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Getting Straight on Crooked Bankers... and their friends in government

Just Thinking Aloud Here
by Dave Lindorff
When the bankers and investment bankers and insurance execs blew it, and were facing the prospect of losing their bonuses and their companies, the Bush administration rushed in as though they were a bunch of victims of a hurricane facing flooding and imminent death (no, wait a minute, Bush and his gang didn't do squat when that situation arose in New Orleans), or rather, as though they were a bevy of oil industry "lobbyists" offering night service.

Bush's Treasury Secretary, former Goldman Sachs investment banker Hank Paulson, and Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke, are calling for a no-strings-attached handout to rescue these screw-ups and con men which is in the range of $700 billion to $1 trillion.

Now I'm thinking about what that same indescribably vast amount of federal money could do if it were applied to more important things than rescuing a bunch of crooked banks.

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Choice No Choice: Nader '08

Choice No Choice
by Nader08
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Washington: Veterans for Peace Take National Archive Building

Veterans Occupy National Archives Building 
by Mike Ferner
This morning at 7:40, members of Veterans For Peace occupied the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., hoisting a banner that said, “DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION.  ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY: WAR CRIMINALS!”
Attached and pasted below is a news release with details and contact numbers.
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Hinzman Deportation Order Stayed

Hinzman Deportation Order Stayed
by WRSC Canada
Dear Campaigners - We just got word that the Federal Court has granted a stay of deportation for Jeremy Hinzman and his family. This is great news, and a great victory for the courageous war resisters, for our Campaign, and for Canadian values.

Thanks to Jeremy and Nga for bearing up under the terrible stress they've had to deal with for over four years now.

Thanks to Alyssa manning, their lawyer, who made the right arguments in court.

And thanks to all the Campaigners, supporters, and petitioners who joined in saying LET THEM STAY!


Lee Zaslofsky
War Resisters Support Campaign
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Let it Crash, Let it Crash, Let it Crash

Let It Collapse!
by Christopher Ketcham
So the tax-payer hand-out will “save” Wall Street from its own predations. Any reasonable man, of course, would wish the pig-fuckers to fry in their own feces. Let the free market carry out their corpses to the gutter. And mine too, perhaps, for as a magazine writer I depend on the thoughtlessness and blind-mole cupidity of credit-card consumerism – the credit system now imploding – to feed the ad-market that feeds the magazines that pay my bills.
Without dumb blondes buying Manohlo Blahniks and metrosexuals fawning over prawns in overpriced restaurants, my paycheck turns to dust.

But the fact is that our economic system is a lunatic and suicidal system, and it deserves to go down. Why lunatic and suicidal? It is predicated on the delusion, accepted on every level in every modern society, that unlimited Mahnolo Blahniks are possible on a planet of limited resources. Growth without horizon is simply not possible, but the delusion remains in force, a mass glue-huff and consensus trance hallucination. Endless growth on planet earth is by definition entropic; it implies its own end. Its pursuit is therefore suicidal.
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B.C.'s Wild Salmon Survival Threatened

Farmed and Dangerous Alert
"Wild Salmon In Trouble" (, a new short animation released today online, takes viewers on a provocative tour of how salmon farming and sea lice are harming BC's wild salmon.
The animation is based on published, peer-reviewed scientific research and foreshadows an unknown future for coastal ecosystems and communities if something isn’t done to protect wild salmon from farm-derived sea lice. CAAR is asking supporters to watch this video and share it with at least 5 friends!
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Mickey Z, Jon Elmer Sept. 22, 2008

This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook
This week, It's said, "Truth is stranger than fiction;" but when fiction is more strangely true than truth, you know you're in Mickey Z.'s world.Astoria-based author Mickey Z. and CPR for Dummies; Jon Elmer and Israel changing the guard. Yesterday, Ehud Olmert, Israel's prime minister resigned his office. Olmert's Kadima party primary delivered a clear leadership vote for Foreign minister Tzipi Livni.
Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Monday, 5-6pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, 104.3 cable, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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Canadian Self-Loathing

Canadian Self-Loathing
by C. L. Cook
Now I understand those ancients who watched mutely the rise of German fascism. I understand because I'm watching the flourishing of that same evil weed again here in Canada.
And like those doomed Aryans of yore, those Germans appalled by the coming of Herr Hitler and his brown and black-shirted, skull and cross-bone adorned neo Visigoths, there seems nowhere now to run, and no way to stay and stem the tide.

I'm also coming to understand the phenomena of hatred of ones origin. Today, three generations after the fall of the Nazis, there is still within Germany a deep shame, a disgrace that manifests, I'm told by a German acquaintance, in a loathing of things German, a hatred of self and the culture that gave rise to the horrific Third Reich.
Yes, now I think I can understand that.
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U.S. Backs Reign of Crime and Death in Somalia

Pirates of the Horn: U.S. Backs Reign of Crime and Death in Somalia
by Chris Floyd
The civilian death count from the American-backed "regime change" operation in Somalia is approaching 10,000, with more than 800 killed in the Terror War slaughter since June.

The figures, compiled by the Elman Peace and Human Rights Organization in Mogadishu, are almost certainly an undercount, given the rampant chaos that has ravaged the country in the wake of the Ethiopian invasion, and the Muslim practice of quick burial of the dead. But they are horrific enough, especially when added to another statistic released by the United Nations last month: 3.7 million Somalis are now in need of outside aid in order to survive. This is more than one-third of the entire population.
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Bomb Rocks Islamabad Marriott

Bomb Blast in Islamabad Marriott
by Zahir Ebrahim
For Heavens sake peoples of Pakistan and the World: stop blaming India's RAW, Jihadis' Taliban and Al-Qaeeda, etc., as the prime-movers of this new atrocity on the Pakistani peoples. Misdiagnosing a systemic disease is a sure protocol for never finding its cure!

The destabilization of Pakistan has needed a confluence of patsies and mercenaries. A patsy or dupe is one who strongly believes in what he/she is doing, but is deftly controlled by puppetmasters. A mercenary is one who sells his/her allegiance to the highest bidder at any moment in time. The suicide bombers and cultivated "jihadis" of the likes that Pakistan has never seen in its entire history before, are patsies.
The Pakistani ruling-elite are the mercenaries. Between the two, Black-ops dollars have been well spent in Pakistan!
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Assailing South America: An Open Letter

Threat to Democracy in Latin America
by Pinter, Pilger, Benn et al
On September 10 President Evo Morales of Bolivia declared the US ambassador persona non grata. On September 11 (the 35th anniversary of the military overthrow of Salvador Allende in Chile) the president of Venezuela asked the US ambassador there to leave the country.
President Hugo Chávez believed he was facing the possibility of an imminent coup d'etat in which he said the US administration were involved. President Morales believed that his government was facing serious destabilisation which was also being fomented by the US. A third country, Paraguay, announced 10 days previously that it had detected a conspiracy involving military officers and opposition politicians.

We are appalled by the failure of much of the international media to provide accurate and proportionate coverage of these events. All democrats throughout [the world] should rally to defend democracy in Latin America.
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