Smart? Says Who! - British Columbia's Building Resistance to "Smart Meters"

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Smart? Says Who! - British Columbia's Building Resistance to "Smart Meters"
by C. L. Cook
It's all the rage. Jurisdictions across Canada, North America, and Europe are racing to adopt so-called Smart Meter wireless electricity metering.
Though the Smart Meter has proven itself a boon to installers and utility companies, (Ontario seeing huge spikes in power costs), there is little to recommend the technology to those worried about the health effects of microwave pollution, or the security of a system hackers can access as easily as a wireless home computer.
Despite a recent World Health Organization (WHO) warning about the links between cell phone radiation and cancer, health authorities in British Columbia are expressing confidence in the proposed Smart Meter scheme. But that confidence isn't shared by the growing number of people suffering negative health effects from our increasingly wirelessly charged environment.
In B.C., the process to bring in the Smart Meter program has had almost no legislative oversight, lucrative contracts being handed out to B.C. Liberal friends and associates, and the estimated billion dollar retooling of every household in the province was an absent  issue during the province's recent election campaign. Additionally, the B.C. Utility Commission, the body that would and should be providing oversight for this program, was taken entirely out of the debate by the ruling B.C. Liberal party.
Below the break are some statistics on worldwide experiences with this plan, and links to information I received that should concern everyone living in a jurisdiction planning to adopt the Smart Meter.
What is the Precautionary Principle? The precautionary principle states that “if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking the action."

1. Political/Financial Problems:
-Book Resource re Conflicts of Interest in our Government
 “Corrupt to the Core, Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower”
expose of corruption and corporate influence within Health Canada compromising safety & health
-Jim Quail from  BC Public Interest & Advocacy on the ‘Smart’ Meter‘ Gold Rush re: Liberal insiders deals:
-Jim Quail on Why ‘Smart’ Meters are Dumb:
-National Audit Office slams UK’s smart meter roll out plan
The costs of the UK Government’s plans to rollout smart meters to the country’s homes and businesses could escalate while providing little saving, warns the National Audit Office (NAO).
Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty admits failure:
-Who owns the media?
-The Denial Machine- 5th Estate Video- “pitting science against spin”
-book- “Merchant’s of Doubt”
Financial Interests in the Smart Grid Roll out

-BC Hydro has awarded the first smart meter contract to Corix Utilities.  One of the two owners of Corix is CAI Capital Management, whose senior advisor is David Emerson – Executive Chair of the BC Transmission Corp, Chair of the BC Premier’s Economic Advisory Council, Chair of the Alberta Premier’s Council for Economic Strategy, director of Timberwest Forest Corp., former CEO of Canfor, and current chair of something called EPIC.
-Marketers tracking deployment of ‘Smart’ Meters- why?:
(promotion of report by large PR/Marketing firm)
-Smart grid investments:
-AT&T wants to dismantle all telephone lines in the entire country, leaving EIs cut off
by Steen Hviid- dismantling lines in USA
-When the telephone lines are dismantled, people with disabilities may be cut off
by Steen Hviid – dismantling lines in Europe
-The Past and Future of the Smart Grid:
News from Finland re the end of landlines- 
TeliaSonera has declared that it will dismantle a part of its countryside land-line networks in sparsely-populated areas. However, Finland’s minister of communications, Suvi Lindén, has demanded that TeliaSonera first commit to a list of conditions pertaining to, among others, emergency calls and broadband speed, and TeliaSonera has agreed to act accordingly.
Lightsquared proposal to build 40 000 4G cell transmitters (the worst for health) to cover the US:

The Federal Communications Commission in January issued a waiver to allow Reston-based LightSquared to develop a $14 billion broadband communications system adjacent to the bandwidth used for GPS transmissions.
Their stated goal, made by Chief executive Sanjiv Ahuja is to “penetrate every concrete building and remote spot in the world with wireless.”
LightSquared’s proposal for a network of 40,000 ground transmitters working with a seven-story orbiting satellite will dramatically increase the system’s reach and versatility, but the transmitters will overpower the GPS transmissions, according to a report by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics...
 When LightSquared began testing in Las Vegas to meet one condition of the FCC waiver, the FAA warned that GPS might be rendered “unreliable or unavailable” within about a 350-mile radius of the city.
Carlisle said data from the testing haven’t been compiled, but he said that certain GPS receivers capture signals from the LightSquared bandwidth.
Currently slowed down to protect our GPS network that millions rely on including aircraft-
Canada’s Own Conflict of Interest- Why Don’t we get the truth about wireless dangers?
Canada’s cellular communications industry generates $18 billion annually and the CRA collects tax revenue on this:
Canada raised C$4.25 billion ($4.21 billion) in a 2008 auction of wireless spectrum between 1710 and 2155 MHz

2. Cyberwar & Hacking – our vulnerability via a utility “Smart” grid
-CBC The Current- looks at Cyber War – another huge reason we don’t want a wireless utility grid.-great way to bring a country to it’s knees- no hydro, water, OR communications…..(Honda, Lockheed Martin, Sony, Google's Gmail and PBS were all hacked in the last month) 

-Another CBC radio interview:

-Article- Four ways to hack into the ‘Smart’ Grid:

3. W.H.O. decision re: cancer:
-Conflicts of interest on IARC W.H.O. panel:
-What does the new rating (should this) actually mean for Canadians?
-International Radiation Guidelines- how does Canada compare?

