Tantric Capitalism?

there's yoga ...... and then there's tata
by janine bandcroft
i wish i'd known more about tata, the tata group, the enormous indian corporation that birjoo works for, prior to last weekend's yoga workshop. actually, it's probably good that i didn't know more about it or i'd likely have voiced my concerns about the recurring car analogies more consistently, more loudly, and have ended up thrown out of the workshop.

birjoo is an amazing yoga teacher, there's no doubt. i blogged previously about some of his teachings, those that really resonated with me, the ones i could remember. i learned and remembered a lot, but information overload being what it is ...

on the final day of the four day yoga workshop, after experimenting with the chakra sounds, learning to find the centre line from the inside by imagining another face on the back of our heads and another body extending out behind us, after lots of warm up and preparation, we were encouraged to find our best back bends. birjoo offered help to those who wanted to reach for the floor from a standing position, a first time for some, and then we tried various balancing poses and learned some magic restorative healing postures for such ailments as parkinson's and asthma.

i have no regrets about attending the workshop. it left me with lots to think about .... including concerns about what's going on in capitalist india and how the corporate head space will merge with the ancient one.
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2nd Time the Charm: New I.D.F. Tear Gas Cannister a Killer

Bil'in demonstrator Bassam Abu Rahme killed – soldiers' trigger-happiness inspired from higher up
by Gush Shalom
Already for four years, demonstrations are taking place at the village of Bil'in, to protest the "Separation Fence" which robs the villagers of much of their land, and whose route is in blatant violation of the Supreme Court ruling. Also before, the army used violence to disperse the Palestinian, Israeli and international demonstrators. But, until this morning no one got killed.
The killing of Bassam Abu Rahme today, a Bil'in resident, follows upon the severe head wounding of American peace activist Tristan Anderson a month ago, and constitutes a grave escalation.

This escalation was not caused by the demonstrators' behavior, in which there had been no change, but to new instructions given to the military forces on the ground. Whether by explicit instructions or by a tacit nod and a new "spirit of the commander", the finger on the trigger was loosed and authorization given for the tear gas containers as lethal missiles.

This is the harsh heritage of the Gaza War and the mass killings which it entailed. To this is added the odious spirit of the new government, which confronts the entire world and places a racist provocateur in charge of its foreign affairs - not to speak of the new-old Defence Minster Ehud Barak, who is responsible for a lot of bloodshed.
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Kevin Pina, Rachel Williams, Janine Bandcroft Apr. 20, 2009

This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook
This week, American journalist and 'We Must Kill the Bandits!' film maker, Kevin Pina on Haiti's dubious senatorial election results; activist and Rotarian, Rachel Williams on the documentary film, 'View from a Grain of Sand' and the women's struggle in Afghanistan; and Victoria Street Newz publisher and broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft keeping us current on events on Victoria's streets.
Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Monday, 5-6pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, 104.3 cable, and on the internet at: http://cfuv.uvic.ca.  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, www.pacificfreepress.com.
Check out the GR blog at: http://GorillaRadioBlog.blogspot.com
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Waiting for Carole: Anti-Racists Seek NDP Leader's Apology for "Anti-Semitic" Smear

Antiracists Wait for NDP Leader Carole James to Apologize
by Hanna Kawas
Almost a month has passed since New Democratic Party Leader Carole James labelled anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism; by so doing, she accused the antiwar movement, the Palestinian support movement, and all those human-rights rights organizations that oppose the political ideology of Zionism of being “racist”.

We were hoping that some sane NDP leaders, MPs, MLAs or candidates would pressure Carole James into reversing her outrageous conclusions after all the public criticism and outrage that followed her ill-advised libelling of people who oppose Zionism (1).

However, it does NOT seem it is coming, especially before such a crucial provincial election.

We feel we should make our position clear, so the leadership of the NDP will not take the working class, the antiwar, and the anti-Zionist movements for granted.

Let us start with some history.
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Re-awakening Resistance: Abandoning Sunni Allies in Iraq

Human Body Parts
by Dahr Jamail | T r u t h o u t
In Iraq, time leaves bloody marks upon each day of the ongoing US occupation. The policies of the Obama administration, adopted from the Bush administration, continue to wreak their havoc on the Iraqi people.

