Canadians Challenge Viva Palestina "Terrorist" Rap

As Judge refuses injunction, follow Gerry Hawke!
by WorldPressNetwork
Dear friend, As Judge refuses injunction, follow Gerry Hawke! In Canada, a federal judge today refused an injunction to force the Canadian government to allow George Galloway to speak at a series of meetings.

We're asking everyone to follow the example of Gerry Hawke. He donated $20 to Viva Palestina, which is accused by the Canadian government of supporting terrorism because it sent aid to Gaza, and has turned himself in to the police, challenging them to prosecute him!

Please click this link ... id=4159493 to donate to the special fund to fight Kenney’s political ban and to support Viva Palestina’s political campaigning work to lift the siege of Gaza. If you’re sick of illiberal, pro-war policies – help fund opposition to them. Follow Gerry's example of donating and then letting the authorities know what you've done. Gerry also wrote to his local newspaper letting them know - all of which helps not only to show the minister's actions up for what they were, but also to keep Gaza alive in the media.

And please keep the pressure up by emailing the minister responsible for the decision, Jason Kenney:;;
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The State of Science in Texas

The State of Science in Texas and the Bias of Language
The debate on the teaching of evolution and Texas continues to evolve, mutate and creatively adapt though news sources, ranging from the Dallas Morning News to the Discovery Institute, are declaring premature and decisive victories.  It depends on whose version of events one would like to believe.  As they say, "perception shapes reality."  
The truth of the matter is that the story of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) is a sordid, implicit, complicated one and isn't anywhere close to resolution. The continuing struggle is not about science or even scientific process. Or even about fifteen elected adults in agreement that their sole purpose in public service is to ensure that students in public schools are learning concepts in line with international scientific standards. (Seven of the members are ideologues; six are equivocating ideologues; and two, Berlanga and Nuñez, are clear, concise voices of reason who have the humility--and audacity--to defer to the experts.)
If the issue is not one of sound science, what is it then? It is a fierce battle over language and the concepts language can potentially carry into the classroom. 
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Obamboozled: Change Small and Otherwise

Predicting the Past
by ddJango
Twenty years ago, as a management developer, I taught a form of employment interviewing called "behavioral questioning". In this method, the interviewer does not ask, "What would you do under "X" circumstances?", but would say, "Think of an instance in which "X" happened and tell me how you handled it." The theory supporting that technique is simple: the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Within this framework, however, often the best candidate will respond by describing a situation that s/he handled badly, then will relate what s/he learned and how s/he would handle it differently or did handle it differently in similar circumstances..

Applied to the 2008 campaign circus, as well as to its aftermath, we might be looking at different scenarios entirely . . .
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Canada's Parliament Seconds Vote to Let War Resisters Stay

Parliament Votes to Let War Resisters Stay
Canadians call on Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to use his authority to act. On Monday evening the House of Commons voted, for the second time in 10 months, to let Iraq War resisters live in Canada. The vote on a motion from the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration directs the Government of Canada to immediately stop the deportation of U.S. Iraq War resisters and establish a program to facilitate permanent resident status for the resisters and their families.

“It’s time for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Prime Minister Harper to follow the will of the majority of Canadians and act as directed by Parliament,” said Michelle Robidoux, spokesperson for the War Resisters Support Campaign. “It could be as simple as Jason Kenney using his discretion as minister to grant the resisters’ applications to stay in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.”

The vote in Parliament comes less than a week after Members of Parliament from all three opposition parties held a press conference calling on the Harper government to stop the deportation of Kimberly Rivera, the first female Iraq War resister to come to Canada.
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The Great Afghan Bailout

The Great Afghan Bailout: It's Time to Change Names, Switch Analogies
by Tom Engelhardt

Let's start by stopping.

It's time, as a start, to stop calling our expanding war in Central and South Asia "the Afghan War" or "the Afghanistan War." If Obama's special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke doesn't want to, why should we? Recently, in a BBC interview, he insisted that "the 'number one problem' in stabilizing Afghanistan was Taliban sanctuaries in western Pakistan, including tribal areas along the Afghan border and cities like Quetta" in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan.

And isn't he right? After all, the U.S. seems to be in the process of trading in a limited war in a mountainous, poverty-stricken country of 27 million people for one in an advanced nation of 167 million, with a crumbling economy, rising extremism, advancing corruption, and a large military armed with nuclear weapons. Worse yet, the war in Pakistan seems to be expanding inexorably (and in tandem with American war planning) from the tribal borderlands ever closer to the heart of the country.
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Michael Ignatieff, Ramzy Baroud, Janine Bandcroft Mar. 30, 2009

This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook
This week: A day with Liberal party leader of the loyal opposition, Michael Ignatieff as he addresses Victoria's hoi polloi; An evening with Palestinian journalist and author, Ramzy Baroud on Gaza's untold stories; Victoria Street Newz publisher, Janine Bandcroft on Victoria's unaddressed shelter crisis.
Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Monday, 5-6pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, 104.3 cable, and on the internet at: 
He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, You can check out the GR blog at:
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Unconstitutional: Ecuador's Indigenous File Mining Suit

Ecuador: Mining and the Right of Way
by Jennifer Moore
Indigenous leaders delivered a lawsuit in Quito last Tuesday before Ecuador's Constitutional Court asking that the country's new mining law be declared unconstitutional. The case is the next step that the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) is taking to try to put the brakes on large scale metal mining which has achieved unwavering support from President Rafael Correa's administration.

