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The Empire -- A Status Report

The Empire -- A Status Report
by William Blum
There are a number of expressions and slogans associated with the Nazi regime in Germany which have become commonly known in English.
"Sieg Heil!" -- Victory Hail!
"Arbeit macht frei" -- Work will make you free.

"Denn heute gehört uns Deutschland und morgen die ganze Welt" -- Today Germany, tomorrow the world
But none perhaps is better known than "Deutschland über alles" -- Germany above all.

Thus I was taken aback when I happened to come across the website of the United States Air Force -- www.airforce.com/ -- and saw on its first page a heading "Above all". Lest you think that this refers simply and innocently to planes high up in the air, this page links to another -- www.airforce.com/achangingworld/ -- where "Above all" is repeated even more prominently, with links to sites for "Air Dominance", "Space Dominance", and "Cyber Dominance", each of which in turn repeats "Above all".
These guys don't kid around. They're not your father's imperialist war mongers. If they're planning on a new "thousand-year Reich", let's hope that their fate is no better than the original, which lasted 12 years. 
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The Nuisance of Democracy

When a Little Dissent Is Too Much        
by Norman Solomon
Over the years, once in a great while, I’ve been surprised to cross paths with a journalist at a major TV outlet who actually seems willing and able to go outside the conventional boundaries of media discourse.

That’s what happened one day in the fall of 2005 at the Boston headquarters of the CN8 television network, owned and operated by the corporate media giant Comcast.
I showed up for an interview about my book "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death." My expectations weren’t very high. After all, I was setting foot in the studios of a large commercial TV channel with wide distribution of its programming in New England and beyond.
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Czech Hunger Strike Encompasses more than Radar

Militarization of Space: Czech Hunger Strike Encompasses more than Radar
by Laray Polk
The U.S. government, in collaboration with the governments of Poland and the Czech Republic, is very close to sealing a deal for a “defensive missile shield.”
According to the plan initiated by the U.S., ten GMD-variant interceptor missiles will be located in Poland, and an X-band radar will be located in the Czech Republic, 55 miles southwest of the capital of Prague.
But there is a catch.
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Uncle Sam's Cyber Force Wants You!

Attention Geeks and Hackers: Uncle Sam's Cyber Force Wants You!
by William J. Astore
Recently, while I was on a visit to Salon.com, my computer screen momentarily went black. A glitch? A power surge? No, it was a pop-up ad for the U.S. Air Force, warning me that an enemy cyber-attack could come at any moment -- with dire consequences for my ability to connect to the Internet.
It was an Outer Limits moment.
Remember that eerie sci-fi show from the early 1960s? The one that began in a blur with the message, "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission…." It felt a little like that.
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The Canadian Broadcast Corporation: Canada's War Pimp

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation: Canada's War Pimp
by C. L. Cook
Yesterday, the House of Commons did something we haven't seen since the heady wayback days when Trudeaumania gripped the nation.
Taking their collective, if figurative cojones in hand, Liberals and Bloc Quebecois members joined the New Democratic Party (NDP) to endorse a non-binding motion to immediately stay deportation proceedings against U.S. military war resisters seeking refuge from American justice here in Canada, and offer those already here, (and perhaps the throng sure to follow) and their families the opportunity to stay, live, and work in Canada as the first steps to naturalization.
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Okafadah: Creating a Second "OKA”

TRYING TO CREATE “MOHAWK-OKA CRISIS” (by issuing illegal development permits on Haudenosaunee Territory)
by Kahentinetha Horn  
The “imperialist formula” is:  the colonial government issues illegal permits to developers and sell bonds. These are paper investments based on the theft of our land and resources which they use as collateral to borrow and raise money.  The government expects future taxes from developments such as mining, condos, etc.  The Indigenous owners defend our land.  

The colonists go to their courts to get an “injunction” to remove us by force.  Remember 1990 when Mohawks demonstrated peacefully against a golf course expansion and condo development in “the Pines” at Kanehsatake?  Mayor Ouellette of the Parish of Oka, which sits on Mohawk land, had asked Quebec for an injunction to get us off our land so he could force the development through. 
We resisted.

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Collateral America: What it Really Means to Go to War

Collateral Damage: What It Really Means When America Goes to War
by Chris Hedges
Troops, when they battle insurgent forces, as in Iraq, or Gaza or Vietnam, are placed in "atrocity producing situations."
Being surrounded by a hostile population makes simple acts, such as going to a store to buy a can of Coke, dangerous.
The fear and stress push troops to view everyone around them as the enemy.
The hostility is compounded when the enemy, as in Iraq, is elusive, shadowy and hard to find.
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Canada's House Votes: Asylum!

MPs Vote asylum to U.S. Deserters, Tories Say No
OTTAWA, June 3 /CNW/ - The Opposition parties in the House of Commons joined together today to adopt a recommendation which, if implemented, would make it possible for U.S. Iraq War resisters to obtain Permanent Resident status in Canada.

The recommendation was adopted by a majority of Members of Parliament from the Liberal, Bloc Québécois, and New Democratic Parties.
The [minority-governing] Conservatives voted against the motion.

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Hard Core Capitalist Indonesia

Hard Core Capitalist Indonesia        
by Andre Vltchek
During the Cold War, Eastern block countries used to be bombarded by radio broadcasts glorifying free-market economic system and consumerism.
The message from the Radio Free Europe, Voice of America and BBC World Service had been clear:
  • "no matter where, capitalism brings home great services, variety of goods, consumer protection, lower prices and desire to serve the clients. In short: "customer is always king and he is always right!"
Propaganda broadcasts forgot to mention that there is Indonesia - a country almost as populous as the Soviet Union before its decomposition - a country staunchly "pro-market" (and "against the people") where customers have to pay more money for goods and services than in the West, while often receiving worse service than in PRC or Cuba.

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The Movie-Made War World of George W. Bush

Presidential Bloodlust: The Movie-Made War World of George W. Bush
by Tom Engelhardt
Here's a memory for you. I was probably five or six and sitting with my father in a movie house off New York's Times Square -- one of the slightly seedy theaters of that dawn of the 1950's moment that tended to show double or triple feature B-westerns or war movies.
We were catching some old oater which, as I recall, began with a stagecoach careening dramatically down the main street of a cow town. A wounded man is slumped in the driver's seat, the horses running wild. Suddenly -- perhaps from the town's newspaper office -- a cowboy dressed in white and in a white Stetson rushes out, leaps on the team of horses, stops the stagecoach, and says to the driver: "Sam, Sam, who dun it to ya?" (or the equivalent). At just that moment, the camera catches a man, dressed all in black in a black hat -- and undoubtedly mustachioed -- skulking into the saloon.

My dad promptly turns to me and whispers: "He's the one. He did it."

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World Wildlife Fund Prolonging Rainforest Decline

WWF Rainforest Protection Goals Prolong Ecological Decline
by Environment Internet 
This week the Democratic Republic of Congo announced new protections for 10% of their rainforest, moving towards Brazil's goal of 15% preservation of the Amazon.
WWF and other environmental groups hailed 85% industrial destruction and diminishment of the rest of world's remaining large forest ecosystems as good news. At the UN biodiversity talks in Bonn, WWF organized non-binding national pledges to end deforestation, ignoring biological simplification caused by industrial forestry.
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