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May 04, 2011 Mike Ferner
“Justice Has Been Done?” by Mike…

Did You Forget? Canada's Real Role in Afghanistan

Jan 31, 2008 Chris Cook
Afghanistan: Canada's Iraq? by C. L.…

Independence Day: Declaring Moritoria on "Fraudclosures"

Jul 02, 2011 Creative Commons
What Can Be Done and What Has Been Done…


Canada: Illegal Settlement Building Continues in Brantford

SIX NATIONS Call-out for help!
by MNN
Arrest of two activists - Police 'target' Indigenous youth - bring food and phone cards.  People as witnesses needed at both construction sites (ASAP) and at the courthouse today and tomorrow [Sept. 11-12].
To get to the construction site take the 403 west towards London, Ontario , exit off Oak Park Road . Turn left and drive over the 403. The construction site is immediately on the right hand side.   Brantford City Court is on 44 Queen Street .

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No Tankers Roll & Stroll

No Tankers Roll & Stroll
by Dogwood Initiative 
With the federal Election 33 days away it is crucial that we elect Members of Parliament that support a ban on oil tankers through the coastal waters of the Great Bear Rainforest.
Join us on Saturday, September 20th in Sidney and let the candidates, and nation, know how much we value the rich heritage of our coast.

No Tankers Roll & Stroll
Saturday, September 20, 12:00pm
Tulista Park, Sidney
(Lochside Drive & Weiler Ave.)
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An Incident in Azizabad

The Value of One, the Value of None: An Anatomy of Collateral Damage in the Bush Era
by Tom Engelhardt
In a little noted passage in her bestselling book, The Dark Side, Jane Mayer offers us a vision, just post-9/11, of the value of one. In October 2001, shaken by a nerve-gas false alarm at the White House, Vice President Dick Cheney, reports Mayer, went underground.
He literally embunkered himself in "a secure, undisclosed location," which she describes as "one of several Cold War-era nuclear-hardened subterranean bunkers built during the Truman and Eisenhower administrations, the nearest of which were located hundreds of feet below bedrock…" That bunker would be dubbed, perhaps only half-sardonically, "the Commander in Chief's Suite."

Oh, and in that period, if Cheney had to be in transit, "he was chauffeured in an armored motorcade that varied its route to foil possible attackers." In the backseat of his car (just in case), adds Mayer, "rested a duffel bag stocked with a gas mask and a biochemical survival suit." And lest danger rear its head, "rarely did he travel without a medical doctor in tow." 

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Farmers Charge Harper Government Broke Law with Wheat Board Directors Elections

Farmers to Sue Harper Government over Alleged Illegal Changes to CWB Director Elections
by Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board
A group of farmers will take the Harper government to court, on the grounds that a change the federal government has made to the CWB director elections is illegal.

The courts have already proven this government has used illegal tactics — not once but twice — to try to force its policy on farmers, said Bill Woods, a farmer from Eston, SK, referencing the federal government’s failed attempts to remove barley from the CWB mandate and to gag the CWB to prevent it from telling farmers how it works.
  • "We believe the government is again acting illegally, this time gerrymandering with the CWB director elections to favour anti-CWB candidates and their supporters."

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Syria-Israel Peace Gambit

The Syria-Israel Peace Gambit
by Ramzy Baroud
Few would argue that the indirect Israel-Syria talks through Turkish mediation, which were first announced 21 May, were a sign of political maturity and readiness for peace.
In fact, while the discussions seemed concerned with the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and Israel's desire for security at its northern borders, the true objective behind the sudden engagement of Syria is largely concerned with Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas.
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Another Day, Another Gate of Hell

Another Day, Another Gate of Hell Swings Open
by Chris Floyd
This week another gate swung open in the multi-chambered hell that is the "War on Terror." George W. Bush has authorized the invasion of Pakistan by American ground forces, and the armed incursions have already begun. The implications of this move -- which largely corresponds with the strategy that Barack Obama has said he would employ in the region -- are disturbing in the extreme.

William Pfaff takes up this subject with his usual clarity and good sense in a new article at Truthdig.
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Washington's Trouble with Bolivia

Bolivia expels US ambassador
Forrest Hylton: It's unclear how Morales can appease the autonomists without betraying his platform.

Bolivian President Evo Morales stated that he was expelling US ambassador Philip Goldberg for allegedly inciting violent opposition protests.
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Justice Delayed Further for Khadr

Guantanamo judge postpones trial for Omar Khadr
by CBC News

A U.S. military judge has postponed the trial of Omar Khadr, a young Canadian man detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the past six years for alleged crimes committed as a teenager.
Khadr, now 21, is the only Western foreigner still being held at the naval prison, widely decried as illegal by critics and human rights activists. 

The trial was supposed to begin next month at Guantanamo Bay, but at a pretrial hearing Thursday the judge announced a schedule change as prosecutors and defence lawyers wrangle over access to evidence and expert witnesses.

The new date has not yet been set.

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Future Imperfect: British Columbia's Oil Future

Oil Futures
by Chris Genovali
We're in for a whale of a time, one way or another. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recently released its 2008 list of threatened species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises).
While this news was reasonably encouraging for the global recovery of populations of humpback whales, these assessments have far-reaching impacts on their conservation management.
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Dana Perino Pardons Usama bin Laden

Dana Perino, Supermen, bin Laden, and Who Planned 9/11?
by C. L. Cook 
In an amazing revelation, White House spokesperson, Dana Perino exonerated the wildly vilified Arab "leader" of terrorist super horror, al Qaida, Usama bin Laden, saying it was in fact tortured terror suspect, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed behind then-crime of the century September 11, 2001.
The iconic "say anything to make it stop" photo of Mohammed released to the world press following his confession under "harsh" interrogation is below the break.
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War Crimes: Punishment Interrupted - Andover The War Crimes Conference

War Crimes conference: Planning for the prosecution of high level American war criminals

In the tradition of Justice Robert H. Jackson, America's Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials after World War II, the Conference's purpose is "to promote efforts to hold culpable officials accountable in courts of law," said the conference's convener, Lawrence Velvel, a prominent legal educator.

"Otherwise, the future could be threatened by additional examples of Executive lawlessness by leaders who need fear no personal consequences" for their actions, leading to "the possibility of more Viet Nams, and more Iraqs," he added.

[At this hour, (11:30 am pdt) the signal is down, interrupted as it has been whenever the questions get interesting (see comments below). - lex]

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