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America, Don't Worry!

“America Don’t Worry! Israel is Behind You!”
By Nadia Hasan
I remember a few years ago walking through the wonderful narrow streets of the occupied Old city of Jerusalem, seeing a small shop managed by an old Palestinian man who was selling souvenirs to the tourists.
I entered the shop, not because I wanted to buy something, I am not a tourist in my own land (despite the Zionist entity who is occupying my land allowing me to enter there just as a tourist) but because I was captured by the smell of fresh coffee that beckoned me from inside the shop.
As I know my people, I knew that as soon as I set foot inside the shop I would be welcomed with this hot and stimulating beverage.
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The Capitalist is Naked

Rosa Luxemburg's Shock Doctrine
by Ron Jacobs
Naomi Klein’s 2007 release Shock Doctrine addressed in a rather mild way the dependence of the capitalist economy on cataclysmic events for its progress. These events displace millions and cause personal hardship for an even greater number while they ensure capitalism’s survival.

A century ago, there was another woman who took this observation further and devoted her life to ending capitalism. Her name was Rosa Luxemburg.
She was a Polish woman who dedicated her life to socialist revolution and was murdered by the 1919 social democratic government of Germany for her uncompromising belief in that revolution.
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A Father's Day for Migrant Workers in Canada

A Father's Day for Migrant Workers in Canada
by Eva Roa
My name is Eve Roa. I am the founder of Even Better Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services, and Even Better Foundation.
I am officially inviting you to advertize what we are doing for the Mexican migrant workers for Father’s Day.

We are going to thank them for growing our vegetables and fruits. We are going to thank them for their hard work. We are going to show appreciation for leaving their wives and children behind, so that they can make a decent living for their families. We’ll have raffle, gifts, music etc.

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CIA Death Squads Killing with “Impunity” in Afghanistan

CIA Death Squads Killing with “Impunity” in Afghanistan
by Joe Kay
A United Nations investigator released a preliminary report last week citing widespread civilian deaths in Afghanistan, often at the hands of unaccountable units led by the CIA or other foreign intelligence agencies.

The investigator is Philip Alston, a New York University professor serving as the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Human Rights Council on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary execution. His report provides a partial glimpse into the illegal actions of intelligence agencies, occupying forces, and Afghan police, as they seek to repress opposition to the US-led occupation and US-backed government.

A more detailed final report will be released later this year.

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CIA Implicated in Extrajudicial Assassinations in Afghanistan

CIA Implicated in Extrajudicial Assassinations in Afghanistan 
by Professor Philip Alston, Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Human Rights Council on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions
I have spent 12 days in Afghanistan at the invitation of the Government and I am deeply grateful to them for the full cooperation I received. I have visited Helmand, Kabul, Kandahar, Kunar, Nangarhar, Jowzjan, and Parwan and met with victims and witnesses, Provincial Governors, Ministers in the national Government, senior international military officers, civil society, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, the UN, and many others.

I should make clear that I am not a staff member of the United Nations. In other words, I am not a member of UNAMA or the UN Secretariat charged with implementing official UN policy. Instead, I play a different role within the UN system. I have been appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to provide that body with a report analyzing problems relating to unlawful killings and making recommendations for how those killings could be more effectively prevented.
It will be for the Government, the United Nations, the international community, and civil society to give those recommendations appropriate consideration.

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Snakes and Superdelegates

Snakes and Superdelegates
by Lori Price
While the US media obsesses on delegates, superdelegates and whether or not Hillary Clinton is using math formulae hallowed by MSNBC, we learn that US interrogators used snakes to torture prisoners (that's right, PentaPost -- torture, not 'interrogate' and prisoners, not 'detainees') at Guantanamo Bay - while the FBI watched.

Today, we learned from, an Australian news and information site, that US interrogators - at least on one occasion - used a snake (in addition to military dogs and pornography) on prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. 

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Bill C-50: Canada's "Back-Door" Immigration Changes

by No-one Is Illegal
Recently the Conservative government introduced a series of amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act buried in Bill C-50, the budget bill.
This undemocratic move sneaks in critical changes to immigration policy without proposing any of those changes before Parliament.
Under the proposed changes, even if someone meets the necessary- already stringent- criteria for a visa (such as permanent resident, visitor etc), the Minister can reject the application without any Court review.
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U.S. Military Recruits Sesame Street

Elmo Pimps War: Military Recruits Sesame Street
by C. L. Cook
The BBC World News reports the iconic children's program, Sesame Street is broadcasting episodes to help kids cope with the long absence of their service personnel parents "manning" the walls of the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"Mommy and Daddy are going away to help some folks overseas" sings Elmo, trying to explain to the kinder of the United States their parents' absence.

It's not the first time the venerable characters have been used to forward America's military ambitions; back in 2003, frustrated  U.S. interrogators used the theme music from Sesame Street and Barney, the famous purple dinosaur, played at ear-splitting volumes to "break" recalcitrant Iraqi "detainees," among other methods made infamous later.

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"Ethics" Committee Stifles Mulroney-Schreiber Court Review

Federal Ethics Comm. Stifles Review of Mulroney-Schreiber Situation
by Democracy Watch
Federal Ethics Commissioner files motion to try to stop court review of her ruling that Prime Minister and his cabinet are not in a conflict of interest over Mulroney-Schreiber situation, but rules Liberal MP is in a conflict of interest.
The motion is an attempt to stop a review by the Court of her ruling issued on January 7, 2008 which concluded that, even when the Prime Minister's and his Cabinet ministers' own actions and the actions of their close associate Brian Mulroney are in question, they are not covered by the Conflict of Interest Act and it is fine for them to:
  • choose whether an inquiry into the Mulroney-Schreiber situation will take place;
  • to set the scope of the inquiry;
  • choose the inquiry commissioner(s) who will judge them and Mr. Mulroney, and;
  • to control the legal proceedings against Karlheinz Schreiber even though he made allegations about them.

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Canada: 'Throttling' Net Neutrality

Stop The Throttler!
Bell and Rogers are changing how the Internet works by dictating how Web users access content. Bell is limiting Sympatico subscribers from downloading content. Subscribers of Internet hosting companies that buy wholesale services from Bell have already been feeling the pinch since mid-March.
This policy is more accurately referred to as ‘throttling’, and it fundamentally changes how the Internet works.
Meanwhile, Rogers, in addition to its own traffic shaping activities, has announced it will charge subscribers more for Internet activities that use more bandwidth. Instead of users deciding how we use the Internet, ISPs are now trying "shape" our traffic.


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Kennedy at Home: Terminal Diagnosis

Senator Edward Kennedy Released from Hospital
by CBC News
Accompanied by friends and family, Senator Edward Kennedy slowly walked out of a Massachusetts hospital Wednesday, a day after being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor that experts say is almost certainly fatal.
Senator Edward Kennedy waves as he leaves Mass. General Hospital in Boston Tuesday. (CBC)

A crowd of well-wishers applauded the 76-year-old Democrat as emerged from the doors of Massachusetts General in Boston. He smiled, waved back and gave a thumbs-up. His dogs greeted him at the hospital door.
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