Haiti doesn't need anymore pain!

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The media called, Part 3: Haitians need Emergency Rescue and Relief not Military Invasion I say, by Ezili Dantò/HLLN (See also: The Media Called (Part 1 and Part 2) by Ezili Dantò)

It's not just Haitian doctors, nurses and other first responders who are being blocked as the US takes control of the airport and uses it for evacuating foreign nationals and bring in US military, CARICOM is also blocked. Like during Katrina, there's no simultaneous rescue of rich and poor alike. It's Monday, six days after the earthquake hit and the bulk of Haiti's earthquake victims still await aid - have received no water, food, medicine, treatment or their areas sent significant search and rescue teams. The airport is being used to evacuate foreign nationals and bring in US military. These planes loaded with Haitian doctors and nurses and other first responders may have gone to the poorer areas, but are being turned back. The US has prioritized landing military and evacuating the privilege few in Haiti.

The lives of the poor are valuable also. "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights" - Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Go home US military. Please. And take the UN occupation forces and the false aid NGOs with you. Take France with you and let them know Haitians want the Independence Debt back! Officially 50,000 corpses have been retrieved and the HLLN estimates are that perhaps 1/3rd of Port-au-Prince's 3 million people are dead. The US cannot provide rescue to the dead or relief to the survivors by the point of a gun. So leave.

Let the 4 million Haitians in the Diaspora land in Haiti and take care of their own. Haitians doctors, nurses and public health officials hold up the public health system in New York and in Miami. We can go and give medical relief to our own in solidarity with individuals of good will, from all the races and nations, who will work directly with the Haitian government and us, the people of Haiti. Now that the US and Western countries have flown out their citizens, let us Haitians from abroad land in Haiti. Let us heal our people, our family, our homeland. Please go home President Obama, Clinton and Bush and take you're 10,000 US soldiers and your 9,000 soldiers and the NGOs and USAID with you. Kindly. Haiti doesn't need any military help or rescue. We are not in conflict with anyone. Haitians are not a violent people; history has shown that despite the media lies and racist propaganda. In fact, there's MORE violence in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, even in the United States than there is in Haiti . The Haitian civilian rescue teams who have been rescuing the earthquake victims have been doing a good job. They need our support, better equipment and supplies not Pentagon guns. Please hear us.

When the Haitians at the airport refused to give up their post to the US military, the US Southern Command went to President Preval and put a paper in front of him to sign giving them authority. Preval is NOT the Haitian government. The Prime Minister is alive and in the coming week we shall know how many of the legislators have survived. The authority given does not have the people's consent - a good indication of this is that the Haitians at the airport had to be forcibly removed. The Haitian Diaspora cannot reach their own. That's why I'm writing this to the world. Talking to the world.

Go away! please. - Haiti doesn't need anymore pain

We ask every one who stand in solidarity with the nation of Haiti and the long suffering peoples of Haiti and the earthquake victims to talk to your representatives - this is a bipartisan invasion of the most fragile country at a time when its people need medical care and release from pain. How diabolical is it, that Obama sent it more pain? Talk to your representatives. They are acting in YOUR NAME. If we do not talk to them, they shall take us for fools and idiots and go ahead with their proposed genocidal plans of plunder and pillage Haiti in plain site, as opposed to how they were doing it before - behind the UN occupation and false organized benevolence. Go away please and release the airport so Haitians can land to do the necessary." (Excerpted from: The media called (Part 3): Haitians need Emergency Rescue and Relief not Military Invasion I say, by Ezili Dantò/HLLN)


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