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Requiem for the Hype: Time to Hang Up the Corporate Media Gloves

Requiem for the Bailout Storyline
by Norman Solomon
It’s mid-October, and the Wall Street bailout that was supposed to save the economy from collapse is a flop.

Only two weeks ago, the media hype behind the $700 billion bailout was so intense that it sometimes verged on hysteria. More recent events should not be allowed to obscure the reality that the news media played a pivotal role in stampeding the country into a bailout that was unwise and unjust.
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by MNN
On Monday, October 6, 2008, the Algonquins of Barriere Lake had enough and blocked Highway 117 in Northern Quebec.  They want Canada and Quebec to live up to the "trilateral agreement" signed in 1991 between the 3 parties. 
The Algonquins have a right to sustainably develop and co-manage their traditional territories and to have a share in resource revenues.  Canada and Quebec obviously believe in stealing but not sharing.  Isn't that the "slippery slope" that multinational corporations are sliding into right now? They refuse to comply with the agreement which would save the environment.   
Rotten to the core, Canada and Quebec responded to the blocked road by sending in almost 100 Quebec police, some fully-equipped riot police, to attack the Algonquins to get out of negotiations.  Tear gas was shot into a group of youth and elders.  One canister hit a handicapped person in the chest.  Nine people, including; an elderly women, a pregnant woman, and two minors, were arrested.  Severe "pain compliance" techniques were used on peaceful men, women and children who had secured themselves to concrete-filled barrels.  The cops twisted their arms, dislocated their jaws, left them with bruised faces and sore necks and throats from the tear gas. 
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"Crisis-Changed" Spectrum of Political Debate

Crisis Changes Spectrum of Political Debate
Rick Salutin: While elections limit the scope of discussion, financial crisis is blowing it wide open.


In the second part of their interview, Senior Editor Paul Jay and Rick Salutin discuss the degree by which political discourse is affected by both elections and moments of crisis. Rick believes that the two events are competing forces, with the election campaigns providing a very shallow analysis and the crisis forcing people to consider ideas normally outside the realm of acceptable discussion. For the first time in recent memory, we are hearing words like capitalism and socialism in the mainstream grammar.
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FUCKING in the Land of the Free

FUCKING in the Land of the Free
by ST. Pete 4 Peace
16 year old arrested for holding up "FUCK BUSH" sign.
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Failed Deities: Priesthood Flees Free Market Dogma

The God That Failed: The 30-Year Lie of the Market Cult
by Chris Floyd
Perhaps the most striking fact revealed by the global financial crash -- or rather, by the reaction to it -- is the staggering, astonishing, gargantuan amount of money that the governments of the world have at their command.

In just a matter of days, we have seen literally trillions of dollars offered to the financial services sector by national treasuries and central banks across the globe. Britain alone has put $1 trillion at the disposal of the bankers, traders, lenders and speculators; and this has been surpassed by the total package of public money that Washington is shoveling into the financial furnaces of Wall Street and the banks. These radical efforts are being replicated on a slightly smaller scale in France, Germany, Italy, Russia and many other countries.

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Do Canadian Jews Support Boycotting Aid to Palestinians?

Liberals Want to Know: "Do Canadian Jews Support Boycotting Aid to Palestinians?"
by C. L. Cook
A few weeks ago, Liberal York Centre riding incumbent Ken Dryden channeled Tory foreign affairs minister, Peter McKay, telling the crowd gathered at the Beth Emeth synagogue Canada should completely cut off aid to Gaza.

In his article, 'Israel's Party Mixer,' NOW Magazine's Paul Weinberg quotes the former Montreal Canadiens star goal-tender saying;

"Stop all aid that flows into Gaza. While that may seem a harsh measure that will hurt Palestinian civilians; it is the right thing to do at this time."
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Bulking up Pentagon North

Stephen Harper: Bulking up Pentagon North
by Linda McQuaig
Canadian "consumers" and their choices pale before the projected Conservative budget for a war economy.

With the prospect of a Harper majority hanging menacingly over the country, the mind inevitably turns to the question: Just what is the "secret agenda" lurking behind the friendly sweater?

Actually, I don't believe there is one. The truth is that Stephen Harper has already laid out an agenda that would fundamentally change this country - in ways most Canadians would oppose.
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Support Local Farmers Event Oct 18th 12:00 noon

Support Local Farmers Event Oct 18th 12:00 noon   
by Friends of Farmers 
Where: at Moss Street Market
Why?  To support one of Moss Street Market's founding members caught in a change of policy. Farmer Mary Alice Johnson of ALM Farms has had farm tax assessment on her property for the past 18 years. Suddenly this year BC Assessment changed its policy and began to apply a split assessment causing any unused portion of a farm to be taxed at a residential rate.
After a huge public outcry the Minister of Small Business and Revenue called a review to the tax policy and after much pressure finally agreed to put a freeze on any further farm assessments until the review is complete in 2009. However he refused to apply this freeze to the first wave of farmers caught up in this.
This applies to Saanich and a few farmers in Sooke.
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Palin: The Talent Scout

Palin's Talent Scout
by Scott Horton
No wonder Bill Kristol has remained so positive about her while other neocons have fled. He helped push her to the veep ticket-and won out against Karl Rove.

In June 2007, a cruise liner sponsored by the political journal The Weekly Standard set anchor in Ju neau, Alaska. Editors and guests of the publication were then treated to a reception with Governor Sarah Palin. It was a moment of discovery to equal Hernando Cortez's landing at Veracruz. A writer for London's Daily Telegraph interviewed one of the participants in the Juneau junket about the meeting with Palin:

"She's bright and she's a blank page. She's going places and it's worth going there with her." Asked if he sees her as a "project," the former official said: "Your word, not mine, but I wouldn't disagree with the sentiment."

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PBS: Torturing Democracy

Torturing Democracy: Fabulous new film showing on Public Television
by Stephen Soldz
Starting tonight, Public Television will be viewing the new documentary Torturing Democracy, which is a new film relaying the history of U.S. torture in the war on terror. Topics cover the Yoo-Bybee legal memos, the removal of Geneva protections, torture at the CIA black sites, the  development of Guantanamo, and the torture of many of the detainees whose names we have sadly come to know.

Along the way, the film explains the CIA KUBARK interrogation manual and the role of the military’sSERE [Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape] program. The reverse-engineering of SERE techniques into U.S. torture techniques is described.

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Algonquin Blockade: Urgent Call for Support

Algonquin Blockade: Urgent Call for Support
by Collectif de Solidarité Lac Barrière
Starting at 6am this morning, families from the Algonquin community of Barriere Lake have blockaded highway 117 in northern Quebec.
They are demanding that the Federal and Quebec governments uphold the agreements they signed with the  community, and stop imposing illegitimate leadership on the community in order to avoid their responsibilities.

As of 12:30pm on Monday, the police are saying that the Montreal police have been called in to clear the highway, and arrest those who resist. There are currently 50 community members and 20 non-native supporters peacefully blockading the highway.
The community needs  members of the broader public to make it clear right now that this is unacceptable, that they have suffered enough division at the hands of the government, and that the agreements need to be honoured.
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