America Productions Presents: An Election Made in Hell

American exceptionalism presents an election made in hell
by William BlumThe Anti-Empire Report #144

March 11th, 2016 

If the American presidential election winds up with Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, and my passport is confiscated, and I’m somehow FORCED to choose one or the other, or I’m PAID to do so, paid well … I would vote for Trump.
My main concern is foreign policy. American foreign policy is the greatest threat to world peace, prosperity, and the environment. And when it comes to foreign policy, Hillary Clinton is an unholy disaster. From Iraq and Syria to Libya and Honduras the world is a much worse place because of her; so much so that I’d call her a war criminal who should be prosecuted. And not much better can be expected on domestic issues from this woman who was paid $675,000 by Goldman Sachs – one of the most reactionary, anti-social corporations in this sad world – for four speeches and even more than that in political donations in recent years.

Add to that Hillary’s willingness to serve for six years on the board of Walmart while her husband was governor of Arkansas. Can we expect to change corporate behavior by taking their money?
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Turkey and Saudi Arabia Conspiring to Tip Lebanon over the Brink

Saudis, Turks Bid to Open Lebanon Front
by Finian Cunningham - SCF

March 7, 2016

With a series of blatant measures, Saudi Arabia and its regional allies are evidently trying to destabilize Lebanon. The development is apiece with how Saudi Arabia and Turkey have both sought to undermine the ceasefire in Syria and to escalate that conflict to a region-wide level.
A New York Times report this week poses a rather naive conundrum:
"Diplomats and analysts have spent several weeks trying to understand why the Saudis would precipitously start penalizing Lebanon – and perhaps their own Lebanese allies – over the powerful influence of Hezbollah, which is nothing new."
Well, here’s a quick answer: Russia’s very effective squelching of the covert war for regime-change in Syria. That has sent Saudi Arabia and Turkey into a paroxysm of rage.
Russia’s military intervention in Syria to defend the Arab state from a foreign-backed covert war involving myriad terrorist proxy groups, has dealt a severe blow to the machinations of Washington, its NATO allies and regional client states.
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Gearóid Ó Colmáin, Greg Palast, Janine Bandcroft Mar. 9th, 2016

This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook -

March 8, 2016

Last month, the first of some the expected 250 Syrian families seeking refuge from the war in their homeland began arriving in Victoria; a veritable drop in the ocean of the estimated six million Syrians displaced both internally, and scattered to the World's four corners.
This great diaspora tsunami is called a crisis as it arrives in Europe, while across the Atlantic, the ongoing US election has politicized the exodus, making of the people a hot potato no-one seeking office wants to catch hold of. But seldom discussed either here or over there is the root cause of this human disaster, and why it was engineered in the first place.
Gearóid Ó Colmáin is the Paris correspondent for the American Herald Tribune, a journalist and political analyst, whose work focuses on globalization, geopolitics and class struggle. He's a regular contributor to Global Research, Russia Today International, Press TV, Sputnik Radio France, Sputnik English, and Dissident Voice, where he's published an eleven-part examination of what he calls "coercive migration."
Gearóid Ó Colmáin in the first half.
And; America's presidential election has evolved into an unparalleled epic pageant costing billions of dollars and running non-stop across media for years before the event. But for all it's sound and fury, the millions upon millions of dollars spent on advertising, the hundreds of thousands of miles traveled by candidates, and rivers of ink and forests of paper press coverage, the actual poll is only as true as the machinery used to count the votes, and honest as the people using them. And according to reporting investigator, Greg Palast, those vote counters ain't straight.
Greg Palast and America's democracy Stripped and Flipped in the second half.
And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us news of things happening on our city's streets, and beyond there too, in the week coming. But first, Gearóid Ó Colmáin and examining the ramifications of a "policy of artificial mass migrations" on Europe.

Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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Four More Drug War Years with Clinton

Blood Money: Four More Years of Drug War Horror with HRC
by Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque

03 March 2016

The Drug War, like the Terror War, is essentially a vast machine for profiteering by the purveyors of weapons and tools of repression. Like the Terror War, the Drug War demonstrably exacerbates the problems it purports to address, and has led to widespread chaos, death and state corruption of almost unfathomable levels.

And Hillary Clinton, almost certain to be the next president, is deeply complicit in both of these malevolent enterprises.
Clinton's extensive and eager involvement in the genuinely insane hyper-militarizataion of American policy n the so-called War on Terror is well-attested. Indeed, she boasts of it, trumpeting how she urged a reluctant Obama into destroying Libya, for example: a "great victory" which she famously celebrated by crowing over the rape and murder of Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi: "We came, we saw, he died!"
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A Revolting American Electorate

Presidential Elections 2016: The Revolt of the Masses
06 Mar 2016  

The presidential elections of 2016 have several unique characteristics that defy common wisdom about political practices in 21st century America. Clearly the established political machinery – party elites and their corporate backers - have (in part) lost control of the nomination process and confront ‘unwanted’ candidates who are campaigning with programs and pronouncements that polarize the electorate.

But there are other more specific factors, which have energized the electorate and speak to recent US history. These portend and reflect a realignment of US politics.

In this essay, we will outline these changes and their larger consequences for the future of American politics. We will examine how these factors affect each of the two major parties.
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A Beautifully Coddled American Mind: White-Supremacist, Patriarchal, and Capitalist

The Coddling of the Capitalist, White-Supremacist, Patriarchal American Mind
by Robert Jensen - Crossing Genres

March 7, 2016
To avoid being conned, politically and intellectually, it’s important to examine how a debate is framed and what ideology is advanced by that framing. What is the scope of the question? How was the direction of the inquiry decided? Who set the boundaries of the conversation?
Let’s ask those questions in regard to the contemporary conversation in the United States about allegedly dangerous trends on college campuses concerning “political correctness,” “microaggressions,” and “trigger warnings.”
A spirited public discussion of these issues was touched off most recently by an article in The Atlantic magazine titled “The Coddling of the American Mind.” I want to challenge the framing and ideology of that article, and of the dominant culture, by suggesting a better title would be “The Coddling of the Capitalist, White-Supremacist, Patriarchal American Mind.”
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Honduran Outrage: The Assassination of Berta Cáceres

Assassination of Berta Cáceres Sparks Outrage
by Common Frontiers

We condemn the assassination of Berta Cáceres, general coordinator and co-founder of the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras. Berta was assassinated in La Esperanza, Intibuca after several individuals broke into the house where she was staying and shot and killed her.

An Indigenous Lenca women and community leader, Berta waged a grassroots campaign that successfully pressured the world’s largest dam builder to pull out of the Agua Zarca Dam.

Just last month, COPINH issued an alert noting that repression and violence against the Rio Blanco community, including Berta Cáceres had escalated as they carried out peaceful actions to protect the River Gualcarque against the construction of a hydroelectric dam by the internationally-financed Honduran company DESA. Due to the violence against her she was granted precautionary measures by the InterAmerican Commission for Human Rights.
Pour lire le communiqué en Français cliquez ici
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Breaking Worlds Then and Now

Three Times When the World Broke Open -- and Two When It Might Again: In Praise of Impractical Movements
by Mark Engler and Paul Engler - TomDispatch
March 6, 2015
Bernie Sanders's insurgent presidential campaign has opened up a debate about how social change happens in our society.
The official version of how progress is won -- currently voiced by mainstream pundits and members of a spooked Democratic Party establishment -- goes something like this: politics is a tricky business, gains coming through the work of pragmatic insiders who know how to maneuver within the system.
In order to get things done, you have to play the game, be realistic, and accept the established limits of debate in Washington, D.C.
A recent article in the Atlantic summed up this perspective with the tagline, "At this polarized moment, it's incremental change or nothing." This view, however, leaves out a critical driver of social transformation. It fails to account for what might be the most important engine of progress: grassroots movements by citizens demanding change.
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After Bern: Where Will the Sandernistas Be Come July?

