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Popular Articles

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Sep 09, 2015 Andy Worthington
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Poltroons and Platoons: Militarizing America as the Economy Tanks

Hairy Daughter and a Cauldron of Convergence
by Don Nash
Did you watch Amerika’s ‘Commander-in-Carnage’ give his little “pep talk?” Yeah, “we’s in some serious financial distress” and Bushco “needs” for you the Amerikan people to fork over. That Geo is some funny political poltroon. Yes he is. This is about what, the eighth or umpteenth time that Geo has had to “plead” for the Amerikan people to bailout his mess?
Congress will of course, give Bushco EVERYTHING asked for. The Demos in Congress will be slobbering like Pavlov’s dog to pony up. Those Demos in Congress are some funny poltroons. Yes they are. I would of course, offer up David Obey as the power point presentation for congressional poltroonery. Buffoonery? Chumpery? Yeah, either way.

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Running for the Right to Play

Marathon for Children: Running for the Right to Play
by Ramzy Baroud
I was ecstatic as I read an email sent by a manager at a Canadian toy company. The company donates a large number of toys each year to inner city kids throughout North America, using various NGOs. A few years ago, they decided to ship several thousand toys to Palestinian children. They asked for my help.

The feeling of joy that I felt that day was unparalleled. Rarely do I experience in my job as a writer, whose main focus is war and conflict, this overpowering sense of elation. I had to tell someone that 11,000 toys would be shipped to Palestinian refugee camps before the Muslim holiday.
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The New Corporate Threat to America's Water Supplies

Drinking at the Public Fountain: The New Corporate Threat to Our Water Supplies
by Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman
In the last few years, the world's largest financial institutions and pension funds, from Goldman Sachs to Australia's Macquarie Bank, have figured out that old, trustworthy utilities and infrastructure could become reliable cash cows -- supporting the financial system's speculative junk derivatives with the real concrete of highways, water utilities, airports, harbors, and transit systems.

The spiraling collapse of the financial system may only intensify the quest for private investments in what is now the public sector. This flipping of public assets could be the next big phase of privatization, and it could happen even under an Obama administration, as local and state governments, starved during Bush's two terms in office, look to bail out on public assets, employees, and responsibilities.
The Republican record of neglect of basic infrastructure reads like a police blotter: levees in New Orleans, a major bridge in Minneapolis, a collapsing power grid, bursting water mains, and outdated sewage treatment plants.
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101 Ways to Get Rich Without Doing Anything Socially Useful

101 Ways to Get Rich Without Doing Anything Socially Useful 
by William Blum
Why do we have this thing called a "financial crisis"? Why have we had such a crisis periodically ever since the United States was created? What changes occur or what happens each time to bring on the crisis? Do we forget how to make things that people need? Do the factories burn down? Are our tools lost? Do the blueprints disappear? Do we run out of people to work in the factories and offices? Are all the services that people need for a happy life so well taken care of that there's hardly any more need for the services?
In other words: What changes take place in the real world to cause the crisis? Nothing, necessarily. The crisis is usually caused by changes in the make-believe world of financial capitalism.
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Israel's Homegrown Terrorists

Israel’s Breeding Ground for Jewish Terrorism
by Jonathan Cook
The words “Jewish” and “terrorist” are not easily uttered together by Israelis. But just occasionally, such as last week when one of the country’s leading intellectuals was injured by a pipe bomb placed at the front door of his home, they find themselves with little choice.

The target of the attack was 73-year-old Zeev Sternhell, a politics professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem specializing in European fascism and a prominent supporter of the left-wing group Peace Now.

Shortly after the explosion, police found pamphlets nearby offering 1.1 million shekels ($300,000) to anyone assassinating a Peace Now leader. The movement’s most visible activity has been tracking and criticizing the growth of the settlements in the West Bank.
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Piggie Wonder and Prop 2

Piggie Wonder and Prop 2 
from Free Range Studios 
Dear Free Range Fan; California's farm animals are dusting off the smash hit "Superstition" in a last-ditch, election day effort to end their terrible suffering and protect people from greed agribusiness. "Proposition" is the 2008 Farm Music Video of the Year and it carries an important message: Vote Yes on Prop 2 for family farmers, consumers and the animals.

Watch this hilarious new Free Range movie, produced with the Humane Society of the United States. Then if you live in California, make sure you vote Yes on November 4. And wherever you live, make sure your California friends know about this exciting ballot initiative. It looks like it has a good chance of passing, but the polls show it's a close call.

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First Shot of the Second American Revolution: The Battle for Wall Street

The Shadow of the Pitchfork: Elite Panic Attack as Bailout Goes Bust
by Chris Floyd    
The vote by the House of Representatives to defeat the Wall Street bailout plan is the first act of political courage that the Congress of the United States has mounted in the last seven years. The fact that it was due largely to right-wing Republicans afraid of going down with the sinking ship of the witless leader they have followed blindly throughout his reign is a delicious irony -- but the whys and wherefores of the vote are not important.
What matters is that one of America's moribund institutions has flickered to life long enough to derail a disastrous action that would have shoved the nation even deeper into the pit of corruption and ruin where it has been mired for so long.
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Two War Presidents Better Than One?

How Forgotten Iraq May Elect the Next President: Whose War Will Win the Election -- McCain's or Obama's? 
by Ira Chernus
In 1932, in the midst of a disastrous economic meltdown, Franklin D. Roosevelt made "the forgotten man" the centerpiece of his presidential election campaign. Far more than we suspect, this year's election may turn not on a forgotten man, but on a forgotten war in a forgotten country.

Even before the present financial meltdown hit the news, the Iraq War had slipped out of the headlines and off the political stage. Now, as investment houses totter and bailout plans fill the headlines, it will be even harder for Iraq to get major media attention. Yet the war remains just beneath the surface of the presidential campaign, and so is sure to affect the outcome in ways too complicated to fully grasp.

Think of that war not as one, but two currents, affecting the coming election all the more powerfully because they are out of sight, out of mind, and -- interacting in unpredictable ways -- out of anyone's control. 
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Reviewing Canada's "Unexpected" War

Book Review - The Unexpected War: Canada in Kandahar
by Jim Miles 
Afghanistan may have been a war unexpected in Canada, but a familiarity with American expectations concerning the New American Century combined with the fawning willingness of the Canadian military would make it more probable than improbable. 
In “The Unexpected War” the authors Stein and Lang continually highlight two motifs: first, the degree of appeasement towards Americans by the Canadian government for its lack of commitment to Iraq and its lack of commitment to missile defence; second the obsequious manner in which the Canadian military tried to ingratiate itself to its American counterpart, wanting to prove itself with the big boys.
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Bailout Bail?

Taxpayers to Bailout Wall Street?
Danny Schechter: The bailout will preempt any new administration from following through on promises.


Following the collapse of some the biggest names on Wall Street, the Bush administration is asking congress to pass a 700 billion bail out package to take over bad debts from risky and careless investments. Legislators are divided and many commentators feel this is just another dubious effort to bend the rules further. The Real News Network spoke to journalist and media critique Danny Schechter.
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The Second Great Depression

The Creation of the Second Great Depression
by Ron Paul
Whenever a Great Bipartisan Consensus is announced, and a compliant media assures everyone that the wondrous actions of our wise leaders are being taken for our own good, you can know with absolute certainty that disaster is about to strike.

The events of the past week are no exception.

The bailout package that is about to be rammed down Congress’ throat is not just economically foolish. It is downright sinister.
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