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Oct 01, 2014 Ray Grigg
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Oct 16, 2011 The Real News
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Sep 17, 2013 Finian Cunningham
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Betrayal: HR 1424 Passes House

Oct 03, 2008 Chris Cook
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If I Can’t Dance…

If I Can’t Dance…
by David Rovics
Being an activist is a hard, relatively thankless, generally unpaid job. There are some really wonderful people who are going to be offended by this essay, and I apologize in advance if you’re one of them, but what I say here had to be said.
We’re all hopefully trying to make the world a better place, and sometimes that means having open disagreements.
I welcome any and all feedback, public or private, and of course feel free to post and distribute this essay wherever you see fit.

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Dissecting Terror

The Science of Terror
by Jim Miles
Sometimes the science community, hiding behind the guise of empirical research, cannot see its own bias even while correctly analyzing a situation. 
The latter statement may seem contradictory, but given the manner in which it studies ‘terror’ and then applies those findings and definitions only to some ‘other’ group, it ignores the reality of terror at home and the reality of terror perpetrated by the ‘homeland’.
Not ‘home grown terror’ such as the Timothy McVeighs of the world, nor the terror inflicted on the people by the very infrequent acts of foreigners acting on the homeland, but the terror of the country itself, the acts of the people in government, in the military, in politics, in religion, who either spread terror themselves or spread the fear of terror in order to control not only the domestic audience but foreign audiences as well.

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Bosnia Bonsai:Hillary's Storied Past

A Question of Character: Hillary Clinton and James Frey
by Jack Random
Tragically, there is such a thing as Caesar’s fatal flaw.  When an otherwise honorable individual wants something too much, the normal bounds of morality and common decency become less distinguishable. 
Acts of treachery, deception and betrayal are suddenly justified by the prize at the end of the rainbow.  

Tragically, Senator Hillary Clinton has crossed that threshold.  

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A Defeat Only American Power Could Have Brought About

Taking Stock of the War on Terror:
A Defeat Only American Power Could Have Brought About
by Mark Danner
To contemplate a prewar map of Baghdad -- as I do the one before me, with sectarian neighborhoods traced out in blue and red and yellow -- is to look back on a lost Baghdad, a Baghdad of our dreams.My map of 2003 is colored mostly a rather neutral yellow, indicating the "mixed" neighborhoods of the city, predominant just five years ago.
To take up a contemporary map after this is to be confronted by a riot of bright color: Shia blue has moved in irrevocably from the East of the Tigris; Sunni red has fled before it, as Shia militias pushed the Sunnis inexorably west toward Abu Ghraib and Anbar province, and nearly out of the capital itself. And everywhere, it seems, the pale yellow of those mixed neighborhoods is gone, obliterated in the months and years of sectarian war.

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What Benefit the Weak Nation?

Haiti: The Benefits of a Weak State
by Darren Ell
This article assumes that Western nations have an option.
In the past, they invested in their own people in the midst of economic depression; they rebuilt the economies of entire nations following World War II; they now have unprecedented resources to invest elsewhere.
Instead, their governments and the international financial institutions they control are bankrupting countries like Haiti in order to satisfy the selfish interests of a tiny foreign and domestic business elite. 
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Iraq: Natural Acts and Not

Unnatural Acts
by Tina Louise
We call…but they don’t listen, we shout and they don’t hear - this is how those in power ‘handle’ the problem of those of us who disagree with the war in Iraq; we are ignored down into insignificance and pointlessness

Marches go endlessly nowhere, under-counted by a compliant media… petitions get signed for no reason, no recognition of their significance and the futility, it eats away at the souls of those who would make a stand.

The internet helps us to feel connected, helps to ever so slightly ease the futility with the warming sensation of connecting with like minds that share hope. But sadly, although the internet has enhanced how we communicate and share our distress at the actions of our governments… it is also an invisible action. Perhaps a harm? In that it satiates our need to act, creates a sense of 'doing' – yet maybe all it is doing is keeping us busy?
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Greenwash: B.C.’s Carbon Tax Is No Answer

Masters of Greenwash: B.C.’s Carbon Tax Is No Answer to Climate Change
by Roger Annis
When it comes to the greenwashing of politics, no government in Canada can equal the Liberal Party government here, headed by Premier Gordon Campbell.

Last year, Campbell made a much ballyhooed announcement that his government intended to legislate a 33% reduction in carbon emissions by the year 2020 and aim for an 80% reduction by 2050. No plan for how to achieve these lofty goals accompanied the announcement, and the province’s residents are still waiting for one.

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Spitzer Hit: Stone Cold Dirty Politics

More Political Taint in the Spitzer Case
by Scott Horton
According to accounts that prosecutors and investigators have leaked to the New York Times and other publications, the Spitzer case was launched by a Suspicious Activity Report submitted by the North Fork Bank.
Today, however, the Miami Herald ties the investigation to a tip furnished by the notorious G.O.P. dirty trickster Roger Stone.

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Crusading Terrorism: How Canada and America Terrorized the Citizens

Crusading Terrorism: How Canada and America Terrorized the Citizens
by Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.
If the facts of human life are definable and truth is ONE with its own meanings, then “suspicion” cannot be considered as the code of law to become the threshold of action against innocent citizens.Victims are not left with any option except to use truth as the power of human logic.
America asked Britain and Canada to market the “war on terrorism.” According to Ron Suskind - a White House insider (The One Percent Doctrine: Deep inside America’s pursuit of its enemies since 9/11, 2006, p 226), Secretary of State Colin Powell and Paul O’Neill complained that they ‘did not know the mind of the President’ and often policy was based on ‘his instinct and gut’ and that ‘a key decision largely remained a mystery.’
To promote the “war on terrorism” and mislead the American public, the Bush Administration purchased 774 innocent people as terrorists and paid $25,000 cash per head to Afghan warlords to populate Guantanamo Bay Prison – the Abu Ghraib of America.
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The Nth Degree of the Military/Entertainment Complex

The Golden Age of the Military-Entertainment Complex:
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Pentagon-Style
by Nick Turse
In the late 1990s, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon -- a game in which the goal was to connect the actor Kevin Bacon to any other actor, living or dead, through films or television shows in no more than six steps -- became something of a phenomenon. Spread via the Internet (before becoming a board game and a book), Six Degrees has taken its place in America's pop culture pantheon among favorite late-night drunken pursuits.

Here is a new variant of the game: The goal is to connect Kevin Bacon to the Pentagon. A commonsense approach would be to consider Bacon's military roles -- the ROTC cadet in his first feature film, the 1978 comedy classic Animal House, for example, or the Marine Corps prosecutor, Captain Jack Ross, in the 1992 film A Few Good Men.

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Canada's Manley Mission in Afghanistan

CANADA: Pro-U.S. Panel Was Key in Extending Afghan Mission
by Jon Elmer
Buoyed by the recommendations of a government-appointed blue-ribbon panel, Canada's parliament last week approved a motion to extend its combat mission in Afghanistan until the end of 2011.

The outcome of the motion was effectively predetermined, as the two largest parties in the House of Commons -- the Liberals and the governing Conservatives -- agreed on the wording of the resolution in the weeks leading up to the vote. 
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