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Meet the Harper Inc NEB/Enbridge Gateway Factotums

Meet the Harper Inc NEB/Enbridge Gateway Factotums
by Ingmar Lee
Hi all: Here are the Minister of Big-Oil Environment National Energy Board Factotums, appointed to manage the "process" to approve the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline/Tanker scheme.

The video of these three is astounding, spectral and surreal, with our fibrillating substandard internet service (that is, less than the
acceptable standard of reliability and speed that is required to do the transactions of regular Canadian life- here on the edge of the Canadian netherworld, absolutely surreal...

Reading the resumes of these folks, (below the video) it is absolutely clear that they will approve the project, best interests of Canadian's be damned.

There is no due-process option for stopping this atrocity.
The Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project is an independent body, mandated by the Minister of the Environment and the National Energy Board. The Panel will assess the environmental effects of the proposed project and review the application under both the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the National Energy Board Act.

View the video to meet the Joint Review Panel.

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