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Loonie Protest Undeterred by Mint Threat

Mar 18, 2009 Press Release
Mint Backs Down by Dogwood Initiative…

McQuaig's Troubling Billionaires (and why they're ruining the economy)

Oct 01, 2011 The Real News
The Trouble with Billionaires by TRNN…

The Upcoming Congressional Debate on Libya

Mar 25, 2011 Robert Naiman
The Upcoming Congressional Debate on…


The American Economic Death Spiral

Why the United States Really Has Gone Broke
by Chalmers Johnson
The military adventurers in the Bush administration have much in common with the corporate leaders of the defunct energy company Enron. Both groups thought that they were the “smartest guys in the room” -- the title of Alex Gibney’s prize-winning film on what went wrong at Enron.
The neoconservatives in the White House and the Pentagon outsmarted themselves. They failed even to address the problem of how to finance their schemes of imperialist wars and global domination.

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Agreements in Baghdad

Lethal Agreements in Baghdad
by Layla Anwar
Oh, please listen to this puppet with his three day unshaved beard and his silver ring from Qum. Listen to what the puppet has to say about "Al-Qaeda."
"It is time to launch a decisive battle against terrorism. The battle that our armed forces will launch will destroy terrorism and the criminal gangs and outlaws in Nineveh." And he adds; "so we can get rid of terrorism and the remnants of the former (Saddam Hussein) regime..."

In another statement, the puppet said "I swear on the blood (of the victims), we will achieve all our goals in securing a stable Iraq. We will continue to ... crush the terrorists and target their strongholds..."

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Gitmo Child Trial to Go Ahead?

Pretrial hearing set for Omar Khadr
Lawyers to seek child soldier ruling
by CBC News
Lawyers for Omar Khadr will ask the U.S. military to drop charges faced by the young Canadian as they attend a pretrial hearing at the Guantanamo Naval Base on Monday.

They have maintained that Khadr, the only Canadian being held at the military detention facility in Cuba, should go free because trying him for crimes he allegedly committed as a minor contravenes international law.

Khadr, 23, has been in custody at Guantanamo Bay since 2002. He was arrested at age 15, following a shootout in Afghanistan.

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Tenacity of American Militarism

The Tenacity of American Militarism: What Progressives and Other Critics Don't Get about the U.S. Military
by William J. Astore
Recent polls suggest that Americans trust the military roughly three times as much as the president and five times as much as their elected representatives in Congress. The tenacity of this trust is both striking and disturbing.
It's striking because it comes despite widespread media coverage of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, the friendly-fire cover-up in the case of Pat Tillman's death, and alleged retribution killings by Marines at Haditha. It's disturbing because our country is founded on civilian control of the military.
It's debatable whether our less-than-resolute civilian leaders can now exercise the necessary level of oversight of the military and the Pentagon when they are distrusted by so many Americans.

What explains the military's enduring appeal in our society?

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60 Minutes of Revisionism on the Iraq "War"

CBS Falsifies Iraq War History
by Robert Parry
There’s a cynical old saying that the victors write the history. CBS’s “60 Minutes” demonstrated how that process works on Jan. 27 in airing Scott Pelley’s interview with the FBI agent who de-briefed former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

In a world of objective reality, a reporter might say that the United States launched an unprovoked invasion of Iraq on March 19, 2003, under the false pretense that Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, even after Iraq had repeatedly – and accurately – announced that its WMD had been destroyed in the 1990s.

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Electing The Great American President

Empire Burlesque's Official Endorsement
in the 2008 Presidential Race        
by Chris Floyd     
People often say to me, "Gosh, Chris, you sure give our politicians a lot of guff. Seems like you find something wrong with everybody out there, no matter what their political stripe. Is there anybody at all that you could support for president?" That's what people say to me.

Well, thanks to the good offices of Scott Horton at Harper's, I'm happy to say that I have now found a presidential candidate to whom I can give my wholehearted, full-throated support: a man of the people, a son of the soil, a straight-talker with business moxie, military experience and a wide knowledge of foreign parts. I am proud to stand here today (why yes, I do write this blog standing up – and I hope you read it in the same way) and second Horton's nomination for the only man who can lead our great nation back to, er, greatness.

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Resealing Palestine's Fate

The Slow Starvation of the People of Gaza
by Saree Makdisi
The people of Gaza were able to enjoy a few days of freedom last week, after demolition charges brought down the iron wall separating the impoverished Palestinian territory from Egypt allowing hundreds of thousands to burst out of the virtual prison into which Gaza has been transformed over the past few years -- the terminal stage of four decades of Israeli occupation -- and to shop for desperately needed supplies in Egyptian border towns.

Gaza's doors are slowly closing again, however. Under mounting pressure from the United States and Israel, Egypt has dispatched additional border guards armed with water cannons and electric cattle prods to try to regain control. It has already cut off the flow of supplies crossing the Suez Canal to its own border towns.
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Imran Khan on America Undermining Pakistan

Imran Khan on America Undermining Pakistan 
by Democracy Now! 
Pakistani Opposition Leader Imran Khan on Musharraf, Bhutto, and How the U.S. Has Undermined Pakistani Democracy
On a visit to the U.S., legendary cricket star turned politician Imran Khan discusses the challenges he faces opposing the U.S.-backed military government of President Pervez Musharraf. Khan is boycotting the upcoming elections and calling for an end to military action in the embattled border regions of Pakistan.

Imran Khan, Pakistani Opposition figure who is boycotting the upcoming elections and calling for an end to military action in the embattled border regions of Pakistan. Founder and chairman of the Movement for Justice party, known in Pakistan as “Teh-reek eh-Insaaf.”

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Changing Channels: The Last State of the Union

Bush's Last Hurrah
by The Nation Editors
Senator John McCain, busy pressing his campaign in Florida, didn't bother to show up. The Wall Street Journal reported the speech on page 3. The New York Times relegated the full text to its website. TV chatter focused more on Senator Edward Kennedy's stirring Camelot embrace of Barack Obama earlier that day than George W. Bush's proposals in what was, blessedly, his last State of the Union address.
What happens when a President gives a State of the Union speech and nobody listens?

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Echoes and Remembrance

An Anniversary to Ponder
by Scott Horton
Today marks an important anniversary. On January 30, 1933 —seventy-five years ago today— the power of the state fell into the hands of Hitler and his Nazi party, what Germans know as the Machtergreifung, literally “seizure of power.”
On January 30, 1933 President von Hindenburg appointed Hitler as the Reich Chancellor. This photograph marks their meeting in Potsdam roughly two months later. 
But was it a “seizure,” lacking all semblance of legitimacy? More clear-sighted historians, like Fritz Stern, use the term Machtübergabe, or transfer of power, which marks some important points: the Nazis fared well in the elections, not reaching a majority of course, but they were able to take the reins of power through an alliance with conservatives whose distaste for the liberal Weimar constitution was only slightly less than their own.
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Palestine: The Soldiers Could Only Kill a Hundred of Us Before We Overpower Them

People’s Power in Gaza: They Simply Did it
by Ramzy Baroud
In a radio interview prior to the US invasion of Iraq, David Barsamian asked Noam Chomsky what ordinary Americans could do to stop the war. Chomsky answered, “In some parts of the world people never ask, ‘what can we do?’ They simply do it.”

For someone who was born and raised in a refugee camp in Gaza, Chomsky’s seemingly oblique response required no further elucidation.

When Gazens recently stormed the strip’s sealed border with Egypt, Chomsky’s comment returned to mind, along with memories of the still relevant - and haunting - past.
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