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Fukushima: A Bombless Nuclear War

Jan 26, 2012 Michel Chossudovsky
Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War…

Radiation Readings - North America - San Francisco

Apr 02, 2011 Press Release
UCB Rain Water Sampling Results by UC…

They May Be Giant: Ending the Current Social Structure

Feb 22, 2012 William T. Hathaway
The Last Days of the Lilliputians by…


Candidate Paul and the Slime Machine

Hutchinson: Paul is a Racist, No Matter What He Says
by Kurt Nimmo
Let’s face it. Guys like Earl Ofari Hutchinson will not be placated until Ron Paul is prostrate and sacrifices himself on the altar of political correctness. Earl writes today for the Huffington Post:
"Ron Paul and his backers can sail through the ceiling, scream foul until their lungs burst, and say that it’s all a big conspiracy by mainstream media hit artists, a Paul hating and fearful political establishment, and on the make Republican and Democrats to smear and slander their hero as a racist. But the one that has done more to fan charges that Paul is a closet bigot is Paul himself in writings and sentiments that express racist views that purportedly carried Paul’s stamp on them."
Earl Ofari Hutchinson refuses to except Ron Paul’s explanation that he had nothing to do with the purportedly racist writings that appeared in a newsletter associated with the Texan Republican.

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Primary Smell: Vote Machine Scandal Brewing

The Winning Ticket: Hillary and Diebold in 2008      
by Mike Whitney
Something doesn't ring true about Hillary's “upset” victory in the New Hampshire primary. It just doesn't pass the smell test. All the exit polls showed Clinton trailing Obama by significant margins. In fact, in the Gallup Poll taken just days before the election, "Crocodile tears" Hillary was down by a whopping 13 points.
Her “turnaround” was not only unexpected, but downright shocking. The results for the rest of the candidates--excluding Clinton and Obama---were all within the margin of error. Clinton was the only anomaly. Surprise, surprise.

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Work Crew Stopped at Bear Mountain Stand-off

Work Stopped at Bear Mountain Mountain
by Zoe Blunt
Environmentalists and surveyers for the Bear Mountain (Spencer Road) Interchange faced off in Langford again Thursday, Jan 10.
A small crew of workers arrived at the highway to take measurements and place stakes just before noon, and they were met by the tree sit crew. 
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Now Playing: Politics

US Elections: Just Like the Movies
by Ramzy Baroud
The United States political process bears an uncanny resemblance to mainstream filmmaking. Elections and speeches are scripted to the letter, politicians put on a tirelessly rehearsed act, catering endlessly to the whims of the target audience.
A successful Hollywood filmmaker can't afford to risk raising issues in a way that don't immediately reflect audience sympathies. Good politicians vying for votes are similar in that they speak according to the already existing expectations -- and prejudices -- of the voting public.

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Iran, the U.S., and the Twisted Path to Confrontation

Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies – Iran, the U.S., and the Twisted Path to Confrontation
by Jim Miles
If I had to provide an overall rating for Barbara Slavin’s “Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies” I would have to tell the reader that it is well worth reading, but with several qualifications that make the recommendation somewhat underwhelming. 
It is an uneasy read, something I could not quite put into thought until two phrases summed it up.  
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Thoreau and the Patrons of Virtue

Henry Thoreau and the Patrons of Virtue
by Charles Sullivan
The form of government we have is anything but the democratic republic it purports to be. The more access to wealth a person has the more responsive to his or her needs the government is.
Justice and equality cannot follow where access is denied or restricted. Far from a government of the people, for the people and by the people, we now have a government that is the exclusive domain of the rich and powerful and has the same level of exclusivity as an expensive country club or resort.
The poor and disenfranchised are barred from entry and are thus marginalized. 

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You're Right to Say

The Right to Communicate
by Ad Busters
Jammers and creatives; today is our big moment in court. Ever since the first issue of Adbusters was published seventeen years ago we've been fighting to break the corporate monopoly on access to the airwaves.
After countless delays, and over $100,000 spent on legal fees, we've arrived at a critical juncture in the case. At issue is our freedom of speech on the most powerful social communications medium of our time, television.
Below is a copy of our press release as well as a sneak preview of an article that will appear in the upcoming issue of Adbusters (on newsstands February 18th). Please give us your support by getting the word out there.

If our lawsuit is successful in Canada, we'll try to raise the funds necessary to launch a suit in the United States as well. What's at stake here is a critical new human right for our information age, the right to communicate.
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The Cat Behind the Primary Polls

The Cat That Controls New Hampshire Elections Programming
by Bev Harris
John Silvestro and his small private business, LHS Associates, has exclusive programming contracts for ALL New Hampshire voting machines, which combined will count about 81 percent of the vote in the primary. And as to Super Tuesday and beyond: Silvestro also has the programming contracts for the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

Silvestro IS the New Hampshire chain of custody in New England -- Or at least, a very large component in it.

Please distribute widely, Digg, Blog,
reprints, get this to the media, etc.
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Minding Media: Guardians of Power

Reviewing David Cromwell and David Edwards' "Guardians of Power"  
by Stephen Lendman
David Cromwell is a Scottish writer, activist and oceanographer at the National Oceanography Centre in Britain. David Edwards is also a UK writer who focuses on human rights, the environment and the media. Together they edit an extraordinary "UK-based media-watch project" called Media Lens. It "offers authoritative criticism of mainstream media bias and censorship, as well as providing in-depth analysis, quotes, media contact details and other resources."

Today, the media is in crisis, and a free and open society is at risk. Fiction substitutes for fact, news is carefully filtered, dissent is marginalized, and supporting the powerful substitutes for full and accurate reporting. As a result, wars of aggression are called liberating ones, civil liberties are suppressed for our own good, and patriotism means going along with governments that are lawless.

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Canada: Nearly Achieving Sub-Nation Status

Canada Report 2007 – Part I – Reaching for Subnation Status
by Jim Miles
Canadians have always prided themselves on the “goodness” if not the “greatness” of their country.  Sitting north of the United States, Canadians struggle with an ideal that rejects many American ideas, yet accommodates in one way or another most of those ideas – more so currently than in the past. 
From medical care to military purpose Canadians view themselves as essentially different from their southern neighbours, who remain for the most part steadfastly ignorant of us.  There is very much about Canada, however, that indicates that we are not quite as independent of thought and action as the average Canadian realizes.   This statement by itself would not bother many Canadians, but on specific issues there is opposition to current policies.  

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Forgotten Crimes: The Other Scandal Involving Destruction of Evidence

The Other Scandal Involving Destruction of Evidence
by Scott Horton
I just finished poring over yet another set of written answers from a former senior Justice Department official who—extremely unconvincingly—insists over and again that he “has no present recollection” of communications between the White House and figures in the Justice Department about a series of matters which have Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over them.

However, the incessant stonewalling by the Justice Department is, if anything, actually exceeded in its outrageousness by the White House, which has issued a steadily lengthening series of contradictory explanations.
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