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my account of the bare mountain bonanza corporation

bare mountain bonanza corporation
by Janine Bandcroft 
i got the news last friday morning, when ingmar dropped into the solstice cafe and told me that our bc government had opened the door and let him in. i felt a joy i hadn't felt for years. 
we environmentalists, we really take it on the chin.  after a decade, after two or more, it's tempting to just want to give up.  not give up and join them, necessarily, although when it's convenient ...... don, one of the street newz writers, was laughing out loud as we contemplated our mining opportunities.  chris joined us, and then larry and lise, and our imaginations carried our newly formed 'bare mountain bonanza corporation' to dizzying new forest defending heights.

it seems ingmar, undoubtedly one of vancouver island's most beloved/despised earth defenders (depending who you talk to), is now the proud owner of the mineral rights to all of bear mountain, including the interchange site many of us worked (in our many and diverse ways) to protect this past year. 
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Progressives for Koolaid: All Aboard the 'Bama Bus

Progressives (and Z Net) for Obama?
Mickey Z.
Every four years, much of the (so-called) Left gleefully drinks the Democrat’s Kool Aid. Such liberals spend three years droning on about social justice (as everything gets progressively worse) and then they throw their support behind whatever corporate-funded millionaire the Democrats nominate. This trend is no longer surprising or even noteworthy.

This year, however, Lefty Inc. has managed to take things to a depressing new level of denial and acquiescence…thanks to the presence of a multi-racial carnival barker named Barack Obama.

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The Difference an Hour Can Make: Nation Ready for Earth Hour

The Difference an Hour Can Make: Nation Ready for Earth Hour
by C. L. Cook
It may seem a diminution of the annual Earth Day commemorations held for more than 35 years in April, but the second annual Earth Hour on the 29th day of March has the immediate potential to effect a measurable change.
The difference is one of approach; where the global marches, speeches, concerts, and letter writing events integral to Earth Day are great, besides participation levels on the street, there is little to be tangibly taken away at the end of the day. Earth Hour, by contrast is a direct appeal to everyone, everywhere to synchronize their sentiments, if not their watches, and at the appointed time turn off the juice for an hour. 

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Propaganda as an Olympic Competition

Propaganda as an Olympic Competition
by William Blum
The latest protests in Tibet and crackdown by Chinese authorities have brought up the usual sermonizing in the West about Chinese government oppression and illegitimate control of the Tibetans.
Although I have little love for the Chinese leaders -- I think they run a cruel system -- some proper historical perspective is called for here. 
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Siegelman to be Free: Clock Begins on Rove Prosecution

Court of Appeals Sets Governor Siegelman Free As Congress Calls Siegelman to Testify in Continued Probe of Political Prosecutions
by Scott Horton
Today was a news double-header for former Alabama Governor Don E. Siegelman. In an order issued by the Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Siegelman’s request to be set free pending his appeal was granted.
The court noting that it had reviewed the decision of District Court Judge Mark Fuller for “clear error” and had considered legal issues de novo stated that:

  • "Siegelman has satisfied the criteria set out in the statute and has specifically met his burden of showing that his appeal raises substantial questions of law or fact."

Meanwhile in Washington, the House Judiciary Committee made clear that it was far from finished with its probe into allegations of prosecutorial misconduct in the Siegelman case.

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Iraqi Prisoners "Starving"

Classified Memo Reveals Iraqi Prisoners "Starving"
by Jason Leopold
A classified memo written by a top military official stationed in Western Iraq reveals that a prison in downtown Fallujah is so overcrowded and dirty that it does not even meet basic “minimal levels of hygiene for human beings.”

“The conditions in these jails are so bad that I think we need to do the right thing in terms of caring for the prisoners even with our own dollars, or release them,” says the memo, written late last month by Maj. Gen. John Kelly, commander of U.S forces in western Iraq.

The classified document, leaked to the website Wikileaks, a website where whistleblowers can "reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporations," was authenticated by the organization.

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Union Station Freeze to End the Occupation of Iraq

End the War 
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Hillary's Kitchen Sinks

Hillary Sinks with the 'Kitchen Sink'
by Robert Parry
Ever since George H.W. Bush went into “campaign mode” in 1988 and exploited black convict Willie Horton to dirty up Michael Dukakis, it’s been a staple of modern politics that you can negate your own high negatives by driving up those of your opponent.

Except in 1992, when the “Passportgate” scheme for demeaning Bill Clinton’s patriotism blew up in Poppy Bush’s face, some effective smear has been associated with every Bush national campaign. Think of John McCain’s “black child,” Al Gore’s “delusions” and the Swift Boat lies about John Kerry’s heroism.

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O'Reilly: Speaking of Hate

All You Need is Hate
by Mickey Z.  
I did something unexpected the other day: I watched a little of The O’Reilly Factor. The host made two proclamations that might’ve made me chuckle if they weren’t so frighteningly emblematic of America’s intellectual vacancy.
According to O’Reilly, Arianna Huffington is a member of the “far left” and her website, Huffington Post, is home to “hate speech.”

Of course, the myth of a monolithic Left—one that includes everyone from Dan Rather to Derrick Jensen, from Barack Obama to Ward Churchill—is extremely useful to anyone seeking to stifle public debate. However, it only requires an iota of objectivity to recognize that Arianna Huffington dwells in the realm of what might generously be characterized as the “liberal Left” (or, more accurately, the “soft Left”).
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The Prisoner: Sami Al-Arian Lost in Police State America

Sami Al-Arian's Long Ordeal
by Stephen Lendman
Sami Al-Arian is a political prisoner in Police State America. This article reviews his case briefly and updates it to the present.

Because of his faith, ethnicity and political activism, the Bush administration targeted Al-Arian for supporting "terrorism."
In fact, he's a Palestinian refugee, distinguished professor and scholar, community leader and civil activist.
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Rebuilding the American Economy, Bush-Style

The Little Administration That Couldn't: Rebuilding the American Economy, Bush-style
by Tom Engelhardt
No one was prepared for the storm when it hit. The levees meant to protect us had long since been breached and key officials had already left town.
The well-to-do were assured of rescue, but for everyone else trapped inside the Superdome in a fast-flooding region, there was no evacuation plan in sight. The Bush administration, of course, claimed that it was in control and the President was already assuring his key officials that they were doing a heck of a job.

No, I'm not talking about post-Katrina New Orleans. That was so then. I'm talking about the housing and credit crunches, as well as the Bear Stearns bailout, that have given the term "bear market" new meaning.

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