Tar Sands and Pipelines: The Ugly Truth for Western Canada

Updated Continental Maps: Tar Sands and Associated Pipelines
by Oilsand Truth.org
These maps show the proposed growth of the tar sands, according to announced and officially proposed mega project components of the gigaproject. Updated from the original maps put out on OilSandsTruth.org two years ago, the following maps were produced with the Indigenous Environmental Network.

Recently while speaking on the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline cutting through the Rocky Mountains and about to enable tar sands oil super tanker traffic on British Columbia's still mainly pristine Central Coast, Jim Prentice (the Federal Minister for the Environment) said of future proposed developments:

“It is a destination that will see us at the forefront of the industries where we currently excel, oil, natural gas, pipelines, hydro electricity and the orderly development of the oil sands.” Prentice went on to say “We will not aggravate an already weakening economy in the name of environmental progress.”
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Swine: Lies and Propaganda about the Flu

Political Lies and Media Disinformation regarding the Swine Flu Pandemic
by Michel Chossudovsky - Global Research
What is the flu? Influenza (the flu) is a serious contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. Millions of people in the United States get the flu each year. Most people are sick for about a week. Some people (especially young children, pregnant women, older people, and people with chronic health problems) can get very sick and may die from the flu. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

The World Health Organization (WHO) raised its pandemic alert level to Phase 5 on a 6 point scale.

The WHO's Phase 5 alert means "there is sustained human-to-human spread in at least two countries and that global outbreak of the disease is imminent... It also signals an increased effort to produce a vaccine... Human cases have been confirmed in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Britain, Israel, New Zealand and Spain." According to reports, the WHO took this decision after " a 23-month-old [child] died [from the swine flu] in Texas after travelling there from Mexico for medical treatment."  

The swine flu was, according to reports, confirmed in 11 states in the US. Health officials at the WHO in Geneva and Washington are quoted as saying that the "spread of the virus is unlikely to stop".
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BC’s Wild Rivers: Is Anyone Listening?

BC’s Rivers: Is Anyone Listening?
by Arthur Topham
The Royal Canadian Legion in downtown Quesnel was likely the most popular spot in town on Thursday evening, April 30th and considering that the Canucks were playing at the same time it was little short of a miracle that so many local citizens would have taken the time to leave their homes.

What could possible draw a near full house of hockey enthusiasts away from the tube on a week day evening other than a national emergency? Well, as Joe Foy of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee so aptly put it, there’s another emergency happening right here in B.C. that may be as critical and important to all British Columbians as any other crisis that the nation as a whole has ever faced.

And what on earth could be so important? As Foy went on to explain to a rapt audience of concerned listeners, that biggest scam being pulled off on the people of the province; one engineered by the very people elected to represents the interests of electors of British Columbia, was what the Save Our Rivers Society was here to explain to people.
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Who Made the Swine Flu?

Agri-biz at root of swine flu?
Evidence points to industrial pig farm as source of outbreak, if so, Bernice Wuethrich tried to warn us. It's been 15 years since the North American Free Trade Agreement, and while debate still rages over the wisdom of the arrangement, the recent swine flu outbreak threatens to bring the pact under sharp criticism. Mounting evidence is pointing to a US-owned industrial pig farm as a likely source of the swine flu virus. The farm is one of many factory farms that set up shop in Mexico after NAFTA rearranged the laws to make such moves more profitable.
Many experts have been warning for years about the potential for a swine flu pandemic to arise out of the conditions present in industrial pig farms.
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Back to the Future: Been There! Done That!

by MNN
The Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA has established facilities that look very much like concentration camps across the U.S.  [YouTube:  FEMA Concentration Camps in USA].  In Georgia half a million plastic coffins were discovered in a fenced area near an airport.  [www.infowars.com].  We speculate that similar camps are being set up in other parts of the world.  They are being called "shelters".  This could be part of an old tactic that was used to wipe out over 100 million Indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere.    

Our People were murdered, diseased, our food was destroyed and we had no place to live.  After 99% of us died off, forts, missions and then reservations were set up to house the survivors. Up to recent times we could not leave our lockups without a pass.  We were supposed to become subservient and to accept whatever was meted out to us.  

Our children were taken from us and put into residential and boarding schools to be "educated".  Many were corrupted by perverts and pedophiles or disappeared.  The goal was to break our tie with the natural world, each other and our love for humanity.  These are the forces that are necessary to create true democracy.  
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WTF Langford Asks: Who Wants Gordo and Co.?

