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Kafka’s Porn Cache: Six Questions for James Hawes

In Pursuit of Kafka’s Porn Cache: Six Questions for James Hawes
by Scott Horton
James Hawes had a brilliant start to his career as a novelist with A White Merc with Fins, and he’s gone on to have one of his works filmed and to write a work of biting satire. But before Hawes was a novelist, he was a Kafka scholar.
And now he has returned to his old passion with a book entitled Why You Should Read Kafka Before You Waste Your Life (published as Excavating Kafka in Britain).
The book has kicked up a storm in Germany, where its satirical style has gone unappreciated. I put six questions to James Hawes about Franz Kafka and a book designed to debunk the Kafka mythmakers which is accused of making some of its own.

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Rattling Sabres and Bear Baiting

NATO Warns Russia: Western powers send tough message; Russian minister responds
by The Real News
NATO allies warned Russia on Tuesday that the alliance's cooperation with Moscow would depend on the pullout of troops from Georgia.
They insisted Georgia remained on track to join NATO despite Moscow's opposition. The emergency meeting in Brussels highlighted a rift within the 27-nation bloc between former Soviet satellite nations wanting tough action against Russia and western European members warning against antagonizing Moscow.
In an editorial from The Independent newspaper entitled “NATO is walking a tightrope over Georgia” Anne Penketh states that “[NATO] foreign ministers want to send a tough message to the Kremlin, but the big powers know that they cannot afford to isolate Moscow which remains an essential partner for the US and Europe in dealing with other major crises such as the showdown with Iran over its nuclear programme.” 
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An Open Letter to the Real News: Can News Get Real?

Attention Paul Jay, CEO The Real News Network
by Michael Major
Hello Paul, just watched your latest news articles on the evolution of the Georgia issue and I was pleased you and Margolis raised the remotest possibility that the action against South Ossetia was planned by the USA as a diversion or emblematic soapbox for the war party (but which war party?). 
But of course it was planned.
The US armed, strategized, financed and assisted Georgia with the means to purify, terrify and ethnically cleanse South Ossetia of its ethnic russians without whom little Georgia could be framed for the press as an Israeli clone surrounded by deadly ethnic adversaries and brutal geo-strategic opponents.
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Poland: Missile Crisis 21 Century

Missile Shield not so Welcome in Polish town
by The Real News
Polish villagers express concern about using their town as a US missile site.

Residents of a small polish town express concerns about a proposed US missile site in their town.
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Charity Cancer Doctor Appeals Prison Sentence for Helping Children

Syracuse Doctor Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison for Helping Iraqi People Heads to Appeals Court August 28 in New York City
by Dr. Dhafir Support Committee
Oral arguments in the case of Dr. Rafil Dhafir and the Help the Needy charity will be heard at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York City on August 28th, 2008, at 10:00 a.m., Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, New York.

Almost five and a half years to the day that he became the first and only U.S. citizen jailed for resisting U.S. economic sanctions against the people of Iraq, Dr Rafil Dhafir, a Syracuse oncologist who helped raise almost $5 million in humanitarian supplies for the Iraqi people, will have his appeal heard at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York City.

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Ready For Nuclear War?

Are You Ready For Nuclear War?
by Paul Craig Roberts
Pervez Musharraf, the puppet installed by the US to rule Pakistan in the interest of US hegemony, resigned August 18 to avoid impeachment. Karl Rove and the Diebold electronic voting machines were unable to control the result of the last election in Pakistan, the result of which gave Pakistanis a bigger voice in their government than America’s.

It was obvious to anyone with any sense--which excludes the entire Bush Regime and almost all of the “foreign policy community”--that the illegal and gratuitous US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and Israel’s 2006 bombing of Lebanon civilians with US blessing, would result in the overthrow of America’s Pakistani puppet.

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Truth and Consequences Under the Israeli Occupation

Truth and Consequences Under the Israeli Occupation
by Mohammed Omer
I am a Palestinian journalist from Gaza. At the age of 17, I armed myself with a camera and a pen, committed to report accurately on events in Gaza.
I have filed reports as Israeli fighter jets bombed Gaza City.
I have interviewed mothers as they watched their children die in hospitals unequipped to serve them because of Israel's embargo.
I have been recognized for my reporting, even in the United States and United Kingdom, where I have won two international awards.
I have also been beaten and tortured by Israeli soldiers.

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Can My Son Survive Acute Myaloid Leukaemia?

Please God Can My Son Survive Acute Myaloid Leukaemia?
by Andrew Kishner
Today, I learned that someone typed the phrase ‘please God can my son survive Acute Myaloid Leukaemia?’ to reach a webpage I set up that discusses the medical impacts of nuclear accidents and testing across the globe.

Little needs to be said about what this person is going through. It is immensely saddening to read this plea for help.

I am reminded about a story about a 16 year-old girl who died of acute myeloid leukaemia. Her name was Ann Capewell, and she lived just one mile from the former runway of Greenham Common, a former NATO and United States Air Force base located in the south of England near the town of Newbury. Greenham Common was the home to America’s nuclear B-47 bombers during the Cold War.

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Obama for Prez: A Quieter Ugliness

Progressives and Obama: The Clash of Narratives        
by Norman Solomon
By now, across the progressive spectrum, some familiar storylines tell us the meaning of the Obama campaign. In a groove, each narrative digs its truths. But whether those particular truths are the most important at this historical moment is another story.

We can set aside the plotline that touts Obama as a visionary pragmatist who has earned the complete trust of progressives. The belief has diminished in recent months — in the wake of numerous Obama pronouncements on foreign policy, his FISA vote to damage the Fourth Amendment and the like — but such belief was never really grounded in his record as a politician or his policy positions.

A more substantial narrative concedes that Obama has "compromised" on numerous fronts but assumes he has done so in order to get elected president, after which time his real self will emerge. This kind of dubious projection is as old as the political hills, and inevitably becomes a kind of murky exercise in armchair psychology. All in all, projection is not useful for assessing where political leaders are and where they’re headed.

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Bush's Mouthpiece in Canada

Harper again serves as Bush's mouthpiece in Canada
by Jim Miles
While eastern Canada suffers unseasonable rains, the west enjoys its average warm/hot summer.  In the Middle East however, the heat is rising in the geo-political field. 

I noticed an article in the local paper (The Province, Friday, August 15, p. A41) concerning Prime Minister Harper and his claim that Russia is returning to a Soviet-era mentality.  That may well be true, but it is only because the Americans adopted their own unilateral, interventionist, first-strike, supreme military "full spectrum dominance" ethos that has proven so disastrous around the world, but specifically in military terms in the Middle East.

Harper joins Bush and Rice in their full-on wilful ignorance of the facts that the U.S. has invaded more countries in the past half century than any other, that the U.S. unilaterally invaded and occupied Iraq, that the U.S. created the situation in Afghanistan - going way back to the CIA preceding the Russians in 1979 - including the creation of al-Queda and the Taliban to help fight the Russians (interesting case of "unintended consequences", all wars have them), that Georgia attacked Russia first, vainly believing that Israel (who trained and supplied the Georgian military) and the U.S. (who also trained and supplied the Georgian military) would step in to help them.


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Dodging Impeachment: President Resigns

Facing Impeachment, Musharraf Resigns as President of Pakistan
by Democracy Now!
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation today in order to avoid charges of impeachment that were to be leveled against him later this week.
General Musharraf has ruled Pakistan since he seized power in a 1999 coup. He has been a close ally to the United States for the past decade.
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