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Triangulated Again

Aug 02, 2011 David Swanson
To Whom Do We Now Turn? by David…

Rafah Stays Closed

Feb 13, 2011 Press Release
Palestinians Detained, Prices Soar as…

The War Martin Luther King Would Love

Jan 14, 2011 David Swanson
Why Pentagon Claims MLK Would Love War…


War Parties United

Common Cause: Dems and Reps Unite for Imperial Overkill
by Chris Floyd
Glenn Greenwald provides a snapshot of the true – and truly gargantuan nature of the American Imperium in his piece, "The bipartisan consensus on US military spending."
The facts – chiefly, that the United States spends more on its military than all of the rest of the world combined, including Russia and China – are not exactly news to anyone who has been paying attention these past many years, but it is useful to see it all set down clearly with the latest figures.

Greenwald also rounds up some telling quotes from those "fightin' progressives" leading the race for the Democratic presidential nomination – all of whom, even the "angry populist" John Edwards, have publicly committed themselves to maintaining – and expanding – America's imperial legions around the world.
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All in the Family: Hillary Promises No Accountability for Bush Crimes

Hillary Signals Free Pass for Bush
by Robert Parry
Hillary Clinton’s campaign is signaling that a second Clinton presidency will follow the look-to-the-future, don’t -worry- about- accountability approach toward Republican wrongdoing that marked Bill Clinton’s years in office.

That was the significance of former President Clinton’s remarkable Dec. 17 comment that his wife’s first act in the White House would be to send Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush on an around-the-world mission to repair America’s damaged image.

  • “The first thing she intends to do is to send me and former President Bush and a number of other people around the world to tell them that America is open for business and cooperation again,” said Bill Clinton, who has accompanied the senior Bush on international humanitarian missions over the past several years.

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Channeling Mao: Big Media Following the Leader

Has Mao Become A Role Model For Our Media?
by Danny Schechter
When that bible of business, the Economist magazine, put Mao Zedong on their cover in a red Santa Hat, I thought it was their way of suggesting that the Chinese Communist Party had become the new stabilizer and bearer of gifts for a western-capitalist system in distress. 

Mao fought a revolution for independence from the West, which now seems to have become dependent on loans and finance from his People’s Republic.

Mao had always preached, “no investigation, no right to speak,” so I investigated further to find an article inside the issue suggesting that “for all his flaws” – like maybe 60 Million or more deaths, 30 million from famine alone — “Mao was inspiring.”
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Democrat Prez Candidates Taste Occupation

Obama and Romney Iowa Campaign Offices Occupied by Peace Activists
by Mike Ferner
Des Moines – Opponents of the occupation of Iraq today occupied the Iowa campaign headquarters of presidential candidates U.S. Senator Barak Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, waiting for a response to a letter requesting them to oppose any more spending for the war or occupation and forswear an attack on Iran.
image: protesting Clinton offices November '07

Eight people were arrested at Obama’s Iowa campaign headquarters and four at Romney’s, in this, the third day of such nonviolent “direct actions” organized by “Seasons Of Discontent: A Presidential Occupation Project” (SODAPOP) since the presidential primary season began in Iowa late last year.  

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And Shall it be the Law of the Town? Arresting George W. Bush

And Shall it be the Law of the Town? Arresting George W. Bush
by C. L. Cook
What if it's as easy as that; what if stopping the horrors we, the whole of humanity, have witnessed in the person of George W. Bush and his extra-legal operatives these past seven years could be as simple as that? 
Kurt Daims
Seven long years; is that not enough suffering endured to atone any sin; long enough to have an end to torment? Kurt Daims of Brattleboro, Vermont thinks so, so he's taking the notion to council of a war crimes indictment, to be sworn out against Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney should they happen by the township. 

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The Global War on Terror as Experienced Around the World

Bush's Global War on Terror
by The Nation 
The Nation magazine offers a five-part series on the "global war on terror," and how it is working in five countries throughout the world.
Below, how the GWOT has affected US relations with: Thailand; the Philippines; Egypt; El Salvador; and, Pakistan.
[From the December 17, 2007 issue of The Nation.]

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Spying Incorporated

Domestic Spying, Inc.
by Tim Shorrock
A new intelligence institution to be inaugurated soon by the Bush administration will allow government spying agencies to conduct broad surveillance and reconnaissance inside the United States for the first time.
Under a proposal being reviewed by Congress, a National Applications Office (NAO) will be established to coordinate how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and domestic law enforcement and rescue agencies use imagery and communications intelligence picked up by U.S. spy satellites.
If the plan goes forward, the NAO will create the legal mechanism for an unprecedented degree of domestic intelligence gathering that would make the U.S. one of the world's most closely monitored nations.
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Bush in Your Bedroom

Bush in Your Bedroom: Top Ten Worst Appointees for Reproductive Rights (so far… )      
by Heather Wokusch
Bush has used his Oval Office years to limit reproductive freedom and stack critical posts with right-wingers bent on rolling back the clock.

And now it appears yet another reactionary Bush appointee is on track to get a lifetime position as a federal judge...
"On September 11, we saw clearly that evil exists in this world, and that it does not value life ... Now we are engaged in a fight against evil and tyranny to preserve and protect life."

– George W. Bush in 2002, linking abortion rights with terrorism, as he declared the 29th anniversary of Roe v. Wade to be "National Sanctity of Human Life Day."

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New York Times on Kristol (meth?)

The Gray Lady Gives Bill Kristol and New Lease on Life
by Kurt Nimmo
It’s the height of mediocrity. No, scratch that. It’s a prime example of the continuing effort to push the false right-left paradigm.

Bill Kristol, neocon wunderkind, is now a “conservative” voice over at the New York Times. Paul Mulshine, writing for, gets it right. “Kristol is in fact a neoconservative,” he declares, although this is also a misrepresentation, as there is no room for the word “conservative” in “neoconservatism.”

As Paul Craig Roberts notes, there “is nothing conservative about neoconservatives. Neocons hide behind ‘conservative’ but they are in fact Jacobins.”

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Pakistan After Bhutto

Life After Benazir
by Moni Mohsin
When news of Benazir's assassination broke, my nephew gasped, "She can't be dead! She's always been a part of my life. Always." So strong and ubiquitous was her presence over the last twenty years that he cannot imagine a Pakistan without her. No one can.
She grew up in the public eye, and we all knew her through her various incarnations from pimply adolescent to the first female leader of a Muslim nation.

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Our Nuclear Redawning

2007: Annus Mirabilis and the Smiling Garden of Eden      
by Pablo Ouziel
In 1905 Albert Einstein, presented the Annus Mirabilis ("Wonderful Year") Papers, in which he explained the mass–energy equivalence formula, E = mc2, which led to the development of nuclear energy.
In 1955, a few days before his death, Einstein together with Bertrand Russell issued the Russell-Einstein Manifesto, highlighting the dangers posed by nuclear weapons, and calling for world leaders to seek peaceful resolutions to international conflict.
One of the paragraphs in the manifesto read; “We shall try to say no single word which should appeal to one group rather than to another. All, equally, are in peril, and, if the peril is understood, there is hope that they may collectively avert it.”

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