4. High Radiation from existing ‘Smart’ Meters
-Videos re excessive radiation of “Smart” meters in Ontario-constant emissions of up to 2000 microwatts/ meter squared. See pg two of ref.
2 re International Guidelines- (Building Biology recommendation. is 0.1 microwatts-see more info in #5)
-Pollution outside & inside from a single SM:
-SM killing a previously healthy shrub:
-Multiple SMs on two homes in Ontario:
-Wireless ‘Smart Meters’- emit 100X more radiation than cell phones –video interview: Nuclear Scientist, Daniel Hirsch, (5 minutes).

5a). Health References
-Dr Olle Johansson, Karolina Institute (home of the Nobel prize)- letter on Smart Meters
- Dr Carpenter’s critique of ‘Smart’ Meters,25,1074
-See attached Health Effects Summary- Barry Trower – Word doc-review of over 40 scientific reports & studies.
-‘Smart’ Meters- Cancer, nervous system damage, reproduction damage etc- video 2 min: Dr. Carpenter, New York Public Health Department, Dean of Public Health
-The Karolinska Instutute in Stockholm Sweden, Department of Neuroscience (the University that grants Nobel Prizes) global health warning about ‘Smart’ Meters-Press Release condemning ‘Smart’ Meters (1 page):
-Dr. Johansson, from Sweden's renowned Karolinska Institute, and Chair of the Seletun Scientific Panel, announces a consensus agreement among international scientists on the need to globally reduce EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures to the population:
-Video: 18 min  - Referencing Biological Hazards and Risks to the Genetic Code from Unchecked Proliferation of Wireless Technologies. been published in the journal, Reviews on Environmental Health.
- Una St Clair on video with wi-fi focus, lots of Health Canada relavent data (Citizens for Safe Technology presentation)

-Evidence of harm of EMF/ RF by Dr Magda Havas, (listed above under ‘ What you can do’)

-More info about Building Biology guidelines and testing methods:
-Building biology mission statement:

-Dr Martin Blank on the scientific ‘weight of evidence” & industry biased studies  : 9 min

-Excellent Documentary about Wireless Health Issues
Documentary Online- Public Exposure- DNA, Democracy & the Wireless Revolution-Presented by Council
on Wireless Technology Impacts (CWTI)- 2001 Documentary now viewable online-very relevantt)
Public Exposure Pt 1: Public Exposure
Pt 2:

-Best EMF Educational Site. Spread the word:  Also
posted at

-EMF & Health Panel of Scientific & Medical Experts from 5 countries at Commonwealth Club (Videos -1 hr total)

Dirty Electricity: Biological Effects of Exposure to Dirty Electricity

What a 2B carcinogen classification means for Canada:

Biological impacts below government limits- chart Cindy Sage:

International Cell Phone Exposure Limits

Detailed International Limits chart with explanation:

Another International Exposure Comparison Chart:

5b) Health Protection Standards
-Great Website with extensive data and research

7. Privacy - Surveillance cameras on wi-max:- no explanation as to why or what they will record
-Smart Meters don’t have to invade our privacy
-Smart Meter Surveillance –video 4:33 minutes
-BC Hydro selects wi-max equipment with surveillance function: 
also- see 32 minute video on SM’s by Rob States:
-Marketers tracking deployment of ‘Smart’ Meters- why?:
(promotion of report by large PR/Marketing firm)

8. Billing Surges and Electronic Interference:
-many listed complaints from Californians who have the same meters as we will:

9. Transmitter proliferation:
-CBC radio’s Technology Report by Todd Maffin- re cereal boxes with microchips: archive not available
-Industry dreams and realities re more transmitters in our house

-Transmitters on everything? 

