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Israel's American Propagandist

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David Harris: Israel's American Propagandist
by Paul J. Balles
The incredible arrogance of David Harris of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) would pass as a sick joke if his readers didn't take his pronouncements so seriously. In his latest, AJC welcomed the UN Human Rights Council's decision to appoint a special rapporteur to investigate human rights in Iran.

Harris lauds "AJC, which has called for stronger UN action on Iran, especially since the stolen presidential elections in 2009..."

What do the 2009 presidential elections have to do with human rights violations alleged by Harris? Who does Harris think he is to decide that the presidential elections of any country other than Israel were stolen? Harris "applauded the US administration’s role in working with other governments to approve the measure by a vote of 22 to 7, with 14 abstentions. The resolution was co-sponsored by the US and Sweden.

When was the last time that the UN Security Council or General Assembly or Human Rights Council passed a resolution calling for a human rights investigation of Palestinians in Israel?

We salute Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Ambassador Eileen Donahoe in Geneva for helping spearhead this landmark action by the UN Human Rights Council,” hails Harris.

It's difficult to imagine how Hillary Clinton or Ambassador Donahoe sleep at night after US indulgence of Israel's gross violations of human rights for years.

It's a relatively recent role for women to be selectively sympathetic toward brutes and bullies.  Margaret Thatcher,  Madeleine Albright,  Condoleezza Rice and  Susan Rice, seem to have excessive testosterone, acting like unbridled male thugs.

Praising the Human Rights Council for yielding to Israeli/American wishes to divert attention from Israel's gross violations, Harris gloats:

Following the recent suspension of Libya’s membership in the Human Rights Council, this vote on Iran conveys another strong message that the Geneva-based body is beginning to wake up from its lethargy and look seriously at some significant violators of human rights, such as Libya and Iran.

This praise, coming from a cheerleader for a country that prides itself on murdering American peace activist Rachel Corrie with a tractor!

This celebration of human rights from a country that happily rolls its Merkava battle tanks toward kids whose defensive weapons are stones!

This arrogance from an American voice for Israel that purposely withheld intelligence of the terrorist bombing of the US marine barracks in Lebanon, killing 241 Americans.

This sweeping under the carpet of the continuing human rights violations against 1,657,155 million in Gaza, capped off by Operation Cast Lead.

This pretence at ignoring the totally unwarranted destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure with constant airstrikes in 2006.  

A year ago, a number of countries walked out of the Human Rights Council when Iran had the audacity to criticize Israel.

About this latest sick gratuity to Israel, Harris boasts "American leadership has been critical to this change.”

Then Harris sneers: “The resolution on Iran marked the first time since the council was created in 2006 that it has appointed an investigator with a mandate to monitor and report on a specific country."

It couldn't possibly escape Harris's notice that the Human Rights Council should have appointed such an investigator to monitor and report on Israel years ago.
Harris and his cronies at the AJC have been working the same charade for years: when the rest of the world focuses on Israeli intransigence, Harris shifts attention to Egypt or Libya or Iran.

When Palestinians are starving or being murdered in Gaza, Harris writes about Hamas or Hezbollah as terrorist clients of Iran.

The US should appoint Harris propaganda minister, a title last held by his precursor Herr Joseph Goebbels.


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