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Bankers and Brown in Bed, Britons Getting Screwed

Welcome to the crony capitalist convention where New Labour got into bed with the bankers
by William Bowles
Welcome to the crony capitalist convention where Blair/Brown got in bed with the bankers but we were the ones who got screwed . The cry goes up, ‘wha’ happened?’ The former boss of HBOS, Sir James Crosby became head of the Financial Services Authority allegedly the ‘watchdog’ of the financial sector and then it emerges that Crosby was one of the architects of what Michael Hudson describes as,

“The commercial banks…us[ing] their credit-creating power not to expand the production of goods and services or raise living standards but simply to inflate prices for real estate (making fortunes for their brokerage, property appraisal and insurance affiliates), stocks and bonds (making more fortunes for their investment bank subsidiaries), fine arts (whose demand is now essentially for trophies, degrading the idea of art accordingly) and other assets already in place.” — ‘Bubble Economy 2.0: The Financial Recovery Plan from Hell’ By Michael Hudson’

America on the Apology Altar

American Apologies
by Mickey Z.
During His inauguration speech, President Barack Obama declared: “We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense.”

Hmm... if His Holiness is really defending my way of life, he’s slaughtering civilians and wasting billions in taxpayer dollars in the name of atheism, anarchism, veganism, and so on.
How odd...

Here’s a news flash for the Pope of Hope: “Our way of life” (in the more general sense) not only needs to be apologized for, it needs to be permanently altered... in a major way.

Tanker Threat to B.C. Coast and Waterways

Tanker Threat to B.C. Coast and Waterways
by Ingmar Lee
A letter from Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline (Feb. 7) suggests that supertankers carrying crude oil through the Douglas Channel would be business as usual.

To the editor of the Victoria Times-Colonist
Re: "Tankers won't be travelling Inside Passage route," letter,
Feb. 7.

image: Condensate-laden tanker burns following a collision in February

Steven Greenaway, writing on behalf of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, uses an old-school propaganda trick to side-track concern about the giant supertanker traffic-jam that Enbridge envisions for the crystal clear fiords of the Central Coast. Greenaway tosses out a confusing red herring, as though the chosen access route for hundreds of tankers was the issue here. Of course it makes no difference to the 80 per cent of British Columbians who oppose super-tanker traffic off our coast, whether through the Inside Passage, or via Principe Channel, Caamano Sound or Douglas Channel.

Logging Vancouver Island's Englishman River's Shed

by Richard Boyce
With the impending doom of YK2 I spent New Years Eve on a personal wilderness retreat. I camped out on a beautiful island in the middle of Englishman River where massive Douglas fir and Cedar trees tower over a diversity of undergrowth that has the distinct characteristics of an old growth forest.
Government stands by while Island Timberlands logs island in the middle of a river where this Bear dens in a Culturally Modified Cedar Tree on behalf of Brooksfield Asset Management Inc. on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Thick moss grows everywhere and bright tuffs of lichens hang from branches, tree trunks, and shale along the river's banks. This lush forest grows on an island of fertile sediment that has been deposited by the river over many centuries. This tiny jewel of forest is nestled in a deep ravine carved out by the river, somehow the trees escaped logging of the past.

To get there I followed the provincial park trail upstream from the upper waterfalls, walked through a tree farm logged by MacMillan-Bloedel in 1986, and crawled carefully over a fallen log to reach this tiny island paradise.

Why the Flurry for Politcal Change in Palestine?

The PLO: Why an Alternative and Why the Panic?
by Ramzy Baroud
When Hamas leaderdeclared before a cheering crowd in Doha, Qatar, on January 28, the need for a new leadership, his words generated panic amongst leaders of the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority as well as traditional Palestinian leadership elites stationed in various Arab capitals.

The reaction to Mashaal’s call was more furious than most of the statements issued by the PA and its backers during the 23-day Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip, which killed and wounded thousands of innocent Gazans. Mashaal, who spoke triumphantly in Qatar exhorted that the PA “in its current state is no authority.” “It expresses a state of impotence, abuse and (it is a) tool to deepen divisions,” he stressed.
He called for the creation of a new leadership structure that would include all Palestinians.

Save Our Net: Keeping an Open Access Internet in Canadian

Make the Internet Your Valentine
by Save Our Net


The season of love is upon us.

We know the open Internet, with all it's innovative services, is the real love of your life. So why not go ahead and show how much you care, make the Internet your Valentine this year.

Show you love for the Internet:

If you haven't already, send a comment to the CRTC urging them to save your Internet/valentine

Watch and share the video below.
-other ways to spread the word?

