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How Israeli Technology Compromised US National Security

Trojan Horse: How Israeli Backdoor Technology Penetrated the US Government's Telecom System and Compromised National Security
by Christopher Ketcham
Since the late 1990s, federal agents have reported systemic communications security breaches at the Department of Justice, FBI, DEA, the State Department, and the White House.
Several of the alleged breaches, these agents say, can be traced to two hi-tech communications companies, Verint Inc. (formerly Comverse Infosys), and Amdocs Ltd., that respectively provide major wiretap and phone billing/record-keeping software contracts for the US government.Together, Verint and Amdocs form part of the backbone of the government's domestic intelligence surveillance technology.
Both companies are based in Israel – having arisen to prominence from that country's cornering of the information technology market – and are heavily funded by the Israeli government, with connections to the Israeli military and Israeli intelligence (both companies have a long history of board memberships dominated by current and former Israeli military and intelligence officers).
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Steal Back Your Vote: Dawn of the Vote Snatchers

Night of the Living Vote-snatchers: Steal Back Your Vote!
by Greg Palast
Excerpted from the Greg Palast, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Robert F. Kennedy's comic book voter guide. See for more.
In 2002, George W. Bush signed the Help America Vote Act.When a Bush tells you he’s going to “help” you vote - look out!

The result: in the 2004 presidential election, over three million votes - 3,006,080 - were cast and not counted. Like, what the !@#!?

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Too Big to Jail?

Too Big to Jail?
by C. L. Cook
We've heard some Wall Street firms are too big to fail, but what about the bandits behind the wheel, are they too big to jail?
The FBI announced launching fraud investigations for 24 Wall St. players Wednesday (S24); but, can we realistically expect criminal charges be brought against any company officers? 
The current line taken by the Bush administration, the McCain presidential campaign, and the Democratic party leadership treats the financial train wreck overtaking the world's financial markets as more a kind of Act of God than the predictable results of the Bush and Clinton administrations' years of deregulation and rigging the system to favour (and fabulously profit) the very actors now howling for federal relief.
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Nader on Proposed Bailout Scheme

The Proposed Wall Street Bailout
by Nader '08 
This is in response to a question asked by a student at the University of West Virginia, in Morgantown, on September 24, 2008. For more information, please visit
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Kurt Vonnegut Presente! The Blood of Dresden

The Blood of Dresden
by Kurt Vonnegut
The author Kurt Vonnegut was a prisoner of war in Dresden during the allied bombing raids and was later forced to dig out bodies from the ruined city.
In papers discovered by his son after his death last year, he provides a searing eyewitness account of the ‘obscene brutality’ that inspired his novel Slaughterhouse-Five.
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Next Bad Deal Gone Down

Next Bad Deal Gone Down: The Comedy of Congressional 'Oversight'
by Chris Floyd
I know we keep channeling Arthur Silber here, but he has been all over the deeper implications of "Bailoutgate" than anyone else.
image: don nash 
His latest piece rightly skewers the emerging "compromise" between Bush and the Congressional Democrats on "oversight" of the government gift program for the Gordon Gekko gang.
As any sentient being might have suspected, the "tough oversight" being offered by such champions of the common folk as Chris Dodd and Barney Frank is -- wait for it -- a weak and watery sham.
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Adams Family Heir Veteran Calls for Bush/Cheney Prosecution

Speak With President of Veterans for Peace Who Occupied National Archives
by David Swanson
Tonight, Wednesday, September 24th, you can speak live on the radio or submit your questions through an online chat room for Elliott Adams, the president of Veterans for Peace and one of five veterans who yesterday climbed a 9-foot fence and occupied a 35-foot high ledge to raise a 22x8 foot banner stating, “DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION. ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY: WAR CRIMINALS!”

Adams was also the only spokesman for any grassroots organization who testified at the six-hour non-impeachment impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on July 25, 2008, at which he delivered the most powerful testimony and was not asked a single follow-up question.

Adams is also a descendant of U.S. revolutionary Sam Adams.

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Cheese for Everybody Else

Leave No Rapacious Twit Behind: Soft Landing for the Elite, Hard Cheese for Everybody Else
by Chris Floyd
I've been intending to write about the astonishingly shameless plan to sell the birthright of our children and grandchildren for a mess of pottage reserved exclusively for the muck-encrusted snouts of today's brutal and stupid elites. But I find that Arthur Silber, with an assist from Mike Whitney, has already hit every point I wanted to make, and more, in a series of remarkable posts in the past few days.

These points include the overarching fact of the entire crisis -- There is No Fix -- and something I'd been thinking about a lot in the past couple of days: What if there was somebody in our national political life with the guts to stand up and speak the truth the bipartisan elite's brazen highway robbery? Silber is already there, too, with A Time Bereft of Heroes.

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Getting Straight on Crooked Bankers... and their friends in government

Just Thinking Aloud Here
by Dave Lindorff
When the bankers and investment bankers and insurance execs blew it, and were facing the prospect of losing their bonuses and their companies, the Bush administration rushed in as though they were a bunch of victims of a hurricane facing flooding and imminent death (no, wait a minute, Bush and his gang didn't do squat when that situation arose in New Orleans), or rather, as though they were a bevy of oil industry "lobbyists" offering night service.

Bush's Treasury Secretary, former Goldman Sachs investment banker Hank Paulson, and Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke, are calling for a no-strings-attached handout to rescue these screw-ups and con men which is in the range of $700 billion to $1 trillion.

Now I'm thinking about what that same indescribably vast amount of federal money could do if it were applied to more important things than rescuing a bunch of crooked banks.

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Choice No Choice: Nader '08

Choice No Choice
by Nader08
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Washington: Veterans for Peace Take National Archive Building

Veterans Occupy National Archives Building 
by Mike Ferner
This morning at 7:40, members of Veterans For Peace occupied the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., hoisting a banner that said, “DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION.  ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY: WAR CRIMINALS!”
Attached and pasted below is a news release with details and contact numbers.
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