Reviewing An Age of Fools

Age of Fools - Book Review 

by Prof. David Werner

November 8, 2016

Age of Fools by William A. Cook is a hard book. It reads like a block of granite, unyielding, unsympathetic, difficult, harsh, cynical in the way that stone can be, yet strangely monumental in its cynicism, leaving the reader full of awe at the grandeur of its criticism.
The tone of its author Cook reminds me of Robinson Jeffers, the gray bearded prophet standing in the storm, arms raised, howling against the foibles and stupidity of the human race, or, perhaps, the later cynical Twain, to whose “War Prayer” Cook refers.
The particular part of the human race which is the focus of condemnation in Age of Fools is the “cabal” of the members of the George W. Bush administration, particularly the Neo-Cons, and particularly their prosecution of the war in Iraq and their single-minded support for the state of Israel.
In short, Age of Fools is a 342 page condemnation in the harshest of terms, in the aftermath of 9/11, of Ariel Sharon’s and Ehud Olmert’s persecution of the Palestinians and in turn, a condemnation of “the incestuous relationship that exists between the U.S. and Israel,” and the destruction of the Palestinians that that relationship has produced.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, John Helmer, Paul Spong, Janine Bandcroft November 9th, 2016

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook -

November 9, 2016 

Despite our fabulously photogenic, and famously well-intentioned new prime minister, the taint on Canada's international image continues to darken. It's well-known everywhere but within the country, Canadian-flagged mining operations are the bane of human rights and dignity, and environmental justice on all continents.

As insulting to the conscience and intelligence Canada's pretense of high-minded moral rectitude to anyone possessing a modicum of incredulity is, particularly egregious are the misrepresented efforts of the government in concert with NGO's in countries across Africa.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the current campaign against "blood diamonds," where Canada and its closest ally America are using that good fight to demonize further their diamond producing rival, Russia.



Listen. Hear.


John Helmer is a long-time, Moscow-based journalist, author, and essayist; the only one, his site, Dances with Bears informs “to direct his own bureau independent of single national or commercial ties.” He’s a former political science professor who's served as an advisor to the governments of Greece, the U.S., and in Asia where he regularly lectures on Russian topics. His book titles include: ‘Uncovering Russia,’ ‘Urbanman: The Psychology of Urban Survival,’ ‘Bringing the War Home: The American Soldier in Vietnam and After,’ and ‘Drugs and Minority Oppression’ among others. John's recent article, 'Dudley Do-Right, Dudley Mine-Right: Partnership Africa Canada Is Canadian Camouflage for War Against Russian Diamonds, African Miners, Financed by George Soros' explores how so-called humanitarian initiatives overlap and become indiscernible from corporate and Deep State interests.


John Helmer in the first half.


And; last week, IWC66 wrapped up in Portoroz, Slovenia. Besides failing to address some of the most urgent threats to cetacean well-being around the planet, this latest iteration of the International Whaling Commission's annual confab may well be the final nail in the coffin of small whales like the vaquita, who for now are tremulously existing on the very edge of extinction. That's one of the conclusions reached by my first guest, recently returned from Protoroz.

Dr. Paul Spong is a marine researcher, one of the World's foremost authorities on the Orca, and is the founder of OrcaLab, a land-based obervatory located on Hanson Island. Spong has tracked whale and other marine mammals from the idyllic location since 1970.


Paul Spong and beating the drum against the silence for whale survival in the second half.


And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us newz of good goings on planned for the streets of our town and beyond in the week. But first, John Helmer and Canada: Dudley Do-Right or just humanitarian dud?


Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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After the Wreck: Dissecting Trudeau's Ocean Protection Plan with Ingmar Lee

Dissecting Trudeau Ocean Protection Plan with Ingmar Lee

by C. L. Cook -

November 8, 2016

Nearly four weeks after running aground, the 10,000 ton oil tanker pusher/tug, Nathan E Stewart sits at the bottom of the Seaforth Channel, near Bella Bella, off the shores of the much ballyhoo-ed Great Bear Rainforest.

Yesterday, Canada's federal Transport minister, Marc Garneau paid a visit to Bella Bella to assess the situation and ostensibly offer reassurance to the locals.

Listen. Hear.

Ingmar Lee is a long-time ecology observer and environment defender. He lives near Bella Bella on Denny Island, and is the author of the Facebook activist site, 10,000 Ton Tanker, from whose pages he has warned of the certain disaster to come should the Inside Passage oil transport trade between Anacortes, Washington and Alaska continue.


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Dead Drop News: The Crook, the Spy, the Diamonds, and the Kimberley Process

News from the Dead Drop - The Crook Who Found His Face, the Spy Who Lost His Secrets

by John Helmer - Dances with Bears


Moscow - Confidential subscribers to Dances with Bears have been provided with directions and codes required to find, then open, the dead drops for leaving and collecting the sensitive information on which this website’s investigations depend. This month the dead drop is a rat. Inside the rat there is a moisture-proof container for miniaturized rolls of film, tape-recordings, official documents, and secret messages.

