Gorilla Radio - with Chris Cook, Jon Elmer, Ingmar Lee, Janine Bandcroft July 20, 2009

The Week on GR
by C. L. Cook
Despite George Galloway's and the Viva Palestina - USA crossing from Egypt into Gaza last week, Israel's pitiless stranglehold on the population of the besieged territory, more resembling an open air prison than anything else, continues unabated. Canadian freelance photojournalist, Jon Elmer has made the crossing into Gaza a half-dozen times since the beginning of the Second intifada, but today his efforts from Egypt have been stymied. Jon Elmer from Egypt, waiting for a Gaza crossing in the first segment.
Listen. Hear.

And; "Science" claimed trump over the safety of locals, the environment, and wildlife recently in Shearwater, B.C. Ingmar Lee, a local wildlife researcher and world famous ecology defender, stepped in to defuse a bomb secreted into the middle of his community when he discovered its clock was counting down to detonation.
Dr. Andy Hole is a science teacher from Virginia. He's part of the team of science teachers and their students whose summer lark is called the Batholith Project.
We come into the unfolding story as Ingmar Lee replies to comments made in the press by the good Dr. Hole, and takes the media offensive.
(In the spirit of full disclosure, a concept the "scientists" involved in this controversial project seem unfamiliar with, Ingmar Lee is a long-time friend of Gorilla Radio, and you can catch up with the background to this unfolding story at Pacific Free Press.com under the heading: Monkeywrenching the Batholiths.)
Ingmar Lee and pulling the plug on the bomb in the second segment.

And; Victoria Street Newz publisher and CFUV broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will check in from somewhere in America, along the 20th Pastors for Peace blockade-busting caravan to Cuba at the bottom of the hour. But first, Jon Elmer reporting from the Gaza fence-line.   

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Pastors Call on Obama to End Cuba Blockade

130 volunteers from the US, Canada, and Europe will challenge the US economic blockade of Cuba when they cross the border from McAllen, Texas into Reynosa, Mexico on July 21.  The members of the 20th US/Cuba Friendshipment Caravan will deliver 100 tons of aid to Cuba in a direct challenge to the inhumane blockade.
we arrived in mcallen, texas, just in time to get checked in and signed up for sleeping quarters and make the rounds saying friendly hellos to our caravanista friends from previous years and fed (ample vegan options). and now it's orientation time ...

Rev. Lucius Walker, Jr., founder and executive director of IFCO/Pastors for Peace, and other members of the Pastors for Peace caravan will speak at a press conference on Monday, July 20, at 12:00 noon, in the parking lot of the Living Faith Center of Our Savior Lutheran Church, 1105 W. Fern Avenue, McAllen, TX.  

"We are engaging in this act of civil disobedience to let the Obama administration and Congress know that the US economic blockade against Cuba is immoral, illegal, mean- spirited, counterproductive, and just plain dumb," said Rev. Walker.
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Adopted Attitudes: Canadian Soldiers Gun Down Civilians

Adopted Attitudes: Canadian Soldiers Gun Down Civilians
by C. L. Cook
As Canadian and NATO casualties rise in Afghanistan, an incident Friday reveals a hardening of attitude by Canadian soldiers there to the local population. Canadian Forces spokesperson Major Mario Couture described Saturday the killing of two civilian men and the wounding of three others as they approached a military cordon, saying; the soldiers were "forced" to open fire on a minivan that, "demonstrated no intention to slow down."

It's an old story, told hundreds of times by America's occupation forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but it's a next move towards the "Americanization" of Canada's military overseas.
Most instructive is the Canadian Forces' (CF) expressed opinion, the men were likely not innocents caught in a hail of bullets by an accident of fate, but were up to no good.

Couture describes his doubts, saying;
"We are far from convinced that these guys were not testing our procedures and techniques."

That Canadians would respond to the killing of two unarmed men, and the grievous wounding of three others by essentially blaming the victims is a chilling reminder of the deleterious effect war and occupation has on the oft quoted "first victim of war: Truth," and soldier's perception of the humanity of those caught in the crossfire.
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Years in the Mirror: World Ano 65

Borrowed Time: The World at 65
by Tom Engelhardt
"Being an historian, I am jotting down these notes out of habit; but what I saw and experienced two days ago I am sure no one else as civilized as I am will ever see. I am writing for those who shall come a long time from now."

