Regarding Barbara Yaffe: An Oil Industry Shill in Journalist's Clothing

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  Yaffe: 24 2 11 "...As time goes by, it appears more certain that Canada will find some means of moving petroleum from the oilsands to the coast of B.C. Asian markets are hungry for our oil and Canada is keen to diversify the market for oilsands oil beyond the U.S.."

  Yaffe: 24 2 11 "...After five years and two election wins, many Canadians finally have grown more comfortable with Harper. A Nanos poll Wednesday shows 48 per cent of respondents would be comfortable or somewhat comfortable with a Harper majority. He's not warm and cuddly but neither has he implemented any restrictive social policies domestically. And there's no denying, on an increasingly pertinent world stage, the Conservative leader has looked good..."  

  Yaffe: 1 12 10 "...Clearly there are huge competing interests at play. Economic development and environmental stewardship always needs to be balanced for the benefit of the whole community. In this case, the answer probably lies somewhere in the middle: allowing the tankers but perhaps with highly stringent controls...."

  Yaffe: 21 10 10 "...A call by a trio of environmental groups for Ottawa to apply a legislative sledgehammer to Alberta's oilsands ignores economic reality..."

  Yaffe: 14 12 10 "...The Northern Gateway Project, importantly, would serve Canada's national interests in that it would create a port and west coast shipping point across the Pacific for oilsands products which now are being sold only to the U.S. With the U.S. becoming ever more environmentally conscious, it clearly would benefit Canada to have alternative markets in India and China..."

  Yaffe: 17 7 10 "...How is a program aimed at discouraging a few tourists from visiting Lake Louise going to change the dynamics that have led to an oilsands development? No, this particular environmental campaign is a cheap and easy, facile response to a global dilemma requiring a far broader remedy than the petulant singling out of Alberta's oilsands..."

  Yaffe: 7 7 10 "...But the Liberal position is risky. The party stand to lose as many votes as it attracts, as Northern Gateway pits environmentalists and aboriginal groups -- generally opposed (generally opposed??! -Ing )-- against those wanting economic development. The pipeline project is mammoth, promising 62,700 person-years of employment during three years of construction, and 1,150 long-term jobs in maintenance and operations..."

  Yaffe: 5 2 10 "...The hard truth is that, for better or worse, Canada is joined with the U.S. at a hip known as the 49th parallel. The two countries share an environment and they have common economies with supply chains that are integrated across the continent. Canada is an energy supplier and partner to the U.S. In addition, the two countries co-own and co-manage a spider web of pipelines and power grids..."

  Yaffe: 28 1 10 "...The Harper government, with its political base in Alberta, to date has resisted enacting environmental policy that would fry the golden egg-laying geese. Today's report, with its tidings of caution, may well prompt some voters to be more understanding of the Conservative position..."

  Yaffe: 3 12 09 "...Of course, there's a whole other side to this story. Enbridge, on its website, says its development would translate into jobs-- 4,000 during a three-year construction phase plus long-term operational jobs -- and "hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues over the life of the project." The company, which hopes to break ground in 2012 following public and governmental reviews by the National Energy Board and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, is also promising a trust "to create real, tangible benefits in communities along the route...."

  Yaffe: 27 11 09 "...In an October poll by Harris-Decima, for example, 56 per cent said Canada's approach on climate change is not sufficiently aggressive -- but 41 per cent felt it was either about right or too ambitious. Thursday's Reid poll revealed 63 per cent believe climate change is a real problem. Which suggests 37 per cent have other views. And only 25 per cent said combating climate change is more urgent than fighting the global financial crisis..."

  Yaffe: 16 11 09 "...The scary answer to that question is that Quebec continues to produce and export asbestos, a product strongly associated with a form of lung cancer. Which underscores how difficult the tar sands debate really is..."

  Yaffe: 24 10 09 "...Everyone wants to save the planet. But let's face it, a government, for its own political survival, must safeguard its own domestic economy..."

  Yaffe: 28 7 06  "...Last week, I wrote about my own longstanding neglect with respect to recycling, composting and making my home energy-efficient. Readers cut me no slack....My own little journey started last weekend with a single step. I bought the pricey lightbulbs..."

  Yaffe: 09 01 09 "...The best strategy, the Conference Board asserted, is for the Harper government to convince Washington that:

  - Canada is essential to its energy security needs. Indeed, Canada currently is the largest supplier of oil and gas to the U.S.;
  - Carbon emissions from oilsands oil, when calculated in terms of transportation from the well head to the gas pump, are as low as Venezuelan and Middle East oil;
  - Canada is committed to investing in clean technologies such as carbon capture and storage. .."


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