The US-created al-Sahwa (Sons of Iraq), a Sunni militia comprised mostly of former resistance fighters and even some members of al-Qaeda, that grew to 100,000 in number, now threatens to fade back into the shadows in order to resume anti-occupation resistance operations against the US military and Iraqi government security forces. The Sahwa, which were to be incorporated into the government security apparatus, have instead been suffering attacks by that same apparatus for several months - attacks that are now occurring daily. And they are reacting in kind.
On April 14, ten Sahwa-controlled checkpoints were abandoned in Babel, south of Baghdad. The Sahwa forces left their posts after not receiving their salaries. This was exactly what I was told would begin to happen when I spoke with a Sahwa commander in Baghdad two months ago. At the time of our discussion, he had told me that many of his men had not received payment from the government since October, and he feared it was only a matter of time before they would leave their posts to likely resume resistance operations.
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Warfare Gore Fair Coming to Ottawa

The CANSEC War Fair: Weapons Galore and Global Warfare
Canada's top war industries have their sights set on Ottawa and are aiming to exhibit their wares at CANSEC 2009, Canada's largest military arms bazaar, at Lansdowne Park, May 27-28.

More than 50 of these Canadian military export industries are linked to the production of weapons systems that most people in this country probably recognize as morally reprehensible and thoroughly unCanadian, if not downright illegal.

Among the all-Canadian weapons exported by CANSEC 2009 exhibitors are:

  *  Anti-Personnel Cluster Bombs, Fragmentation Bombs and Phosphorous Bombs
  *  Automatic Weapons, Semi-Automatic Weapons, Machine Guns and Chain Guns
A new online report by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) reveals that CANSEC exhibitors are also engaged in the manufacture of essential high-tech components embedded in weapons systems that deliver the following:

  *  Nuclear Weapons
  *  Depleted Uranium Munitions
  *  Anti-Personnel Cluster Bombs
  *  Anti-Personnel Landmines
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Two Women Die in Afghanistan

Two Women Die in Afghanistan
by C. L. Cook
The body of Canada's 117th soldier killed in Afghanistan made its way down the 401 to CFB Trenton. Like the too many preceding it, it was a young body, one with many years and much promise contained within it. And like those bodies making up the long train of its dead comrades, the body of Trooper Karine Blais was broken, torn to pieces by the Afghani resistance weapon of choice, the IED, or Improvised Explosive Device.
The day Trooper Blais was relieved of this world another woman died violently in Afghanistan.

Also on Monday, Sitara Achakzai, organizer of a nation-wide women's sit-in for peace last month was gunned down in the streets of Kandahar. The demonstrations she organized coincided with the March 8th commemoration of International Women's Day, and was meant as a reminder to the warlords on both sides of the Atlantic that it is women and children who always suffer war most acutely.

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Canada Considers Cozying Colombia with Free Trade Bill

Canada's Parliament Considers Colombia Free Trade Bill
by The Mingas Collective
Dear friends: The Canadian Parliament is about to consider ratification of a “free trade” agreement with Colombia. The text of the agreement is nearly identical to the US-Colombia trade agreement and would have the same kinds of disastrous consequences for millions of Colombians.

We in the Mingas collective are in the midst of a campaign to convince the Canadian Parliament to reject the agreement. The Mingas collective is a group of individuals from across the United States, Canada and Colombia who are concerned with promoting sovereignty and economic development, strengthening democracy and improving labor conditions in Colombia. We are integrated within the Hemispheric Social Alliance and are active in North America, where we work in coordination with the Washington-based Alliance for Responsible Trade.
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Kenya: Government Targets Samburu Villages

Kenya: Brutal campaign of violence against indigenous Samburu villages
by John Ahni Schertow
Helicopters drop soldiers near a village after shooting villagersFor more than three weeks now, the Kenyan government has been engaged in a brutal campaign of violence against the indigenous Samburu people in north central Kenya.
Residents of Archer's Post watch helplessly as police take away their cattle and their economy. The government has also confiscated all of the Samburu’s cattle, leaving them without any access to food. Photo Credit: Cultural Survival

According to Cultural Survival (CS), the government, who claims to be chasing after “cattle bandits”, has “strafed the unarmed villagers with machine guns” from the air and “used clubs to beat them on the ground.” Further reports indicate that at least nine bombs have been dropped on Samburu villages, and a yet-to-be-identified caustic chemical was sprayed on group of children who were seeking refuge in the bush.

