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The Arc of Crisis Being Radicalized

Feb 01, 2011 Zahir Ebrahim
Egypt and Tunisia: The Arc of Crisis…

When Swine Flew: Hypin' the Pandemic

Jul 22, 2009 Press Release
SAY NO TO THE VACCINE by trillion…

CRTC: What Does It Serve a Nation?

Jan 06, 2008 Chris Cook
CRTC: What Does it Serve a Nation? by…


Canada Cracks Open Door to U.S. War Resisters

US War Resister is Granted Stay of Deportation
Canadian judge rules against deportation of outspoken anti-Iraq war resister


Iraq War Resister Jeremy Hinzman won a stay of deportation this week as a judge refused to allow Canada to send him back to the United States to face prosecution for desertion. Hinzman is one of numerous war resisters currently in Canada. Despite the Canadian parliament passing a non binding resolution on June 3rd calling for resisters to be allowed to stay in Canada permanently as conscientious objectors, the Canada Border Services Agency continues to routinely effect deportation orders of US war resisters.
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McCain-Obama: Evading Dark Reality

Debate Evades Dark Realities
by Robert Parry
Perhaps it’s unrealistic to expect a U.S. presidential debate to deal substantively – and honestly – with wrongful actions by the American government, even at the end of George W. Bush’s eight-year reign as one of the planet’s preeminent rogue operatives.

The acceptable political parameters may allow some tactical disagreements (Barack Obama saying the Iraq War “took our eye off the ball”) or even some implied moral criticism (John McCain saying he opposed Bush “on torture of prisoners”).

But there’s no place for a serious discussion of wholesale U.S. war crimes, such as Bush’s decision to launch an aggressive war under false pretenses, the sort of offense that the Nuremberg Tribunal after World War II called the “supreme” international crime.
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Alaskans Allege Palin Cover-Up

Alaskan Officials Allege Palin Cover-up
by Jason Leopold
An attorney for Alaska’s legislative investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin says John McCain’s presidential campaign is seeking to derail the inquiry because its findings could “cause serious damage to the Republican ticket.”

Attorney Peter Maassen, representing Alaska’s Legislative Council, defended the investigation in a 17-page court filing in response to last week’s lawsuit by five Republican lawmakers trying to stop the probe into whether Palin improperly fired Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan in July.
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Doctors Want to Know: How Sick is McCain?

by Brave New Films
Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters,
We knew we hit a nerve when Rush, Drudge, and O'Reilly unleashed on us the same day. Then, MSNBC censored the McCain health records ad, a Brave New PAC initiative, due to Bill O'Reilly/Fox's pressure.

And why? Because of the work we have all done together to stress the importance of John McCain releasing his health care records. Led by over 2500 doctors from around the country, Republicans, Independents and Democrats, asking important questions about the records, about his health, and stating loud and clear the records should be released.
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The Real Harper Record

The Harper Record
by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
This book is one in a series of CCPA publications that have examined the records of Canadian federal governments during the duration of their tenure. As with earlier CCPA reports on the activities of previous governments while in office, this book gives a detailed account of the laws, policies, regulations, and initiatives of the Conservative minority government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper during its 32-month term from January 2006 to September 2008.

The 47 writers, researchers and analysts who have co-written this book probe into every aspect of the Harper minority government’s administration. From the economy to the environment, from social programs to foreign policy, from health care to tax cuts, from the Afghanistan mission to the tar sands, from free trade to deep integration, and to many other areas of this government’s record, the authors have dug out the facts and analyzed them.

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Bush Allies Issue Fatwa on Gays and Lesbians

Annals of Liberation: Sex is Death in a Darkened Land
by Chris Floyd
While the world is mesmerized by the bait-and-switch going in Washington -- where the ramshackle, post-Republic triumvirate of Bush, McCain and Obama held an "historic" meeting on Thursday to demonstrate their bipartisan concern for the welfare of the filthy rich -- atrocity and repression still stalk the American satrapy of Iraq.

The sectarian extremists empowered by the American rape of Iraq are now carrying out a relentless, systematic killing spree against human beings who are attracted to other human beings of the same gender -- or are even suspected of such an attraction.
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Cuba Hurricane Relief Event

Victoria Cuba Hurricane Relief Event 
by Randy Caravaggio
Hi Folks, This is a reminder of our upcoming event. Please let us know if you'll be able to attend. Goods for Cuba Campaign.
Friends of Cuba, four hurricanes battered Cuba recently - Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike left tremendous destruction there. These hurricanes caused Cuba the worst harm in four decades.
More than two and half million people had to be evacuated; more than 400,000 homes were damaged. Power lines were toppled and plantations were destroyed. This has affected all areas of economic and social life.
Join us in a benefit dinner with live performance with Art Farquharson and the Rabble Berries.
5:30 pm Sunday, September 28 at:
2994 Douglas in the BCGEU Hall in Victoria.
Admission $12 unemployed $15 employed. 
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Lifting the Media Black Out on the Greens

A Candid Interview with GREEN’S Victoria Running Candidate
by Diane Walsh
Adam Saab is a new guy on the election scene.  Not surprisingly, people are curious to know, “what’s this dude really about anyway?” As the Green Party’s candidate for the electoral district of Victoria, he’s got his work cut out for him.
"Without referring to specific journalists or media organizations, I would agree that there is a hesitancy to give credit or even thorough coverage as well as some degree of accepted patronizing that takes place.  I am optimistic, however, that this will improve to some degree in this election."

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Taking on the Military Industrial Complex

Taking on the Military Industrial Complex 
Endless wars, abuse of powers, declining living standards, and the climate change crisis—the stakes couldn't be greater in the US 2008 presidential elections. And with your help, we're moving our news operation to Washington, DC, where we'll focus on money and corruption.
For example, big oil and arms companies shape American economic and foreign policy with far-reaching effects on the lives of ordinary people, with allies in government, trade unions, the media, and the think tanks. They are a hidden hand that controls the commanding heights of American politics.
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Passing: Philanthropist, Actor, Race Car Driver, Paul Newman

Paul Newman, movie and racing icon, dead at 83
by CBC News
Paul Newman, in Philadelphia in August 2005 after meeting with city officials to discuss bringing a Champ Car series to the city, was as passionate about the race-car world as he was about the entertainment world.
Paul Newman, the blue-eyed leading man who starred in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and gained prominence for his philanthropic work and love of racing, died Friday at 83 after a long battle with cancer.

He died at his farmhouse in Westport, Conn., surrounded by friends and family, publicist Jeff Sanderson said.
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Are We On The Verge of the Deluge?

New Questions as the Bailout Sparks a War: Are We On The Verge of the Deluge?
by Danny Schechter
The Hank and Ben Show was doing so well in the ratings. They crafted a plan — ok, only three pages, but still a prodigious effort in an era when so few can agree on the need for heat on a freezing day. But now the great unraveling has begun. Remember Karl on the dialectic: thesis leads to antithesis resulting in synthesis. Maybe.
Danny Schechter will appear on this week's Gorilla Radio, S29 5pm pacific time.
They sold the Democrats on the need for a bailout. They made it big so the rest of the world would notice and be impressed. They started out unreasonably demanding total power knowing they would have to compromise and so allow all sides to win something and hence come aboard. 
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