This week the rat has disgorged two film negatives. The first reveals the face of Benedict Worsley, the man behind Russia’s biggest bank robbery who, until now, has kept his face out of the public media and off the internet.

The second is Robert Owen-Jones, an Australian government espionage agent. Next week he will take over as the Russia-hating chairman of the global diamond trade regulator known as the Kimberley Process.



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After Six: Prisoner v. Military-Industrial Complex World

The ultimate underdog: Political Prisoner Takes on the US Military-Industrial Complex

by Kim Petersen - Dissident Voice

November 8th, 2016



Ever since the telling of biblical fairy tales, few stories have lived up to the hype around the mismatch between the shepherd boy David and the giant Goliath. In the biblical encounter, David prevailed by keeping his foe Goliath at a distance with a formidable weapon, his sling.

Today a modern-day version of David and Goliath is playing out.

Although granted political asylum by Ecuador, a target of US empire finds himself ensconced under a form of arbitrary detention in Ecuador’s London embassy under constant surveillance by British police.

The fully weaponized US empire, which boasts of its full-spectrum dominance, has arrayed itself and its allies against one unarmed (as in having no conventional weaponry) man who heads a publishing organization.

This uppity publisher has had the temerity to expose the secret machinations and war crimes of the military-economic (albeit faltering on both fronts) behemoth to the world’s public. The pro-transparency publisher WikiLeaks, its founder (and de facto political prisoner) Julian Assange, and anti-secrecy collaborators infuriated the United States establishment with a slew of documents, emails, and graphic exposes like the “Collateral Murder” video that demonstrated a US military engaged in war crimes.


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Secretary Clinton's Libya and Syria Legacy

Why Hillary Clinton is Responsible for US Failures in Libya and Syria

by Patrick Henningsen - 21st Century Wire

November 5, 2016

“Hillary Clinton is the architect of US foreign policy failures in Libya and Syria.” 

We’ve heard this statement made a lot over this US election cycle, but exactly how much truth is there to it? After researching this issue, not only is it true, it’s an understatement. She wasn’t just an architect, she was a chief instigator.

Clinton’s main source of resume credibility is her tenure as US Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013. During that time, Clinton resided over the planning and conception of two devastating conflicts, Libya and Syria. These two disasters will ultimately define both the Obama and Clinton legacies, and not for the reasons one might think. I would like to stress that the case being made here is not a political one, it is a moral and ethical inquiry into the actions and conduct of a public official.

Before we get into Libya, which itself is a detailed and grave tale of nation building gone wrong, let’s look closely at Syria – a conflict (not a Civil War) which has been dominating the international conversation for the last 4 years, but even more intensely in the last 18 months. Thus far, the results of US policy are abominable.


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Keeping the Hate Going: Henry Jackson and the Russophobes

Evil Russian Propaganda from the Evil Russian Invaders 

by Crag Murray 

2 Nov, 2016  

The BBC World Service was founded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and funded by them directly for six decades, until a cosmetic change last year. Its specific purpose is to spread British values and the British view of the world abroad.

It specifically, on its dozens of different national services, gives an opportunity to dissident voices who cannot get on their mainstream media.

The Americans spend hundreds of millions annually on outfits like RFE/RL to do the same. Yet when the Russians do precisely the same thing on a much smaller scale, for example by enabling you to listen to me, this is portrayed as evil propaganda.

Fortunately we have the Henry Jackson Society to defend you from it.


If you would like to listen to some evil Russian propaganda,
here is my new interview on Sputnik News.


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A Culture of Destruction: Wrecking the World to "Save" It

Aurora: Western “Culture” is Wrecking Entire Continents

by Andre Vltchek - Dissident Voice

November 3rd, 2016

You say “European cultural institutions”, and what should come immediately to mind are lavish concerts, avant-garde art exhibitions, high quality language courses and benevolent scholarships for talented cash-strapped local students.

It is all so noble, so civilized! Or, is it really?

Think twice! I wrote my short novel, Aurora, after studying the activities of various Western ‘cultural institutions’, in virtually all the continents of the Planet. I encountered their heads; I interacted with the ‘beneficiaries’ of various funding schemes, and I managed to get ‘behind the scenes’. What I discovered was shocking: these shiny ‘temples of culture’ in the middle of so many devastated and miserable cities worldwide (devastated by the Western imperialism and by its closest allies – the shameless local elites), are actually extremely closely linked to Western intelligence organizations.

They are directly involved in the neo-colonialist project, which is implemented virtually on all continents of the world, by North America, Europe and Japan.