10. Cyber Security:
-Smart’ Meters not secure:
-About Cyber Security: EON EMF Digest 9-23-2010 SmartMeter Security
-About Space Weather:
-Hacker issue:
-CBC The Current- looks at Cyber War – another huge reason we don’t want a wireless utility grid.-great way to bring a
country to it’s knees- no hydro, water, OR communications…..(Honda, Lockheed Martin, Sony, Google's Gmail and PBS
were all hacked in the last month)
-Another CBC radio interview:
-Article- Four ways to hack into the ‘Smart’ Grid:

11. Info on Dirty Electricity:
Study re cancer & dirty electricity
Study re Diabetes & dirty electricity
Article Explaining Dirty Electricity

12. Information
-Canadian Cancer Society- Cancer stats reference- 1 in 4 will die of cancer and 1 in 2 will get cancer.

13. Cost to Consumers:

14. Fires:
-Listing of multiple fires linked to ‘Smart’ Meters:
-Whistle blower installer disgusted with hydro co:

15. RFR emitting Smart Meters and Bees/Wildlife:
- Study re RFR and bees- Dr Goldworthy:
-Article listing research on bees and wireless signals
16. Full story –extra Multi-Problem View of SM’s:
-32 minute video presentation by Rob States, engineer:
-BC Hydro’s Dr challenged by co-chair, EMR Health Alliance & Citizens for Safe Technology (10 min)
-Smart Meter Public Meeting & Walt McGinnis on Smart Meters (1 hr) ,

17. More Websites for Useful RF related information:
Note: The majority of these sites are  run by concerned volunteers devoted to democracy & health

- ABC News re-Scientific Fraud:

- International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety

-Excellent Website for all round info on EMF/RF issues

-International EMF Alliance

-Citizens for Safe Technology (also focused on children’s health)

-A great site, (inspired by safety for children related to wi-fi issues that affect us all) is:

-A professor at Trent who’s ‘taking heat’ for her bold position against wireless:

• 3 part slide show about health impacts of RF and EMF (electro magnetic fields) by Dr Havashttp://

-Microwave News

-Citizens for Responsible Placement of Cell Towers

-Council on Wireless Technology Impacts:

-The EMR Policy Institute:

-EMF Safety Network:

-International Commission on Non-Ionizing Protection (large group of International Scientists for protection from RF)-

-Council on Wireless Impacts information advocacy-
- Ecological Options Networks-

-EMR Health Alliance of BC (under construction):

-International cell tower exposure guidelines:

There goes the neighbourhood...

FACTS about Smart Meters – mandated to be installed on your home without your consent The Clean Energy Act of May 2010 mandates that BC Hydro replace every meter with a ‘Smart Meter’ by 2012. Section 17 specifies that installation can be done “without the consent of the owner.” There has been no normal process for public input. The Act strips the BC Utilities Commission of the power to review the project.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from ‘Smart Meters’ is 24/7 and is a known public health hazard... Smart meters have been installed in several US states and in Ontario. Many people are reporting ill health effects soon after these meters appear. Serious problems, including fires and voltage spikes which destroy appliances, have been reported consistently.

In BC Hydro is misleading the public. They claim that the signals will total 1-5 minutes a day. In fact, because the transmissions are calculated in milliseconds, this actually means your meter can transmit 13,000 times or more per day.
BC Hydro has stated that 20 years’ exposure to a Smart Meter is the same as 30 minutes on a cellphone. It appears that BC Hydro is comparing whole body average exposure from Smart Meter radiation to peak exposure to the ear for the cellphone. One needs to compare apples and apples, or whole body exposures to whole body exposures. Comparing the peak dose to the ear from a cell phone, when the rest of the body gets vastly less radiation, with a whole body exposure where all organs get roughly the same dose from a Smart Meter, doesn’t seem appropriate. Dr. Daniel Hirsch, UCSC, states: “...the cumulative whole body exposure from a Smart Meter at 3 feet appears to be approximately two orders of magnitude higher than that of a cell phone.”

Collector hubs and Home Area Network transmissions add to the electromagnetic pollution in our home, neighbourhood, and natural environment. You’ll be receiving constant radiation not only from your own meter, but from all of your neighbours’ meters as well.
n BC Hydro misleads again. They say ITRON meters must be wireless, and you have no option. YET, the makers of ITRON clearly state in their patent and elsewhere that there are other options to radiofrequency, including wired. Watch ITRON’s video at minute 3:05 to see for yourself -
Smart Meter EMR exposure is non-consensual. Most EMR exposures (i.e. from household or personal wireless devices) are optional. BC Hydro is undemocratically mandating a recognized Class 2B Carcinogen be added to your house through an essential service.
Together, we have the power to stop this. The World Health Organization/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).

