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Bye, Bye Blue Skies: Chemtrail Season in Victoria

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Bye, Bye Blue Skies: Chemtrail Season in Victoria
by C. L. Cook
Perhaps the shakers in the Victoria, British Columbia tourism industry can find a way to sell the grey murkiness left behind by the determined aerial spraying going on overhead as an attraction to the city?
Chemtrail flyer over Victoria, B.C. May 15, 2010
photo Andy Sinats
It may go something like: "Not getting enough chemicals in your atmosphere? Why not a vacation in Victoria, British Columbia, where planes criss-cross the sky all day providing a plethora of them, all free of charge!?"*
Or; "Are you a vampire; sensitive to bright sunny days and blue skies; Sjogren's Syndrome; then maybe Victoria's geo-engineered skies are for you?"
But then again, as a time-tested conspiracy theory, maybe an appeal to the X-Files (remember them?) crowd, like;
(B/G spooky music; V/O) "Not many cities offer an unobstructed view of an extra-terrestrial conspiracy to alter the very atmosphere of the planet; but in Victoria, British Columbia, you can watch the mystery fog applied to a hapless and largely unaware population daily (summertime hours vary)."
"That's Victoria, British Columbia - Where Ne'er a Sunny Day Stay for Long."
Ought to have 'em lining up ten deep at the Empress Hotel!
* The medical and environmental costs of descending chemical clouds not yet determined 

Yes, I know it's all a tin-foil hatted nut-bar idea; I mean, who would believe the government would allow the health of the people be endangered by untested substance released into the air, earth, and waters? It's foolish to think it.
Chemtrail remnants over Victoria, April 24, 2009
photo Andy Sinats
But there is still the matter of those planes and their trails. Here's a letter to another site in response to an article someone had written there. The letter is by someone called Rose D'Amour. I didn't seek Rose's permission to republish, but I believe she would like you to read it:
Why do the media neglect chemtrails?  - Templeton, Rose Damour

I’m responding to Mark Hoffman’s letter (“Contrails are not government spraying,” April 8). The contrail/chemtrail argument has been around for more than a decade. Neither our politicians nor our newscasters report on this constant “phenomenon” of jets flying overhead spewing out something, whether it is water or chemicals. Personally, it’s hard to believe water condensation from jets could leave such long-lasting pseudo cloud trails that spread and linger until our beautiful sky turns into a grey cloudy mess. If these contrails are the result of larger, faster, higher-flying jets at different altitudes, then maybe we should turn our attention to toxic jet fuel being burned into greenhouse gases, and the waste dropping into our breathing air. This would be a better use of our time than as Hoffman wrote, “wishing that the airline industry actually would get paid by the government to spray the masses …” Is he not among the masses?
I suspect these jets are having a profound impact on our health, skies, and weather. I question whether allergies people are experiencing lately are the result of nature or whether they are the result of man-made airborne compounds.
Why indeed. In Victoria, our region's medical officer is famously critical of the pollution caused by cigarettes, filthy creation of Satan, but has yet to utter a word about the thousands of chemical sorties into the city's airshed. Just a conspiracy theory to him, I suspect.
I mean, it's not like anyone has any physical proof; right? Excepting some video  (that one has some cool tunes too). But there are others.
So, breathe deep the gathering plume Victoria. And, you tourists out there, dying to come visit Victoria, the grey eminence of destinations; where the skies are not cloudy, but murky all day; the line up begins on the left. 

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