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OPEC Hangup Threat to Oil Markets Rebound

Can Oil Markets Survive An OPEC Implosion?

by Nick Cunningham -


November 2, 2016 
A technical meeting that was supposed to iron out some wrinkles for a deal to cut oil production ended in acrimony over the weekend, and OPEC's effort at coordination could be at yet another impasse.

Following the Algiers agreement at the end of September, a tentative deal that called for a collective reduction in oil output in the range of 200,000 to 700,000 barrels per day, OPEC scheduled a meeting on October 28-29 in Vienna to put some meat on the bones of the pact so that it could be officially sealed at the end of November.

But after weeks of papering over differences between its members and trying to put some positive spin on the prospects for a deal, OPEC not only failed to agree on individual production quotas, but its members also bickered over data and even which countries are supposed to participate. The group spent two days negotiating, and came away with nothing more than a statement that said they would continue talking.

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Heiltsuk Call on Trudeau, Meanwhile Garneau to Visit Bella Bella

Heiltsuk call on Trudeau: Come to Bella Bella, announce Tanker Ban

by Damien Gillis - Common Sense Canadian

October 30, 2016

In the wake of diesel spill that continues to damage important clam and fishing grounds for the Heiltsuk Nation, Chief Marilyn Slett has issued a video call-out to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:




Stand with us while we’re in a great time of difficulty. Stand with us as you said you would during our reconciliation discussions. Make good on your word. We implore you to come. We will embrace your visit here in Bella Bella.

When Minister LeBlanc was here last weekend he alluded on video that a moratorium on tanker traffic for the Northwest coast of British Columbia would be immediately forthcoming. Minister Garneau will be here on Sunday, November 6 to bear witness to the spill, meet with community leaders, and make announcements about ways forward. We invite Prime Minister Trudeau to join him in Bella Bella and make good on his campaign promise to instate a moratorium on oil tanker traffic on the northwest coast.


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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Kathy Kelly, Peter Lee, Christina Nikolic November 2, 2016

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook -

November 2, 2016


Does anyone remember the "peace dividend," that wondrous final payoff after the winding down of the long and harrowing Cold War? The theory was, back when the Soviet's "Evil Empire" expired, America and her allies could tone down some of the tremendous military expenditures the arms race extracted, turning resources instead towards domestic programs of social uplift.

Of course things didn't work out, and today's new narrative sees the moribund USSR resurrected in the person of Vladimir Putin, the neo-Bolshevik bogie man that must be stopped at all costs!

But this time around the lure is not being taken, even by some of the hoariest of old, cold warriors.


Listen. Hear.


Kathy Kelly is a long-time peace and justice activist, essayist, and author. She's the recipient of numerous awards for her peace service, including multiple nominations for the Nobel Peace prize and many more. She’s co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness and Voices for Creative Nonviolence, co-authored the book, ‘Prisoners on Purpose: a Peacemakers Guide to Jails and Prison,’ and wrote, ‘Other Lands Have Dreams: from Baghdad to Pekin Prison.’

In her latest article, 'A Good Beginning: Toward the End of US Empire' Kelly profiles Zbigniew Brzezinski and Thomas Graham, two primary architects of  U.S. global imperialism who now believe the Sun may be setting on America's belligerent ways. 


Kathy Kelly in the first half.


And; one place news of an Imperial sunset is welcome is the Philippines, where the island nation's president, Rodrigo Duterte has proven a loose end and tangling nuisance for the Obama administration's efforts to "pivot" America's foreign policy focus back to the Pacific after years of being mired in Central Asia and the Middle East. Duterte's dissing of Obama made headlines recently, and his insistence America's military presence in the country be ended entirely within two years, combined with an increasingly cozy relationship with China reveals some Philippine pivot point weaknesses.

Peter Lee is a freelance journalist writing on East and South Asian affairs as they intersect with US global policy. He's the driving force behind the Asian affairs website China Matters, providing critical updates on China and Asia-Pacific, and his articles also appear at Asia Times, and at, among other internet news sites. His latest articles warn, "It's On Between Duterte and America!"


Peter Lee and are reports of the death of the US-Philippine alliance exaggerated? in the second half.


And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us news of some of the good things planned for the coming week in, on, and around our town's streets. But first, Kathy Kelly and good beginnings toward an end to US empire.


Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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Tables Turn on the Manhattan Tyrant: Trump as Victim

Nasty Women: Donald Trump, the Greatest Victim in the History of the World
by Ann Jones - TomDispatch

November 1, 2016
Donald Trump grabbed a new lifeline. Speaking at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 15th, he raised a hand as if to take an oath and declared: “I am a victim!”

The great business tycoon, the one and only man who could fix America and make the place great again (trust me, folks), was laying claim to martyrdom -- and spinning another news cycle. 
“I am a victim,” he declared, “of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. They are coming after me to try and destroy what is considered by even them the greatest movement in the history of our country.”

“I am a victim.” That pathetic line echoed in my head, which is why I’m writing this. 
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