Tanking the War on Terror

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Tanking the War on Terror: Prestigious International Study Group Blasts Taliban/al-Qaeda Hype and "Drawn-Out Disaster" in Afghanistan and Iraq    
by C. L. Cook
Citing a recent report issued by London's International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Canadian author and columnist, Eric S. Margolis reveals what has been painfully obvious to everyone I know for almost a decade: The War on Terror and its "boots on the ground" components in Afghanistan and Iraq especially, is a botched and hyperbolic con job from the get-go.

Billions of dollars spent, and millions of lives needlessly wasted later the deep thinkers at the IISS discovered, with a little help from James Bond's colleagues at MI-6 (British military intelligence), the threats posed by al-Qaeda and Afghanistan's Taliban leadership were "exaggerated" and the American-led military "Missions" overseas are a "long-drawn-out disaster."

Well, knock me over with a feather!

What Margolis does not explain, at least not explicitly, is why the IISS, whose membership is culled from the best and brightest military and diplomacy experts from around the world, took nine years to figure this out.

Eric S. Margolis has been writing on international affairs for at least a couple decades. He's written books on the long history of internecine struggle in Central Asia, and covered its more recent manifestations. He's as well connected a journalist as one could hope for, and admits he has been a member of the IISS for many years.

He describes the effects of the report as a "bombshell" for those insiders of the sometimes described  "international community" who read the meaning between the lines of these scholarly pronouncements that largely eludes the general population. And, according to Margolis, the meaning of this report is "shaking Washington and its Nato allies."   

At its heart, the report by the worthies at the IISS, and make no mistake its membership represents the same razor thin elite sitting atop the slavering masses whose labours make the current resurgent Age of Conquest possible, finds the war against Afghanistan is more of a threat to the West's security interests than are the people it is fighting. That is, they believe; the monies and energies mustered to conduct the occupation and pacification of the natives over there is "distracting" those running the war from the financial sector implosions going on throughout the home economies.

In short, it appears to be the opening salvo in a fight for control of the dilapidated treasuries of the nations who aspired so recently to empire in Central Asia.

Margolis characterizes the report as a direct attack against the Obama administration and its prime war ally, the nascent conservative government of David Cameron in Britain, and all nations still supporting militarily expeditionary forces in Afghanistan. It criticizes the increase of troops and money spent to fight a war whose stated goals of disrupting al Qaeda elements in Afghanistan were long ago met, suggesting the "surge" of Western violence visited upon the people is fueling a broader resistance.

The IISS report also provides something none of the leaders of the coalition of willing nations fighting in Afghanistan have yet offered; the International Institute says it has a workable exit strategy.

They recommend Southern Afghanistan, the area of greatest Taliban influence, be abandoned and a greatly reduced Western force be confined to Kabul and the northern half of the country. The idea here is to align with the more pliable Tajik and Uzbek peoples of the north, concentrating aid and development projects there (and perhaps the long-elusive pipeline corridor for Caspian oil and gas reserves) and leave the Taliban to twist forgotten in a land condemned to a pre-industrial, bare subsistence existence.

The IISS report is even more damning, coming on the heels of revelations from the Chilcot Inquiry into the beginnings of British involvement in Iraq and the myriad lies told by former prime minister Tony Blair to secure that involvement.
Taken in the context of the near daily servings of cold truth coming from Chilcot and other sources, the English and Europeans are quickly approaching the end point of foreign adventurism, and the IISS report can be seen as the shot over the bow within elite circles signaling that ending is coming soon.        


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