Lyon, France, May 31, 2011
Work Safe BC, Workers Compensation Act
Occupational Health and Safety Regulation
5.57 (1) If a substance identified as any of the following is present in the workplace, the employer must replace it, if practicable, with a material which reduces the risk to workers: (a) ACGIH A1 or A2, or IARC 1, 2A or 2B carcinogen; A Mayor’s Warning “…the ambient electromagnetic and radio wave fields that will come as a result of having these things at every house running constantly is an  unforeseen health risk. For people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, it’s going to be a living nightmare.”
Mayor Lew Tremaine, Fairfax, California

BC Hydro started installation July 4, 2011
(PG&E is the California equivalent of BC Hydro)

Increased Consumer Hydro Costs.
In Ontario, more than 80% of smart metered homes report significantly higher monthly bills, often more than 50% higher than prior to smart meter installation. In California many report bills doubling and tripling. This is without any change in utilization patterns.
Questionable Math. BC Hydro claims that spending $1 billion on smart meters will save $500 million in electricity theft (due to grow-ops) over twenty years – a business case that any grade-schooler would question. We cannot afford a program which has no benefits and most likely no cost recovery potential. The meters will need to be replaced in 20 years, around the same time they have been paid for.
No energy is conserved by the meter– this is a false premise. It merely reports usage, as does an analog meter. Unless the user is educated on conservation techniques, no reduction in energy consumption will occur. A better investment would be to educate energy reduction strategies with the current safe, efficient analog meter. Invest in products or  technology that will further result in reduced energy use, eg. better insulation, more efficient windows and furnaces, or solar panels. These are investments that will generate safe, permanent jobs in our province. All wireless systems actually throw away energy, and are not green solutions.

Invasion of Privacy.
Meters keep records of personal daily use, recording what appliance is being used and when. Companies in the US have declared these records proprietary information and have sold it to marketing companies, insurers, police and others. Is this information you want shared? See this video on privacy issues: Security. Wireless technology is notoriously insecure and can be easily hacked into. Hackers can access private information, determine by usage patterns when homes are unoccupied, or even interfere with the delivery of electricity.

Harmful interference.
Smart meters interfere with household electrical appliances, even medical devices (ie. pacemakers) and home security systems, often causing them to malfunction or damaging the appliance itself.

Smart meters have exploded and many smart meter-related fires have been reported, most recently a major fire in Santa Rosa, California where several businesses were severely damaged. Several lawsuits are pending in California. The Hidden Agenda. The key reason for smart meters is huge profits for the information and communications technologies sector - IBM, Cisco, General Electric, Oracle, ITRON, etc. The mass installation of Smart meters is designed to benefit corporations, not you. This has nothing to do with conservation and everything to do with collusion.
Removal of our Watchdog.
B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC) is the regulatory body with the responsibility to safeguard our interests. Yet the Government’s Clean Energy Act (2010) exempts the $1 billion smart meter program from BCUC’s oversight. BCUC was not allowed to fulfill its job of reviewing and approving a business plan. Neither were there public hearings. The MLAs were given no opportunity to debate the program or to review a cost benefit analysis. There is no oversight, no control of this major program. The big question is: Why was this billion dollar project made exempt? (See the articles on Smart Meters by McMartin/McMillian)
The Public Health Act of British Columbia Bill 23-2008, Section 83 (1):
 A municipality must take action when it learns of something that could be harmful to its residents.
Call to Action: Insist our municipalities notify the Minister of Health of the dangers associated with Smart Meters, and demand a moratorium until a safe alternative is found.

Health Concerns

Electrohypersensivity (EHS), originally known as microwave sickness, is receiving international recognition as an emerging public health problem. The Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Americans with Disabilities Act and our Canadian Government now recognize EHS as an
Environmental Sensitivity.

Surveys in Canada and Europe show that about 3% of people are severely sensitive to EMR, and another 35% experience moderate to mild sensitivity. This number is increasing steadily as more wireless devices proliferate our environment. People are getting sick when ‘SmartMeters’ are connected to their electrical systems. Symptoms from ‘SmartMeters’ reported in Ontario and the U.S. include:
difficulty sleeping n headache
dizziness n ear pressure & tinnitus n brain fog
memory problems n difficulty concentrating
weakness & fatigue n skin burning n agitation
nausea/vomiting n heart palpitations n seizures.
Increasing scientific evidence shows possible long-term systemic health effects including:
cancers, memory impairment, double-strand DNA damage, blood-brain barrier leakage and learning difficulties.

Residents of OUR own neighbourhood suffer with EHS

It is urgent that we, as neighbours and parents, all take action to protect ourselves and our families. Call BC HYDRO today (1-800-224-9376).

Demand your BC HYDRO account be flagged as “Do Not Install SmartMeter”. BC Hydro reps may tell you this is not possible. They will try to convince you SmartMeters are safe and beneficial, and they are NOT. Persevere and be insistent. Confirm with a registered letter (see under Smart Meter Action Kit) & email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Premier Christy Clark • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rich Coleman, BC Energy Minister
250-387-5896 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
John Horgan, NDP Energy Critic
250-391-2801 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Your MLA and City council members •
Perry Kendall, Prov. Health Officer • 250-952-1330 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
BC Hydro • 1-800-224-9376 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sharon Noble, Chair, CAUSE (Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions) • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Citizens for Safe Technology • July 17, 2001


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