So began "The Prophecy," a mock futuristic fantasy set after some great Cold War cataclysm, which several members of my high school graduating class collaborated on back in 1962. It was, of course, for our yearbook and made fun of the class, A to Z. It was also a classic document of the moment, written by representatives of the first generation of "teenagers" who, crouching under their school desks as the sirens of an atomic-attack drill howled outside, imagined that no one in their world might make it.

"First of all, let me introduce myself," "I" continued. "I am Thomas M. Engelhardt, world renowned historian of the late twentieth century, should that mean anything to whoever reads this account. After the great invasion, I was maintaining a peaceful, contented existence in the private shelter I had built, and was completing the ninth and final volume of my masterpiece, The Influence of the Civil War on Mexican Art of the Twentieth Century..."

Okay, so they had me pegged. Not only, in those years, did I read whatever post-nuclear pulp fiction I could get my hands on -- you know, the kind with landscapes filled with atomic mutants and survivalist communities -- but I was a Civil War nut. Past disasters and future catastrophes, and somehow it all made sense.
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A Bomb in B.C. Backwoods: A Whole Lot to Account For

A Bomb in the B.C. Backwoods
by Ingmar Lee
Dear Dr. Hole; this following statement of yours is an outright lie:

"... Mr. Lee twice harassed my explosives expert by running into the danger zone and distracting my colleague while he was attempting to assess and repair an unknown and potentially dangerous explosives site..."

I did not run into your danger zone either once, or twice, and I did not harass your Texas blaster.
["Science" claimed trump over the safety of locals, the environment, and wildlife recently in Shearwater, B.C. Ingmar Lee, a local wildlife researcher, and world famous ecology defender, stepped in to defuse a bomb secreted into the middle of his community when he discovered the clock was counting down. Dr. Hole is a science teacher from Virginia. He's part of the team of science teachers and their students whose summer lark is the Batholith Project. You come into the unfolding story as Ingmar Lee replies to comments made in the press by the good Dr. Hole. To catch up, see: Monkeywrenching the Batholiths here. - ed.]
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Passing: King of Journalism

dd jango
There are three men who have set the standard for mass media journalism - Murrow, Cronkite, and Moyers. Unlike many of my readers, I am sure, I am old enough to have been influenced directly and personally by all three.

My memories of Edward R. Murrow are fleeting and vague. I heard him on the radio and saw him on TV in the early days. He was a man my father said he trusted, so I never doubted that what he reported was accurate and honest.

Bill Moyers is still around. I trust him so much that in early 2007, I jumped on the "Draft Moyers for President" bandwagon. You knew that Bill had integrity when he refused to compromise himself and his values by answering the call. Part of me, I must admit, is still sorry that he didn't run, but I respect him for it. He can do more damage to the culture of lies right where he is. I'm certain that his stint as LBJ's press secretary soured him on DC politics for good. He has continuously worked hard to redeem himself in the grand church of honest journalism ever since his White House days. And now, Moyers is the last man standing (notwithstanding Andy Rooney).

I gladly confess that I have not shed one tear over the celebrity deaths over the past two months. People live, people die, and famous people are no different. Television does not, for me, define human greatness. Sometimes, however, there are people who can define the potential for media's role in our lives. Walter Cronkite is one of those people. I have cried at his passing. I miss him terribly.
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DOW Pitches New Earth-Killing Chemical

Dow Pitching New Pesticide that Doubles as an Extraordinarily Potent Greenhouse Gas
by Center for Biodiversity
SAN FRANCISCO — Public health and environmental advocates have asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to deny a request from Dow AgroSciences for a permit allowing it to release large amounts of sulfuryl fluoride onto farm fields in four states. The chemical is a toxic pesticide whose global warming effects are thousands of times stronger than carbon dioxide.

“The hazards of using sulfuryl fluoride in agriculture have not been evaluated. It is also 4,780 times as potent a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide,” said Dr. Brian Hill, a staff scientist at the Pesticide Action Network. “Either one of those facts makes permitting these tests a major mistake.”

Dow AgroSciences proposes using sulfuryl fluoride to sterilize soil in farm fields. The permit would allow the release of 32,435 pounds of sulfuryl fluoride on 65 acres of test plots in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and California. Releasing just 10 percent of that amount into the air would be equivalent to releasing 15.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide. “A car that gets 30 miles per gallon would have to be driven 23 million miles – the distance of a trip circling the world over 930 times – to cause that much global warming,” said Hill.
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Death Squad U.S.A.