All of this is despite the court order obtained last month that barred the operation.
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Haiti's Electoral Charade

Electoral Sham in Haiti
by Stephen Lendman
Few people anywhere have suffered more for so long, yet endure and keep struggling for change. For brief periods under Jean-Bertand Aristide, they got it until a US-led February 29, 2004 coup d'etat forced him into exile where he remains Haiti's symbolic leader - for his supporters, still head of the Fanmi Lavalas (FL) party he founded in 1996 to reestablish links between local Lavalas branches and its parliamentary representatives.
Haitian president Rene Preval, somewhere between democracy and realpolitik

From then to now, nothing has been the same. UN paramilitaries occupy the country. Washington effectively controls it. President Rene Preval got a choice - go along or pay the price. He submitted knowing what awaits him if he resists. Nonetheless, he's disappointed bitterly.

Haitians suffered dearly as a result, deeply impoverished, at times starving, denied the most basic essentials, plagued by violence, a brutal occupier, police repression, an odious and onerous debt, and exploitive sweatshop conditions for those lucky enough to have a job in a country plagued by unemployment and deprivation.
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7 Lessons for President Obama

Mary McCarthy in Vietnam, Barack Obama in Afghanistan: Seven Lessons and Many Questions for the President
by William Astore
In 1967, outraged by the course of the Vietnam War, as well as her country's role in prolonging and worsening it, Mary McCarthy, novelist, memoirist, and author of the bestseller The Group, went to Saigon, then the capital of South Vietnam, to judge the situation for herself. The next year, she went to the North Vietnamese capital, Hanoi. She wrote accounts of both journeys, published originally in pamphlet format as Vietnam (1967) and Hanoi (1968), and later gathered with her other writings on Vietnam as a book, The Seventeenth Degree (1974). As pamphlets, McCarthy's accounts sold poorly and passed into obscurity; deservedly so, some would say.
Those who'd say this, however, would be wrong. McCarthy brought a novelist's keen eye to America's activities and its rhetoric in Vietnam. By no means a military expert, not even an expert on Vietnam -- she only made a conscious decision to study the war in Vietnam after she returned from her trip to Saigon -- her impressionistic writings were nevertheless insightful precisely because she had long been a critical thinker beholden to no authority.
Her insights into our approach to war-fighting and to foreign cultures are as telling today as they were 40 years ago, so much so that President Obama and his advisors might do well to add her unconventional lessons to their all-too-conventional thinking on our spreading war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
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ICED: Canadian [sic] Immigration Round-Ups Continue

ICED: Canadian [sic] Immigration Round-Ups Continue
Ministers Van Loan and Kenney; On April 2nd and 3rd, CBSA raided three food processing factories where they held all workers at gun point.  These workers were herded into a cafeteria where citizens and permanent residents were separated from other workers.

These other workers, many of whom possess temporary work permits, were handcuffed and held on a bus for over eight hours. In unprecedented weekend hearings, most of the detained workers were tricked into waiving legal advice or the right to dispute their removal.

These illegal and egregious actions were followed by speedy requests for travel documents, as their original passports are held by unscrupulous, corrupt agents at TNT Recruitment. The Thai consulate has provided these papers and 41 of the arrested are being put on a plane on Sunday April 19th.

Removing workers from Canada in this way is arbitrary and illegal. The recruitment agency and the company which paid these workers $9.00 an hour for 12 hours of back-breaking and brutal work have not been charged.

Minister Van Loan, sign a notice to stop the deportations. Minister Kenney, grant all workers arrested full status. Stop using the economic crisis as an excuse to target migrant workers and their families!
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