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Paul Craig Roberts

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The Privatization Proxy War on Russia's Economy
Another World War on the Horizon?
Law on LaGarde: IMF Chief Charged in French Court
Vive La Matrix: France Swallows the Red, White, and Blue Pill
A Refined False Flag: Lessons Learnt from Charlie Hebdo Applied in Paris
World Domination Only Way to Secure American "Safety"
The War Memorial Racketeers
Legitimizing Bin Laden Myth: Seymour's Kool-Aid Moment
The Strangelove Generals Return: Provoking Russia
Obama's Thanksgiving Rigging of the Gold Market
Ukraine's Crisis Roils On
Nation Smashers: American Crimes Makes Pikers of Third Reich
Who Protects Us From the Protectors?
Getting Behind the Anti-Russia Media Campaign
Victims and Villians: Fearing the Worst from Government and Its Agents
Taking the Glitter Out of Gold: Fed Campaign to Destabilize Greenback Competitor
The LIBORmen: FED on the Inside of the Rates-Fixing Fraud
Lies from Every Quarter: America's 360 Degree Disinformation
Something is Rotten with American Justice
Red Pill, Blue Pill: Choosing Democracy for America
Dropping Finally the Democracy Facade
Gauging the Profundity of America's Moral Lassitude
Iowa Post Mortem: Americans Welcome Coming Tyranny
Corruptus Completus: Welcome to Griftopia
The Farce & Sham of Western Democracy
Pakistan in the Crosshairs: America's Newest "Worst Enemy"
Last Whistleblower
Pakistan TV Fixing the Facts on the Osama bin Laden 'Kill/Capture Operation
Mysterious Death of Osama bin Laden: Creating Evidence Where There is None
Strauss-Kahn simply had to be eliminated
Desperately Seeking the Next bin Laden
Universal Deceit Needs An Orwell
Egypt: A Revolution, or Just Spin?
Insouciant America
The Republican Method: How to Create Executive Rule
The Might Doctrine
Terrorists Wanted: Apply Within
Death by Globalism: Economics' Fatal Vagaries
Killing the First: The Nazification of America
Let Them Eat $#!^
Fallen Truth, Fallen Liberty
Americans' Ignorance Rains Ruin Worldwide
Policed, or Police State?
Lex Nihilum: The Law is Lost
Israel's Stranglehold(s)
The Failed Trials of Modern American Morays
There Lies Empire
European Appeasement and the American Brownshirt Movement
Sanctions for Israel and the US
American Serfs and Oligarchs
Spirit of Humanity: Of Pyrates and Piracy
"Death to the Dictator!" An Old Script Writ New in Iran
Identity Theft: In Search of Obama's Misplaced Soul
Who Would Rule America
Untold Bailout Scams
An Economical Memory: How the Economy was Lost
War on Terror: Hoax
America's Humiliating Subservience to Israel
May We No Longer Be Silent
Paulson's Plan is a Fraud
Russia Is On "The Agenda"
Ready For Nuclear War?
Nuclear Brinkmanship Makes a Comeback: Hot August Night on the World Stage
Anthrax Attacks and the Assault on Civil Liberties
Ready to Face the Facts About Israel?
Crying War Crime
The Gate-Keepers
Leading by Example: Robert Mugabe, A Man for Our Times
John Yoo, Totalitarian
Petraeus Testimony: The World in the General's Mouth
Protect America: Spying Lies
Does The Brownshirt Party Have Aces?
Jose Padilla and the End of Justice in America
Brutus World
Liberty’s Light and Independent Views
Prisoners We
Worse than Bush?
Talking Turkey: Denying the Iraqi Genocide
Iran: Steaming Towards Further War
No Light Unto the World: Hegemonic Hubris
Offshoring Corporate Malfeasance: Blame China
9/11 Version 2.0