Dale R Lindsey: The Coming Threat to BC's West Coast Ecology

Meeting Dale R Lindsey: The Coming Threat to BC's West Coast Ecology

by Ingmar Lee - 10,000 Ton Tanker

October 28, 2016

Please share this far and wide. People need to understand that even as the Nathan E Stewart disaster continues to unfold, it is business as usual for the use of the BC Inside Passage as a petroleum conduit for Alaska-bound tankers...

Over the past few days I have been submitting questions to Pacific Pilotage Authority CEO, Captain Kevin Obermeyer. This morning I asked the Captain about the American ATB tug/tanker unit, the "Dale R Lindsey," which is a "pusher tug" similar to the Nathan E Stewart, and which also pushes a 10,000 deadweight ton petroleum tanker barge.

Friends, here is bad news.

 As you can see by my previous post, the "Dale R Lindsey" transited from Alaska southbound through the BC Inside Passage and is currently about to pass through Seymour Narrows and into the Salish Sea.


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Shelter From the Coming Storm: An Era of Climate Refugees

The Political Era of Climate Refugees

by Robert Hunziker

October 28, 2016

Los Angeles - Global warming/climate change is one of the most potent agents of political and economic change in history. Its impact is like Atilla the Hun in modern times, who back in the day struck terror into the hearts of the Roman Empire.

As of recent, Europe has been inundated with refugees from Middle Eastern wars as well as refugees from ecosystem collapse all across the southern Mediterranean region. The refugee impact is felt far and wide, including Brexit and a concomitant rise of xenophobia throughout the West whilst altering politics towards antagonism, hatred, and malevolence.

The world is turning mad, and madness turns to madman leaders, like Attila the Hun. In point of fact, world history is filled with examples of madmen leading countries, ultimately to demise. They prey upon foreign threats of change to lifestyle and work to motivate people.


Climate Refugee Map UN 2005


Climate change is providing plenty of material to work with by displacing millions. Yet, the massive European immigrant problem of today is only a small taste of what the future holds as millions upon millions of people become climate refugees.


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Canada's Rarely Examined Foreign Policy Record

Canada’s Foreign Policy and Academia

by Yves Engler - Dissident Voice

October 26th, 2016 


Should social scientists seek the truth regardless of whose toes may be stepped on and cite, up front, possible conflicts of interest regarding matters they study?

All academic disciplines claim independence of thought and transparency are principles that guide good research. So, what to make of a Canadian foreign policy discussion dominated by individuals with ties to the decision-making structures they study?

The highly regarded Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) is a prime example. The oldest global affairs school in Canada, Carleton University’s graduate program was established in 1965 with $400,000 ($5 million today) from long-time Senator Norman Paterson, a grain-shipping magnate.

During World War II his company provided vessels for Atlantic convoys and Paterson was a major player within the Liberal Party.


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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Eric Draitser, Ingmar Lee, Janine Bandcroft October 26th, 2016

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook - Gorilla-Radio.com

October 26, 2016


If watching, listening, or reading media, especially in the era of forever electioneering, feels like being caught in the middle of a Three Stooges slap fest, then I have good news for you: There is at least one alternative to getting your ears boxed, eyes poked, and gut punched every time you attempt to become informed.

CounterPunch.org is a venerable first comer in online news aggregating that has not only weathered the myriad alt. news imitators that followed its last-century D.C. newsletter beginnings, but is too still standing amid the overwhelming corporatization of internet news on both sides of the political spectrum. But, as with all bearers of bad news, its survival is precarious. Right now, CounterPunch is appealing to its millions of readers and listeners to pony up and keep this vital service viable.

Listen. Hear.

Eric Draitser is a New York City-based independent geopolitical analyst whose articles and interviews can be found at his site, StopImperialism.org and at Counterpunch.org. He's also the host of CounterPunch Radio.

Eric Draitser in the first half.

And; last week Denny Island-based ecology observer, Ingmar Lee reported on the sinking of the Kirby Corporation oil tanker tug, Nathan E Stewart about 20 kilometers north of Bella Bella. Almost two weeks later, the Nathan E Stewart sits yet at the bottom of the Seaforth Channel, its fuel tanks emptying into the environment.

Ingmar Lee and updating the predictable environmental disaster after the fact in the second half.

And, Victoria Street Newz publiser emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us news of good goings on planned for our streets and beyond in the coming week. But first, Eric Draitser and keeping up the fight at CounterPunch.org.

Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at: http://cfuv.uvic.ca.  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, http://www.pacificfreepress.com. Check out the GR blog at: http://gorillaradioblog.blogspot.ca/
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The Heights of Hypocrisy: America's Lost Moral High Ground

US, Allies Massacre at Will, Yet Condemn Russia

by Finian Cunningham  - Information Clearing House via  Sputnik 

Oct. 23, 2016


We really have entered a macabre twilight zone when US-led warplanes are massacring civilians in several countries – and yet Washington and its allies condemn others for war crimes.

