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The Real Pentagon Matrix

The Real Matrix: The Pentagon Invades Your Life
by Nick Turse
Rick is a midlevel manager in a financial services company in New York City. Each day he commutes from Weehawken, New Jersey, a suburb only a stone's throw from the Big Apple, where he lives with his wife, Donna, and his teenage son, Steven.
A late baby boomer, Rick just missed the Vietnam era's antiwar protests, but he's been against the war in Iraq from the beginning. He thinks the Pentagon is out of control and considers the military-industrial complex a danger to the country.
If you asked him, it's a subject on which he would rate himself as knowledgeable. He puts effort into educating himself on such matters. He reads liberal websites, subscribes to progressive-minded magazines, and is a devotee of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

In fact, he has no idea just how deep the Pentagon rabbit hole goes or how far down it his family already is.

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Why Palestinian Unity is Not an Option

Mixed Priorities: Why Palestinian Unity is Not an Option
by Ramzy Baroud
Just days after the Hamas-Fatah clash last June in Gaza, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas looked firm and composed as he shook hands with members of his new emergency government. He made sure his move appeared as legitimate as possible, issuing decrees that outlawed the armed militias of Hamas, and also suspended consequential clauses in the Palestinian Basic Law, which had thus far served as a constitution.

The Basic Law stipulates that the Palestinian parliament must approve of any government for it to be constitutional. Abbas simply decreed that such a clause was no longer valid, effectively robbing Palestinians of one of their greatest collective achievements — democracy.

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Stolen Moments in the Kitchen with Mickey

Stolen Moments in the Kitchen with Mickey
by Maxwell Black
I manage a restaurant in DC where I'm often baffled by the presence of people like Senator "Joe-mentum" or former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
Night after night of making sure the sons and daughters of CEOs and Saudi oil barons get their grilled salmon on time can be a bitter pill to swallow, however, on two nights last week I had a subversive secret: whenever I had a moment I would sneak back to the office and tend to my email interview with my hero, and under-read American mischief maker, Mickey Z.
The following is the result of our somewhat spontaneous interview.

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Waivering Morals: An Army of Cons

Waivering Morals: An Army of Cons
by C. L. Cook
Fitting following five years of criminality in Iraq recruiters would entertain more frequently allowing recently released felons into the Army fold.
From America's vast captured populations, (an area where the United States can honestly boast being "Number One") the range of aspirants the Army will consider able for service was recently broadened.
London's Guardian newspaper reports, "moral waivers," the number of which doubled last year from the 249 in 2006, now extend to: sex offenders, child abusers, and those found guilty in a court of law of uttering "terrorist threats." Just the material needed and deemed A-OK, "ready to go" by the Pentagon.

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SEX and CARS and SEX and GUNS and Somalia

New Britney Spears Sex Tape Bares All!        
by Chris Floyd     
I know no one cares about Somalia; every time I write about it on the website, the traffic drops like a stone. (Let's see if that headline draws a few eyeballs, though. If it works, we might just rename the whole damn blog.)
But I don't care if no one cares. There is a continuous slaughter and ravaging of innocent human beings going on in Somalia, a vast atrocity that is sponsored, funded, greenlighted and directly aided by the United States government, and I'm going to keep on writing about it.

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The BBC Bias on Palestine

Covering Israel/Palestine: The BBC's Double Standards
The media reported last week that at least 22 people, including five Palestinian children, had been killed during Israeli 'incursions' into Gaza. The Israeli military 'operations' were 'sparked' by a Hamas ambush that had left three Israeli soldiers dead.
Reporting followed the usual script that Israel's state-of-the-art weaponry is deployed as 'retaliation' for 'militant' Palestinian attacks.

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Out of Jail Governor Siegelman Speaks

Out of Jail Governor Siegelman Speaks
by Friends of Don Siegelman
Governor Siegelman will be the guest of nationally renowned journalist Tavis Smiley this evening Tuesday April 22. Check your local listings for the shows time in your area.
Tavis Smiley's show is a unique mix of news and pop culture to combine for one thought-provoking and entertaining program. A hybrid of news, issues and entert ainment, it features interviews with artists, activists, newsmakers, politicians and everyday people.

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The Birth Date of Fratricide

The Birth Date of Fratricide: May 14, 1948
by William A. Cook
May 14th, 2008, marks the anniversary of two momentous events, the “Declaration of Independence” of the new born state of Israel and the calamitous day of infamy, the al Nakba, that marks both the massacre in their homes of Palestinian people or their mournful march into exile.
Ironically, like the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, this date carries the mark of the Almighty, brothers in blood, enemies in intent.

Listen to Cain as he walks beside his brother along the path of death:
  • “There is no judgment and no judge and no world to come! No reward will be given to the righteous nor any account given of the wicked.”

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Iraq: 12 Answers to Questions No One Is Bothering to Ask

Unraveling Iraq: 12 Answers to Questions No One Is Bothering to Ask about Iraq
by Tom Engelhardt
Can there be any question that, since the invasion of 2003, Iraq has been unraveling? And here's the curious thing: Despite a lack of decent information and analysis on crucial aspects of the Iraqi catastrophe, despite the way much of the Iraq story fell off newspaper front pages and out of the TV news in the last year, despite so many reports on the "success" of the President's surge strategy, Americans sense this perfectly well.
In the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, 56% of Americans "say the United States should withdraw its military forces to avoid further casualties" and this has, as the Post notes, been a majority position since January 2007, the month that the surge was first announced. Imagine what might happen if the American public knew more about the actual state of affairs in Iraq -- and of thinking in Washington.

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Canadian Postal Union Joins Israel Boycott

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) Congratulates Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) on Historic Boycott Resolution!
CAIA extends its warm congratulations to the delegates of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers national convention held in Ottawa, Canada, April 13-17th 2008.

At the convention, CUPW passed an historic resolution, Resolution 338/339, in support of the global campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israeli Apartheid. 
This resolution is an extremely significant landmark for the Palestinian solidarity movement in Canada. It represents the first time in North American history that a national union has passed a BDS resolution.
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The Right Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Religious Freedom Versus State Religion, Ethics, Politics and Strategy
by James Petras
The sustained vituperative attack and the feeble apologetic defense of Reverend Wright’s brilliant, eloquent and substantive sermon in defense of human dignity speaks to the basic ethical, political and strategic issues of our epoch. For Reverend Wright was not merely ‘commenting’ on an ethical omission of our day but raising fundamental principles about the behavior of states, the role of individual conscience in the face of crimes against humanity and the need to give name and take action in the face of evil.
The entire spectrum of politicians, the mass media and, in particular, the political parties and two (and a half) of the presidential candidates raise, by their hostile reaction and the substance of their criticism, vital issues of the relation between the State and Religion.

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