Bush's Hit Teams
by Robert Parry
Despite the new controversy over whether a global CIA “hit team” ever went operational, there has been public evidence for years that the Bush administration approved “rules of engagement” that permitted executions and targeted killings of suspected insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.
In effect, President George W. Bush transformed elite units of the U.S. military – including Special Forces and highly trained sniper teams – into “death squads” with a license to kill unarmed targets on suspicion that they might be a threat to American occupying forces.

In the recent public debate over whether Bush also authorized the CIA to assemble teams of assassins to roam the world hunting al-Qaeda suspects, the U.S. news media has cited the distinction between such face-to-face executions and the CIA's use of remote-controlled Predator drones firing missiles to kill groups of suspected insurgents in or near the war zones.

However, the evidence is that the Bush administration also permitted U.S. military units to engage in close-quarter executions when encountering alleged insurgents, even if they were unarmed and presented no immediate threat to American or allied troops.
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Canadian Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Fall

Canadian Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Fall
by C. L. Cook
A Canadian soldier died early today in Afghanistan, the result of an apparent fall from his cliff top position. Private Sebastian Courcy became the fifth Canadian soldier to die in action this month, and the 43 NATO forces member killed.
Pte. Sébastien Courcy from 2nd battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment, based in Quebec City, was killed Thursday in Afghanistan. (Department of National Defence)
Courcy, who arrived in-country in April was taking part in Operation Panther's Claw, the biggest offensive operation since the early days of the invasion. Panther's Claw is meant to break the Taliban hold on Panjwaii district. Canadian Forces spokespeople say the incident occurred approximately 17 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City.
Pte. Sébastien Courcy was attached to 2nd Battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment, based in Quebec City, was 26 years old, and is the 125th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan since 2001.
In a statement to the press, Canada's ranking officer in Afghanistan, Brigadier General, Jonathan Vance said;
"During this operation, Sébastien fell from the position he was occupying on a piece of high ground, resulting in his death."
Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper commented;
"Pte. Courcy served valiantly alongside his comrades to help build a better and brighter future for Afghans. His tragic passing illustrates some of the risks that the selfless men and women of the Canadian Forces face every day in carrying out their duties."
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Monkeywrenching the Bomb on Denny Island

Monkeywrenching the Bomb on Denny Island
Hey All; I happened to be in Bella Bella when Ingmar disabled the explosives so I picked up a quick interview with him at the blast site describing what and why he did it. The 5 minute video can be watched at the following link.



Love the wilder parts of the coast?
check out our coastal video project at
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Gaza: The Language of Power

Gaza and the Language of Power
by Ramzy Baroud
Nearly six months have passed since the Israeli army ceased pounding the tiny stretch of land that is the Gaza Strip. Since then, Gaza continues to appear on the news once in a while, as a recurring subject of human misery. The tireless efforts of British MP George Galloway, and the courageous endeavors of the Free Gaza movement have managed to push Gaza back into the spotlight, even if momentarily and with political context which is lacking at best.

Aside from that, the three-week Israeli onslaught in Gaza, starting December 27 – and the catastrophic conditions endured there – have served the purpose of a footnote in many news reports. The event is generally cited as such:
“Israel moved against Hamas in Gaza to quell the firing of militants’ rockets, resulting in the death of such and such number.” Hamas, according to media conventional wisdom, is the “militant group that ousted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ forces in a bloody coup in mid 2007.”

Sadly, one's worst fears have actualized, where the post-Gaza massacre world and the one which existed prior are exactly the same.
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Painful Journey Towards Radicalization

Getting Radicalized, Slow and Painful
by Robert Jensen
My transition to political radicalism -- going to the root of problems, recognizing that dramatic and fundamental change in the way society is organized is necessary if there is to be a decent human future -- involved a lot of pain, in two different ways.

The first concerned the process of coming to know about the pain of the world. I had never been a naïve person who thought the world was a happy place, but like many people who have privilege (in my case, being white, male, a U.S. citizen, and economically secure, though never wealthy) I was able to remain ignorant of the depth of the routine suffering in the world. I was able to ignore how white supremacy, patriarchy, U.S. imperialism, and a predatory capitalist economic system routinely destroy the bodies and spirits of millions of people around the world.
When I made a conscious choice to stop ignoring those realities -- in my case, when I returned to a university for graduate education with the time to read and study -- the process of coming to know about that pain was wrenching. But I found myself wanting to know more.
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