Of course, governments that act criminally cannot be expected to be honest. But what about nominally independent organizations like the United Nations and Western media? The collective deception is damning of systematic complicity. What makes it more disturbing is that if criminality can be so capriciously covered-up by institutions that are relied upon for law and accountability then the world really is in a dangerous, dark place.

The latest atrocity involved US coalition aircraft reportedly killing 15 women and injuring 50 others when they hit a funeral procession near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Friday. American-led coalition warplanes, including from Britain, France, and Turkey, are bombing Iraq, supposedly to help defeat the Islamic State (Daesh) terror group.

Shamefully, the Western news media, which have been blaring allegations of war crimes against Russia over its military operations in Syria, were largely silent on the massacre near Kirkuk.


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Washington's Unified March to Folly

Washington’s New Lock-Step March of Folly

by Robert Parry  - Consortium News

October 22, 2016

Confident in a Hillary Clinton victory, Washington’s foreign policy elite is readying plans for more warfare in Syria and more confrontations with nuclear-armed Russia, an across-the-spectrum “group think” that risks life on the planet
As polls show Hillary Clinton closing in on victory, Official Washington’s neoconservative (and liberal-hawk) foreign policy establishment is rubbing its hands in anticipation of more war and more strife, including a U.S. military escalation in Syria, a take-down of Iran, and a showdown with nuclear-armed Russia.

Former Sec't of State Clinton at Atlantic Council event, 2013. (Photo: Atlantic Council)

What is perhaps most alarming about this new “group think” is that there doesn’t appear to be any significant resistance to the expectation that President Hillary Clinton will unleash these neocon/liberal-hawk forces of intervention that President Barack Obama has somewhat restrained.


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White Helmets, Dark Lies

The White Helmet Controversy

by Rick Sterling - Dissident Voice

October 20th, 2016

Unknown to most people, the White Helmets brand was conceived and directed by a marketing company named “The Syria Campaign” based in New York. They have managed to fool millions of people.

Walt Disney might have made a great movie about this: unarmed volunteers fearlessly rescuing survivors in the midst of war without regard to religion or politics.

Like most other “true life” Disney movies, it is 10% reality, 90% fiction.


White Helmets Phenom 

Due to its success, Western countries are dedicating ever larger amounts of funding. The White Helmets were the 17 October TIME magazine cover story. Nikolas Kristof at the NY Times has gushed over them for years. They recently won a 2016 Right Livelihood Award. Netflix has recently released a special ‘documentary’ movie about the White Helmets. With impeccable timing, the mainstream media acclaim reached a crescendo with both the UK Guardian and The Independent calling on the Nobel Committee to award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the White Helmets.

It’s not just establishment that has gushed over the White Helmets. CODEPINK recommended the Netflix movie and DemocracyNow! ran a puff piece interview with the infomercial directors. The Intercept published an uncritical promotion of the White Helmets and their dubious leader. (CODEPINK received a lot of criticism and later issued a correction.)


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Life and Death in Leer: Worst Place on Earth

The Worst Place on Earth: Death and Life in the Lost Town of Leer
by Nick Turse - TomDispatch
October 20, 2016

 LEER, South Sudan - There it is again. That sickening smell. I’m standing on the threshold of a ghost of a home. Its footprint is all that’s left. In the ruins sits a bulbous little silver teakettle -- metal, softly rounded, charred but otherwise perfect, save for two punctures. Something tore through it and ruined it, just as something tore through this home and ruined it, just as something tore through this town and left it a dusty, wasted ruin.

This, truth be told, is no longer a town, not even a razed one. It’s a killing field, a place where human remains lie unburied, whose residents have long since fled, while its few remaining inhabitants are mostly refugees from similarly ravaged villages.

The world is awash in killing fields, sites of slaughter where armed men have laid waste to the innocent, the defenseless, the unlucky; locales where women and children, old and young men have been suffocated, had their skulls shattered, been left gut-shot and gasping. Or sometimes they’re just the unhallowed grounds where the battered and broken bodies of such unfortunates are dumped without ceremony or prayer or even a moment of solemn reflection. Over the last century, these blood-soaked sites have sprouted across the globe: Cambodia, the Philippines, the Koreas, South Africa, Mexico, Lebanon, Rwanda, Bosnia, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria -- on and on, year after year, country after country.
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Ken Boon, Ingmar Lee, Janine Bandcroft October 19th, 2016

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook - Gorilla-Radio.com


October 19, 2016


che koko


A year into Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party mandate, Canadians who cheered the departure of Stephen Harper's Conservatives thinking the country had turned a corner on aggressive foreign policy abroad, regressive social policies at home, and an obstructionist environmental philosophy drawn straight from the American Bible belt, have little to be happy about on any of those fronts.

