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Supreme Court of Canada Decision in Media Defamation Case

BCCLA Applauds Supreme Court of Canada Decision in Media Defamation Case 
by British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
The BCCLA is encouraged by the Supreme Court of Canada judgment in Simpson v. Mair and WIC Radio, which dismissed an action for defamation against Rafe Mair. The court ruled that the statements at issue were protected by the law as comment.

The BCCLA appeared as an intervenor in the case. Robert D. Holmes, President of the BCCLA comments:
  • "Protection of vigorous debate on matters of public interest and importance is a key value in our democratic society. The court's ruling will go a long way in ensuring that protection."

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Saving Sergeant Glass

by War Resisters Support Campaign
The Victoria chapter of the War Resisters Support Campaign calls on you to help stop the deportation of US war resister Corey Glass through a number of actions listed below.

While Parliament has passed a motion that would allow US war resisters to stay in Canada, the Harper government has not yet acted on the motion, and the deportation order against Corey Glass for July 10th is still in effect.

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Prosecuting George W. Bush for Murder

A CALL TO HEROES: My "SIT-DOWN" With Vince Bugliosi        
by Linda Milazzo
There are adjectives that come to mind when describing famed former prosecutor and renowned author, Vincent Bugliosi, who for forty years has set the standard for prosecutorial skill in America.
Some are intrepid, brave, independent, brilliant, driven, indomitable, respected, focused, relentless andconfident.
Each fits perfectly well. But after interviewing Mr. Bugliosi at his California home, and reading his latest book, "The Prosecution Of George W. Bush For Murder," I am compelled to add two more adjectives to that already formidable list: PATRIOTIC and ENRAGED.
Beyond all other characterizations one may ascribe to Vincent Bugliosi, the principal descriptors TODAY for this inherently honorable man are PATRIOTIC and ENRAGED - emanating equally from his love for his nation.

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Sam Seeking Injuns for War Party

by MNN
Dear Native Youth. Take some time to read a few timely words from an elder, who has your well-being in mind.  
General George "Yellowhair" Custer

Do not join the Canadian or U.S. military. They are violating the Two Row Wampum Agreement.
Everywhere the Europeans went they put Indigenous people in the galleys of their ships. A few would be promised some benefit if they carried out some hideous deed against their people. Some were even freed. But they were never free. They helped their masters make holes in the hulls of our ancestral canoes to try to get control over the whole river of life.     

They think this is a tried and true method.

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False Flags for Denver DNC?


by Judith H. Young, Ph.D.
On June 24, 2008 on the Alex Jones Show, a nationally syndicated news/talk program that also has a huge Internet audience, retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern discussed the potential for a U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran before the Bush Administration leaves office next year.
The German Reichstag fire solidified Hitler's dictatorship 
Former morning briefer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., McGovern noted that Iran is carefully avoiding any actions that could be interpreted as provocations for an attack: hence justification for an attack would require a pretext manufactured by the Administration and/or the Israelis.

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Afghanistan: Pointing Fingers at Pakistan's ISI in Assassination Attempt and Bombings

Afghan Leaders Say PAK ISI Behind Blasts
by The Real News
In the latest in a string of accusations, Afghan leaders pointed a finger at Pakistan for an attempt on President Hamid Karzai’s life on April 27, as well as an attack on the Serena Hotel in Kabul, which left seven dead.
Newsweek Special Correspondent Sami Yousafzai says that Afghanistan's latest cries against Pakistan are election-year maneuvering on the part of Karzai, who will be subject to general elections in 2009.
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Superstar Media Epitaph: Not Challenging Power When it Matters

The Hedonists of Power
by Chris Hedges
Washington has become Versailles. We are ruled, entertained and informed by courtiers. The popular media are courtiers. The Democrats, like the Republicans, are courtiers.
Our pundits and experts are courtiers. We are captivated by the hollow stagecraft of political theater as we are ruthlessly stripped of power. It is smoke and mirrors, tricks and con games. We are being had. 
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Reagan Radio: Inciting to Assassination

Talk Show Host Calls for Murder
Nationally syndicated conservative radio host Michael Reagan called for the murder of a political activist on June 10. Reagan, a frequent guest on cable news shows and the son of President Ronald Reagan, singled out 9/11 activist Mark Dice by name and called several times for his assassination.

Reagan had learned that political activists had reportedly been sending letters and DVDs to troops in Iraq, advancing the theory that the U.S. government had carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks. For promoting this unpopular view, the talkshow host advocated that these activists should be killed as 'traitors':

  • 'We ought to find the people who are doing this, take them out and shoot them. Really. You take them out, they are traitors to this country, and shoot them. You have a problem with that? Deal with it. You shoot them. You call them traitors, that's what they are, and you shoot them dead. I'll pay for the bullets.'

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Exxon's Big Day in (Supreme) Court: A Permit To Spill

Court Rewards Exxon for Valdez Oil Spill
by Greg Palast
[Thursday, June 26, 2008] Twenty years after Exxon Valdez slimed over one thousand miles of Alaskan beaches, the company has yet to pay the $5 billion in punitive damages awarded by the jury.
And now they won't have to.
The Supreme Court today cut Exxon's liability by 90% to half a billion.
It's so cheap, it's like a permit to spill.

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Omar Khadr: Protecting America the Child Soldiers

Keeping America Safe: Prosecuting Children as Terrorists
by Dave Lindorff
President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and the rest of the warmongers and terror-pimps in the White House would have us believe that Omar Khadr is a monster. Khadr is the 21-year-old Canadian who is facing one of the first show-trials at Guantanamo.

But let’s just step back a minute and consider Mr. Khadr’s case.
Omar Khadr aged 15

The son of an alleged Islamic fundamentalist, Khadr was sent to one of those fundamentalist madrassa schools in Pakistan back when he was 14. From there, he went to Afghanistan, to join with the Taliban in fighting against the remnant warlord backers of the Soviet Union, which had attempted to run Afghanistan as a vassal state.

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False Profits: Capitalism, Democracy, and the Elections Farce

Elections, Capitalism, and Democracy
by Charles Sullivan
Because so many of the people on the political left fear that John McCain will become the next president, they have allowed themselves to see the very moderate democratic candidate, Barack Obama, as a desirable alternative to the decidedly ghoulish McCain, rather than supporting a genuine progressive like Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, or Ralph Nader. They thus perceive Obama to be far more progressive than he really is.
Such comparisons lead us down a dichotomous pathway that assures a continuous drift to the right.

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