“The burning issue in our province and on our ancestral territories is mining,” said Angel Awak, President of the Shuar Federation of Zamora Chinchipe. “It is going to contaminate the rivers and result in social conflict.”

Ecuador has been an oil producer for more than forty years. Now that oil reserves are running low, the Correa administration views metal mining as a future source of state revenues. However, even before any large scale project has reached production, indigenous and non-indigenous communities alike are divided over whether it will result in net benefits or net destruction.
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The Four Politicians of the Apocalypse

Elitist Thugs Keep Trying to Kill Off Indigenous and People of Color
by MNN
We are told the world is overpopulated and that it must be depopulated!  We are finding out it is part of the old eugenics plan to create a "super race" and get rid of those who they deem to be "useless eaters".  It's a code for systematic killing of us and people of color, in violation of international law and norms. 
The serial killers making these blatant plans to carry out "mass executions" must be stopped. 
The economic melt down is being used as their incentive to proceed.  Outright killing and bio-terrorism strategies are being perfected and practiced on us. It's a pet project of the elite.  It's common knowledge that Prince Phillip said that after he dies, he wants to come back as a deadly virus to reduce the earth's population by 90%.  

Henry Kissinger set up the old ideas that President Obama is following.  [Hey, isn't he a person of color?]  Kissinger was National Security Advisor NSA and Secretary of State for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford in the 1970's. Like King George VI and early elitist Thomas Malthus, Kissinger says that humans will eat and reproduce until there is standing room only on the planet.  He thinks he should rebalance the natural world to his way.  In his memoirs, "The Final Days", control over life and death is a sexual high as "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac". 
We think that the megalomaniacs should not reproduce. 
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Galloway Ban Mocks Canadian Justice

Banning Galloway Mocks Canada’s Criminal Code
by William A. Cook
Canada’s border security officials and Jason Kenney, the immigration minister, banned George Galloway, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, from Canada where he was scheduled to speak in Toronto on the 30th.
Calgary East MP 'Little' Jason Kenney
“A spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Canada said the decision … was based on a ‘number of factors’ in accordance with section 34 (1) of the country’s immigration act” ( 3/20/09).
This action denies Galloway entrance as a foreign national on security grounds for one or more of 6 reasons including “engaging in terrorism,” and “engaging in acts of violence that would or might endanger the lives or safety of persons in Canada.” The CJC, the Canadian Jewish Congress, supporting the decision, noted that it should be seen as an “issue of security law, not a dispute over free speech” (Mar. 27, 2009, Montreal Gazette). Indeed, other Jewish organizations like the League of Human Rights of B’nai B’rith, not only supported the action but took some credit for the banning of Galloway.

Galloway’s talk, “Resisting War from Gaza to Kandahar,” sponsored by the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, would have provided Canadians with a first hand account of conditions in Gaza following Israel’s invasion and destruction of that walled in strip of Palestinian land during the three week war from December 27 to January 18, 2009.
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Senate Report to Reveal New Details of Bush Role in Torture

Senate Report to Reveal New Details of Bush Officials' Role in Torture
by Jason Leopold   
While Congress has focused primarily on the country’s economic turmoil and the lavish bonuses paid to Wall Street executives, a Senate Armed Services Committee report currently in the process of being declassified will force lawmakers to shift gears. The Armed Services Committee will release--possibly as early as next week—its voluminous report on the treatment of alleged terrorist detainees held in U.S. custody and the brutal interrogation techniques they were subjected to, according to Defense Department and intelligence sources who described the report as the most detailed account to date of the roles senior Bush administration and Defense Department officials played in implementing a policy of torture at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and other detention centers.

The full declassified version of the report is 200 pages, contains 2,000 footnotes, and will reveal a plethora of new information about the genesis of the Bush administration's interrogation policies. The investigation relied upon the testimony of 70 people, generated 38,000 pages of documents, and took 18 months to complete. The declassified version of his report will include a full account of the roles military psychologists played in assisting the Bush administration implement a policy of torture.
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Who Banned Galloway, if Not Canada?

British MP George Galloway barred from Canada under the Canada Israel "Public Security" Agreement
by Michel Chossudovsky
British MP George Galloway was refused entry to Canada on the pretext that he supported Hamas, which is categorized by the Canadian government as a "terrorist organization."  Contrary to what has been reported in the media, this was not a unilateral decision by the government of Canada.

The decision was taken in close consultation with Israel under the terms of a farreaching agreement of "public security" signed by Ottawa and Tel Aviv on March 23 2008. The "Declaration of Intent" establishes a framework of  bilateral cooperation in the area of "Public Security". The agreement has not been the object of debate in the Canadian parliament, nor has it received media coverage.  
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Tar Sands: When We're All Downstream

"Downstream" - a 30 min film on the Tar Sands - Canada's O
by Babelgum
At the heart of the multi-billion dollar oil sands industry in Northern Alberta, Dr. John O' Connor's career is jeopardized as he fights for the lives of the aboriginal people living and dying of rare forms of cancer downstream from one of the largest oil operations in the world.
Making the short-list for this year's Academy Award® Nominations for best short documentary, Downstream provides an in-depth look at the toll oil sands extraction is potentially taking on the residents of Ft. Chipewyan. A community affected by high rates of unusual cancer, the people of Fort Chip have struggled for years to have their concerns addressed by government and industry.
Downstream has raised unprecedented awareness in Canada and the U.S. regarding the environmental and social impacts of the tar sands. In conjunction with high level members of the NRDC, it is now being viewed by members of the Obama Administration.
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