War and rumour of it is the Canadian Forces mantra, while little has been done to address the skyrocketing real estate costs fueling homelessness and economic diaspora in all the country's major cities.

But on the environment, and especially where First Nations concerns dove-tail with ecologically threatening mega-projects, like the proposed Site-C dam, the Liberal failure to perform is doubly disappointing.


Listen. Hear.


Ken Boon is a Peace Valley farmer standing to lose his livelihood should Site C be built. He’s also the president of the Peace Valley Landowners Association, and one of six protesters slapped with a BC Hydro lawsuit for, “intentional interference with economic relations by unlawful means.”


Ken Boon in the first half.


And; last week the Nathan E Stewart foundered on rocks in Seaforth Channel and sank. The pusher-tug, well known to locals of British Columbia's mid-coast for its bi-weekly transits through the province's Inside Passage, was headed south with its 10,000 ton oil tanker barge when it ran aground, and though the tanker was "empty" the tug itself began disgorging its 200,000 litres of diesel into the waters of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Ingmar Lee is a long-time ecology defender and resident of the mid-coast. He is the author of the Facebook action site, 10,000 Ton Tanker, from where he has campaigned to have the Nathan E Stewart refused passage.


Ingmar Lee and a perfectly predictable disaster in the second half.


And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us newz of some of the good things going on on our city's streets, and beyond, planned for the coming week. But first, Ken Boon and Justin Trudeau's Site-C dam nation.


Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at: http://cfuv.uvic.ca.  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, http://www.pacificfreepress.com. Check out the GR blog at: http://gorillaradioblog.blogspot.ca/
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Surfing and not Drowning: Cresting the Trump Wave

Learning to Claim Our Victories, Or Why Fighting for Justice Is Like Surfing
by Rebecca Gordon - TomDispatch 
October 16, 2016
In these dismal days of climate change, imperial decline, endless war, and in my city, a hapless football team, I seem to be experiencing a strange and unaccustomed emotion: hope. How can that be?
Maybe it’s because, like my poor San Francisco 49ers who have been “rebuilding” for the last two decades, I’m fortunate enough to be able to play the long game.
But what exactly is making me feel hopeful at the moment? For one thing, we seem to have finally reached Peak Trump, and the reason why is important. 
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"Totally Predictable": Local Outrage Over Oil Spill in the Heart of British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest Coast

 The Wreck of the Nathan E Stewart

by Ingmar Lee  - 10,000 Ton Tanker

October 14, 2016


Pacific Pilotage Authourity CEO, Captain Kevin Obermeyer, -who is the "buck-stops-here" senior person responsible for all shipping on the west coast of Canada, -and who answers only to the Federal Transport Minister, Marc Garneau tells me he is "sickened" by yesterdays disaster, and would have "bet a years salary" that this could never have happened.

(I should have shook hands on that bet a few years ago...)



What remains of the Nathan E Stewart
in Seaforth Channel


Hello all, as is clear from the highly sanitized CBC coverage of the wreckage of the Texas- based tanker near here, the interview I did with them yesterday is being censored from broadcast.

Regrettably, our national, tax-payer-funded broadcaster continues to be controlled by Big Oil, and is being managed by the skeleton crew of corporate-lackey stenographers who survived the voracious cuts orchestrated by the HarperKon regime. I anticipated that my comments would be restricted, so therefore I recorded an unedited copy of my CBC interview. You can watch it here:





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May Day for England: Tackling Theresa's "Stupidity and Arrogance"

Britain’s Ongoing Brexit Woes: Nero Had Nothing on Deluded Theresa May and Her Inadequate Ministers

by Andy Worthington

October 15, 2016

Nearly four months on from the EU referendum, and Britain is in meltdown — and yet the Tory government and its unelected leader, Theresa May, continue to behave as though nothing is wrong, while what springs to my mind is the Emperor Nero, fiddling while Rome burned.

You can see how delusional the Tory leadership’s state of mind is from a few facts from last week: the pound slumping in value to a 168-year low, and the Treasury — yes, the economic heart of the government itself — pointing out that “Britain will lose up to £66 billion a year if it pursues the so-called ‘hard Brexit’ option of leaving the single market and EU customs union,” as the Independent described it, adding, “Government figures suggest the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP) could fall by as much as 9.5 per cent if it leaves the EU and reverts to World Trade Organisation rules.”

I examined the folly of the “hard Brexit” option — and the alarming racism evident at the Conservative Party conference — in an article last week, Theresa May and the Conservative Party’s Alarming White Fascist Aspirations. The good news — a straw to cling to in a hurricane of wilful ignorance and blind optimism — is that MPs from across the political spectrum have finally woken up to the need to tackle May and her ministers for their stupidity and their arrogance.


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