nearby village, evidently early in the morning, among a party 70-90 strong, mostly women, "escorting the bride to meet her groom as local tradition dictates."
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, William Blum, Sarah Bjorknas July 14, 2008

This Week on GR 
by C. L. Cook 
American author, William Blum and the metastasizing culture of impunity killing the body politic at home and abroad; Sarah Bjorknas, Vancouver War Resisters Support Campaign co-ordinator on the case of  Robin Long, arrested and appealing a deportation order today.
Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Monday, 5-6pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, 104.3 cable, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:

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Robin Long's Hearing Set for Vancouver Mon. July 14

War Resisters: Robin Long's Hearing Set for Vancouver Mon. July 14 
by Vancouver War Resisters 
Greetings everyone; Robin is scheduled to be transported to the Lower Mainland from Kamloops sometime tomorrow. Meanwhile, the hearing for his application for a stay of deportation will be at 9:30 am in Vancouver.

We will gather at 8:30 am at 701 W. Georgia St. (north side of W. Georgia between Granville & Howe St.)

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Pastors Want Answers for Seized Computers

Pastors for Peace Caravan Returning from Cuba Monday July 14 to Request Release of Seized Computers Destined for Cuba
by Pastors for Peace
The Pastors for Peace US/Cuba Friendshipment Caravan will return to the US on Monday June 14 after delivering nearly 100 tons of humanitarian aid to Cuba, and will request the return of the 32 donated computers for Cuba that were seized from their caravan by US officials on July 3.
"We will continue to challenge this dumb, foolish, petty, counterproductive, mean-spirited, and immoral blockade until it is ended," said Rev. Lucius Walker, Jr., executive director of IFCO/Pastors for Peace.
The caravan is returning to the US on the same day as the Venceremos Brigade and several other organizations engaging in challenging US restrictions on travel to Cuba.

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Fascist States: Voices from a Raid

Voices from a Raid
by American News Project - Immigration arrests from work-site raids have increased tenfold in the last five years.
American News Project: Immigration arrests from work-site raids have increased tenfold in the last five years. As politicians on both sides of the aisle grapple with the issue, families are caught in the middle. ANP went to Annapolis, MD to see how people were coping in the aftermath of the state's largest immigration roundup in years.
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The Peoples' Walk Arrives in DC

Walking with Integrity: The Peoples' Walk Carries Sacred Items to the East
by Brenda Norrell     
Tohono O'odham and other Native Americans focused on protecting the rights of passage for Indigenous Peoples at the borders have made it to DC area. The Peoples Walk, arriving from the south, includes Tohono O'odham, Hopi/Pueblo, Dine', Lakota and other Native Americans. Walkers in the Peoples Walk are carrying sacred items and completing their journey.

While in Washington D.C., the walkers will meet with international leaders and international organizations, but will not meet with leaders of the United States government. The U.S. government has betrayed Native people, carried out genocide and is currently involved in the promotion of xenophobia and Nazi-style tactics at the borders, oppressing Indigenous Peoples at the southern and northern borders in their traditional homelands.

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Bush Farewell: A Legacy of Continued Secrecy

Bush Looks to His (Secret) Legacy
by Jason Leopold
George W. Bush, who has expanded his power to access the e-mails and other electronic communications of Americans, is resisting congressional demands that White House e-mails be saved for later research by historians.

Bush signaled he would veto a House-passed bill that seeks to overhaul the Presidential and Federal Records Act to ensure that e-mails and other government documents are preserved in the age of the Internet.
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Dying California Farm Workers: What About Two-Buck Chuck?

Farm Worker who died connected to "Two-Buck Chuck"
by UFW 
We told you about the tragic death of 17-year-old Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez who died while laboring in a Stockton area vineyard in 100 plus degree heat. According to a Wednesday AP story, the San Joaquin County Coroner has officially confirmed that Maria died of heat stroke. Maria had been working 8 hours in the blistering heat without shade or sufficient water. The closest water supply was a 10 minute walk away. (Click to read Maria's story.)

According to worker charges filed with Cal OSHA, the land owner where Maria suffered heat stroke continues to utilize labor contractors that don't abide by the law. And Friday, a month after Maria's passing, another charge was filed for lack of water and shade at one of the company's locations.

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Guardian: Canada Bad, Big Oil Blameless

Canada: This is the dirtiest oil in the world
by Guardian
What happens when the world's biggest oil companies target a northern wilderness?

[They don't show the huge tar lakes they leave because it would shock the public opinion. They don't talk about the smell in the whole region nor about the workers getting sick from breathing air. They don't mention cancer statistics either.----------- This video could have been produced by the oil industry and it would be no different.----------- We could commute with a car doing hundreds of miles per gallon but car makers sleep with the enemy.----------- Lithium energy storage was developped but was engineered to be unapplicable for electric vehicules. The motor wheel development was slowed.----------- They want us to believe that hybrids are the way to go ? Same as a car just add many different parts and software to control their life cycle.----------- The only sensible choice, a full electric light vehicule, does not create enough added value, it's too simple, too efficient, too sturdy.----------- Give me a few lithium batteries that were developed by Hydro-Que]
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Remains of Our Open Society: FISA's Real Target

FISA Bill's Real Target: What Remains of Our Open Society
by Chris Hedges
If the sweeping surveillance law signed by President Bush on Thursday -- giving the U.S. government nearly unchecked authority to eavesdrop on the phone calls and e-mails of innocent Americans -- is allowed to stand, we will have eroded one of the most important bulwarks to a free press and an open society.

The new FISA Amendments Act nearly eviscerates oversight of government surveillance. It allows the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to review only general procedures for spying rather than individual warrants. The court will not be told specifics about who will be wiretapped, which means the law provides woefully inadequate safeguards to protect innocent people whose communications are caught up in the government's dragnet surveillance program.

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