Campaign Cash: Money Talks, Bull$#!% Walks
by Zoe Blunt
Monday Magazine reports: Elections BC records show that the boys of Bear Mountain seem particularly smitten with the Liberal’s campaign, as players associated with the luxury golf-course development have opened up their wallets.
'Bear Mountain' developers brooked no objections from First Nations before removing the top of Skirt Mountain, destroying sacred cave sites, devastating local ecology, and ruining endangered species habitat.

Bear Mountain Master Partnership sent the Liberals a cheque for $24,900. Les Bjola’s Turner Lane Development Corporation added $10,000 to the BC Libs’ kitty, a sum matched by Bear Mountain’s vice president of corporate and legal affairs Philip LeSeur through a numbered company of which he is sole proprietor. Len Barrie threw in $2,000 of his own cash, and Dale Sproule, the project’s director of real estate, kicked in $335.
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Calling from the Coast: Stopping Campbell's B.C., Corporate Giveaways

"BC for Sale" - New video on Gordon Campbell's plans for BC
by Calling from the Coast
Hello; May 12 is election day in BC. This short film outlines what could happen if Gordon Campbell's Liberals get back into power. Here are 3 different ways to watch it: www.CallingfromtheCoast.com www.vimeo.com/4403328 www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPuJfbS2qMY


Help spread the word by forwarding this video....
thanks, Twyla & Paul
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Don't Ask, Don't Tell: A Culture of Sexual Assault

Culture of Unpunished Sexual Assault in U.S. Military
by Dahr Jamail - Inter Press Service
Sexual assault of women serving in the U.S. military, while brought to light in recent reports, has a long tradition in that institution.

Women in America were first allowed into the military during the Revolutionary War in 1775, and their travails are as old. Maricela Guzman served in the Navy from 1998 to 2002 as a computer technician on the island of Diego Garcia, and later in Naples, Italy.
She was raped while in boot camp, but was too scared to talk about the assault for the rest of her time in the military.

In her own words she, "survived by becoming a workaholic. Fortunately or unfortunately the military took advantage of this, and I was much awarded as a soldier for my work ethic."
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Enhance This! Canadians Cold on High Tech. Border Licenses

EDL ‘Oopsies’ Around Canada
by Christopher Parsons
Both Ontario and Manitoba have  declared their interest in EDLs (Enhanced Driver's License). Both are running into problems. In Ontario’s case, it appears as though there is some confusion about whether or not the province can actually deploy the licenses in time to meet the June 1, 2009 Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) deadline - after this date, Canadians will need to use either an EDL or passport to cross a land border into the US.
While the Sun is reporting that the deadline won’t be meant by the Ontario provincial government, and the Star is saying that Minister Bradley thinks that only “some” applicants will get the licenses in time, CTV is noting that Bradley insists that the licenses will be available in time to meet the WHTI deadline. No one totally agrees on what is going on in Ontario concerning the EDL roll-out. They can all agree, however, that EDLs are terribly expensive: whereas a passport will cost $87, and Ontario EDL will run you $115.
An affordable ’solution’ to border travel indeed…
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Firing Ken Lewis

Fire Ken Lewis
by Brave New Films
The economic crisis is out of control, as Bank of America and the corrupt corporate elite continue to wage class warfare. It's time we hit back hard. It's time we fire CEO Ken Lewis.
Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters; our good friends at SEIU have been courageously leading this fight. We need to follow their lead and encourage everyone to demand the resignation of Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis. After all, Lewis works for us now. Tens of billions of our taxpayer dollars went toward bailing out Bank of America, but what have we received in return? More predatory lending, billions wasted on exorbitant salaries and executive bonuses, and corporate lobbying against Employee Free Choice.

Watch the video narrated by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and see for yourself why we must fire Ken Lewis.
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A Different Spring: Obama's two 100 Days

Barack Obama tells a Denver audience what he would do in his first 100 days
posted to Youtube May 28, 2008 

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Another Letter to the Ministers not Responsible

Dear Minister of Fisheries, the Honourable Gail Shea and Premier Gordon
by Alexandra Morton
I am writing to you again, as I have every week since the middle of February, to ask that you apply three sections of the Fisheries Act to the industrial salmon feedlots. I have not received a reply. The U.S. Organization Trout Unlimited has sent their own letter to you with 360 signatures on it.

They write:

"[W]e can no longer stand by and watch silently as this new salmon crisis unfolds.  We have begun to call on our legions of advocates to voice their support for the protection of British Columbia¹s wild salmon and steelhead stocks before it is too late."

Premier Campbell 13,094 people have signed letters to you on this issue but there remains confusion over your position on salmon farms.  You have suggested on your website that you do not intend to attempt to regain control of fish farms following my constitutional challenge which removed salmon farms to the Federal government. However, you have joined the Norwegian fish farm corporation Marine Harvest in their appeal challenging this BC Supreme Court decision. Your actions contradict your words.
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