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Tomgram: Dispatching Bush

Tom 'Dispatch' on Bush and the media
by TRN
Editor and author Tom Engelhardt runs one of the most influential political Web sites on the net -
In this interview Engelhardt and Pepe Escobar discuss the tribulations of Empire, the relationship of oil and war, and how mainstream media in the US constantly edits out crucial stories.
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The Pentagon and the Oil Deal Nobody Wants to Talk About

The Pentagon and the Hunt for Black Gold: The Oil Deal Nobody Wants to Talk About
by Nick Turse
For years, "oil" and "Iraq" couldn't make it into the same sentence in mainstream coverage of the invasion and occupation of that country. Recently, that's begun to change, but "oil" and "the Pentagon" still seldom make the news together.

Last year, for instance, according to Department of Defense (DoD) documents, the Pentagon paid more than $70 million to Hunt Refining, an oil company whose corporate affiliate, Hunt Oil, undermined U.S. policy in Iraq. Not that anyone would know it. While the hunt for oil in Iraq is now being increasingly well covered in the mainstream, the Pentagon's hunt for oil remains a subject missing in action. Despite the staggering levels at which the Pentagon guzzles fuel, it's a chronic blind spot in media energy coverage.

Let's consider the Hunt Oil story in a little more detail, since it offers a striking example of the larger problem. 
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Canadian Parliament Members Call for Freedom for Cuban 5

Canadian members of Parliament demand justice for the Cuban Five
by Granma
Fifty-six members of Canada's Parliament have just signed a petition demanding justice for the Cuban Five, the anti-terrorist fighters arbitrarily sentenced to long prison sentences in the United States since September 12, 1998. "Nothing justifies keeping them behind bars," the petition says.
"We cannot allow this extremely painful situation for these five Cubans and their families to drag on," says letter sent to U.S. Attorney General.

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Fallujah Again

Unrest Surfaces in Fallujah Again
by Ali al-Fadhily and Dahr Jamail
Security has collapsed again in Fallujah, despite U.S. military claims.

Local militias supported by U.S. forces claim to have "cleansed" the city, 70 km to the west of Baghdad, of all insurgency. But the sudden resignation of the city's chief of police, Colonel Fayssal al-Zoba'i, has appeared as one recent sign of growing unrest.

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The Nangarhar Massacre

Imperial Wizards: The Nangarhar Massacre and U.S. Plans for Central Asia        
by Chris Floyd     
At first, the Pentagon denied that American planes had slaughtered dozens of Afghan civilians on their way to a wedding in the Nangarhar mountains.
"Pure propaganda," said the usual media and blogosphere sycophants. "It's always 'a wedding' being hit, the same old story." 
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Plame: The Scandal Bush Can't Outrun

Bush Asserts Exec Privilege; Blocks DOJ From Releasing CIA Leak Documents
by Jason Leopold
In the latest twist in the “Plame-gate” scandal, President George W. Bush has asserted executive privilege to block release of Vice President Dick Cheney’s interview with a special prosecutor about possible criminal violations in the leaking of a CIA officer’s covert identity.

Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, promptly denounced the White House legal reasoning as “ludicrous,” noting that executive privilege covers advice that an aide gives the President, not responses to legal questions posed by a prosecutor about a possible crime.

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Torture American Style: Omar Khadr's Tale of the Tape

Torture American Style: Omar Khadr's Tale of the Tape 
by C. L. Cook
Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to entertain petitioning the United States for the return of "child soldier" Omar Khadr, the last "coalition of the willing" country citizen held at Guantanamo Bay's infamous Camp X-Ray.
Today, Khadr's legal team released video tape of his "interrogation" by members of Canada's secret service, CSIS. The video is below, and not for the squeamish.  By refusing to intercede, Harper is complicit in the violation of a number of international treaties Canada, unlike the United States, is a signatory to.
Below the break is an article I wrote on the Khadr case in May of this year.
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Lessons Lawyers Teach on Torture

Ten Lessons from Recent Torture Hearings
by ANP
Lawyers who approved "enhanced interrogation tactics" are under increasing pressure to explain them.
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Iran: More War or Talk?

War, war, war or Jaw, jaw, jaw?
by William Bowles  
It’s amazing isn’t it how the media, given the appropriate cues from the state, so readily slips into a warring state of mind. I’m talking of course about Iran.

All the major media outlets have shifted into top gear over the past couple of weeks and, for the first time, talked about Israel’s role as the frontline ‘dog of war’ on behalf of its paymaster, the US.

You have to ask, what’s changed?
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Whose Border Law?

Katenies' Kidnapping by Canadian Border Guards: What is the Law?
by Ieriwa'on:ni
Kidnapping is the forcible abduction and carrying of a person from their own country to another, according to English common law. It is the source of the laws of both Canada and the United States.

Kidnapping happened to Katenies on June 14th, 2008.  When she presented herself at the border controls that Canada has placed in the middle of the Akwesasne community, she was moving from one part of her ancestral homeland to another.  She did nothing to provoke the assault she suffered.
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Hirelings Rush to Resolution

AIPAC’s Hirelings Rush to Resolution
by William A. Cook
Perception is often the stepchild of ignorance, especially when controlled by those with the most to gain. It is especially difficult for our Congress to perceive clearly when it grovels at the feet of its master, AIPAC.
America’s Knesset, servile hirelings of Israel’s lobby, rush to pass yet another resolution conceived by AIPAC and authored and co-signed by its most slavish puppets, Ackerman and Ros-Lehtinen in the House and Lieberman and Bayh in the Senate, Resolutions H. Con. 362 and S. 580, the “Iran War Resolution.”
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