What Will the Sandernistas Do After July?
by Ralph Nader - CounterPunch

March 4, 2016

The hard-bitten, corporatist Democrats are moving Hillary Clinton through the presidential primaries. They are using “Republican-speak” to beat down Bernie Sanders as favoring Big Government and more taxes and they may unwittingly be setting the stage for a serious split in the Democratic Party.
What is emerging is the reaction of millions of Sanders supporters who will feel repudiated, not just left behind, as the Clintonites plan to celebrate at the Democratic Convention in July.

The political experience gained by the Sanders workers, many of them young, helped Sanders register primary victories over Hillary in Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Vermont and New Hampshire with their energy and votes.
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Visiting the ROK, That Other Korean (Brain) Laundry

South Korea and the Art of Collaboration
by Andre Vltchek - CounterPunch

March 4, 2016  

If raw, naked propaganda makes you sick, stay away from South Korea (ROK)!
While the Western brain-conditioning machine wants you to believe that it is actually the North that is successfully indoctrinating its citizens, those of us who have worked on both sides of the border (or on both sides of the “DMZ”) know much better.
And if they don’t tell, they lie! From the “art work” on both sides of the barbed wire fences, to the institutions designated to brainwash millions of common people, South Korea is leading; its regime’s propaganda (and the propaganda of its Western handlers) is much more experienced, determined, aggressive and therefore, effective.
The curator of the “DMZ STORY, Berlin East Side Gallery & DMZ Story Exhibition” sounded more like an interrogator than an artist.
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Do Haitian Lives Matter to UN "Peacekeeping" Missionaires?

Canada in Haiti: Peacekeeping or Occupation?
by Yves Engler - Dissident Voice

February 29, 2016 

Do Black (Haitian) lives matter to Canada’s leading ‘left-wing’ foreign-policy think tank? Apparently not as much as having the corporate media mention their work by getting in bed with militarism disguised as peacekeeping.

At the start of Black History Month the Ottawa-based Rideau Institute co-published Unprepared for Peace?: The decline of Canadian peacekeeping training (and what to do about it). On the cover of the report (left) a white Canadian soldier, with a massive M-16 strapped around his shoulder, is bent over to hold the hand of a young black boy. In the background are Canadian and UN colours.

A call for the Canadian Forces to offer its members more peacekeeping training, Unprepared for peace? is premised on the erroneous notion that UN missions are by definition socially useful. And it repeatedly implies that Canada’s most significant recent contribution to a UN mission — the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) — was an operation we should be proud of.

The lead author of the report is Rideau Institute board member Walter Dorn, who has worked with and publicly lauded the UN mission in Haiti. “With financial support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade”, Dorn wrote, “the United Nations sent me on research trips to the UN missions in Haiti” and elsewhere in 2006.
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Hillary Rodham Clinton and the War Crimes of Libya

New York Times on Clinton and Libya: Portrait of a war criminal
by Bill Van Auken  - WSWS

1 March 2016
A two-part series entitled “The Libya Gamble” published in the Sunday and Monday editions of the New York Times is a damning indictment of Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and current front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.
The piece, written by Times national security correspondent Scott Shane and investigative reporter Jo Becker, details the leading role played by Clinton in fomenting a war of aggression that killed tens if not hundreds of thousands. The fact that it is not intended as an exposure of these imperialist atrocities makes it all the more incriminating.
The Times has endorsed Clinton’s presidential campaign, describing her as “one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history” and as a president who “would use American military power effectively.” The paper has helped promote the political propaganda touting her as a feminist icon and a candidate deserving the support of African-Americans.
No one would suspect that Ms. Clinton’s criminal record makes her the political equivalent of a black widow spider.
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