Set your Facebook status, Twitter status or email signature to: "I heart the Internet:"

Email 3 of your friends and tell them about our campaign

Maybe you have your own way to express your love for the Internet - send your expressions and ideas to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Add a comment Add a comment

B. C. Government Declares War on Enviro Groups

BC Government is Making Misleading Claims about Environmental Groups
by Valhalla Wilderness Society, Save-the-Cedar League,
Applied Ecological Stewardship Council, Purcell Wilderness Alliance
BC Minister of Forests Pat Bell has been making erroneous, politically-slanted characterizations of a number of environmental groups in the media.  On January 13, the Minister made untrue, disparaging claims about the Valhalla Wilderness Society (VWS) in the Nelson Daily News. 
On January 27 VWS notified the Minister that his comments were untrue, and sent him a detailed refutation of his claims (see  But a few days later Bell made a similar attack on the Wilderness Committee (CBC News, Jan. 31, 2008).  Both organizations have been advocating an end to logging the province's oldest trees and forests.
In both cases, the Minister praised specific organizations, including ForestEthics, Wildsight, Dogwood Initiative, Greenpeace, and Sierra Legal Defence Fund (now Ecojustice). "The Minister's praise inferred that these groups supported the government's policy of logging old-growth forest," says Anne Sherrod, Chair of the Valhalla Wilderness Society. "This should not necessarily be taken as friendly or accurate."

The New Fallujah Up Close and Still in Ruins

Iraq's "Teflon Don:" The New Fallujah Up Close and Still in Ruins
by Dahr Jamail
Driving through Fallujah, once the most rebellious Sunni city in this country, I saw little evidence of any kind of reconstruction underway. At least 70% of that city's structures were destroyed during massive U.S. military assaults in April, and again in November 2004, and more than four years later, in the "new Iraq," the city continues to languish.

The shells of buildings pulverized by U.S. bombs, artillery, or mortar fire back then still line Fallujah's main street, or rather, what's left of it. As one of the few visible signs of reconstruction in the city, that street -- largely destroyed during the November 2004 siege -- is slowly being torn up in order to be repaved.
Unemployment is rampant here, the infrastructure remains largely in ruins, and tens of thousands of residents who fled in 2004 are still refugees. How could it be otherwise, given the amount of effort that went into its destruction and not, subsequently, into rebuilding it? It's a place where a resident must still carry around a U.S.-issued personal biometric ID card, which must also be shown any time you enter or exit the city if you are local. Such a card can only be obtained after U.S. military personnel have scanned your retinas and taken your fingerprints.

Secret Crimes, Secret Punishment

Secret Crimes
by Scott Horton
Binyam Mohamed is a 30-year-old Ethiopian who was granted political asylum in Britain in 1994. In 2002, he was seized by Pakistani authorities and turned over to American intelligence officials in connection with the Bush Administration’s extraordinary renditions program. He was shuttled between CIA-operated facilities in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Morocco.
During this period of American-sponsored detention, according to court papers, Binyam Mohamed was “routinely beaten, suffering broken bones and, on occasion, loss of consciousness. His clothes were cut off with a scalpel and the same scalpel was then used to make incisions on his body, including his penis. A hot stinging liquid was then poured into open wounds on his penis where he had been cut.
He was frequently threatened with rape, electrocution, and death.” He is now reported to be close to death in a prison cell in Guantánamo.

Slick Willie II: GOP Jihad for Obama

The GOP's Jihad on Obama
by Robert Parry
Only a few weeks into Barack Obama’s presidency, a threatening political and media dynamic has rushed to the fore cutting short a very brief honeymoon. The Republicans and their right-wing media allies are doing whatever they can to strangle the Obama phenomenon in its cradle; the mainstream media pundits are stressing the negative so they don’t get called “in the tank for Obama”; and the Democrats are shying away from holding the Bush-Cheney administration accountable for its crimes.

None of these developments is particularly surprising. Indeed, they track closely to the political-media pattern that took shape the last time a young Democrat won the White House, when Bill Clinton became President in 1993. Then, the dispirited Republicans got a lift from the loud voice of a younger Rush Limbaugh who used his popular three-hour radio show to pillory Bill and Hillary Clinton. That, in turn, encouraged the congressional Republicans to vote as a bloc against President Clinton’s budget and economic plan.

Zionism Wins in Israeli Poll

The Israeli 2009 Elections: The Winner, Theodore Herzl (1895)
by William A. Cook
The mind of Israel’s “decider” in yesterday’s election, Avigdor Lieberman, Head of the Yisrael Beiteinu Party, comes out of the late 19th century, a veritable verbal parallel to Herzl: “They (Palestinian leaders) have to disappear, to go to paradise, all of them, and there can’t be any compromise.” This is the same man that casually remarked that Israel should do to the Palestinians what the United States did to the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, drop the atomic bomb on them.
This man will decide who speaks with President Obama about “peace in the mid-east.” This man will control the right-wing agenda that will be Israel’s agenda under its newly formed government, whether Tzipi Livni or Bibi Netanyahu hold the title of Prime Minister. This man will see to it that there is no end of the occupation of Palestine, no Palestinian state, and no evacuation of the settlements, in short, no progress toward peace. This man, a Russian immigrant to Israel, will determine the fate of the indigenous people if and when Israel decides what to do with the Palestinians. This man, who won 12% of the vote, determines for Americans what their vote for Obama’s “change” really means.

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