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America’s Fate in the Coming Era of Chinese Dominance

Oct 31, 2009 Jim Miles
Reviewing In The Jaws of the Dragon:…

Vancouver: The Unwanted Olympics

Nov 27, 2008 The Real News
Controversy rocks lead-up to 2010…

From the USS Liberty to the Freedom Flotilla

Jun 05, 2010 William A. Cook
Protecting America’s Security: From the…


Massive Baghdad Protest Against Extending Occupation

Raw Video: Massive Baghdad Protest
by Raw Video 
Saturday, October 18, 2008 Shiites rally in Baghdad against a U.S.-Iraqi security pact, burning effigies of President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Marchers want Iraq's parliament to reject the agreement, letting troops stay until 2011.

About The Supreme Court Tent Ruling

Important Things To Know About The Supreme Court Tent Ruling
by David Arthur Johnston
The city has taken a few liberties in their interpretation of the new Supreme Court ruling that now allows tents to be set up in Victoria city parks.
Firstly, the idea that the ruling only goes into effect when there are not enough shelter beds is completely wrong. Our lawyers had always said that the Charter Challenge would have been made harder, if not impossible, if there were enough shelter beds. That being said, now that the Challenge has been 'successful' the only stipulation it proposes is that only homeless people are allowed to set up temporary shelters and legally it would not matter if there were 2000 empty shelter beds.

Secondly, yes, it was generally accepted that once the anti-tent bylaws were struck that the city could still make new bylaws to better work with the judge's ruling.
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Russia Joins Venezuela in Battle Excercises

Russia Draws Closer to Venezuela
Forrest Hylton: Venezuela moves to decrease dependence on the USA , not to threaten it.

Venezuelan military commander General Jesus Gonzalez announced his country's plans to purchase Russian battle tanks and armed reconnaissance vehicles amidst increasing relations between Russia and Venezuela. The announcement comes as three Russian warships and support vessels are on their way to take part in joint naval exercises with Venezuela. 
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Promises of Perdition: Yet Another Afghanistan Atrocity

Road to Perdition: Yet Another Atrocity in Afghanistan, More to Come
by Chris Floyd
On Wednesday night, the BBC reported that a British soldier had been killed in Helmand province in Afghanistan. On Thursday night, the BBC reported that an airstrike by as-yet unidentified "foreign forces" has killed at least 18 civilians -- in Helmand province.
From the BBC:

"A BBC reporter in the provincial capital Lashkar Gah saw the bodies - three women and the rest children - ranging in age from six months to 15. The families brought the bodies from their village in the Nad Ali district, where they say the air strike occurred. A further nine bodies are said to be trapped under destroyed buildings. Nato-led forces say they are investigating the incident in an area where the British military are known to operate."
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UVSS Strike: Meanwhile Behind the Lines

about the strike 
by Janine Bandcroft
I arrived a bit early for CFUV's general meeting tonight and, outside the door of the room we would be occupying, saw various documentation photocopied and available for pick up.  I was thinking that I should read my emails more carefully, I didn't remember reading that our meeting was an AGM, and then I began to wonder why would CFUV be reviewing the UVSS budget?

It turned out that the UVSS, the student society at UVic, was having their AGM.  They'd been having it since 3 that afternoon and we were booked into the room at 6:30.  It was approaching 7.  I perused the agenda - there was no mention of the strike that's now in its 7th week.  Workers inside the student union building, which is managed by the UVSS and their staff, are asking for the first pay raise in many years.
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Smear: From Acorns GOP Lies Grow

GOP Attacked ACORN Before 2004 Election
by Jason Leopold
In a replay of a tactic used to help secure President George W. Bush’s second term, Republicans – aided by investigative agencies of the federal government – are making a campaign issue out of voter-registration forms with fake names like “Mickey Mouse.”
The (ACORN), a grassroots group that has registered hundreds of thousands of new voters, is again the target of these Republican attacks despite federal guidelines discouraging voter-fraud investigations right before elections.

Trying to salvage his campaign, John McCain has jumped into the ACORN case, too, citing it at the third presidential debate. He declared ACORN “is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy."

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Homeless Ruling Reverb: Whose Breaking Whose Law?

Vancouver Refuses to Acknowledge Victoria Homeless Ruling 
Victoria lawyers and homeless activists won a major victory Tuesday when the BC Supreme Court ruled that homeless people have a constitutional right to erect a shelter on public property when no other shelter is available. However, the City of Vancouver is refusing to acknowledge the validity of the decision and its implications for Vancouver bylaws.

"We'd like to congratulate Ms. Boise Parker and her courageous clients for setting a very important Charter precedent," said Laura Track of Pivot Legal Society. "We can't understand why Vancouver is refusing to acknowledge this legal development of a right to basic shelter."
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Outing Canadian Militarism: Myths for Profit

Myth for Profit: Canada's Role in Industries of War and Peace 
by Amy Miller
The documentary ‘Myths for Profit' explores 'Canada’s role in the Industries of War and Peace’ providing a dramatic, critical expose, looking at three central beliefs held by the majority of Canadians in order to question what motives hide behind them and who stands to gain?

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Afghanistan: Gates Decries NATO Member's "National Caveats"

Coalition Forces on the Wrong Track in Afghanistan
Anand Gopal : Afghanistan does not need more guns, it needs reconstruction and reconciliation.


Speaking in Washington DC this week US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates spoke about the need for NATO members to contribute more troops in Afghanistan. His remarks came amid fears that an upsurge in violence and corruption in Afghanistan is threatening the viability of an already weak central government. Inter Press Services journalist Anand Gopal based in Kabul, believes that what is needed are not more boots on the ground, but a change in policy. A shift towards reconciliation and reconstruction.
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Palin's Cavity Between the Ears

Drill Baby Drill
by Chris Genovali
Victoria’s Times-Colonist writer Iain Hunter’s recent column on John McCain’s vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin (“Our election needs Palin’s feistiness,” September 8, 2008) exemplifies the type of feckless punditry plaguing so much of the United States election coverage. As for Hunter’s wish that the “feisty” Palin was “running for high political office in Canada,” let’s just say that one man’s feistiness is another man’s fanaticism.
Alaska governor Sarah Palin is really more frightening than fiesty

It is exactly the cynical circus sideshow surrounding the manufactured Palin phenomenon that we should do everything in our power to avoid with regard to Canada’s electoral process.
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The Sun Within Our Reach

The Sun's in Our Grasp
by Diane Walsh
Solar energy is viable—not only as an accepted energy option for heating homes but also as an energy source for charging car batteries.

Louis Palmer, Swiss owner of the first solar-supported car ever to drive around the globe, is rallying for change on the environmental front.  Lucky for us—he (with the endorsement of the Swiss embassy) took the time to speak in an interview when in DC, so Victoria could learn more [about] this initiative.
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