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Shots Fired at Pentagon: Two Police Injured, Shooter in Custody

Mar 04, 2010 Lori Price
Breaking: Shots Fired at Pentagon:…

A Moral Imperative

Mar 26, 2007 Charles Sullivan
The Moral Imperative by Charles…

Marching Lockstep to Israel’s Drummer

Apr 12, 2009 William A. Cook
by William A. Cook Benjamin Netanyahu,…


Canadian Government Ceases Afghan Detainee Transfers

Government Ceases Afghan Detainee Transfers
The Government of Canada has informed the BC Civil Liberties Association and Amnesty International Canada that it has ordered the Canadian Forces to cease all transfers of detainees into Afghan custody due to allegations of torture, effective November 5, 2007.
The Government kept this decision a secret until now.
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Economy: Jokers in the House of Cards

House of Cards
by Jim Miles
America today is not the only empire, but it is one that has consistently formulated itself around the ideologies of corporate business, the military, big government, and religious self-righteousness, mass marketing itself and mass exploiting others with military back-up when needed to make itself the biggest and most powerful ever known. 
Superficially, the empire has used the media interface of corporate business, the well known media companies themselves such as Time-Warner, to keep the general public ill-advised and readily entertained with pulp writing, pulp broadcasting, and computer activities and internet surfing.
The government and military combine to provide “reliable information” from “reliable sources” who wish to remain “anonymous” and thus create a mystique of underhanded cleverness and consequently apparent correctness of information.
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In the Clinch: Clinton's Corner Obama

Bill and Hill's Dangerous Game
by Nicholas von Hoffman
In the last couple of days Barack Obama has found out what Paula Jones must have felt like after being worked over by the Clinton organization. Ms. Clinton goes slap, slap, slap across his face as husband Bill lets the Illinois Senator have it below the belt.

Nipped, kicked, jabbed, socked, bitten and bopped by the Clintons and their liegemen, Obama has been fighting back as best he can. Hence his attempts the other night in South Carolina, in what was called a debate.
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What the Iraq Occupation Costs in Lost Goods and Services

What the Iraq Occupation Costs in Lost Goods and Services  
by Mike Ferner
Friends: Everybody likes a quick, well-produced video and here's on with a powerful message.  Send it to 10 of your friends.  And take one action this week--whatever it is--to register your opinion. There are lives in the balance.
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Ontario's Strange Dance for "Indian" Land

Beware of Certain Unscrupulous "Algonquin" 
and Arms Dealers Seeking Profits
by Kahentinetha Horn
Just what is legitimate representation anyway?  Certain unscrupulous “Algonquins” continue to try to make deals with Ontario over Haudenosaunee land. 
The land south of the Ottawa River is Haudenosaunee.  They are just “visitors” in this area.  This hasn’t stopped developers and those involved in the colonial land claims game from attempting to choreograph a strange dance.  

On January 21st Brian Crane lawyer for Ontario and Bob Potts negotiator for the Algonquins of Ontario met with Harold Perry and Robert Lovelace, the chief and the negotiator for the Ardoch Algonquins, at the Holiday Inn in Kingston. 


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Will Work For...?

The Globalization Hoax      
by Richard Backus
Globalization, in theory at least, was an economic philosophy which espoused a more efficient production of the world's manufactures for the benefit of the world at large. It is based upon an economic theory proposed, I believe, by Adam Smith that if each manufacture was produced by the most efficient worker in the world, production would be maximized with the best use of the world's resources (manpower, materials, etc.).
In theory this concept is sound except for the fact that it was based upon the presumption of full employment. Full employment these days does not exist and in the U.S., hasn't for some time.

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Dam Yankees: The Flow Stops Here

Dam Yankees: The Flow Stops Here
by C. L. Cook
The greatest thing about hosting a public affairs radio program is for me the chance to talk with lots of great Americans. I'm certain, should humanity survive this dangerous time, the names of the guests appearing on Gorilla Radio will be of the household variety, and not as they are now, a collection of the most famous people you've never heard of.
I mention this because, for my intense criticism of the Bush administration, (and the Clinton one that preceeded it) some would have me styled as an "anti-Americanist."

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Palestine and the BBC's Hushed Tone

Palestine: Collectively Punished by Israel
and Collectively Punished by the Media  
by William Bowles
  • ‘No general penalty, pecuniary or otherwise, shall be inflicted upon the population on account of the acts of individuals for which they cannot be regarded as jointly and severally responsible. — Laws and Customs of War on Land (Hague IV); October 18, 1907, Article 50’

International law also prohibits an occupying power from imposing collective punishment on the occupied population. The BBC however is apparently not aware of these laws judging by the BBC’s online Website where we read only that,

But click on the link to a story entitled ‘Gaza's rocket threat to Israel’ and we read that the rationale behind the incessant death and destruction rained down on Palestinians by the fourth largest army on the planet, the Israeli ‘Defence’ Force, is in response to
  • ‘… rockets [that] are crude, unguided two-metre-long steel weapons filled with explosives, that seldom do much damage but occasionally inflict casualties.’
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Lebanon: Under the Sword

The Struggle for Lebanon
by Patrick Seale
It does not look as if the long-running Lebanese crisis will be resolved any day soon. The main reason is that the election of a Lebanese President is not a purely Lebanese affair. Numerous external powers want a say. To arrive at a consensus between them is no easy task. It will almost certainly need more time.

Amr Moussa, the Arab League secretary-general, has exhausted himself in a valiant attempt at mediation between rival Lebanese factions and their external backers -- so far, without success.
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Bearing the Costs of the Forest Give Away

Communities will bear the true cost of the Campbell government’s sell-off of private forest lands, say the New Democrats.

  • “This week, we saw public outrage over the potential for old growth logging in Cameron Canyon,” said Scott Fraser, MLA for Alberni-Qualicum. “And in Port Alberni, there was great public concern about a mudslide, suspected to have been caused by nearby logging.
  • “In both cases, the buck stops with the Campbell government. They changed the law and removed these lands from a Tree Farm Licence, eliminating public oversight and reducing environmental protection. And they did it without consulting communities, who are left to deal with the aftermath,” said Fraser.
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Jesus Christ Uber Alles: From Fervor to Fascism

Jesus Uber Alles – Christianity as Fascism
by Kent Welton
Getting a little tired of this holier-than-thou political season? We might ask here when does "faith’ become fascism?
I would say that it is when you claim your prophet is the only one, the only son of God. Mind you, this is a God you’ve never seen or heard and one that you imagine you are somehow separated from, even though there is no such thing as discreteness in this energy-laden universe.

Indeed, we are all interpenetrated by the same waves of energy as everyone else. Separation from the universe, from these energies of life - i.e., from "God" - is then impossible in the very nature of things. Only the counterproductive mind energies of belief act to separate us.

Yet it is separation from heaven and God that is religion’s very old business. By creating a belief of separation from existence you create a guilt and admission-to-heaven business. You create sin and charge for its redemption. You create fear, even terror of "hell" and not going to heaven, and you can get people to do anything... even believe six impossible things before breakfast.

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